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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 28, 2017 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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came into the this was it all came into the limelight. after the mp scandal. the tories had a majority then. nothing could have stopped them from doing the boundaries, finishing it off. and they didn't. because it would have been counterbalanced at that stage by introducing the proportional voting system which they were not keen on. there is that element to it. let's look at the i. facebook and twitter warned over inquiry into fake news. not being very forthcoming with the information required of them. it's astonishing that they have been asked to hand over similar information in the us. eventually they did handover to congress huge amounts of data. they are effectively snowballing and ignoring the parliamentary committee here. now they are being threatened with sanctions, not specified what exactly sanctions will be. but it is
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going to be perhaps targeting the revenue, the advertising, and it could really hurt. the suggestion is that russian misinformation, as it's described, was allowed on these sites. they've had a very bad christmas, the social media companies. i mean yesterday they got a bit ofa companies. i mean yesterday they got a bit of a battering from a former president, obama, in this conversation with prince harry. and today they are getting a bit of a battering from mr damian collins, the chairman of the select committee, that is looking into all this. i mean, for me, they are the victims of their own success, you can argue. they haven't been very forthcoming and they haven't been very helpful to a committee. as deena has just very helpful to a committee. as deena hasjust said, what very helpful to a committee. as deena has just said, what a select
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committee in the house of commons can do about all of this, they have no direct powers. yes, they're advertising could be affected. it remains to be seen whether that can and will actually happen. the financial times, eu set for new test of popular sport of italy gears up for election in march. march four, this is. another and establishment party is doing extremely well. indeed, this is called 5—star. it was formed by a comedian in the past and is now doing rather well. but italy is heading for, yes, as you say, a general election. an unpredictable outcome, everybody says. a hung parliament is the likeliest outcome. then we'll be back to the good old days of italian politics, when it was instability. the most extraordinary thing about this story in the financial times is thaticy
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this story in the financial times is that icy a name, silvio berlusconi. he of the bongo bongo land two is. on another comeback. how old is mr berlusconi now? god only knows. this particular party is antiestablishment in a different way, not anti—immigration, just antiestablishment and environmentally, a bunch of environmentally, a bunch of environmental activists. it isn't similarto ukip. environmental activists. it isn't similar to ukip. it isn't bad news for the eu. any instability is bad for the eu. any instability is bad for you. silvio berlusconi is 81. he doesn't look it i don't know why. you might say that, i couldn't possibly comment. a little help... the daily mirror is where we will go next. it has launched a campaign to
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axe hospital parking tax on the sick. at times these are extremely expensive parking charges. that people have to pay if they want to go as patients or visitors. — it isn't the mirror that has launched the campaign, it was mr corbyn who initially proposed it in may of this year when he called it a tax on serious illness. he would fund it by raising insurance tax on private health care. some of these nurses and health care practitioners pay up to £100 a month in parking. leading to... causing some nurses to rush out between shifts to change their parking lot so they wouldn't be fined. plus of course families of the sick. i would like to hear
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somebody justify the level the sick. i would like to hear somebodyjustify the level of the sick. i would like to hear somebody justify the level of these charges. because whatever they were when they started, they have reached ridiculous levels in certain parts of the country, dare i say it, in my own neck of the woods, in the west midlands, there are people who go for cancer treatment that can last all day who are paying fortunes to park the car or the family car in these car parks. the nhs is supposed to be free at the point that you receive it. staying with the daily mirror, —13 celsius. big freeze. snow chaos. coldest night. this is the problem, the next morning of the ice which is so treacherous it's easy to be critical sitting here in a nice one television studio. despite the fantastic efforts of the gritters, and i here we have more these days than we've ever had before, and others, how we cope with
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the winter weather in this country is, frankly, not our greatest achievement, because year after year we go through all of this and we have all the why can't we do better? by have all the why can't we do better? by the way we can't afford it. it doesn't happen so often. the reality is, hundreds of people in 2017, 2018, stranded at an airport overnight. some old, some young. is it acceptable. isn't it because we don't have enough of it often enough to be geared up for it? in a place like... we don't give it a priority. we don't. we should do. the gritters have done a fantasticjob, worked really ha rd. for have done a fantasticjob, worked really hard. for those of us stuck forfour and really hard. for those of us stuck forfourand a really hard. for those of us stuck for four and a half really hard. for those of us stuck forfour and a half hours really hard. for those of us stuck for four and a half hours yesterday as an airport in europe, we may be worked up about this at the moment. but honestly we come back and we see all those lorries on the a14, not
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some minor road, the a14. clearly not gritted in television pictures. how is that defensible? i've never seen you so how is that defensible? i've never seen you so vexed! is spent six hours in the airport. i thought that would have taken the wind out of your sails but no. to the telegraph. asked doctor google before your gp. that's what i was going to say. not a month ago i was reading the exact opposite, that you would be told off by the gp if you go in and know what is wrong with you. now you're told please stay at home at all costs unless it's really serious, then the la st unless it's really serious, then the last resort is to see a gp. it's very strange. it tells you how stretched they are. seek help from a reputable, reputable online service.
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some of us know when we go online with some little injury or whatever, i had one not so many months ago, i can still remember going online and being bamboozled by this good advice, bad advice, middle advice. what is it? i think they mean you should go on the nhs website.|j think they probably do but then you could be guilty of something called to two where you go online and think, i've got that and that and you think you are more ill than you are. then they should call 111. they don't want you doing that either do they? unless you live where i live in the west midlands and you have the greatest pharmacist in the whole world. she advises me and tells me what to do. i get on and do it. they can often help you. straying into
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dangerous territory, talking about cricket. before we came... dina said she didn't really get it, we were trying to explain the rudiments of the game. on the front of the times we have alastair cook rising from the ashes. what has he done? at last? he's scored the highest, made the highest score over 200 runs, 200441 think. not the highest score over 200 runs, 20044i think. not out. the highest score over 200 runs, 200441 think. not out. still the highest score over 200 runs, 20044i think. not out. still to go in this morning as well. the highest score by a non—australian batsmen in a test match at the mcg, the melbourne cricket ground. i'm not long back from australia where i categorically failed to inspire the england team in the perth test match to great heights. the body language of the england team and, dare i say it come off alastair cook in that match, was awful. it's so wonderful
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to see him do this today. and my instinct is he will retire pretty soon. instinct is he will retire pretty soon. maybe even at the end of this series. he will go down as one of the great english test batsmen, no question. why did it take until now? they've lost the ashes, they are trying to stop the whitewash. they needed this three weeks ago. trying to stop the whitewash. they needed this three weeks agom trying to stop the whitewash. they needed this three weeks ago. if you have the answer to this you wouldn't be coaching the england cricket team. why is it called a double century? 100 runs is a century, he got 244, so he got a double century plus. if you'd got to 300, it would bea plus. if you'd got to 300, it would be a triple century, have we piqued your interest? indeed. i'm going to go back and do some research and start watching it. we'll practice. sta rt start watching it. we'll practice. start at 3:30am. if anybody has a bat and ball we could have a go in
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the corridor. there is a nice long corridor, we can try. that is it the papers, if you come back with black eyes, you'll know we didn't manage to hit the ball much. cyberchondria and david will be back at 11:30pm for a second look at the papers because it is christmas. —— dina and david will be back. great evening, snow and ice has already caused problems this week. and there is more to come. the met office has issued an amber warning for snow, particularly across parts of northern england. other areas will see some of the white stuff as well because things have already turned very cold out there. a widespread, harsh frost, the odd folk patch, then out from the west we see folk patch, then out from the west we see this band of rain sliding in. wales, the midlands coming to north west england as well. during
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tomorrow morning, bear in mind there could be travel disruption, some pretty mucky weather out there. the northern ireland a mixture of rain, sleet and snow and potentially icy stretches. icy stretches across northern scotland. for southern scotla nd northern scotland. for southern scotland into northern england that is where we will see snow, even at low levels we are likely to see some snowfall. we could see up to 15 centimetres of snow for the amber warning. even where we see rain towards the south—east it'll fall on cold surfaces, giving icy stretches into places. going through the day rain, sleet and snow will move north into scotland. tending to fizzle away as it goes. things will brighten up through the day, a scattering of showers. windy wherever you are. to the south—west, 10 degrees in newcastle, cold air holding an proven. as i move through friday night into saturday, another frontal system moves in from the atlantic. still mostly of high
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ground at this stage. further south, brighter skies, rain flirting with the far south of england, in the channel islands. they range of temperatures as well, four in north—east scotland, 13th in the south of england and south wales. what areas of wet weather at times. spells of sunshine, too. that mild feel in the south, chile in the north. if you are celebrating at midnight it looks largely dry. dry spells around, one or two showers. temperatures on the face of it don't look particularly low but there will bea look particularly low but there will be a strong breeze so it might make it feel a little chilly. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall.
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the headlines at 11: a suicide bombing in the afghan capital, kabul, has killed at least 40 people. so—called islamic state say they were behind the attack. this is the building where the explosion happened and you can see the building has been almost completely destroyed. more than 80 people were injured. there were women and children among the casualties. weather experts say they're expecting further disruption in many parts of the uk because of ice and heavy snow tonight. detectives investigating the murder of a 22—year—old woman found dead in a north london park, say she was stabbed and suffered a head injury. also this hour — finding mariusz.
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