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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 12, 2017 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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these are extraordinary length that these organisations are going to to sort of infiltrate and find out what it is that people who are opposed to the goods are kind of worried about. it shows you the level of concern that there is around the kind of protest that we have seen surrounding these big, multinational corporations. we know it made people really angry, the story quite recently about police forces infiltrating undercover green groups. there was one case in particular where a police officer out of relationships with other activists, was leading a real double life. the question is, you know, it does stay in the story that the activity is much more widespread than people would have expected. the question is, how long have these undercover operations been going on‘s have they been playing with people's lives in the same weight as white interesting stuff. tories go green to win back voters. i remember hugging the house the end the north pole, david cameron. and then it all gotjunk. well, pole, david cameron. and then it all got junk. well, apparently pole, david cameron. and then it all gotjunk. well, apparently is coming back on the michael gove, who is trying to almost arrange the image
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of the department of environment and getting out there and hitting back on social media —— change the image. what do you make of this, joke? there is a cameroonian feel to this, after the theresa may drive we are coming back to the fluffy, compassionate conservative deal with this drive, anyway. i think this is a reaction to what happened in the election. a lot of young voters com pletely election. a lot of young voters completely deserted the tories for the labour party. and a lot of that was to do with not this is the only particular policies or tuition fees, but just the way the tory party was promoting its values. going back to much more kind of conservative, socially conservative values, away from cameroonian liberal conservative feel. after being burnt on things like fox hunting, the ivory trade during the election, this is a real push back to try and win some of that. you can sense that they don't want to go back to being they don't want to go back to being the nasty party, a sense that they
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have been sort of uncaring and they wa nt have been sort of uncaring and they want to become the kind of, very sympathetic and loving and animal loving, you know, other things they are going to focus on our school standards, there was a sense that they lost some of the mummy vote at they lost some of the mummy vote at the time, it's notjust the environment. as with everything, there's been a bit of a backlash around the whole rebranding that was going on. it's one of the things they are definitely going to ditch. for me, it doesn't sit with the new, caring party, because they are not making a big thing of the nhs. they seem making a big thing of the nhs. they seem to have decided that actually they can't win on the nhs. one would imagine that investing in the nhs would make you be the most caring. that is the problem. when you poll people, the nhs is up there and the environment is not the top issue. i remember someone was environment is not the top issue. i remember someone was saying that after blue planet on sunday, lots of tweets from tory mps, quite similar stuff. it's a co—ordinated thing that they are trying to deep. and not everyone is happy about it. not
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all mps... not everyone is happy about it. not allmps... one mp not everyone is happy about it. not all mps... one mp told me the other day that they don't get any letters really about animals at all other than bees. and actually it hasn't made much of an impact in the sort of mailbags. and also talking about school standards, it's not school standards which has been bugging mums, it's school funding. some of this seems a bit kind of misguided. it's about positioning the party. how much of it about positioning michael gove?! indeed! looking at the policies that the tory party has brought forward since the election and the policies that michael gove has brought forward, he has won to be fairto him, has brought forward, he has won to be fair to him, some plaudits from green groups, who have said, you know, it's good at least that we have a secretary of state that is looking at the right things. we still waiting to see the proof, the piece of legislation he is promising, whether that is going to come through. if you look at the policies that theresa may announced
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week, which has formed the platform for the new pr push, they are not that the revolutionary than what was announced this week. there was a big pr push on this. whether it actually follows through is yet to be seen. let's have a look at the ft. talking about the conservative party, the picture of damian green. he is still awaiting that inquiry into his alleged behaviour, saying here, theresa may has got to pep up the top team. and the brexit deal blow. do you think it is a glow, caroline, after the brexit deal?! the government, the basking in the glow of success, this wasn't the story that we were discussing last week when everything was going horribly wrong. i think it's safe to say it's a bit volatile. this could easily set fire to the paper! the crisis has almost become the new norm with this government. normally you would get political crises and they would
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la st get political crises and they would last for days and days. you can have very turbulent days and then it is like you in a new country the next day. they pick themselves up and move on. this story is saying, things are all right, by contract, maybe now she is strong enough to carry out the reshuffle which has really been on the cards pretty much for months. will she wait to the new year? most tory mps will tell you they do not expect her to last beyond brexit anyway. there is a talk about the younger generation being brought in in some weight. there is. lots of talking about that. looking about as off at the picture, there is a big question mark hanging over some of the older members of the party. there can be i'io members of the party. there can be no reshuffle until we know what damian green's fate is going to be. if he is going to be forced to resign, there has been some chatter that that is the direction of travel, although it seems to ebb and flow every week this saga goes on, she cannot do anything and all that
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is decided. what she doesn't want to happen is that she saves him and there's more revelations and he is. william hague has said very clearly, —— he is false to go again. he says, you need to start really elevating some of those people in the junior ministerial positions and stamped your authority. she has been trying to get william hague did come back, and he has refused to so far. let's move and he has refused to so far. let's move the times. rob tait will be beamed to dashboards. joe, what's this about —— road data. beamed to dashboards. joe, what's this about -- road data. everything has to be smart these days, you can't just have has to be smart these days, you can'tjust have a manually operated thing. you can't have a motorway to just drive along! this with the hundreds of miles of fibre—optic cable buried alongside motorways. through this fibre—optic cable in the wizardry of broadband, you would be able to beam into driverless cars all of the information about traffic, speed limits, no doubt it could probably direct your car where to go to avoid the worst traffic
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jams and make sure that you avoiding ice patches. i mean, it is exciting, it does feel very futuristic. what could go wrong?! this is also the point, it is preparing the way for these driverless cars. the government is really, really keen on this as an idea and think that we can lead the way on it. the technology, however, there is question marks even around smart meters and things like that. so actually having cars on the roads that could be potentially open to hacking and all of those things, i'm sure that they will do all of those tests, but it is one of those things that you look so many things could potentially go wrong, lights being flashed at you and things on your dashboard, it sounds very back to the future. we need to get with it! we are going to talk about the independent next. almost half of british people want donald trump's state visit scrap, according to a poll. it doesn't sound very popular.
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but the state visit seems to be on the back burner. a working visit to london might be happening. there is an indication, including from the us ambassador today, that the working visit, as it is being called, to open the new us embassy could go ahead in february. but the polling that we had done even shows that around half of people are against from coming in any capacity. but the state visit really riles people because it involves the queen and all of the pomp and ceremony and giving the huge honours for the president. in her heart of hearts, even theresa may regrets making and i'm sure she regrets making the picture of herself on the white house lawn hand—in—hand with trump. it seems a long time ago. the state visit is not going to happen any time soon, is it? ithink visit is not going to happen any time soon, is it? i think the state visit has now been postponed. it is usually something that presidents get in the second term. it was always going to be quite controversial this idea that it was going to be a great expansion and visit given to him. the working
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visit, as i understand joe said correctly, i understand it is at the end of february. but the actual state visit i think will now be in 2019. in 2019, she may well not be prime minister any longer. i don't know what the protocol is on this. from maybe impeached by then as well. let's have a look at star wars, the premiere of the latest film. are you a star wars fan?|j wars, the premiere of the latest film. are you a star wars fan? i am, yes, film. are you a star wars fan? i am, yes , ever film. are you a star wars fan? i am, yes, ever since i was very, very young, it's been part of my upbringing. i've seen all of them, i had all of the toys when i was a kid, and! had all of the toys when i was a kid, and i massively excited about this. are you massively excited? i loved it when i was a little girl, i got my hair done as princess leia. but i'm looking forward to taking my little boy to see it, he is wildly excited. it was quite a big premiere. even got some royalty who we re premiere. even got some royalty who were there. the fact that it has
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made the front of most of the papers shows what a big deal it is and how it's going to beat the film that really captures the imagination this christmas. 5-star review. thank you very much indeed. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week, at and if you miss the programme any evening you, can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, joe watts and caroline wheeler. goodbye. although the weather's going to be a little less cold than what we've had recently, we still have a problem with snow and ice in the next few days, particularly over the higher ground. we are starting wednesday off for much of england and scotland with some eyes to watch out for.
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that's because overnight rain will clear of east woods and allows guys to clear, this is where temperatures will fall. the next weatherfront will fall. the next weatherfront will be pushing into northern and western areas, bringing a very soggy wednesday morning for much of scotla nd wednesday morning for much of scotland and northern ireland, snow falling over the higher ground, temperatures of 5—7d, it is less cold than the last few mornings. rain pushing into much of northern england, wales and the south—west of england. a similar picture. a little bit of snow melt and the rain falling is what's going to give rise to quite a lot of standing water. treacherous conditions on the roads. further east, dry with a cold start and the early icing is to watch out for. that's wednesday morning. the rain across northern and western areas continues to spread eastwards. there could be heavy bursts as it reaches central, southern and is in parts of inward. white breezy too. it clears through and there will be bits of sunshine moving in behind it, a whole rash of showers in
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scotland, northern ireland, be increasingly wintry. it is quite chilly. further south, increasingly wintry. it is quite chilly. furthersouth, 9—iidc. slightly milder than of late. we are looking to the next rash of showers and rain pushing in from the west. some of this could be falling as snow of the higher ground, may be down to lower level is for the heaviest of the bursts. some of the higher—level routes could have some lying snow and disruption for thursday morning. again, watch out forice. thursday morning. again, watch out for ice. thursday will be a cold today than wednesday. further blustery showers across northern and western areas in particular. again, snow in places. central scotland could see an area of snow for a while through the day. keep tuned to the forecast for this. three to six or seven celsius. a tad cold on wednesday. the area of low pressure clears off into the north sea, then northerly winds, plunging south across the british isles, bringing
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colder weather to the end of the week. a few wintry showers, plenty of sunshine by date but a return to overnight frosts. —— sunshine by day. this is bbc news. i'm vicki young. the headlines at 11:00 — a rise in inflation to more than 3% — its highest for almost six years — puts the squeeze on incomes. police say a house fire in the worsley area of salford, which killed three children, was a targeted attack. a baby girl born with her heart outside her body undergoes groundbreaking operations to put it back. and on the newsnight tonight, £235 million has been allocated to rehouse grenfell tower residents. excellence on from the fire, why are so many still without homes? ——6 months on from the fire.
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