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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 14, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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this is bbc news with me, ben brown. a national memorial service has been held at st paul's cathedral, six months to the day after the fire at grenfell tower. more than 1500 people attended including members of the royal family. four children have died after a train crashed into a school bus at a level crossing in southern france. there are reports that 19 others are injured, with the students aged between 11 and 15. theresa may says the uk is "on course to deliver on brexit" as she arrived in brussels, the day after her first commons defeat as prime minister. the scottish government puts new tax reforms on the agenda — lower earners would pay less tax than the rest of the uk, while higher earners would pay more. rupert murdoch sells a majority of 20th century fox to disney in one of the biggest media deals for years. as we have been hearing, survivors of the grunfeld fire have been
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attending a memorial service at st paul's cathedral. the service, six months since the disaster, also gave thanks to all those who assisted at the time of the fire and in the weeks and months since. frankie mccamley reports. it's been a long six months for so many families whose lives were torn apart exactly six months ago. a tragedy which highlighted failures alongside the bravery of the emergency services and the unity within a community. today they came together. we try our best to stay together and stay united, so that's exactly what's happening and all the difficulties we have, all of the hard days, the hard time we had is unforgettable, we cannot forget. joined by members of the royal family who have met many of those affected by the fire, alongside political leaders showing their support. the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry
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making their way to their seats, sat alongside the prime minister, multi—faith leaders and the community surrounding g re nfell tower. but at the heart of the service, remembering the 53 adults and 18 children who lost their lives, including the youngest victim who would have been one today. welcome, each one of you, to this national memorial service of remembrance, community and hope. the service incorporated an islamic girls school choir, a steel band, and a montage of some of the survivors. you begin to feel survivor's guilt and i think maybe not now but within the next couple of months we will start to question, why was it them? why did we survive, why didn't they?
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but for some, it became too much. raw emotions still plain to see. others watched the service live streamed to a mosque close to the tower which became an emergency shelter at the time, taking in clothes and food. after paying their respects, families and survivors left in silence carrying white roses and pictures of their loved ones, holding the heart of their community which will lead a silent vigil later today. mourners have walked through the streets of west london in silence every month since the grenfell tower tragedy, remembering those who lost their lives. taking on a particular poignancy today, our correspondent adina campbell is at this evening's march. just give us an idea of the scene
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there in notting hill. hundreds of people have gathered here in west london ahead of the march which is due to start in the next half an hour. you can see this area is packed, with people here who have flowers, green candles, banners which they will be walking with as the march gets under way. there are people from all across this local and wider community, lots of different age groups, backgrounds, religious groups, all coming together to mark the six—month anniversary, this six—month silent walk. there is a mix of emotions, sorrow, anger, pain, anguish, and hope because this is a chance for the community to reflect on those
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who lost their lives and a chance for people to think about how they will rebuild their lives. marking the devastating fire six months ago. there was also anger among some members of the community i spoke to, people are still frustrated it is taking so long for many people to be permanently rehoused and others say they are upset that the local authority has been slow to act and to communicate and give them that added support they needed, a tonight for the next rso, this will be focused on the march, the meeting point here, they will be walking for half an hour at a slow pace in com plete half an hour at a slow pace in complete silence. you will be able to hear a complete silence. you will be able to heara pin complete silence. you will be able to hear a pin drop. they will end up at the finishing point just to hear a pin drop. they will end up at the finishing pointjust outside the tower, an area called the wall of truth where people have been able
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to pay tribute and reflect on what happened, so tonight is about remembering the 71 people who'd died, 53 adults and 18 children. thank you. now, time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm katherine downes. england are finally in control of an ashes test. dawid malan‘s century helps them on the way to a big first innings total in perth. and i will be here with all the reaction from the whitecaps as england enjoy their best day of the ashes so far. is it all down to the pep talk? we break down the facts and figures behind manchester city's record—breaking run. and on the six month anniversary of the grenfell tower disaster we look at what's happened to the boxing club based at the bottom of the building that is once again producing champions.
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good evening. finally, england are in control of a test match in the current ashes series. middlesex batsman dawid malan hit his maiden test century, as england built a big first innings total in the third test in perth. malan‘s partnership of 174 withjonny bairstow helped england close on 305—4. they must avoid defeat to have any chance of retaining the urn. andy swiss reports from the waca. just when they needed it most, england have produced their best day of the ashes so far, and are in a strong position going into day two.
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it didn't begin especially well, they won the toss and chose to bat, alastair cook was out for just seven, joe root rent for 20. mark stoneman batted very well, his bat broke at one point but he got 256 before he was controversially caught behind by the video umpire and at that point england work in some trouble but then a fantastic reply from dawid malan and jonny bairstow, a partnership that blossomed in the sunshine as australia tired. jonny ba i rstow sunshine as australia tired. jonny bairstow finished the day 75 not out, david milan 110 not out, his first century in front of his watching parents and what a day it was for him. it's been nice, i was under pressure coming into the game so under pressure coming into the game so it was nice to score some runs
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and especially when the team needed it, i think we were 120—4 so it was nice to do it when the team needed it and make sure i cash in when i got a start. for austria, it looked like another pace bowler‘s paradise, the quirks were fast and hostile after lunch but they were blunted in the afternoon sunshine by david milan and jonny bairstow, a few dropped catches and wicketkeeper tim payne paid tribute to dawid malan and jonny bairstow. traditionally in perth when two batsmen come in it can be easy to get them out and they score quickly, i thought they batted well and they showed us how you have to apply yourself on that wicket and
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if you do there are lots of runs. england have given themselves a chance of posting a first innings total going into day two. they haven't won a test here since 1978 and if they lose this match australia will regain the ashes. it is still a long way to go but they have given themselves a real chance. 0utdated and sexist — or all part of the glamour and glitz of formula 1? this is the divisive topic of grid girls at grand prix. you see them holding umbrellas or driver name—boards, or lining the corridor as drivers make their way to the podium. well, their days could be numbered because the sport's new owners are considering whether or not to continue using them. bbc f1 reporterjenny gow will be presenting a special programme on this subject on 5live this evening, and joins us now. you've spoken to plenty of people on this subject and it's fair to say this is a subject that divides opinion. absolutely, from grid girls
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themselves to formula 1 management, tea m themselves to formula 1 management, team bosses and drivers, everyone seems to have an opinion on it. a lot of people very strongly pro—thing—mac, keeping them there for all to enjoy as tradition, while others say it is passe and needs to change. 0ne driver who spoke to us is daniel ricardo. i think it's pretty cool. it's what we grew up with, as a kid you see the umbrella girls, grid girls, whatever you call them, it's kind of the attraction of them, it's kind of the attraction of the sport, fast cars and fast girls, so the sport, fast cars and fast girls, soi the sport, fast cars and fast girls, so i think it's cool. i think them rocking up on sunday and being on the grid, i feel like they are a bit detached, they are in the moment but
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as part of the global weekend, i feel they could be more involved, could be in the paddock. formula1 has a certain image. daniel ricardo very forthcoming with her views but not everyone so keen to share. a lot of the drivers didn't want to say anything and some senior figures didn't want to be drawn one way or the other. in this politically correct day and age it's easy to find yourself saying the wrong thing but one man who was clear on his opinions was the boss of the silverstone circuit and they say they have no real influence on what happens at their truck. my personal view is clear, i think it's outdated, it is 2018 and life has tha n kfu lly outdated, it is 2018 and life has thankfully moved on. i could be persuaded, i think this year we have
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seen some smartly presented beautiful ladies who have added glamour and they have been in lovely dresses and it's great, i was in moto gp at our gun where they had some smart young men walking with the girls and they look great as well, but the lycra can stay in the 19705 well, but the lycra can stay in the 1970s for me, i don't want any of that tarty nonsense. tarty nonsense, that tarty nonsense. tarty nonsense, thatis that tarty nonsense. tarty nonsense, that is acquired. jenny, thank you and we will have more on five live. 0nto racing now, and the most successful female jockey in british flat racing, hayley turner, says her three—month ban for breaching british horse racing authority betting rules is "harsh" and a "bitter pill to swallow". she staked 164 bets — at a profit of £160 — over 18 months. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson was at her hearing this afternoon. hayley turner up tiered at the headquarters of british horse racing and was described as the most successful female jockey, a
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high—profile figure in the sport, most recently because of her media work. the reason jockeys most recently because of her media work. the reasonjockeys are not allowed to bet on races is very important, if a jockey lines up in a race with a bet on another horse in that race, the potentialfor corruption is obvious. but note stage did they consider hayley turner's that's a risk to the sport but by placing bets she was in breach and the panel decided it was serious misconduct, suspending her for three months. i did break the rules and i have spent my whole adult life putting into the sport, more than i should have done, and it's a bitter pill to swallow. the panel say you have been lax and complacent towards the rules of racing. the rules about not betting are there and you would have been aware of them. do you accept there has to be a zero tolerance? i accept there has to be some punishment because i was in the wrong but three months
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is quite harsh. now, they've had many famous fa cup nights in the past but today's hereford team are looking to create their own bit of history — they face fleetwood town in a second round replay. and dan pallett is at edgar street for the bbc. welcome to edgar street, scene of many a famous fa cup tie and home fa ns many a famous fa cup tie and home fans are hoping for another one this evening. the club is now called hereford fc, a premier league side now, and because of that they are all part—time players and there is one small school in herefordshire thatis one small school in herefordshire that is rooting for them. it is mid—morning and this class are learning maths but miss butler is taking a back seat. mr tinsley is in
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charge this morning. and this shot is into the corner of the net by calvin tinsley and hereford are in front. calvin tinsley may be an fa cup goal—scorer but he is also a student teacher and his efforts for hereford fc haven't gone unnoticed. ididn't hereford fc haven't gone unnoticed. i didn't expect the reaction i got, a lot of members of staff follow hereford that there was a buzz and it's nice to see everyone come over thanking me. multiplication was the topic for this morning. the 50 times table is a big table. the teacher is getting top marks. what do you think of mr tinsley? i think he's great. a very good teacher, always believes in people. he has played in a
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foot ball in people. he has played in a football match and has done a draw with another team. he has also donated a signed shirt which will be auctioned to help school funds. not only is he a fantastic student teacher, his presence and his ability to interact with children, we have been delighted, a welcome a young man and great role model. we have been delighted, a welcome a young man and great role modellj was also set a mass problem. this one, easy. tell me i'm wrong. it's a tough game, we will have to be better than in the first leg because they will be better now they know a bit about us but we believe we can do what and if we have a bit of luck, who knows? we will leave the last word to class three lb. good luck, mr tinsley! look at the snow
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behind the goal. it was 15 centimetres on monday at an army of volu nteers centimetres on monday at an army of volunteers turned up to shovel it off the pitch, but don't forget fleetwood town ari league 1 side, four divisions higher than hereford fc. on four divisions higher than hereford fc. 0n the plus side, fleetwood have not won in the league since these two tea ms not won in the league since these two teams were brought together in the second round draw last month and there is great incentive as the winner is at home to leicester city in the third round. we are five months away from the fa cup final but if the fa cup is about anything it's about might like tonight. and there at 7:45pm. —— kick—off there. one of the best premier league teams we've ever seen — that's how pep guardiola's manchester city side have been described. yesterday they set a new record of 15 straight league victories —
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beating swansea 4—0. david silva scored twice, giving city a 3—0 advantage with this — linking with raheem stirling before chipping the swansea keeper. and sergio aguero got the fourth — that win means city are now 11 points clear at the top of the table, increasingly difficult to catch. 0ur football reporter john bennett has been looking at their remarkable season — to work out what sets them apart. these players have a lot to smile about. they cannot stop winning. 15 premier league wins in a row and on the way they have beaten the likes of manchester united, arsenal, chelsea and liverpool, scored 49 goals in those games, so how does it compare with winning runs of the past? these are the all—time winning runs, manchester city are top, they have overtaken arsenal‘s double
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winning side and tottenham's double winning side and tottenham's double winning side and down at the bottom, the most recent double winning run, chelsea under antonio conte. how does it compare to europe? bayern munich are top with 19 wins in a row, their manager was pep guardiola. barcelona are there in 2011 and guardiola was their manager. zinedine zidane was in charge of real madrid, so they would have to make tottenham, former and crystal palace. this is the best ever start in the top—flight points wise, manchester city art top, 49 points, tottenham are second.


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