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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 18, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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fog tomorrow morning. it could be on the disruptive side. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: a train derails from a bridge onto a busy road below in the us state of washington — the county sheriff says there are multiple fatalities, and about 80 people have been taken to hospital. an inquiry into the murder of an iranian refugee finds evidence of "institutional racism" by bristol's police and city council. bijan ebrahimi was beaten to death by a neighbour injuly 2013. the south african deputy president cyril ramaphosa has been elected leader of the governing party, the anc. he's vowed to fight corruption and revive a struggling economy. theresa may says "there can never be a place for threats and intimidation" in politics after a number of mps receive abusive messages because of their views on brexit. at seven o'clock, we'll hear from donald trump, who's due to make a new announcement on us security strategy. that's in beyond 100 days, with katty kay and christian fraser. now on bbc news, it's
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time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm katherine downes. 0n tonight's programme... australia blow england away as they regain the ashes in perth with an innings victory. we look back at a night of sporting celebrations and surprises as mo farah is crowned bbc sports personality of the year. and we talk to the volunteer denise larrad, who took home the bbc get inspired unsung hero award. yes, we'll look back at a remarkable spoty a little
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later in the programme — but we start with cricket, and australia have regained the ashes. and they've done so in some style, victory in perth giving them a 3—0 lead in the series with two tests to play. and they'll be targetting a second successive 5—0 whitewash on australian soil. for england, they've plenty to ponder in a series in which they've been second best in every area. andy swiss was watching at the waca. it has been coming for some time, but for english cricket, that doesn't make it any less painful. 0nce doesn't make it any less painful. once again, australia have secured the ashes here at the waca, an emphatic victory giving them an unassailable 3—0 lead in the series. the day had begun with an unlikely lifeline for england. 0vernight rain had seeped in under the covers and created some damp patches on the wicket. we had a surreal sight of ground staff with leaf blowers, drying out these damp patches. it took them three hours, but once the
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delay was finished, australia's bowlers quickly made up for lost time, josh hazlewood clint boling jonny bairstow his first delivery of the entire day. moeen ali was next to go. his torrid tour continues. he was out for just 11 to go. his torrid tour continues. he was out forjust 11 and england's hopes were over once david malan had departed after another impressive half—century. the ashes were secured with the final wicket, chris woakes out, caught behind off the bowling of pat cummins. that starts in celebration amongst the australian players. they have outplayed england in every facet of this series. england have had their moments, but have not been able to string them together into a match—winning performance. it was a disappointed captainjoe performance. it was a disappointed captain joe root that spoke to the media. it's bitterly disappointing. 0ne media. it's bitterly disappointing. one of the most frustrating things is that we haven't been blown away. we have not been completely outplayed. we put up some really
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good performances, just not for long enough. simple as that. in all three games, there were periods where we have matched and outplayed australia. but credit to their side, they grasped the key moments in the game and drove them home. we have to learn from that and make sure in these last two games, it is us that does it. a disappointing day for england, but australia can celebrate a competitive series victory as their bowlers have had more pace. their batsmen have been more durable, especially their captain, steve smith, who not surprisingly was delighted when he spoke to us afterwards. it's been an amazing couple of weeks. i have enjoyed every moment. we have put in so much ha rd every moment. we have put in so much hard work, the preparation and everything that has come with this series has been huge. to know that everything has worked out and we
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have been able to get that urn back, all the emotions came out at once. i am so all the emotions came out at once. i am so pleased for the group. and all the support staff and everyone who has put in the work to get the success has put in the work to get the su ccess we has put in the work to get the success we have had in the last couple of weeks. so where now for england? couple of weeks. so where now for england 7 they couple of weeks. so where now for england? they head to melbourne for the boxing day test. they have a few days to contemplate what has been a hugely disappointing performance here in perth. there is talk now of a potential 5—0 whitewash. can they avoid that? it will be a difficult final two matches forjoe root and his team. so let's have a look at some of the reasons behind why england perhaps lost the third decisive ashes test and with it the urn. we will hear the thoughts of the former england captain michael vaughan ina the former england captain michael vaughan in a few minutes. let's start by looking at the bowling and
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batting stats. that is where the problems were, particularly when it comes to england's seniors players. this is looking at the batting scores for both alastair cook and joe root. between them, they scored 256 runs where steve smith, the australian captain, scored a26 runs alone. and he only batted in four innings, whereas cook and root batted six each. if we look at england's bowling stats as well, lots of questions being asked about the front line bowlers. stuart broad and moeen ali, only eight which is between them. compare that to the australian bowler nathan lyon, who took 15 wickets on his own. big questions are being asked and michael vaughan says the core of england's team just have not turned up england's team just have not turned up in this series. england don't have a high quality spinner. if you look at the rockies in the batting department, they have stood up. it has been disappointing to see the senior core of the team, if you look at alastair cook, he has not found
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any kind of form. joe root, moeen ali, stuart broad, only one of them has fallen a kind of —— found any kind of form. one front man player who has been missing for the whole series is of course ben stokes. he was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm after an incident outside a nightclub in bristol in september. he was released without charge, but there are still an investigation ongoing and the ecb has said he will not be considered for selection while that investigation is ongoing. michael vaughan says he has really been missed this ashes series. bats, balls, in the field, england are very quiet. they don't have that natural character to generate the buzz and energy required in the field. ben stokes would do that. so he isa field. ben stokes would do that. so he is a massive loss, but i still don't think he would have changed the course of the result. we are
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well on the way to a 5—0 whitewash, but with ben stokes on the team, it would not have been that. let's look at some of the social media reaction to australia's victory. we start with kevin pietersen, the former england batsman. he is calling for joe root to mix things up in the next two tests. and here is the reaction from darren lehmann, the australia coach. but michael vaughan says england need to make a change if they are to remain competitive. says england need to make a change if they are to remain competitivelj look if they are to remain competitive.” look at moeen ali on the side and i think at the minute, he would not get in as a batsman in these conditions, and he certainly doesn't get in as a bowler, so you have to bring a spinner. tom curran played
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well in the warm up game last week. and with stuart broad's lack of form, you have to look to someone different. if i werejoe root, i would look for those two games in melbourne and sydney and try and go for a little difference. what he was gone within brisbane and adelaide have not worked, so he might as well use these tests to try and blood a couple of players. michael vaughan's thoughts on england's loss of the ashes. also coming up in the programme... the premier league's bottom club swansea city prepare to take on everton, with paul clement's side desperate for a win. and we talk to the volunteer denise larrad, who took home the bbc get inspired unsung hero award. celtic‘s record—breaking 69 domestic game unbeaten run came to an end yesterday with a a—0 loss to hearts at tynecastle. the run included 60 wins, nine draws, 38 clean sheets and 197 goals.
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celtic captain scott brown says it was one of the proudest moments of his life to captain celtic into the history books. kheredine idessane — bbc scotland sports reporter, has more. ceremonial duties this afternoon for the club captain, as celtic extended their retail empire. but they couldn't extend their long unbeaten streak. hearts made sure of that in quite some style. celtic nonetheless left with a new british football record, 69 domestic matches in a row without defeat. it is one of the proudest achievements i have had in my career. it is an honour to be captain of this club, and to do it with 69 undefeated is exceptional. and a place in history. but history is meant to be rewritten. celtic
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we re is meant to be rewritten. celtic were bound to lose at some point. what was perhaps not expected was conceding four goals to hearts for the first time in over half a century. so is the result is just a blip, or do celtic have second season syndrome? brendan rodgers' men only drew four matches in his first term, losing none and only dropping eight points. by december the 70s this season, however, celtic have already drawn five matches, finally lost a domestic game and have shipped 13 points. we have a proper race now? i still expect celtic to win the league, but 100% there is still a title race on at there is still a title race on at the moment. credit to the teams who are within touching distance at this stage. with the huge accolades for celtic, you also have to give accolades to the team is mike or maintaining the gap so it is not too big. teenagers like 16-year-old harry cochran helped put an end to some impressive celtic statistics.
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at the end, together in defeat, as they had been in victory, celtic invincible in scotland no more, but history makers all the same. there is one game in the premier league this evening. bottom of the table swansea visit everton this evening. since the arrival of sam allardyce to goodison park, everton have had something of a revival — they have won their last three home games. 0n the other side of the dugout, there is increasing pressure on swansea's manager paul clement. swansea have lost their last five away matches, but are unbeaten on their last three visits to goodison park. clement says it's important to stay in touch with the other teams around them. we need to try and get some valuable points in the next two games,
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starting with everton and then an important game against crystal palace at home. stay in touch, don't get set adrift. that will help with confidence. we know we need to play better as a group. then we are getting close to january and hopefully, we can do a couple of things that will help us. crystal palace's jason puncheon has been charged with carrying a weapon after a fight near a surrey nightclub at the weekend. the midfielder was arrested in the early hours of sunday morning after the disturbance near a bar in reigate and later charged with possession of an offensive weapon, common assault, and a public order offence. he's been released on bail and is training with the club as normal. it was a night of surprises and technical glitches at the liverpool echo arena for this year's sports personality of the year awards. mo farah took home the main prize. he missed out on the award after winning double 0lympic golds in 2012 and 2016 — now he says he "can't stop staring at the trophy". he won the 10,000
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metres at this year's london world athletics championships but had to settle for silver in the 5,000. joe wilson looks back at the night's event. the world superbike champion arriving in liverpool. jonathan ray had the best entrants. the toughest question was for the champions artist chris broome. how did he explain testing above the allowed threshold for a asthma drug?” explain testing above the allowed threshold for a asthma drug? i am an asthmatic. i have been since i was child. i use a puff to manage my asthma. but i have never taken more puffs than i am allowed. so this really is a horrible situation. this man was the overwhelming bookies' favourite to win sports personality. anthonyjoshua stood favourite to win sports personality. anthony joshua stood on favourite to win sports personality. anthonyjoshua stood on the red carpet among so many other famous sportsmen and women as the reigning world heavyweight champion. but remember, this award is to acknowledge sports person who most ca ptu res acknowledge sports person who most captures the public imagination. mo farah was with his children in
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london, trying to do interview before the row began. then hussein thought sunday evening was family time. we knewjonnie peacock was third, jonathan ray second. now kenny dalglish revealed the winner. stand mo farah. meet? really? now with just his eldest daughter alongside him, mo farah's reaction was wonderfully sweet, but sadly short. the line to london was lost. in 2017, mo farah was britain's outstanding individual athlete again, world champion again. but when technology allowed, he said he had expected to miss out at sports personality again. you compare yourself with other athletes and you are like, yeah, could finish in the top three. i didn't imagine i was going to win. i came so close in 2012. but i guess anything can
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happen. anything can happen was the story of the night. volunteer denise larrad took home the bbc get inspired unsung hero award for her efforts to get the people of hinckley in leicestershire active. despite working night shifts in a warehouse, she finds time to help lead walking, orienteering, running and general fitness classes for children, families and the elderly. holly hamilton spoke to her earlier. i had got no idea that i was going to win. i had nothing prepared and i was walking up to the stage thinking oh, my god, what am was walking up to the stage thinking oh, my god, whatam i going to was walking up to the stage thinking oh, my god, what am i going to say? well, you did an amazing job. your speech was really inspiring. how did it feel going up on that stage in front of all those people?” it feel going up on that stage in front of all those people? i had to try not to think about it. clare balding was really good. she was whispering in my ear and saying, look at all these people on their feet, they are rooting for you. and
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her talking to me in that soft voice calmed me down. what motivates you and makes you want to get others involved? i just and makes you want to get others involved? ijust want and makes you want to get others involved? i just want to keep and makes you want to get others involved? ijust want to keep people moving. i was nominated to carry the 0lympic moving. i was nominated to carry the olympic torch, and from that moment i decided that the people of hinkley we re i decided that the people of hinkley were going to be moving more and i was going to make sure that happened. but what drives you? you said in your speech last night about the implications of not being active. it is really important. people don't realise how important it is. they don't realise what damage there are going to their health by not being active. as i said last month, it is worse for you than smoking. you really need to get out and do something, even if it's just walking, running, whatever you are comfortable with. there is some sport that will suit you. just join in. what are some of the excuses you
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hear? can't run, got bad news, bad ankles, can't do this, can't do that. but if you give it a go and go with a group like mine, you will find that the pace is easier because you are with a group. if you go on your own, you go too fast. if you walk with other people, you are walking at a different pace to what you would walk out by yourself. just having somebody there to talk to, the time goes so quickly, you don't notice that you have done the exercise. before you know it, five kilometres have gone and you have just chatted for half an hour. finally, french sailor francois gabart has smashed the record for sailing around the world alone, circumnavigating the planet in just a2 days and 16 hours. that's more than six days faster than the last record, set by fellow frenchman thomas coville last year. the organisers, tracking hisjourney by satellite, tweeted that 3a—year—old gabart had reached the finish line near 0uessant island off france's western coast on his trimaran, called "macif". maybe he was sailing home that fast
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to be home in time for christmas. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. more now on the train which has derailed from a bridge onto a busy road in the us state of washington. earlier, ed troyer from the local sheriff's department says there have been multiple fatalities. at 7.a0 this morning, the train derailed. multiple agencies are responding. when we got to the scene, it was obvious that there were some fatalities and a lot of injuries. some people were able to get off the train. multiple cars and trucks were struck and went down onto the road.
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the people who were in the vehicles, even when you see all the pictures, it is pretty horrific. at this point, the fatalities are contained to the train. there are still working on the numbers. let's speak to peter bowes, who is following the story from los angeles. a horrific situation. bring us up—to—date with what we know? a horrific situation. bring us up-to-date with what we know? yes,


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