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tv   Our World  BBC News  December 10, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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this is bbc world news. the headlines... protests continue against president trump's recognition of jerusalem against president trump's recognition ofjerusalem as israel's capital. the israeli prime ministers says palestinians have to accept the decision as a recognition of reality. protesters clashed with security forces near the us embassy in beirut. thousands gathered to contain the decision in other cities across the region. the british foreign secretary has left iran after pressing for the release of imprisoned dual national nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. and heavy snowfall has caused disruption across much of the uk. bringing problems on the roads, railways and at the airports. there is a warning about hazardous roads, people are urged to stay indoors where possible but the weather, of course, is all online if you want to keep up—to—date. at ten o'clock, clive
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myrie will have a full round—up of all of the news. first, it is time for our world. in august 1996, ken and ruth pohler, an american couple from michigan, arrived in china. in the town of suzhou, they adopted a baby girl from a social welfare home. they called her kati. hey! doesn't she look like a picture! can you wear shorts in china, when you're teaching? i mean my knees are pretty hot, so i mean... yeah, no i can. i think trans—racial adoptions makes it super obvious that you're different, from day one. she was just beautiful. but seeing that picture and then
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seeing her in life was, yeah. very happy, very emotional, just tears running down my face. i grew up in a place that was very white, very caucasian. but for me, my community was so close and so tight. i saw myself as different but i was actually really accepted. but then things started to become different when i went outside that community, and not everyone knew me and knew my story, and they expected me to act certain ways. kati was probably five years old. and she came up to me, we were at a meeting at church, she asked me whose tummy she came from. "did i come from your tummy?" and i said, "no, you didn't come from my tummy. you came from a lady's tummy in china. but you came from my heart. you were born of my heart." and she was off running,
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doing something else. that was all she needed to know, and she was happy with that. looking back at it now, i thought the right thing to do was to not really pursue that and think about that. i guess part of the reason i didn't pursue it more too was because i knew, especially from my mom, i think it was hard for her. when ken and ruth received their baby, they were given an unexpected piece of paper. it was a note, and it was written by kati's birth parents. for the last 15 years, lida and fenxiang have been visiting the broken bridge in hangzhou, hoping to find their daughter. their story was picked up by the chinese media. finally, through a contact,
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lida and fenxiang discovered their daughter had been adopted by a couple in the united states. but kati's adopted family didn't think a reunion would be in her best interests. until now. i guess meeting my birth parents isn't something that i really had a strong desire to do. but i don't think i ever considered it as something that could ever even happen. so now that is happening, it's a lot to think about. the dominating emotion is probably excitement. we should have brought our bags to make us look better! kati's adopted parents told her about the full story
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of her adoption when she turned 20. she is mature and she made that decision, and so we're here to back her completely, and do whatever we can to make sure that it's a good experience for her, and that her trip over there will be a blessing to her birth parents. how are you? i'm good. how are you? we were just wondering where you were! in a way i see it as a loss, but also a gain. it's just a change in the relationship. we pray for kati as she gets ready to go on a journey. that the planned meeting will go well and that she'll have safe travel to china, and to return her safely back to us. after finding out about her birth parents, kati decided to fly to china, to meet them herself.
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i think my biggest fear in meeting my biological family is that somehow i will disappoint them. i mean, in a lot of ways, obviously they feel like they've let me down. but i also know how much pain they have gone through. wow, it's so large. yeah, i see that! ahead of the big reunion, kati spent some time getting to know the country of her birth. forthe meeting, i'mjust going
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to try and take it as it comes, and try to be in the moment as much as possible, and make the best decision for me at that time. this is kati. hi, hello. the big day has arrived. kati and her birth family are travelling to the broken bridge where they will meet for the first time. i'm excited. i feel pretty ready. i feel like there's been a lot of build—up to this point, so i feel like — feel like it's time. i'm generally not a very symbolic person. like, i think it's nice, but i'm not really one for, like, sentimental things. but since it was my biological father's idea, i respect that, and i do see the beauty in it. so yes, i think meeting on the bridge is definitely the logical choice, and i think it
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will be good. the legendary broken bridge in hangzhou is famous in chinese folklore. it is the inspiration for an ancient love story, and millions of people visit each year. it was a beautiful afternoon. and so it was definitely kind of surreal, walking across the bridge, just looking at the people, like, this is it. i'm only going to do this once. you only meet your biological family once in your life. i don't get super emotional in those types of situations, but for my birth mother, i think she was just... she was actually really sad, in a lot of ways. she just kind of held me and sobbed for about a half—hour. and that's another time when i was like, you know what? i'm glad i can't speak chinese, because i have no idea what i would say anyway.
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so after the meeting, like, my biologicalfamily really wanted me to, like, stay with them for the night. and i was like, no. i've met so many people today, i haven't been sleeping a lot, so i just want some time to myself. so i think — yeah, that first night, yes, i didn't stay with them. and then after that, the day after that, i hung out with, yeah, my parents. her biological parents have brought kati back
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to theirfamily home in hangzhou. translator: i'm kati's biological mother. hello. thank you very much, for taking care of kati. we're also very thankful to you for giving her life. that night, they skype—chat with kati's adoptive family in the us. it is the first time the two families have met. can you tell us a little bit how the bridge reunion went? i haven't really tried to talk about it yet, because i don't know how to talk about it well.
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because... 0k. i don't know how to capture what it was. i don't know. we love her dearly, and she knows that, and we haven't lost anything today. we haven't lost anything at all. we're just happy for her. i'm just happy that she's come to this point. ijust hope there's a sense of peace and contentment with her, and that, you know, if it means developing a relationship with them, that that's ok, because that's good. one thing i realised, going on this trip —
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that i almost did it more for my biological family than myself. obviously it was both, but in a lot of ways, it was a lot more meaningful to them. just because it was a lot more traumatic for them, and they've been living with a lot more emotion about it for so many years. but for me, also, it was good. it was — yeah, it was good in different ways, i think, for us. but, for me, it was definitely fulfilling. what is it? translator: chicken wing. sure. translator: my oldest daughter, she is already 25, but she never went into the kitchen once. i'll teach her how to cook. i guess having two sets of parents, it's — it's hard, because it's a lot of family ties,
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and that's — like, how much to communicate, and i'm not really good at communicating with my family in the first place, and i have a whole other family. the next morning, kati's dad wants to take her to the place where he abandoned her. but it is difficult to find the exact spot. he reallyjust wanted my forgiveness, which is... it was just really interesting, because, like, i understand from him why he needed forgiveness. but, for me, i didn't feel like i needed to forgive them for anything.
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like, from my perspective, i understand their situation, as much as i think i can. and, like — yeah, they were stuck. they were stuck in a system that was so broken. six hours from hangzhou is this town. it is the original family home, and it is where kati's grandmother lives. i think another really cool moment was, like, meeting my grandma. i think she was on the boat when i was born, so, like, she's been also thinking about me a lot through the years. earlier this year, her grandmother nearly died after suffering a stroke.
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just seeing her, and seeing my extended family, i'm just like... it really made it feel more like family. i don't know, just seeing how much it meant that i was there, and she really wanted to see me before she died, and that was kind of — it was a powerful moment. it is time to say goodbye. all the family are at the airport to see kati off. don't cry, 0k?
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hello. back in michigan, a new chapter is beginning in kati's life, as she prepares for her final year of university. i guess for, like, for other adoptees who are pursuing reunion or searching, i think it's important tojust, like, be very aware of your feelings. and, like, there's not really a right and wrong way to feel during any part of the process. no matter how much you know about your adoption, or why you were given up, or how much you feel about it, and how much it hurts, or no matter what the circumstance, i don't think it's good to suppress those feelings that might be hard to deal with. sunday was a date to keep
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meteorologists on our toes, a day of big extremes and big travel problems as well. starting with the snow, we so one as well. starting with the snow, we so one could readily across the hills of wales, some of you saw more than the 30 centimetres recorded at sennybridge, much milder to the south coast and around bristol and the channel, severe gales picking over open waters at around 90 mph. quieter further over open waters at around 90 mph. quieterfurther north over open waters at around 90 mph. quieter further north but colder. parts of scotland not getting above -7 parts of scotland not getting above —7 through the day and we then start monday on a very cool note. 0ne thing to look out for business area of low pressure, another day of weather extremes for some people with severe gales in france, some of those very close to the south—east, outbreaks of rain, the south—east corner, turning to snow over the hills and further flurries in scotland, northern ireland and across the far western fringes of
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wales and cornwall but for most it is dry and raw, lots of sunshine overhead but after that icy start, barely above freezing and more ice from monday night. the showers moving back towards the coast, wintry in places but not as severe as the weekend, what is a beer is a frost through monday night into tuesday. so is lying, —12 possible anywhere in scotland, england and wales and that is because of a ridge of high pressure keeping wind light and that takes us into the quietest day of the week. some fog around in the morning, a few showers, western and eastern coasts, but for most of dry day, sunny with temperatures only just gripping above freezing, some
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staying below freezing all day. especially with snow on the ground. signs of change towards the west later on, increasing cloud, patchy rainfor later on, increasing cloud, patchy rain for northern ireland and the far west of scotland, links to this weather front introducing less cold atla ntic weather front introducing less cold atlantic air into wednesday. but as cold on tuesday but outbreaks of rain pushing eastwards. this could intensify the rain and after the snowmelt so could be problems with flooding and more showers and longer spells of rain pushing from the west later, wind from the north—west ringing colder air once again. not on the levels over the weekend botticelli second half of the week after i left in temperatures on wednesday and a more straightforward picture for thursday, showers prevalent to the south and west, snow mainly on the hills and most will have rain, hail stones and a rumble of thunder. the north and east drier and brighter and frost to start the day and frost for thursday night into friday. the low pressure pushing eastwards, opening the door to the northerly wind. staying cold for the end of the week, those showers recently across the far west of wales will be back and the wintry showers to the east of scotland and eastern parts of england. many will be dry and sunny. for the weekend,
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cold air in place, milder air pushing in but colder air waiting in the wings next week will be oscillating, through the weekend it is cold with wintry showers around the coast, many will be dry and sunny but with frosty nights and into the start of next week, it turns milder once again but with wet and windy weather and colder air could be back later. we will keep you updated. tonight at ten, it's been a day of travel chaos as heavy snow falls, causing disruption across much of the uk. motorists are told to travel only if absolutely necessary, with accidents causing long tailbacks on some motorways. hundreds of flights are cancelled or delayed for several hours, including at heathrow and birmingham. i left work early after a night
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shift to get here because of the snow, and then to find out my flight has been cancelled. they could have told us before we left home when they saw the weather. the forecast for tomorrow morning is treacherous icy conditions on the roads. we'll have the latest. also tonight... borisjohnson holds talks in tehran to try to get britons released from iranian jails. the disgraced publicist max clifford has died after suffering a heart attack in prison. and six months after the grenfell tower disaster,
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