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this is bbc world news, i'm lucy grey. our top stories: austria becomes the only western country in europe with a far—right party in power — the conservatives reach a deal with the anti—immigration freedom party. the un warns that the united states under donald trump is becoming the "world champion of inequality". brexit negotiations are moving on. eu leaders give the green light for talks to proceed to phase two, but warn the next stage will be even tougher. and save the date — prince harry and meghan markle have announced they'll wed at windsor castle on 19 may. hello and welcome to bbc world news. let's start in austria where a coalition deal between the conservative people's party and the far—right freedom party has been announced.
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it paves the way for this man, people's party leader, sebastian kurz to become the next chancellor. the deal comes two months after the original parliamentary election. it means austria will be the only western european country with a far—right party in government. the freedom party is led by heinz—christian strache. it was launched in 1956 by ex—nazis and takes anti—immigrant and anti—eu positions. our correspondent in vienna bethany bell has more. we have a government which is conservative and far right, and it was noticeable that during the election campaign, it was dominated very much wider question of the anti— migrant feeling, and infact it was interesting that the freedom party even accused sebastian kurz‘s conservatives of stealing their positions when it came to anti— migrants. what will be interesting to see his how the two parties
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balance out their ministries. be announced this coalition deal but they did not give any details, the two leaders, they say that tomorrow they are going to meet austria's president alexander van der bellen, who basically has to give the green light for this coalition to go ahead, they will then speak to their parties, and it will be very interesting to see how they cope with their similarities on the right, and also their differences. one of the things that did emerge a few days ago that we know about is revealing a proposed total smoking ban in austria's restaurants and bars at the moment. but we don't know what else they have managed to get. there is speculation that they, the freedom party may have charge of both the foreign ministry and the interior ministry, and possibly the justice ministry. but we don't have confirmation of that yet. we will have two wait and see what emerges over the next couple of days. i think a lot of people will be wondering exactly how the freedom
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party will fare in government. sebastian kurz and his conservatives, some people say they will be able to try and tame the freedom party from its populism, others will say they are actually being pushed more towards the right. this will be what the austrians will be watching in the months ahead. let's turn to brexit now, and it's been a big day for the future of the united kingdom, as it continues the process of removing itself from the european union. the 27 other eu leaders have officially given the green light for a change in gear — from purely divorce talks to negotiating the relationship to come. the uk hopes that will include a generous trade deal in due course. the british prime minister theresa may has hailed the progress as an "important step" forward. but she still faces differences of opinion in her own government and suffered an embarrassing house of commons defeat on brexit earlier this week. damian gramatticas has more. ona big
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on a big day for the eu... on a big day forthe eu... a on a big day for the eu... a barrage of questions. last night these leaders had given theresa may around of applause. not very enthusiastically but it was well deserved. angela merkel had led that gesture, appreciative after mrs may told the eu leaders she wants a smooth brexit. it is what they want as well. of course the one leader who is in here today is theresa may herself, the leader for whom this matters more than for any other. getting the green light in the brexit process to move to the next stage. and so the looming question, exactly what does the uk want future ties with the eu to look like?” think the first big step is for the united kingdom to say very clearly what it wants. in clear terms. i think if this happens within the next few weeks, we can start in earnest and by march we will have a very clear european position. thank
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you. first, the eu 27 27 agreed that sufficient progress has been made and discussions turned to the eu's terms for phase two of the negotiations. and a new set of guidelines, they say talks will only move on if all commitments that the uk has made so far are respected in full so no backtracking on the financial and citizens deals. enter a transition, the eu's terms and the eu says that the uk will: as for the framework for future relations, this is no time for internal eu 27 preparations, and contact with the uk. to get more clarity on their vision. as the what
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the uk wants most of all, in—depth discussions about this future ties, they will have to wait until march, eu leaders said, indicating it is the eu that still is firmly in control of the brexit process. a senior un official has strongly criticised the wealth gap between rich and poor people in america. philip alston, the un special rapporteur on extreme poverty, says the trump administration's policies, including tax cuts, could make the situation even worse. president trump has argued that cutting tax will result in the us economy performing more robustly. peter bowes in los angeles. this report really is a damning indictment of the disparity between rich and poor in america. there are something like a0 million people in this country, who artificially deemed to be in the poverty level, and many of those suffering from higher poverty, about one in eight
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people across the country. your progress report spent two weeks travelling around the nation, places like george, came here to california, to los angeles, and visited skid row which is nestled beneath the tall buildings that you can see behind me in downtown los angeles. five square miles, where people live in absolute dire poverty, squalid conditions. he talked to people there, he took about their health, how many of them feel trapped in a situation where they have no health insurance, there industry, they have health problems asa industry, they have health problems as a result of those initial problems, there for they cannot get a job problems, there for they cannot get ajob and problems, there for they cannot get a job and their situation spirals out of control. he says this is a situation that he saw right across the country and la, a few miles between downtown la and skid row, and beverly hills at the other side of town, really just and beverly hills at the other side of town, reallyjust illustrates that disparity between rich and poon that disparity between rich and poor. what has been the government ‘s reaction to this, because it talks about this new tax bill making
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this gap even wider, hasn't it? that's right, and it is fair to say, the author of this report has said that he has not directing his criticism only at the trump administration, he said that this is asa administration, he said that this is as a result of several administrations going back decades. this is as much a cultural, societal attitude problem as it is a tax problem. and also the kind of people he is talking about really fall well out of the tax system, they certainly don't have jobs and the vast majority of cases do not have the prospect of getting a job. some officials have welcomed this report as being accurate, some have criticised it as perhaps being overly pessimistic, but across the board there has been i think, an acknowledgement that this disparity, this embarrassing disparity for the united states, exists. it is one of the richest countries in the world,
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certainly issues like obc, that affects many people in poverty, more people are obc america than anywhere else in the developed world. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. police in the netherlands have shot and wounded a man who was armed with a knife in the country's main airport, schiphol, just outside amsterdam. the main entrance to the airport was evacuated — but has now re—opened. the man is in custody. there were no reports of other injuries. for palestinians have been killed and 150 wounded in clashes with the israeli army. palestinian sources say most of the casualties occurred near the gaza border where protests have been the most fierce against president trump's position to recognise jerusalem as president trump's position to recognisejerusalem as the capital of israel. the oxford english dictionary has chosen its word of the year, and it's "youthquake". first used in the 1960s, it's defined as a "significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people". it's been used more recently
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in relation to the effect of young voters on politics in britain, france and new zealand. zimbabwe's ruling party has endorsed the new president, emmerson mnangagwa, as their leader and candidate in next year's presidential elections. delegates from the zanu—pf party are holding an extraordinary session, for the first time since robert mugabe stepped down last month. shingai nyoka reports from harare. president emmerson mnangagwa. .. president emmerson mnangagwa... a triumphant entry to his first congress as party leader. but the decision to confirm emmerson mnangagwa was never going to be contested. 6000 delegates were carefully selected to ensure the unanimous endorsement. now emmerson mnangagwa can again to rebuild a party fractured by infighting in
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preparation for elections later this year. i stand for you there for as the president of the united land, zimbabwe. the conciliatory speech is a departure from the firebrand nationalist rhetoric from his predecessor robert mugabe who was noted that —— noticeably absent. this congress has been planned months before as a platform to sideline emmerson mnangagwa and promote grace mugabe to the party leadership. but the tables have turned, expelling mugabe from the party and promoting emmerson mnangagwa,. this is the primary challenge of its international economy and ringing confidence to its human rights record, addressing the ills of the past and trying to make sure that they are free and fair elections that are scheduled in 2018 and it will face further challenges in relation to the ability to prove to the zimbabwean
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people that they are not going to be similarto people that they are not going to be similar to that previous government of robert mugabe. and how quickly the party has moved on from him. within the month, new songs have been written, raising reference to the former leader, and zanu—pf‘s party regalia now there's a new face. but critics say the intolerance that marked the former leader's rule has resurfaced. three former senior party members who were expeued former senior party members who were expelled for supporting grace mugabe, were today arrested and charged with criminal nuisance for wearing the new regalia without the pa rty‘s wearing the new regalia without the party's commission. emmerson mnangagwa told lawyers that the time has come to repair the party, but there is no sign of reconciliation with his predecessor. mr mugabe, his wife and family are in the far eastern annual holiday. voters appear to show the 90—year—old —— 93—year—old leader leaving a singapore hospital and looking relaxed. his future role in
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zimbabwean politics is unclear, the figure that has dominated this party is now gone and the new imposing figure has been installed in his place. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: battle for the heartland of the anc as south africa's ruling party votes for a new leader and to regain public trust. after eight months on the run, saddam hussein has been tracked down and captured by american forces. saddam hussein is finished because he killed our people, our women, our children. the signatures took only a few minutes but they brought a formal end to 3.5 years of conflict that has claimed over 200,000 lives. before an audience of world leaders, the presidents of serbia, bosnia and croatia put their names to the peace agreement. the romanian border was sealed and silent today.
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romania has cut itself off from the outside world in order to prevent the details of the presumed massacre in timisoara from leaking out. from sex at the white house to a trial for his political life. the lewinsky affair tonight guaranteed bill clinton his place in history as only the second president ever to be impeached. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: austria has become the only western country in europe with a far—right party in power — the conservatives have reached a deal with the anti—immigration freedom party. the un has warned that the united states under donald trump is becoming the "world champion of inequality". wildfires in southern california are continuing to burn out
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of control — scorching an area larger than new york city and paris combined. one firefighter has been killed battling the blaze. with more gusty winds expected tonight, it will be another difficult weekend for firefighters. attention is turning to the underlying conditions driving the fire — it hasn't rained in parts of california for more than eight months. wildfires in southern california are continuing to burn out 11 days and still it earns. —— burns. over 8000 men and women are 110w burns. over 8000 men and women are now battling this ladies, saving homes one by one. not far from now battling this ladies, saving homes one by one. not farfrom here, the fire claimed the life of a 32 year rule, a firefighter, a father and husband. he is survived by this wife especially, this two—year—old daughter. corey anderson if were
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expecting a second daughter this spring. it is not clear exactly what went wrong here but the terrain is steep and dangerous and mist iversen was reportedly overrun by flames after race sudden wind shift. the gusts destroyed homes as well, over 700 of them. two apartment blocks and two hotels also burned down and another 18,000 buildings remain at risk. this is one of five homes in this tiny neighbourhood, destroyed when the flames swept through here so fast that firefighters had to abandon the area. the ones who survived and the ones which were destroyed at is a matter of pure luck. alan lawson and this family we re luck. alan lawson and this family were among the lucky ones. their home were scorched but it survived and is in part to neighbours who lost everything but stayed to fight the fire. the most rewarding thing is seeing them. they lost their
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house but they were working side by side with us to keep our house safe. or through the week the skies have been alive with activity as pilots battle the blaze from the area. the wildfire has now ravaged an area the size of new york city and washington, dc combined. with more gusty winds forecast, firefighters say they expect the bubble to intensify this weekend. the canadian pharmaceutical billionaire barry sherman and his wife honey have been found dead at their home in toronto. police described the deaths as suspicious, but said they were not being treated as homicides. barry sherman was one of canada's richest men and a prominent philanthropist. opposition parties in peru have submitted an impeachment motion against their president who has been accused of receiving illegal payments from a brazilian
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construction company. the motion was signed by politicians from most of the parties and it says he has the moral —— does not have the moral capacity to lead a career. he has rejected calls for his resignation. the us secretary of state says north korea needs to show a ‘sustained cessation of threatening behaviour‘ before meaningful talks can begin. rex tillerson was speaking at a meeting of the un security council in new york. mr tillerson also questioned the commitment of moscow, and especially beijing, in trying to rein in the secretive state's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. as chinese crude oil flows to north korean refineries, the united states questions china's commitment to solving an issue that has serious implications for the security of its own citizens. recently the north korean regime has sought to portray us sanctions is harmful to women and children but this is a hypocritical regime that spends billions on
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missile programmes while its own people suffer great poverty. the regime could feed and care for the ordinary people if it chose welfare over weapons development. the bbc‘s nada tawfik is at the united nations. she explained more about the security council meeting, and what rex tillerson had to say. many may remember that just many may remember thatjust on tuesday when rex tillerson was addressing an audience at a think tank event on north korea, he said the us was ready to enter into talks without preconditions. the white house quickly came out and denied that saying the us policy had not changed at all and so today we saw rex tillerson toughening his stand and saying that north korea had to earn its ride to get to the negotiating table and they had to show commitment, walking backwards nuclear programme before talks could get under way. it is interesting because it echoes a lot of what the us‘s allies said today in the
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council. the japanese foreign minister, who presided over this high—level meeting, he said that we should not be conducting dialogue for the sake of dialogue. the security council resolution is quite clear that north korea needs to end its programme so there should be no compromise on that front. south africa's governing african national congress is preparing this weekend to pick a new party leader to replace jacob zuma — who is also the country's president. the anc is still the dominant political force, but has faced a loss of public trust. president zuma is facing corruption allegations, which he denies. the bbc‘s africa editor, fergal keane, has travelled through the anc stronghold of the eastern cape. many dreams of freedom were born here, died here and were reborn. from its earliest days, the eastern cape was an anc stronghold. new brighton was where the party's military wing was founded, and the first south african township i visited in the years of apartheid. when i first came to this township,
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more than 30 years ago, the anc were still banned, mandela was in jail, jacob zuma was in exile. but to the people who live here now, that's all ancient history. what they care about is what the anc hasn't done. anger over the failure to deliver enough houses and services saw people here force the closure of this museum to the heroes of the freedom struggle. they've come in from the rural areas... paul mbewana is a lifelong anc supporter who led the community protest. he is astonished at the looting of state resources that has burgeoned underjacob zuma. in fact, i'm disgusted with it, because it's eating all the resources which are meant for the poor, the poorest of the poor. so they can't... they can't benefit from services and all those things. but go north into still impoverished rural areas and you are reminded
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of an essential fact. the virus of corruption, moral and financial, was present long before zuma. here, tens of millions were squandered by the white regime to create so—called independent homelands, where black people were to be dumped far from the cities. it's partly that memory that keeps older voters, like this 77—year—old, loyal to the anc and zuma. "i like jacob zuma because he's part of the anc", she told me. "he took us to freedom. "even if they remove him, he took us to freedom". but a culture of protest is thriving in south africa, driven by a free press and independent judiciary fighting to rein injacob zuma. i came here to fort hare university, alma mater of nelson mandela, and four other african presidents, and found students eager for change. my perception of our politicians
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is that they are people who are self—absorbed, who do not have the best interests of the people of this country, especially the poor people, who fought for them to be in power. do not put the leaders that are going to continue with the culture of robbing poor south africans' money. bring leaders that are progressive, that see vision, that see progress, that want to improve the lives of south africans. that's my stand. south africa's strength has always been the determination of the majority to confront injustice, whether racism or corruption. it's that spirit which will demand accountability from whoever ends up leading the anc. fergal keane, bbc news in the eastern cape. if you have your diary to hand — you may want to note down saturday 19th of may, 2018. that is the date that's been set for the royal wedding
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of prince harry and his fiance, actress meghan markle. they will marry in st george's chapel at windsor castle. it's the same day as the football cup final in england. the pair announced their engagement last month. we put it to the bbc‘s royal correspondent nicholas witchell that interest would be even greater because ms markle is an american. that is absolutely correct. there will be a great deal of attention from around the world, as there a lwa ys from around the world, as there always is, but, particularly on this occasion from the united states of america. the dates, yes. saturday the 19th of may. the choice of saturday is unusual but certainly not unprecedented for a royal wedding. there have been royal weddings on saturdays for and i am sure that the calculation has been that because there is to be no public holiday in the uk for this royal wedding, as there was for william and eight‘s the fact it is staged on saturday will give those who are so minded an opportunity to go out to windsor to be part of the celebration as the couple said they
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wished to be the case. i'm sure that although the wedding itself is in the chapel within when the chapel, there will be a carriage procession through the town. we need to leave you now with some photos. these are just some of the contenders in this year's comedy wildlife photography awards. over 3,500 pictures entered from 86 countries, including one apparently athletic wildebeest. and a rather shocked seal which was highly commended. but it was this one by tibor kercz that scooped the overall prize, showing an our trying to claw its way back up a branch. you can get in touch with me and the tea m you can get in touch with me and the team on twitter thank you for watching.
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it is going to be quite chilly first thing on saturday with a good frost around. the weather will turn all or milder over the next few days. by the time we get to sunday i suspect double—figure temperatures across of the uk. at the moment there is a dip in thejet the uk. at the moment there is a dip in the jet stream which brings in cold airfrom in the jet stream which brings in cold air from the north. we start to see a south—westerly flow of air which will push the weather front in our direction in this area of mild airwill be in our direction in this area of mild air will be in place across the uk by the time we reach sunday. saturday will still be quite a cold day across most of the uk. the cold snapis day across most of the uk. the cold snap is still not quite over. look at this. were still getting weather watcher pictures with nice snowy scenes across the uk, mostly across the hills now. first thing on saturday morning, a widespread frost. these are the city temperatures. in rural areas will be much colder. saturday morning start
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ona much colder. saturday morning start on a beautiful and crisp note from plymouth and burn must all the way to brighten handover and the midlands also nice and you crisp temperatures around. —1 in nottingham. freezing across most of the yorkshire. we start to see slightly milder areas this stage getting into parts of northern ireland. on the whole, a nice start to the day but there will be a change on the way later on on saturday. clouds will be increasing and it may turn cloudy across wales possibly around merseyside into the west midlands and the south—west here. at times it could rain. a sunny day everywhere on saturday, best of the sunshine in the east and the south—east and the far southern counties. then the change happens to be mild weather through the course of saturday night into sunday. the weather front comes off the atlantic and we develop a south—westerly wind. that mild air will arrive through the early hours of sunday and for many of us must sunday will
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be or will start off on a cloudy damp note with quite breezy retirement. we could even see gale force winds across the far north. temperatures back up to double figures, even in scotland. that damp weather will last right through the course of sunday but by the time we reach monday it looks like things will be drying out. a little bit of a dip in the temperature. into next week, it looks like the weather will dry out that it will still stay relatively on the mild side. this is bbc news. the headlines: the austrian conservative party, led by sebastian kurz, has reached a coalition deal with the anti—immigration freedom party. austria will become the only western european country with a far—right party in government. a senior un official has strongly criticised the wealth gap between rich and poor people in america. philip alston, the un special
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rapporteur on extreme poverty, says the trump administration's policies could make the situation even worse. eu leaders have given the green light for brexit talks to move to the second phase, which will focus on future relations between the eu and britain, but the president of the european commission has warned that the next negotiations will be even tougher than phase one. prince harry and meghan markle have chosen 19 may as the date for their wedding. the couple will be married at windsor, to the west of london. now on bbc news: as the standoff between the trump administration
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