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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 4, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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close but not close enough — this was meant to be the day that opened the way to the next stage of brexit talks. some issues do remain that require further negotiation and consultation. ireland claims there was an agreement on the border question. but the dup has objected to the plan. iam i am surprised and disappointed that the british government appears now not to be in a position to conclude what was agreed earlier today. child and pensioner poverty in britain — researchers say the gains of the past few years are unravelling. the supermarket that's not doing what it says on the tin — the co—op sells food that's past it best before date. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this
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evening on bbc news... we'll be live in brussels and westminster for analysis on the latest developments in the brexit talks. with the irish borderfront and centre of the failure to reach an agreement, we'll speak to a political correspondent in dublin. and at 10.1i0pm this evening, we'll see how tomorrow's front pages report on the events in brussels. i'll bejoined byjournalists from london and ireland. that's all ahead on bbc news. now it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jessica creighton. here's what's coming up tonight. a glimmer of hope for england — they rip through australia's top order in the second ashes test, but it's the aussies who are still in control. despite the threat of going down, palace are looking to the future. plans are unveiled to build their stadium into a icon of south london. and we'll hear from a man who went from being told he'll never walk again to winning a boxing title.
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good evening, lots to bring you over the next 20 minutes, but we'll start with an all too familar tale for england cricket fans. australia are firmly in control of the second test in adelaide after day three. england were all out in their first innings forjust 227, but australia failed to enforce the follow—on and paid the price — losing four wickets late—on, in a compelling day of test cricket. andy swiss reports in adelaide. a tense end to a dramatic day. england last four wickets in the
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first session, including joe root and alastair cook. then australia we re and alastair cook. then australia were inspired. an incredible quart bowl from mitchell starc. were inspired. an incredible quart bowl from mitchell sta rc. england rallied with craig overton guiding them to something approaching respectability but their final total of two to seven meant they trailed by 215. australia could have enforced the follow—on, asking him battered again but they decided not to, it controversial decision because australia last four early wickets. the bowlers of england seemingly inspired onto the floodlights, two wickets forjimmy anderson and two for chris woakes, including the prize scalp of the australian captain steve smith. england ending the day on a positive note the australia still very much in the driving seat. england have a sliver of hope and chris woakes was
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delighted with how his team responded. we fought back well. we pushed australia back tonight which is good to see. we can take positives format. we are behind in the game but at the same time, it's really good the fact we fought back and showed good character to get ourselves back in the game. i thought we bowled really well tonight as a unit and its book some pressure back on australia. australia still very much in control of this match. but the decision by steve smith not to enforce the follow—on does not look so clever with australia four wickets down going into today for. these were the thoughts of their fast bowler mitchell starc. we know the night sessions are the toughest as was automatic. —— as we saw to night. if england want to go to win this test much they will have to go through two night session. great sign for us, if you look at session closed there with the bat. with a lead of
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260 going into a day session if you like, we are still very much in the driving seat. despite the latest drama, australia still very much in control. they lead by 268 runs going into day four. england hope they can get early wickets, put more pressure on australia, but even so australia ina great on australia, but even so australia in a great position to go 2—0 up in the series and from there, it is a long way back for england. so, yet another dramatic day of ashes cricket down under... in the afternoon session it looked like australia were on the way to going 2—0 up in the series, but after losing those late wickets, have they given england the chance of an unlikely victory? here are the thoughts of the former england opener marcus trescothick. i think they gave themselves a glimmer of hope with the session they had to night under the lights. jimmy anderson bowl particularly well, chris woakes got some wickets as well. we've got a sniff but is not great. it's not a great
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situation having been there and been in that situation, it's tricky. we need to be bowling them out before lunch tomorrow and be batting, chasing just over 300. anything 350 plus and i think we are staring down the barrel unfortunately. some better news for england this evening, batsman alex hales has been told he won't face criminal charges over an incident outside a bristol nightclub in september and is available for immediate selection. hales was with ben stokes, who was arrested on suspicion hales is a specialist in the one—day format of the game, so is unlikely to play any part in the ashes, but could join the squad for england's odi and t20 matches against australia. hales, of course, was with ben stokes, who was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm in that incident. he wasn't arrested, but was interviewed under caution by police. hales could still be punished by the ecb. despite sitting in the premier league relegation zone, crystal palace have today announced ambitious plans to redevelop their stadium selhurst park in a project that could cost up to £100 million.
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the cloud is to build a 5—tier main stand, which will increase the capacity from 26,000 to more than 3a,000. sara orchard has been at selhurst park all day, and sara, some good news for the palace fans in what's been a difficult season so far? yes, some respite for the eagles fa ns after a yes, some respite for the eagles fans after a rough start. and the crowd trouble that mark that much away at brighton last week. confirmation the club will not be moving from this current site because for many years they mooted moving away. they will be redeveloping selhurst park in particular the main stand which will be across five stories to increase the corporate and hospitality areas. they also want to increase the capacity and size of the pitch. that would bring it up to international standards and they hope to be able to do all of this while they still continue to play at the club. they
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confirmed earlier there is further scope for development at the ground but on top of that, the current chairman is very happy with the current ambition. if we do get relegated this year or next year, we still intend to do it. it's very important to the future of this football club that i think it makes a statement. when you look at a football club, what do you think those are good the stadium is the first thing you think of. i don't think this is commensurate with what we are doing. we need something better. whoever we are end up this season or next. i think is the right sale leg scale and size. —— right scale and size. it comes down to planning approval. they want to submit to croydon council by the end of next year and could begin building by the end of 2018. croydon say they've had good conversation so
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far with crystal palace but want more detail. but the architects that crystal palace have chosen rko kss which may be a name to liverpool fa ns which may be a name to liverpool fans who are redeveloping and feel. they want to continue playing here throughout. onto the champions league and three british clubs are in action tomorrow in their final group stage games. chelsea are already through to the knock—out stages but a win at home to atletico madrid will see them top group c. paul pogba will start against cska moscow despite serving a three—match domestic ban. manchester united have decided not to appeal against his red card at arsenal on saturday. managerjose mourinho says he's glad to have the frenchman in his side. he's very happy to play tomorrow. the next match, the next much matters. he plays tomorrow. of course, it bit tired because it was a huge match. on the last weekend.
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just today he will recover for cska moscow. but very happy to play tomorrow and try to keep his momentum because since he was back from injury, who has been phenomenal. celtic finish off their campaign at home to andelecht. celtic won the reverse fixture impressively 3—0 in belgium. to qualify for the europa league the scottish champions need to avoid the same or heavier defeat tomorrow night. kheredine idsane looks ahead to the match. celtic‘s training base here is a pretty ha p py celtic‘s training base here is a pretty happy camp at the moment and why wouldn't it be? domestic play, the records have been tumbling. at the records have been tumbling. at the weekend, they went 67 matches against scottish opposition without defeat. the opposition tomorrow is and alleged with the parkhead side beat 3—0 away earlier in the competition. we want to give the supporters in a champions league victory at home. we've had two campaigns in the last game of the
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champions league campaign, it's been brilliant. the supporters have been incredible for us home and away but it would be nice for us to finish this campaign with a victory at home. and take us to six points which would again, so a great level of progress to us at this level. the equation is simple. if celtic can do better than a 3—goal defeat, then they will be playing in the europa league in the new year. a personal milestone for the club captain scott brown who leads the team out and he will be the first scot to play 69 matches in the premier competition. also coming up in the programme... the uk snooker championship continues to serve up surprises. another of the top seeds is out — judd trump is the latest to fall in york. they caused one of the biggest shocks in fa cup history , knocking
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out newcastle united in 1972. now hereford united await tonight's third round draw let's ta ke let's take a look at the rest of the day's sports stories. the bbc will show england's first two world cup group matches. gareth southgate's side play tunisia at seven in the evening on monday, 18june and then panama at 1pm in the afternoon on sunday, 2ajune. the match against tunisia will be a repeat of the first game in the 1998 world cup in france when england beat the north african side thanks to goals from alan shearer and paul scholes . the bbc will also have the first two choices of quarter final games next year, including england's match, if they progress. veteran barry middleton made his 400th international appearance combined across england & great britain in england men's 2—2 draw with australia at the world league finals in india. he's only the fifth player of any nation to reach the landmark in international hockey.
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eddie van hoof has been suspended by british gymnastics as an independent investigation is conducted into allegations of misconduct. the 2016 coach of the year, was men's technical director at the rio olympics as britain won five medals. the allegations being investigated have not been specified publicly. british gymnastics today released a statement saying "the suspension is not a disciplinary penalty, and indeed does not imply any assumption of guilt," robert kubica will continue his attempt to make a remarkable return to formula one this week. after testing for williams in abu dhabi he'll work on their simulator to prove he can overcome the injuries suffered in a rally crash. the pole hasn't raced in f1 for seven years, but is sounding quietly confident. we should agree in the end because i have shown that although i have rotations, fitness wise, i am ready andi rotations, fitness wise, i am ready and i have ever been in such a good shape as i am now —— i have limitations. i have to work harder
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because i have limitations, you have to prepare better in a different way, my body, my natural strength, but that's part of the job. in the end it is my life and that is it. major shock. . . .after world number one mark selby lost in the second to the uk snooker championship in york, where we've had another major shock. after world number one mark selby lost in the second round at the weekend, today it was the turn of world number two judd trump. hazel irvine and friends assess the day's play. it was an afternoon here in york at which we lost the world number 11, mark williams, seven, and most significantly at all, world number twojudd significantly at all, world number two judd trump. that significantly at all, world number twojudd trump. that was the headline attraction this afternoon. how good was graham. ‘s performance today? exceptional considering he started like a train, drug did, he was 2—0 in front, can get his foot held and didn't get the table. one thing went wrong forjudd trump early on the black for accident, and since the interval, it was a one—man
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show. it was awesome. the former world champion is back in the big—time. at the opposite end of the scale, world number 82 from china has beaten the seventh in the world and isn't this a sign of the times in snooker? certainly strength and depth of the game is getting better. there are so many potential banana skin is out there but it is a coming of age of the chinese players of the game. they have been threatening for many years, we've been predicting there will be a chinese surge of players but now i think we are in the situation where there are finally becoming competitors in the finally becoming competitors in the final stages of the event. we've now lost 1—3 in the world, ronnie o'sullivan is now the top—ranked player. how happy would you characterise how it's gone? i'm not massively surprised at these upset.
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still being a player on the tour, we see them we can and week out. guys like ronnie and the rest of the top have to be on guard. they will indeed. it's been fascinating so far, thank you for your contribution under hope you'll continue to what i covered here on the bbc. good beer six title for ronnie o'sullivan? james degale believes he's in the best shape of his career ahead of his homecoming world title fight against caleb truax. degale will make the fourth defence of his ibf super—middleweight championship — and his first on home soil in three years — when he takes on the america's at london's copper box arena on saturday. our boxing correspondent mike costello reports. james degale is making up for lost time. returning to the ringing after an absence of 11 months. he was to a draw in january after a gruelling fight in new york, next up is as another american opponent and a chance for james degale another american opponent and a chance forjames degale to durst is reconstructed body. i've been through the walls. i had an
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operation, and the cartilage was over blocking my airways, i couldn't breathe properly. iwas over blocking my airways, i couldn't breathe properly. i was criticised up breathe properly. i was criticised up being unfit. then i had surgery on my shoulder, it came to the other side now and unhealthy. healthy and fit and injury free. it feels like i've said that a lot the past few years but i am feeling great now. i can't wait for saturday. the super middleweight division in britain is buzzing with talent. it evokes memories of the heavy showdowns two and a half decades ago featuring nigel benn and chris eubank. now it's the turn of chris eubank to nijjar george groves and cameron smith all of whom are involved in the semifinals of the world boxing super series with james degale lying in waitfor super series with james degale lying in wait for the winner. hopefully my next fight will be against the wc world title. i am a proud champion
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but the wbc has been around for years i'd like to get that. two world titles gives you such bargaining power later on? if you are to be the winner or whoever? going forward, having the wbc and ibf, it'sa going forward, having the wbc and ibf, it's a dream come true but as you say, it will be great. it will be fun. james degale clearly feels rejuvenated heading into this, the final phase of his career. how long it lasts from here will depend entirely on results. he's already made history by becoming britain's first olympic gold medallist to rent a world title as a professional. the next year or so will have a significant bearing on how he is remembered. staying with boxing, and a man from cornwall who's defied the odds by winning an amateur boxing title, despite being told he'd never walk again. this brett ralph was lucky to survive a motorcycle accident back in 2003. his injuries were so severe, the doctors were going
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to amputate his legs. now he hopes his achievements can inspire others. is the first step to glory. 1a years ago, this would have seen impossible. in 2003 a serious motorbike accident left but with sirius incident. umaga injury. my dad begged them not to operate and they said there was no chance of me walking again. it's hard to believe when he's watching training but the fa ct when he's watching training but the fact is here is a quirk of fate, the paramedic was parked up yards from the accident. ifi paramedic was parked up yards from the accident. if i wasn't part where i was the accident. if i wasn't part where iwas part, the accident. if i wasn't part where i was part, brett would not be here today. what is doing is incredible. the injuries were horrific. when i got to him, he had tyre marks in the
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lobby across his legs. —— from the lorry. i thought you'd never be saved. in the days and weeks that followed, brett counted the number of operations he went, and over time, putting on weight, he decides to claim at the boxing club. the coach welcome to the boxers kizzire trained hard, but you will never be up trained hard, but you will never be up to fight. i never claim to fight,. his inspiration has had an effect on others. he's an inspiration tojuniors effect on others. he's an inspiration to juniors and seniors who come to gym. he has a disadvantage because you can't move as quick as other boxers, he finds it difficult to twist from the hips and move his legs. but because he's so and move his legs. but because he's so fit, and has so much pressure on him,


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