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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  December 7, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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‘trump crosses the red line', after breaking from decades of us and international policy by recognising jerusalem as israel's capital. pope francis expressing deep concern over the situation. now looking at russian news agency tass. vladimir putin has announced his bid for next year's presidential race, putting him on course for 2h years in power. his re—election campaign will be unrolling next february, when the winter olympics gets underway, with the russian team banned by the ioc. turning to german online publication deutsche welle. this story trending on their site, ‘german pilots refuse to carry out deportations.‘ it's been revealed 222 asylum seekers have had their deportations stopped by pilots not wanting to take the refugees back to afghanistan, where violence is still rife. at the same time, refugees are appealing their deportation orders in record numbers and winning. now to the front page
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of the financial times. it says: the irish premier has raised the prospect of the brexit divorce talks stretching into the new year. it comes after theresa may struggled to come to a deal with northern irish unionists yesterday. and finally, time magazine. we were discussing yesterday, now it's been announced time's "person of the year" is the ‘silence breakers‘ — the women and men who spoke out against sexual abuse and harassment prompting the #metoo movement. so let‘s begin. with me is geraint anderson, a writer and former banker. let‘s begin with a sensitive issue of what president trump said he
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would do and he did deliver as far as his electorate is concerned. trump crosses the redline. it seems to me that the principal motivation he has, as with other decisions is that to say to the world, i am going to do this, i don‘t care. a bit like the millwall chant. there was suggested that he was encouraged by the pro— israel lobby. but why would you through fuel on the fire? i don‘t understand how you can combine doing this and sorting out the middle east peace process. to clarify, the pope says he is deeply concerned and has not condemned the move. much reaction from around the world, not just from move. much reaction from around the world, notjust from the middle east. we have got the un security council meeting that has been called at the end of the week to discuss
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this by six members of the un. it is an interesting scenario, as you say, what is his motivation, very much america first but very much a america first but very much a america alone. he seems to like that. he is trying to be the strongman and trying to tell everybody that he is going to deliver on his election promises, but i still for the life of me cannot work out how this is going to improve the potential for the peace process. there was just a glimmer of hope because saudi arabia and its long—running geopolitical feud with iran wasa long—running geopolitical feud with iran was a glimmer of hope, now all possibilities are off the table. not good news for people injerusalem, not good news for world peace. some might say in jerusalem not good news for world peace. some might say injerusalem that this is great news, it depends on what side
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of the argument you are on. is have a look on what they are discussing in russia. the news agency tass, vladimir putin announcing his bid for the 2018 presidential race. no surprise but it is quite a thought to think he would be in powers for something like 2a years. to think he would be in powers for something like 24 years. he would be the longest running leader of russia since stalin. what we all assumed in the west is that when you have got capitalism and free market economics and so forth, hand in hand with that went liberalism and democracy and so forth. actually, when you don‘t have a massive democratic tradition, as in russia, and china, you can get this strange jewel passageway of rural capitalist economics but men
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who are undemocratic. clearly they are winning to some extent at the moment is the tragic thing. and he is going to win, apparently very easy. a massive majority, no serious opposition. there are the likes of others who have tried to provide some sort of opposition. it will be interesting to see how this all plays out next year in february when the election does begin. as you say, it is not a democracy as we know it. a very different... some would call ita a very different... some would call it a clipped chrissie. —— cleptocracy. as you have mentioned, interesting to see, this strong leadership thought process. president trump, president putin and president xi as
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well. interestingly played out. let‘s move on to this story that is really interesting. german pilots refusing to carry out deportations. this is something that was new to me this morning and when i saw this story, quite incredible how pilots are taking action where they feel deportations shouldn‘t happen where refugees are being sent to very dangerous situation. refugees are being sent to very dangerous situationlj refugees are being sent to very dangerous situation. i am not entirely certain about the motivation because the main reason a pilot can prevent a plane from flying, appears to be that the plane might be in danger at itself. they could be using that as an excuse. fears of security on the aircraft. as opposed to nice, liberal minded pilots at the signing that they don‘t want to take these asylum seekers to afghanistan because they fearfor seekers to afghanistan because they fear for their safety. i do
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seekers to afghanistan because they fearfor their safety. i do need to doa fearfor their safety. i do need to do a little bit more research on this particular story before i say that all of these lovely pilots are very liberal minded folk. this is the thing. we don‘t know what their political motivations are, but it is an interesting situation because germany is extremely politically sensitive right now because angela merkel is trying to pin down a coalition government. which is taking quite a long time, after an election that brought this issue to light. this issue of all those people in germany trying to start a new life. it was always going to be a central issue, i think it was said about 1 a central issue, i think it was said about1 million a central issue, i think it was said about 1 million people a central issue, i think it was said about1 million people were let in from middle east, of those refugees who have appealed to go back, about 50% have actually had their cases put in their favour. quite interesting. let‘s get your take on how the brexit negotiations are going. this week is a critical week and careers in may has hurled work
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cut out for her. we are hearing from the prime minister of ireland that perhaps a deal is imminent but arlene foster, the head of the dp has a different take on things. what are your thoughts? it is a farce and an embarrassment. . . are your thoughts? it is a farce and an embarrassment... is it that or is it just extremely difficult for an embarrassment... is it that or is itjust extremely difficult for her to sort of, try to not please everybody but find a deal that works for those within her own cabinet, the head of the dp and the pm of ireland. i don't think those are mutually exclusive, it is a farce because she has so many balls in the air trying tojuggle. there because she has so many balls in the air trying to juggle. there are ten mps in the dp who are dictating events and that is the best example i have ever seen at the tail wagging the dog. and quickly, the time the person of the year, the silence breakers. several women and men
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named. 0ther nominations like president trump for example, do you think they pick the right one?” president trump for example, do you think they pick the right one? i do, because i think this is a watershed moment in gender politics. i think that the days of, in the west, powerful men abusing their position, especially with social media and camera phones and people recording conversations, i think any bloke in a position of power who tries to use that to get sexual favours would really think twice about that. thank you for coming in. thank you for your company. a quick couple of suggestions for the heritage list, cornish pastries and haggis from craig in scotland. see you soon, goodbye. the day and head will bring very
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windy weather and then we get plunged into a deep freeze. storm caroline, a deep area of low pressure drifting to the north of the british isles, a band of rain thing southwards and east. but look at the isobars on the chart, very windy. storm force winds are possible in northern areas and we open the floodgates to this tree cold air plunging all the way in from the art. starting thursday on a fairly mild note, a wet note. a windy note for all of us, the mild weather will not last because as the rain clears the south we will get into cold air. some wintry showers across northern ireland and scotland but real concern is the of the wind. expecting to win justs in excess of 80 mph. —— gusts. it could cause disruption and damage so the met office has issued an amber be prepared at warning, even
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further south there is a yellow warning enforced. elsewhere, it sta rts warning enforced. elsewhere, it starts wet and windy across the south—east, that will take a while to clear away and the skies will brighten and we will get into the wintry showers brought in on this strong north—westerly wind. easily blizzard conditions and it is the bridge is coming down as the afternoon goes on. into thursday night, these snow showers will drift southwards and eastwards and we could see a covering of snowjust about anywhere, but mostly in places exposed to the north—westerly wind. a very wintry look to the weather, some sunshine and snow showers, a bitterly cold north—westerly wind, your thermometer reading 2— five degrees but it will feel subzero for many. saturday looks like it will bring something quieter. the wind easing from the west, still very
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cold but not as many showers at this stage. then as we head into the second half of the weekend it is all eyes on his frontal system hurtling in from the atlantic, it will bring rain but as the contracts with the cold air there is potentialfor some significant snow. don‘t take these graphics too literally, a lot of uncertainty about the position of this, some significant snow is possible on sunday, we‘ll keep you posted. hello. this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. missed targets on accident and emergency waiting times. more than three million people in the uk were not seen for more than four hours in the last year. the number of people waiting has more than doubled since 2013. doctors say they can‘t meet demand. good morning.
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it‘s thursday the seventh of december. also this morning. pressure on the prime minister. ireland and the eu call for theresa may to have more clarity on brexit by the end of the week. widespread condemnation of president trump‘s decision to recognise jerusalem as israel‘s capital. the un security council will hold an emergency meeting.
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