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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 10, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines... up to 30cm of snow has fallen in some areas of the country, affecting travel on the roads, railways and at airports and causing hundreds of school closures tomorrow morning. the foreign secretary has left iran without any agreement on the release of the british—iranian woman, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. the brexit secretary, david davis, has warned that the uk could still refuse to pay its divorce bill if it doesn't get a trade deal with the eu. disgraced celebrity publicist max clifford has died in hospital at the age of 7a. he had been serving an eight—year sentence for historical sex offences. qatar has signed a £6 billion arms deal with the british defence contractor, bae systems. it includes the confirmation of a large order of fighterjets. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the parliamentary journalist tony grew and entertainment reporter caroline frost. tomorrow's front pages... the metro leads with the heavy snow that's caused travel chaos in many areas of the uk today. it also has news that the average house price has dropped. the ft leads with brexit — it says britain's chemicals and pharmacutical industries have asked the government if they can remain within eu rules. the foreign secretary borisjohnson is also pictured in iran with the country's president as he tries to secure the release of a briton jailed there.
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the times leads with brexit negotiations and ireland's unhappiness over comments by the brexit secretary, david davis, that a hard border on the island is a statement of intent rather than a cast iron guarantee. the daily telegraph leads with news that 10—year—olds are being asked if they feel comfortable with their gender in an official nhs health study. police failure to attend domestic violence call outs is the independent‘s lead. the paper also points out that the snow may have caused headaches for many of us but for others, it was a chance to have fun. so let's begin... the metro has a glorious photograph of the snow but on the main story, the biggest fall in house prices for five years. is this true? yes, there isa five years. is this true? yes, there is a lot of economic uncertainty that will affect how people feel about the global economy and whether
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they buy a new house, but it is worth pointing out that it says the average asking price has dropped by £8,000 across the uk, £23,000 in london and that is not suddenly make properties affordable for people who cannot get onto the property ladder. that is a small dip in what can seem an unsurmountable ocean. it's a difference three for people who own their homes, such as caroline!m this bad news, then? only if you are hoping to sell your property in the immediate future, which i am not. as tony said, this isjust immediate future, which i am not. as tony said, this is just a immediate future, which i am not. as tony said, this isjust a chink immediate future, which i am not. as tony said, this is just a chink of relief for aspiring first—time buyers and the previous chink was for the great gift of the exemption of stamp duty for properties up to £300,000 and that was a political move and this becomes an economic shift and it is good news that first—time buyers will be watching carefully to see that the market carries on decreasing in their
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favour. however, they have quoted the right move director that this should be seen in the context of push and pull price pressures. i said that in one go! adding to this impending increasing uncertainty over brexit. perhaps some light but with a over brexit. perhaps some light but witha grain over brexit. perhaps some light but with a grain of salt. you need to see a trend. the man from right move is quoted as saying the trend will bea is quoted as saying the trend will be a mixed bag. strange wording that shows that house prices have been on the same trajectory for a period of time, they forecast another year of slowing in the pace of price rises. a slowdown in the pace of them going up, so not exactly the breakthrough news people might think. let us move on to the front page of the times. ireland warns theresa may over brexit. this is after the story we
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have been running about david davis saying that the deal is not cast iron? this comes as is a prize to people in the eu that they have done the deal with and it is interesting that david davis thinks he runs his own brexit policy and i remember having collective cabinet responsibility when the government spoke with one voice and it now seems to be whoever happens to be in the studio. that has not gone down very well in ireland because one of the key issues is the british government has given assurances that it will avoid a heart border and the british government says it will think up brilliant regulatory infrastructures and use technology to mean that is no border infrastructure but the thing about this that annoys me is david davis has chosen to say these things not because he believes they are in the national interest but for a narrow party reasons. everything the government has done over brexit is for narrow party reasons. david davis still fancies himself as a leader of the party and he is
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signalling to the right of the party and the brexiteers that a hard brexit is still on the table and no deal. neither of those are on the table because the commitments made by britain to the eu last week. is it that clear that he has gone freelance in this sense? michael gove said the other day that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed? what does that even mean? i remember, nearly two decades ago, that the piece was hard four, those lights in the rooms in northern ireland, the entire labour party, there wasn't this breaking away of there wasn't this breaking away of the message and the fractured branding, it was tony blair and mo mowla m branding, it was tony blair and mo mowlam and i remember waking branding, it was tony blair and mo mowlam and i rememberwaking up branding, it was tony blair and mo mowlam and i remember waking up to that great thing that they had this breakthrough and this week i remembered that because i saw this thing overnight, the same thing, we are going to work through the night. what for? so we then get to the next
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chasm, the next disagreement? there was a lovely treat that's it either northern ireland is going to fail because of brexit or brexit is going to fail because of northern ireland. i cannot speak about this dispassionately. the front page of the daily express. the weather is a lwa ys the daily express. the weather is always a favourite story. just surprised it is not brexit! the big freeze chaos to get worse. how do you feel but in response to bad weather? places outside london respond in a perfectly normal fashion, they get on with it. people from other countries find it strange that the weather is such a constant source of conversation for british people and for the daily express. once again, this shows that as a country we cannot deal with our infrastructure, the transport infrastructure, the transport infrastructure is not particularly
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able to deal with a dusting of snow and it is not that unusual when we find this chaos at airports and no doubt there will be significant chaos tomorrow morning. it is december, it snowed! it has been quite mild in recent winters? we will have the classic english conversation, today was slightly colder than yesterday and tomorrow will be slightly warmer! it is psychological as much as anything. there is an economic productivity equation and this will affect enormous numbers of people, perhaps it is the people writing about it, the journalists in london and photographers going nearby, we know all about that, i will get a phone call saying, i am in scotland and you are lightweights in london. but it makes for the beautiful picture. the front page of the financial times. an interesting story here
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about labour and its policy on the bank of england? labour have asked co nsulta nts bank of england? labour have asked consultants to look into a series of issues, not just do consultants to look into a series of issues, notjust do with the bank of england, and one suggestion they are considering is moving some functions of the bank of england to birmingham six and thinking about whether or not the governor should be based in birmingham. labourare also not the governor should be based in birmingham. labour are also talking about creating two new institutions, the national investment bank and the strategic investment bank and those might be birmingham. a separate financial hub in britain's second city and as someone who is hopelessly part of the london bubble, when i go to places like birmingham six for party conferences, it always strikes me that they have these really big financial centres in our major cities, it is notjust in london. we have centres cities, it is notjust in london. we have ce ntres a cross cities, it is notjust in london. we have centres across the country and i like the idea of decentralisation and less focus on london. but i
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worry that this idea that the governor should be based in birmingham, that is just fluff. it doesn't matter. he will spend his time in london all the time anyway. in terms of building new infrastructure, it is interesting and exciting, it will not win many votes a nd and exciting, it will not win many votes and i am sure people in the bank of england will be horrified at this headline, should they wish to stay in london. but there are lots of advantages to staying outside of the capital, i am told! reliably told by pigeons! caroline, there must be some sense that the economy does need to be rebalanced? this is what the policy, whether you like it or not, is aiming to do? we heard george osborne before departing the cabinet with his great northern powerhouse and even though he has left, the wheels of that continue to turn successfully beyond the borders of the watford gap. i can only add my voice to toady's, it is refreshing as somebody who, not as a
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victim, but you get into this matter centric bubble, thinking things only happen in london, it is refreshing, when you go to places beyond the city walls and he realised there is a lot going on, culturally, socially, artistically, and if it takes an economic shift of the weight of the bank of england, then so weight of the bank of england, then so be it. the front page of the telegraph. a little bit more signed to enhance our environment, tills ringing to the side of these transactions. i am horrified by this story. marketing employees and visa have spent one year choosing the perfect noise that can single speed and convenience! it says the company has been running a complete
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vibration at users feel through the phone claiming they are entering a new era of sensory branding. god help us all! i don't think i want by phone to vibrate a certain way. obviously, they think there is some currency in this because visa have put a lot of effort into this but i am not sure if they have done much market testing, i am not particularly in favour of sensory branding. any idea of what this energetic and optimistic sound bite big? i love the idea that you are immune to sensory branding.|j thought immune to sensory branding.” thought this meant bespoke. i thought this meant bespoke. i thought every time i went to a shop i would get my own, personal signed andl i would get my own, personal signed and i was sinking, which song or bridge or ref would like? van halen? that would get me going! lots of people who are not of our generation perhaps will have more fun with this and we might? lets move back to the
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front page of the times and the story that caroline really wanted to talk about! what the queen really did next and writing on the crime, you have spent many hours of your life in the interests of research... so, the queen, series two, for the uninformed, has landed on netflix and tony has watched even more than me. it is quite brilliant but it does raise the question because peter morgan, the scriptwriter, calls this a combination of error and dense research, some very informed speculation and some quite rightful dramatic tendencies so we have ended up with this incredibly powerful inside story of the monarchy in the second half of the 20th century. dramatic tendencies? playing around with what really happened? just some necessary
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borrowing from the wardrobe, the dress up wardrobe. for all intents and purposes, for me, this has shed light on chapters of history i did not know enough about, the suez crisis, the macmillan government, thatis crisis, the macmillan government, that is promised in this series, tonyis that is promised in this series, tony is cross with the jfk arrival, but... there is a more fundamental point, i understand artistic license, implying that the duke of edinburgh's father blamed him for the death of his sister in a plane crash is not an inaccuracy or playing with history or received wisdom, that is just a playing with history or received wisdom, that isjust a lie playing with history or received wisdom, that is just a lie and that is wrong and someone of the... it is not true and any amount of artistic license does not change the fact that this is notjust on true but deeply hurtful to the duke of edinburgh. who will not watch this and when asked, don't be ridiculous will be the answer! he is immune to
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sensory branding! it is a version of history that is demonstrably not true. we will leave


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