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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 7, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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away. there is a view here hidden away. there is a view here that the lack of british asians at the top level is partly due to deep—rooted racism among football's power brokers. it lies with the people who make the decisions and the people who generally make the decisions are coaches, scouts, managers. we don't have any people from ethnic background in those positions. once we did get people in those positions, it will make a difference. some clubs are reaching out. chelsea, for example. overalla lot of clubs are ignorant to the problem. we need to get those networks in place with the british asian football communities and professional clubs. this event that bradford city was held to encourage people from ethnic minorities to get involved with a club. we have opened a new development centre which is an accessible location for a lot of people. we don't sit there and think, how do we only bring the asians in? as bradford city, there
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is nothing, and i'm sure the chairman would say the same, there is nothing more he would love to see than an asian lad from bradford coming out and playing in front of 20,000 every week. players like aston villa's neil taylor remain in a tiny minority. two years ago the fa launched a plan to increase asian involvement in football, hoping things might be different for the next generation. dave edwards, bbc news, bradford. nearly time to go, but before we do, time to quickly reveal the top three contenders for the bbc young sports personality of the year. well we've certainly been spoilt for choice this year. 2015 winner ellie downie has made history this year, by becoming the first british gymnast to win all—round gold at a major international competition, at the 2017 european championships. 17—year—old manchester city midfielder phil foden won the fifa under—17 world cup, in india with england, and also the golden ball award for best player at the tournament. and para—skier millie knight took home gold at the world para—alpine skiing championships in italy.
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and the winner will be announced at bbc sports personality of the year. the show from the liverpool echo arena on sunday the 17th of december will be live on bbc one, radio 5 live and the bbc sport website. and finally, here's a piece of sporting theatre which you don't see happen very often. people will be talking about this miraculous race for years to come. jockey jack kennedy was thown out of his saddle in the 2.35 at clonmel, county tipperary, ireland. first, the teenager defied the laws of gravity by staying on his horse. and then as if that wasn't impressive enough, he went on to win the race. he game back —— he came back from that incredible bit of gymnastics. there he was a few moments later. brilliant. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. goodbye for now.
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foreign secretary borisjohnson has said that he will be visiting tehran, the iranian capital, very shortly, and that he will be raising the cases of dual nationals being held in iran. he will in particular urge the release on humanitarian grounds of nazanin zaghari ratcliffe, a british—iranian woman jailed for five years in tehran. our diplomatic correspondent, james robbins, joins me now. and james, boris johnson got and james, borisjohnson got into a spot of hot water for suggesting that she was there training journalists when in fact she has been insisting all along she was there on holiday. what do we think this visit may achieve? boris johnson announced his imminent visit himself. he made clear that it is long planned. and that the urging of
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releases is not the sole purpose. he said he will be raising other issues. on specifically the case of nazanin ghazali —— nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. boris johnson nazanin ghazali —— nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. borisjohnson had to apologise to parliament for using language which appeared to suggest she may not have been there just to see herfamily, she may not have been there just to see her family, which she may not have been there just to see herfamily, which is what richard radcliffe, her husband, has a lwa ys richard radcliffe, her husband, has always said. she denies the charges against. mrjohnson will be raising her case and a number of other so—called consular cases of dual nationals. they are people who don't wa nt nationals. they are people who don't want their names publicised because they think actually it may make it more difficult to get them home. he made clear in the remarks this morning that he has low expectations —— no expectations of an imminent breakthrough because these cases are normally quite difficult. he will stress to the iranians that britain is firmly behind, for instance, the continuation of the nuclear agreement with iran, to which of
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course britain was a signatory along with france, germany and others. contrast that with america's position. donald trump is largely moved away from the iran deal. he wa nts to moved away from the iran deal. he wants to improve relations with iran. he hopes seem may be able to secure some releases as part of that. boris johnson suggested mrs zaghari—ratcliffe was their teaching journalists, that made his —— situation worse? he has always denied that. there is no evidence of that. it is true that he faces the possibility of a new court appearance, facing new and additional charges. but it seems clear that those additional charges we re clear that those additional charges were framed before mrjohnson spoke to the parliamentary committee and got himself into hot water. i think nobody is making direct connections between the two things. but the fact
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is he had to move eventually to make sure he didn't want anything he said to be misunderstood. he argued he was making the case there was nothing wrong with training journalists but that was not what she was there to do. james robinson, thank you. some nasty weather on the way. let's get the details. storm caroline still blowing hard in the far north of the country, but the winds are coming down. we have had costs of an winds are coming down. we have had costs of an excess winds are coming down. we have had costs of an excess 90s —— in excess of 90 mph. in the lowlands of scotla nd of 90 mph. in the lowlands of scotland it has been closer to 50, 60. here is that swirl. it is moving into the norwegian sea. the problem is with the wind swirling around like so, on the backside of caroline, we are going dizzy winds coming out of the arctic. very cold air. with that comes the threat of snow. we have been talking about snow. we have been talking about snow showers all day and over the next few days we will be dealing with snow almost anywhere across the
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uk. through this evening, already snow increasing across scotland. also in northern ireland, the north west of england, into wales, part of the midlands. it could be a problem first thing in the morning. some areas closer to the coast are likely to see rain. it could cause problems. just take it steady first thing. particularly across northern and some western parts of the uk. it is in scotland, in the north, which is in scotland, in the north, which is where we will see most of the snow. all day blizzards across the hills of scotland. and out to sea, gale force winds. snow around belfast, the north—west of england, wales, parts of the midlands as well. in the south—west here, it will be mostly sleet. across the moors there will be snow. through the day, some of those snow showers will get heavier. a strong wind as
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well. not too many of them close to these eastern coasts, the south—east and the south. five to ten centimetres in some spots. most across northern scotland. we will not say which town or city will get the snow tomorrow. it is virtually impossible to predict. snow showers could be ten, 20 miles across and it good hit one town and miss another. spotty amounts of snow. easing through the course of saturday. a lot of clear weather. also very cold. barely above freezing in the north. into sunday potentially another larger area of snow across central britain. that is still to come. still some uncertainty. stay tuned. this is beyond 100 days. the palestinian group hamas has called for a third "intifada" — following president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the un security council is expected to meet on friday for talks demanded by the western powers. gunfire
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there have been violent protests in ramallah, jerusalem and bethlehem. the leader of hamas says the peace process has been "buried forever." al franken bows to the pressure of his senate colleagues and says he's stepping down following a raft of allegations he touched women inappropriately. today, i am announcing that in the coming weeks i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate. in california, dry weather and gusting winds are spreading wildfires further. already 100,000 people have been driven from their homes.
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