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tv   Review 2017  BBC News  December 28, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm GMT

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treacherous conditions across parts of the uk with subzero temperatures and hundreds spent the night at heathrow after flights were cancelled and delayed. united nations special envoy to syria says he fears are mostly rebel held areas of damascus are being used as bargaining chips. at least a0 people have been killed and more than 30 others having injured in an area of afghanistan. it happened in the cultural centre west of cannibal. spokesman of the government said a suicide bomb was followed by other areas. we were back with more stories at three o'clock. and sir bruce forsyth, so roger moore and john brooks, just a few of those who left us brooks, just a few of those who left us this year. and whose lives are celebrated in a review of 2017. we remember... ! wrgtg’gb'ggtsghgglg
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the people, if not now, they'll soon be in love. # it's a jumping little record i want myjockey to play. # roll over beethoven, i got to hear it again today #. and you, monsieur, are the famous simon templar. but what about brother vincent? supposing he notices something he thinks clinton should know about. mr...? bond. james bond.
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is there time before we leave for lesson number three? absolutely. there's no sense in going off half—cocked. stir in some crushed ice, shake, strain and pour. top it off with one olive. two. did you say something? i said two. you were perfect up until the olives. two olives. that way you see they can gently bounce up against each other. i'm afraid the spectacle of two olives gently bouncing up against each other is a pleasure i shall forego. oh, you don't want to bust up a pair. we played it tongue in cheek, as i play most heroes. i really don't see myself as a hero, although i play them. so i'd play it as if it is all a joke. a house with a door. one, two, three, four. great big curtain rings, they must
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have come out of a giant's house. i know what we can do with these. i will be an owl. hee—haw! our aim, we were told, was to play one to one through the camera. # up and down with your brush. and it works, that is why people remember it — because it was as if we were talking only to them. it's windy miller. hello, windy. peel, pugh, barney mcgrew, cuthbert, dibble, grubb. mrjohn noakes! i'm sure this does me good. 0h, get off my foot. well, our animals are going to be happy, they will be going away on holiday too, they're going to spend it in the country.
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but lulu won't be there. at this level, the plinth on which nelson stands overhangs the column. i found myself literally hanging from the ladder with nothing beneath me. once i had reached the top of the column the worst part began, i had to go down again, in a bosun‘s chair. are you coming down tojoin me? yes, i'm coming down. do you feel all right? yes, i feel good. no shep, don't bite him. he's a nice fella. get down shep, keep still, boy. do as you're told. come here. get down, shep, behave yourself or i'll cuff you around the ear. # john could never be alone, no matter where he went. # because shep would have a sniff around and soon pick up the scent. byjove, i've just jumped out of this aeroplane and 50,000 feet and get down shep!
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i'm upside down! hello, welcome to a special bank holiday edition of cheggers plays pop. how long did it take you to record the album. between two and three years. that's a long time. do you have any ideas of what you would like to swap it for? i'm back again. 1a years at the bbc. swapshop, cheggers plays pop, all sorts. i happened to miss a bus one christmas evening and went into a london store and saw this toy bear on the counter, nobody had bought it, it was the only one left, i took it home to my wife, we lived near paddington so we decided to call it paddington. one day i was sitting with a blank sheet of paper and a typewriter and started to write a story
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about it and i became a book. mr and mrs brown first met paddington on a railway station which is how he came to have such an unusual name for a bear. based on my father, very polite man, always wore a hat and paddington has a lot of him in him. good afternoon, he said, can i help you? there's parsley. sometimes mr 0nion lets him ring the school bell. hello, parsley! # london, a lovely city. # you can go to france or america. # india, asia, australia # you're gonna come back to london city. gonna come back to london city. # london is the place for me. i think there was a sort
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of reticence and nervousness that the women might take over altogether. we might not present an acceptable face of cricket and i actually cried as i walked out onto the pitch. it was the most incredible feeling. rachel flynt, what a good piece of fielding but not good running between the wickets, though. advantage miss graf. 0vercome with the emotion of it all. she just told me "jana, you will do it, i believe one day you will do it." she's done it! scores read out.
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after our last programme, the editor of final score came with a box and when he opened it and pulled out this trophy, i thought that's absolutely made my day because that is something that i have always thought, having watched the sports personality of the year, i would love to have something like that as a souvenir of my career. grandstand theme. batman theme. it was a two—piece but it was itchy and someone had to zip up the back. i had to fumble for a long time
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to get out of the suit. if i wanted to go to the bathroom, somebody had to be there. what now! 0ur parents were slaughtered with the others. that is why, that is why we tried to kill. that is why, that is why! we need a team. paul, you'll assess material damage. helena, medical. victor, scientific. lori, security. and put eagle 1 on the pad for me. sandra, communication system wide open. any response, relay it through to us. conor, you take over. english girls abroad with appealing
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shoulders and flowery dresses. like wallpaper on the march. that's all right too, not bad. not bad, nice face, nice figure. good teeth too. what's the matter with you. you two, where are you taking them tonight, smithfield market? are you happy, i mean really really happy happy? fantastically happy. iam. i know it's silly but sometimes it worries me, i'm so happy. i keep expecting something to come along and spoil it. daft thing, what could possibly do that.
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it happens sometimes in an actor's life, if you are very very lucky that something special turns up. ready steady go. and when i read last of the summer wine i thought, this is it. yes, this is it, this is it, you can see tollgate church. i'm sorry, gromit, the fact is i am just crackers about cheeses. # although i cry. # ain't that a shame? # ifound my thrill.
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# 0n blueberry hill. # 0n blueberry hill, when i found you. new guinea, newjersey, new york, new zealand, where do you want to go, chuck? new brighton. i therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife. well go on, kiss me. look what i've got! hey, i've got a match for my dog,
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we saw it in this antiques shop window on nightingale street. where are you going, jack. to see a man about a thing. i wouldn't have done that it was an emergency. i've bought my own flaming dog. calm down vera love. a8 quid. that miserable so—and—so only gave me 25. i've never loved anybody else. come on, say you've never loved anybody else. i've never loved anybody else, shall i go and get your slippers? please. i wish that at that time i had been older, so that i would have been able to have answered or spoke up for myself. you move like a racehorse. you walk like a derby winner. you must let me help you.
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introduce you to some friends of mine, some photographers, film people, television people. i could do wonders with you, little baby. lam homosexual, irretrievably. why did you come here looking as you do. well... many people said don't do that, you'll never work again and i said it is not about homosexuality, it is about the tenderness of the individual as opposed to the cruelty of the crowd. we did so well, but... a beautiful woman. you are my future selves? yes. am i having a midlife crisis? why are you pointing screwdrivers like that? they're scientific instruments, not water pistols. welcome aboard, delighted you could join us. captain strike at your service.
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how do you do, i'm the doctor, and this is tegan. doctor who theme plays # but where do you go to, my lovely # when you're alone in your bed # 0h, won't you tell me the thoughts # that surround you # i want to look inside your head, # yes, i do # your name, it is heard in high places # you know the aga khan # and he sent you a racehorse for christmas # and you keep itjust forfun # for a laugh
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# hah, hah, hah # and they say that if you get married # it'll be to a millionaire # but they don't realise where you came from # and i wonder if they really cared #. # you're a lady # i'm a man # you're supposed to understand # we are family # i've got all my sisters with me # we are family # get up everybody and sing #. # my blood runs cold # my memory hasjust been sold # my angel is a centrefold # angel is a centrefold #. # you don't come around here no more
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# whatever you're looking for # i'm free, i'm free falling #. # you can sit around and wait for the phone to ring # waiting for someone to tell you everything # at the end of the line #. i hold you responsible for biggins, james, it is this ragbag of fugitives from the debtors prison that should concern us. i remember a day when we did a lambing sequence through the night in the ice cold of winter, deep snow, endless frost. we few, we happy few! we band of brothers.
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but the removal of those grievances ought to precede the disarmament of the victims. music: reelin‘ in the years by steely dan. for such backbenchers, it's the curse of coalition politics, but the government is putting it down to the reality of an ageing and needful population. we've been shown that register and it suggests that far from lessening, the threat is greater now than at any time for the last ten years.
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the flood of allegations aboutjimmy savile‘s behaviour is now engulfing many of the institutions he was involved with. i think the decision to drop our story was a breach of our duty to the women who trusted us to reveal thatjimmy savile was a paedophile. # some walk by night # some fly by day # nothing could change you # said i'm sure of the way #. # there is the sun and moon # facing their own sweet tune # watch them when dawn is due # sharing one space # we'll walk by night, babe
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# we'll fly by day # moonlighting strangers # who just met on the way #. now in the movie industry, of course, hype is good news if the film lives up to it, very bad news of it doesn't. a morally uplifting parable about faith and redemption and how naive innocence can be mistaken for wisdom begins to unfold. now it's ok, now you can let the tears flow. i probably shed a couple myself as per the very last time i bow myself out to the accompaniment of billy taylor and the best theme tune on television. film programme theme plays and more next week. goodnight. music: jessica by the allman brothers.
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hot favourite after wins in 1958 and ‘59, john surtees, number three. on his way to win his sixth tt and his third successive senior tt. i don't set out with definite ambitions, i just try and do my best whatever i do. in his ferrari, john surtees, number seven, going like a bomb, leading the ten cars, still in the race. # i think i love you, so what am i so afraid of #. when 20, 30, a0, 50,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs,
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"i love you," it's so overwhelming! # i'm just a daydreamer # walking in the rain... you just didn't expect to meet him personally. hi there. screaming to be honest with you, i've been touring for about three, three and a half years, and i am really tired. # ifeel like i've never known a time before... # just knowing that your door is always open # and your path is free to walk... good evening, ladies and gentlemen, i am glenn campbell. i don't remember not having a guitar or a musical instrument in my hand, and my dad bought a guitar for $5.95, you know. # i love you...
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i found out real quick that it was lighter than pulling a cotton sack or ploughing. # i'm going to be where the lights are shining on me # like a rhinestone cowboy # riding out on a horse in a star—spangled rodeo... # i am a lineman for the county # and i drive the main road # i am a lineman for the county and what... drive... # drive the main roads. # yeah, looking in the sun for another overload. # i hearyou wire, i hear you ringing through the wire... oh, boy. that is just a — what a great song. # and the wichita lineman is still on the line...
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music: wichita lineman by glen campbell. # when i look at you # my heart goes shooby doo you have 55 seconds to beat the clock...starting from now. # life is the name of the game # and i want to play the game with you... nice to see you, to see you... nice! have a twirl, darling. a gallon of scotch. a cuddly toy. didn't he do well,
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didn't she do well! tony blair insists that weapons of mass destruction will eventually be found in iraq. well, it would be nice to see them, to see them... nice! announcer: live from london, this is strictly come dancing. please welcome your hosts... bruce forsyth! # in other words, please be true # in other words... # in other words, i love you # fly me to the moon. applause. thank you.
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hello there. we have an area of rain, sleet and snow moving into tonight and first thing tomorrow but enjoy the sunshine this up and if you hand because it has been glorious albeit very cold. temperatures will fall away quickly this evening and overnight with the widespread blue colours, minus temperatures across the board, some freezing mist and fog but changes in the south and west with this weather system moving in with wind and rain but it will then turn into snow. initially in northern ireland and wales and northern england and southern scotla nd northern england and southern scotland and that will be persistent and heavy in the early hours of friday. so much so that the met office have issued an amber warning 01’ office have issued an amber warning ora office have issued an amber warning or a small area of the south pennines, around the peak district where there could be up to 15
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centimetres of snow. it is likely to settle in lower levels in southern scotland, northern england and the midlands and parts of wales on friday morning. in the south it will be mostly rain, some sleet and wet snow for a time. and ice will be a hazard because the rain will be falling on frozen surfaces after a cold night. this heavy snow will ease through the morning and by lunchtime most of it will have cleared but leaving treacherous conditions so take care if you're going out. windy weather with gales in the south but sunshine and showers to follow, a bit milder in southern areas, but still cold in northern england and parts of scotla nd northern england and parts of scotland with further snow particularly in the hills. the low pressure m oves particularly in the hills. the low pressure moves away and heading into friday night and saturday it looks like some more low—pressure moving in. most of the rainbow that cleared overnight and on saturday it is sunshine and showers again, very
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windy, maybe some gales in the south but from a warm direction and feeling mild. a little less cold further north but still some wintry showers in the high ground. new year's eve, mild in the south, less cold across the north, some showers in the north and west with some sunshine around but quite a bit of cloud. and for midnight, many places in the centre and east will be dry and chile under clear skies, most of the showers will be in the north and west with the odd heavy one, maybe wintry in the higher ground. in western areas you might have to take out a waterproof but otherwise it should be bright. keep looking at the weather forecast about the snow tonight. this is bbc news. the headlines at 3pm... ice and sub—zero temperatures cause treacherous driving conditions as the coldest night of the year is predicted tonight, with further snow to follow. hundreds spend the night at stansted airport after flights
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were cancelled or delayed. used as "bargaining chips" — the un's special envoy to syria speaks out about the children who desperately need to leave a rebel—held area of damascus. a0 people are dead and many others are wounded in kabul. the islamic state group says it was behind the attack. also — a record breaking day for alastair cook in melbourne. he makes a double century and his highest ever score against australia in the fourth ashes test.
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