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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 7, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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country will have until 2021 to prepare a host of events in the city that will help boost its economy and tourism and its long—term legacy. it is a0 million people within two hours' drive time. we're looking at visitors of two and a half million in 2021. we're going to do something incredibly special. we're going to give something special to the uk. the city was bombed in the blitz and was once the heart of the british car industry — transformed over the decades by immigration. thejudges said it was a city that constantly reinvented itself. now, a £3 million heritage lottery fund will kick—start its year of art and performance. i think it is about more investment, i think it's about retaining people here after they've done their studies. i think it's about potential jobs and employment. culture is about a celebration of our lives and this is just a fantastic journey now. as the people of coventry have been saying tonight, you won't be sent to coventry, you'll come here by choice. coleen harris, bbc news, coventry.
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newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's evan. tonight, as well as trying to keep up with the latest brexit developments, we are also looking at the subject of anorexia, a problem obviously associated with adolescents, but which also affects adults who often don't get the treatment they need. join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm mike bushell. cristiano ronaldo is named the best player in the world as he now takes the ballon d'orfor the fifth time. arsenal record a win tonight against everton and is ronnie on the ropes? he is up against it in the uk snooker championships. go raison d'etre port port thank you for
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joining us, for the fifth time, cristiano ronaldo has been named the winner of the ballon d'or for a second year in a row. winning the title means that winning the title equals lionel messi's five wins. portuguese won their first la liga title since 2012. he thanked his team—mates at the awards ceremony. i still have the motivation to be cristiano ronaldo, to play with happiness, so i think that the main word is happy and enjoy myself. i'm motivated and i play in a fantastic clu b motivated and i play in a fantastic club ina motivated and i play in a fantastic club in a fantastic national team. so let's see what the future brings. in this moment i'm very happy. to the football, two english sides in action in the europa league. arsenal have qualified but it did
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not stop them putting six unanswered goals against the bell russia side. look at the power in that shot. a first goal scored in three years. theo walcott scored before jack wilshere hammered home the third from 16 yards. bending a shot around a defender into the bottom corner. also a goalfor 0livier a defender into the bottom corner. also a goal for 0livier giroud, whilst the visitorses put one into the back of their own net for an own goal. everton finally won in europe but too late to keep them in the europa league. hope for the future. a couple of goals for lukman. how about this for a strike on a night when everton gave debuts to five youngsters. and welsh football's disappointment
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that they have not been chosen to stage matches a euro 2020, even after brussels lost the four games they were due to host. wembley is celebrating, adding to a tally of seven games, including the semifinal and the final. the football association of wales said it was disappointed. wales has never staged a euro oi’ a disappointed. wales has never staged a euro or a world cup final, this was the one and only chance of doing so, it had the concept of taking away the euro 2020 to smaller countries, for them to have a unique opportunity. richard conway has been explaining more about the decision. this has been coming for some time. the stadium is not under construction, the uefa gave the authorities time to get the house in order. it has not happened. so they made the decision to take three
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group games and a round of 16 games away from them. where would it go? cardiff in wales, stockholm keen to bring the game to their shores. in the end uefa have gone with wembley. but wembley has two semi—finals and a final. it will now have the additional games, so delight for the football association in london, wales today, saying that they are disappointed by the decision, they had hoped that they were going to get the games there. and this euro, euro for europe, as it is being billed, it is in its final shape. the group pairings have taken place but the additional games leaving brussels are coming to london. derek mcguinness is to remain the manager of aberdeen. rangers request to speak to mcguinness was turned down on tuesday, although mcguinness had
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been interested in speaking to rangers but he is remaining at pittodrie. graham marty will continue in his role until the end of the year. the fa cup match between brighton and crystal palace is the first competitive game in england to use video match officials, var. it will allow the referee to review footage and perhaps overturn their own decisions and the league cup semi—finals will also use the var technology. and the women's finals, reading to everton, and four times winners arsenal host sunderland on the 16th and the 17th of december. now the quarterfinal the 16th and the 17th of december. now the quarter final line—up at the uk snooker championship. it should be finalised this evening. and there
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is drama inside the barbican at york, he is up against it. on the ropes against thailand's suni 0kani, showing he is 11—5 down in the best of showing he is 4—5 down in the best of 11. look at this. the pink and the black. he is 48—66 ahead. it has been close. in the afternoon session, the former world champion, shaun murphy passed ricky waldron. beating the englishman 6—1 and martin gould, beating china's do gidong, 5—4. ben stokes has been named in the england one—day squad for the match against australia alongside batsman
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alex hales. stoke is not expected to be selected to hear awaiting charges. they have a two day warm—up game in perth. they know if australia win that test they will regain the ashes and to make it daunting, england have not won in perth since 1978. 0ne have not won in perth since 1978. one man who is not here with england is ben stokes. he is playing domestic cricket in new zealand. we have had the news that ben stokes has been named in england's one—day squad for the series injanuary. ben stokes is waiting to find out if he will be charged over an incident in bristol in september. despite being named in the squad, he is still unavailable for selection until the crown prosecution service decide whether to charge him and until the
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england and wales cricket board decide whether to take disciplinary action. as things stand at the moment, ben stokes is still unavailable to play. next to some of the other sports stories, the us ambassador to the un suggests that there is doubt as to whether or not the american athletes will attend the winter olympics in south korea. due to heightened tensions between the us and neighbouring north korea. and the european‘s tour‘s golfer of the year, and scotland's kelsey mcdonald is two strokes off the lead in dubai, 8—under par, behind the leader, ann van damme of the netherlands. england's georgia hall is a shot further back on 7—under par. and we
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can reveal the top contenders for the bbc young sports personality of the bbc young sports personality of the year. ellie downie is 17 at the start of the year, and qualifies made history to win all round gold in the major international competition at the 2017 championships. and skier, millie knight took home gold at the world para alpine skiing championships in italy. she is also there. the winning to be announced at the liverpool echo arena on sunday the 17th of december. and before i go, a piece of sporting theatre, you don't see often. people
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will be talking about this race for yea rs will be talking about this race for years to come. watch the jockey jack kennedy. he is off in the 2.35pm in cou nty kennedy. he is off in the 2.35pm in county tipperary. and defying the laws of gravity by hanging on, even into the railings, and managed to climb back on and if not impressive enough he went tonne win the race having clambered back on. incredible vaulting skills. that is all in sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. see you soon. the papers. see you soon. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are michael booker, deputy editor of the daily express and lainy malkani, journalist and author. tomorrow's front pages. starting with. .. the financial times that says bitcoin prices on the biggest exchanges diverged wildly in a session that exposed the fragile trading infrastructure of the currency.ened the times: ready to work through the night to reach a compromise on the irish border issue. and the daily mail: and comments that british terrorists should be killed. and the garde: a report by the government's spending watchdog that stu d e nts government's spending watchdog that students are failed by universities in england with one in three saying that they receive value for money. and the daily mirror carries a royal
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exclusive, megan markle's dad says he would love to give his daughter away. and the #k7 daily express and arctic weathers with subzero temperatures likely to last throughout the week next week. let's start with the telegraph. eu expects may to sign a deal today. everyone was expecting on monday that the break through would occur. very excited, the bunting is out. as it says here, barring last—minute slip—ups. we have seen a few before. 0ne slip—ups. we have seen a few before. one in here, again it is talking about the signing off with the dup. as we found out on monday that is a key thing. so theresa may is working through the night. the telegraph have done it in a benign way. saying it is calm and fine. them being a
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brexit newspaper. donald tusk to be talking before the markets open at 6.50am. but it does seem as though there is news on a deal. we have agreed £50 billion and the residence rights for the i nationals and now the irish problem but they seem to have gotte n the irish problem but they seem to have gotten somewhere with. the key words are what you pointed out "barring" that is the caveat. as we don't know. we know they are work through the night. the times, the financial times head lines uses three fs financial times head lines uses three f5 in the first two paragraphs, frantic, frenetic, that theresa may is being forced into talks and she may or may not be going to brussels tomorrow. so it is frantic and frenetic but... that is
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the difference between the telegraph but everything is calm with the ft. brussels is having its arm twisted but dealing with the dup. there was a source who told the sun that they will not blink


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