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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  December 13, 2017 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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in developing countries. in the financial times: walt disney closing in on a $60 billion deal to take over fox assets, in a deal that stands to reshape hollywood. the deal is expected to be reached as early as thursday. making news in the japan times: a recent survey by travel site, expedia, has found that japanese workers ranked the lowest for using up their paid vacation days — they only take up around half of what they're owed. it also showed that 63% of japanese felt guilty for taking their paid leave. and lastly, an article online for the telegraph: a good news story — one of london's central train stations will, for the first time, be transformed into a massive homeless shelter on christmas day with helping to feed 200 homeless people christmas dinner. the station was set to be empty, with no trains running across the network until boxing day. with me is jane foley, a senior foreign exchange strategist
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strategist at rabobank. the washington post is giving its opinion on what happened in alabama. it was at the forefront of reporting on the allegations about roy moore. that women were abused by him. these are the allegations. washington post has its take. interestingly, the washington post wasn't invited into roy moore's party because of these allegations. but from the market perspective, the outcome is going to be the same and that's because the markets will be very concerned about the erosion of the republican majority in the senate. it was a margin of two votes and that has gone down. a very critical phase. we
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do have tax reform. going through the parliamentary system, if the democrats can seat doug jones before this goes all the way through, it could certainly make trump's agenda more difficult. the tax reforms may still happen but in a very different form. in terms of what many would say this surprise outcome means, the polls suggested it would be close but roy moore would have this. president trump came out and backed him as people were going to vote on this. it's an interesting shift and someone say a very this. it's an interesting shift and someone say a very important win. very importantly, we have mid—term
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elections in the us next november. what donald trump needs is a legislative victory. however, if sentiment is shifting against donald trump, this will be a rallying cry. it's going to be very interesting politically from the us. also, the outcome of any other way. despite the allegations of sexual harassment. in a similar way, donald trump winning the us election despite allegations against him, that he had sexually harassed and abused women. it would have been interesting outcome. it would have been. although donald trump did endorse roy moore, a lot of the big
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figures did not. he wouldn't have been allowed to do his job efficiently. so much more to talk about. let's look at the guardian the picture you can see, richard branson, bill gates. this is all those meeting in paris yesterday. macron at the forefront saying that we must keep this agreement to the forefront. other big names in business. perhaps there are two separate but related features. it is saying it will no longer provide loa ns for fossil saying it will no longer provide loans for fossil fuel exploration except perhaps in the most dire case. when people need access to energy. part of this story concerns
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a task force. this is when financial firms, through their accountancy, will show the amount of money that is lent to a firm involved in global warming. this is about the establishment, the financial establishment, the financial establishment coming clean and pressing down perhaps on fossil fuels which is great the environment. that could be that our energy bills will rise. companies like exxon mobil is saying they will release the news of the impact that their energy policy has, something their energy policy has, something their shareholders have been pushing for. it's good to see a real shift from every angle. i am going to skip over the ft on disney and the sky. we have done that. this story on the front page of the japan times but
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i'm not surprised to read this. japan ranks last in using holidays. we are talking about paid leave. many of them don't even take paid leave. they don't have much paid leave. they don't have much paid leave. they don't have much paid leave. they just take leave. they don't have much paid leave. theyjust take bank holidays. people who do take paid leave feel guilty about it. we know this is a cultural issue. it does get a bit frightening because they have in japan being cases about death from overwork. death from overwork. a reporter who died at the age of 31 from a heart condition caused by overwork. she wasn't taking very much rest days or weekends. it is quite high—profile in japan. much rest days or weekends. it is quite high—profile injapan. despite the efforts from the prime minister to change the outlook for it... the efforts from the prime minister to change the outlook for it. .. it's absolutely ingrained. it takes
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decades to change culture. certainly injapan 20 years ago, this is all linked. it's all difficult to change. let us look at the telegraph. euston station on a regular day, an extremely busy and —— busy london station. for good and the bad. what a great story to see how this will be used on christmas day. around about 200 homeless people given a place to sleep. around about 30 volunteers from network rail, providing this service. good on them. network rail, providing this service. good on themlj network rail, providing this service. good on them. i also want to mention this story as well. it's one of our stories on the technology
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section of the website. facebook hitting back at a former executive who has said that facebook is ripping society apart. many of our viewers have been in touch to say that they agree with him. what are your thoughts on this? facebook is prolific. most of us are using it, some of us love it, some of us hate it. i do not have a facebook account but i do have teenage children. it does concern me. what worries me about facebook and other parts of social media, the amount of followers that people have. they see that as some sort of victory. to me, it's fairly meaningless. paddy in northern ireland, it can make people
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look at others' lives and feel less worthy. and people staring at the phone. i was on the train home yesterday after my shift here because i was looking out the window because i was looking out the window because in buckinghamshire, it's just beautiful snow and i was looking after window and it was snowing. software tools to communicate better. criticism is pa rt communicate better. criticism is part of any new system when you need to make adjustments. thank you for your views and opinions. thank you, jane. we will see very soon. well, the weather story is getting a bit messy now during the middle of the week. and although we will see cold air
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through the middle of the country, there is still the risk over the next few days of some snow and also further ice. and we are starting wednesday morning off with the risk of ice across scotland and england. that is because we have overnight rain moving through, falling on freezing surfaces, then skies will clear for a time during wednesday morning before the next bout of rain moves in. so this is where we will see the ice risk ahead of this next rain band. and it will be quite showery pushing into much of scotland and north—west england and northern ireland, quite a messy commute to work in the morning. a lot of standing water around because there will be a little bit of snow melt as those temperatures will be a little less cold than we have had over the last few mornings. snow will be falling over the mountains of scotland and maybe a little bit of sleetiness over the higher ground of wales, too. but generally speaking, it is going to be of mostly rain here, combined with the snow melt elsewhere. a lot of snow here in the last few days. there there is going to be a lot
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of standing water around. dry across the east, but we have that ice risk. but then the rain across western areas will be spreading eastwards during the course of the day. some heavy bursts on this as it continues to spread south—eastwards but behind it the skies brighten up quite nice. some sunshine for england and wales. but slightly colder air moves into scotland and northern ireland, so showers here increasingly wintry. but across the south, you'll notice, 9—11 celsius. so, slightly milder than of late. then, as we head through wednesday night, we're looking at the next rash of showers and rain, which move through. some of these producing a bit of snow on the higher ground maybe down to lower levels in the heaviest bursts. so, by thursday morning, the risk of a bit of light snow and, again, ice as temperatures fall away. so there could be a little bit of travel disruption. and then, as we head on into thursday day, it looks quite a messy picture. quite windy, once again, plenty of showers moving into northern and western areas. again, these wintry over the higher ground of the north. and we could even see some substantial snow across central parts of scotland through the day, so this could cause some disruption
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and, generally speaking, those temperatures are a bit lower than wednesday. and then, as that area of low pressure moves away on friday, we open the floodgates again to the arctic north, so it looks like it will be very cold to end the week. you can see the blue colours extending right across the british isles, ever as far south as france and northern spain. so it does mean that friday is going to be a cold one. could have a little bit of ice to watch out for it in places. a few wintry showers across coastal areas but, that said, plenty of sunshine too. but you will need to wrap up, it's going to be cold. hello this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. a baby girl born with her heart outside her body has survives — in what's thought to be a first in the uk. doctors carry out three operations on venellope wilkins to correct the rare condition that is usually fatal — her parents say she's a realfighter. if you short —— saw now from where
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she first is, to what i done, it is a miracle. —— what they've done. good morning, it's wednesday 13th december. also this morning, a shock defeat for donald trump's favoured candidate in a senatorial election — as the democrats claim victory
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