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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 29, 2017 11:00am-11:31am GMT

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this is bbc news, the headlines at 11. warnings of delays to road, rail and air travel and possible power cuts as snow and ice affects parts of northern england and scotland. glasgow airport reopens after snow caused it to suspend all flights. it's advising passengers to check with their airlines. at least 12 people are dead — including a baby — after a fire at an apartment block in new york's bronx district. apple apologises for deliberately slowing down ageing iphones — it says the move was intended to prolong the life of the phones. also: easing the impact of excessive drinking on busy accident and emergency units. the nhs considers making mobile "drunk tanks" a permanent feature across england. and the travel show heads off to two very different corners of india. that's in half an hour, here on bbc news. good morning and
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welcome to bbc news. snow and ice are causing more disruption in parts of the uk today. the a yellow warning is in place for snow and ice in parts of northern england, the north midlands and scotland throughout the day. the met office says delays to road, rail and air travel are "likely" and is warning of possible power cuts. glasgow airport says operations have restarted after being temporarily suspended earlier. snow can look so pretty sometimes between all the chaos can cause.
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flights were temporarily suspended at glasgow airport after heavy snowfall overnight. things are operational again and they have apologised for any disruption and the advice is to check with your airline for updates. snowfall of five centimetres to ten centimetres as expected in parts of northern england with love to 15 centimetres possible over higher ground and subzero temperatures have been recorded overnight with those of minister of degrees celsius in northern scotland. we have been bracing themselves in leeds when the gutters have been scattered insult to try and stop accidents on the ice. —— scattering salt. to try and stop accidents on the ice. -- scattering salt. if you are in one of those severe weather regions considered whether your journey is necessary. if you have to go out then proceed with caution, reduce your speed, keep a good grip of the steering wheel and drive very steadily and do not break on accelerate sharply and be aware of
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those black ice out there as well as snow and floodwater. the met office said delays too good, rail and air travel will likely and warned of possible power cuts. a fire has swept through an apartment building in new york — killing at least twelve people — including a one—year—old baby. the emergency services said at least 15 people were also injured — some of them critically. jon ironmonger reports. it is new york's deadliest blaze for decades. fire broke out on the first floor of the 5—storey apartment building and spread rapidly, sparking panic among residents in a busy corner of the bronx district. fire crews arrived at the scene within three minutes, but it was too late for many of the residents. those who managed to escape described the chaos as people rushed to flee the smoke. the fire truck wasn't even here yet when all the smoke and stuff was coming out at first. they weren't even here yet.
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they started to get everybody out but people were on the fire escape already, trying to get down on their own, that is how fast it was moving. at least 12 people were rescued from the building as firefighters plucked residents from this fire escape. outside in the bitter cold, locals huddled under blankets. speaking after the fire had been brought under control, new york mayor bill de blasio called it an unspeakable tragedy. in the middle of the holiday season is a time when families are together. tonight here in the bronx there are families that have been torn apart. this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter of a century, based on the information we have now. this will rank as one of the worst losses of life to a fire in many, many years. the fire department said it was too early to comment on the cause of the blaze and the search of the building is continuing,
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while the mayor has warned the death toll could rise further. earlier i spoke to cbs correspondentjohn schiumo who was in the the bronx — he told me the city was in shock. fire marshalls are still trying to find out what caused this blaze. it started just after 7 last night near in the bronx in new york city, just a short walk from the famous bronx zoo. the fire started on the first floor. quickly spread throughout the building and firefighters responded within three minutes and as you mentioned 12 people were killed. four critically injured. among the dead three children and one infant. the cause again still unknown, but typically here in new york city cold weather, the fire department goes through great outreach effort to educate new yorkers about not trying to stay warm by using candles or space heaters and overloading power strips in the process. it is dangerous and it
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is one of possible, possible causes of the fire here in the bronx. fire marshals are investigating, still trying to figure out the exact cause. as you said, the fire spread rapidly and a number of residents did manage to get out though? yes, about 12 or 13 managed to escape relatively unharmed. complicating matters last night and again this morning is the bitter cold. single digits with the wind chill yesterday and the new york city officials who responded set up, there is a city bus here for residents who need to come in from the cold. the red cross came here quickly to help residents who were displaced by the fire. so all in all, a tragic scene here in the bronx yesterday and what new yorkers do in a time of tragedy is we come together and there have been people already stopping by this morning at this early hour asking
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if they can help. and the mayor of new york has been saying this is one of worst fires in the city's recent history? yes, that is correct. in fact the new york city fire department commissioner said it is of historic magnitude — the worst fire, there was the triangle shirt factory disaster many years ago, about 27 years ago, there was the happyland social club fire that killed 87 people, but this ranks up there. 12 fatalities is not the norm and certainly has left this city shaken this morning. police say a woman found murdered in north london had been stabbed and beaten. the body of iuliana tudos — who was 22 and from moscow — was discovered on wednesday in finsbury park, near her home. it's thought she might have been attacked on christmas eve. two men have been charged
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with terror offences by police investigating an alleged plot for an attack over christmas. farhad salah, from sheffield, and andi sami star, from chesterfield, have been charged with engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism and will appear via video link at westminster magistrates' court today. they were among four men arrested earlier in december. a huge fire at an office and restaurant complex in india's financial capital mumbai has killed at least 1a people and injured several others. the blaze at the kamala mills compound, is reported to have broken out in a restaurant and spread quickly. the complex housed a collection of derelict industrial buildings which had been transformed into a hub of upscale restaurants and offices. most of the victims are thought to be young women who were attending a birthday party. 29 people and abs need of medical
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assistance have been transferred to damascus. the united nations says nearly 500 people and abs need of medical care, 18 children and six women were among those taken out in the last few days. apple has apologised to its customers after it admitted slowing down older iphones in order to protect their batteries. the company said it would never intentionally shorten the life of any apple product and said it would offer replacement batteries at a discounted price. biotechnology correspondences and apology like this is unusual. apple isa apology like this is unusual. apple is a very self—confident company who
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do not normally apologise but they have at this time and say they know the fuel apple has let you down and we apologise. usually they say there's a good explanation. that is what they did a week ago when they we re what they did a week ago when they were forced to commit and say, yes were forced to commit and say, yes we are doing this, intentionally slowing down older iphones. but they say that as a good reason for it and the expand on it in this lengthy blog post, saying it is all about ageing batteries and managing the performance. because we know batteries give us less as we go on. funds have been shutting down i expected late due to the cold and they say the software update did that deliberately but it seems to have been more effective had a bigger effect because people have been complaining the phone has slowed down, not performing as it
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should. the suspicion was it was being done deliberately to make us buy newer models. that has always been the conspiracy theory about the adamant this is about managing older batteries but what they have never really publicised at the fact that you can get a new battery but it is pretty expensive, £79 to get a new battery and people just have not known about it. they are saying they are going to slash the price from $79. | are going to slash the price from $79. i presume the same will apply and pounds and this is a concession that your phone will not perform very well u nless that your phone will not perform very well unless you do get a new battery and that is part of the whole way we have changed the way we work with phones. we used to be able to ta ke work with phones. we used to be able to take the lead off the phone and swa p to take the lead off the phone and swap out the battery simply. the iphone changed all that and most other funds are now the same. everything they are justified in doing this, why are they apologising? maybe they have been
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provoked into this by the number of lawsuits in america and in israel by customers saying we have been mis—sold. you did not tell us about this will stop this thing happened a year ago, the software update and may have been lost in the fine print of the did not commit and say, hey everybody this is what we are doing. we have learned quite a lesson. the head of the nhs in england is considering making mobile alcohol recovery centres — known as drunk tanks — a permanent feature across england, to ease pressure on accident and emergency units and ambulance services. simon stevens said too many resources were being taken up by people who'd drunk too much alcohol ending up in hospital, particularly during the festive season. adina campbell reports. binge drinking at its worst — a big headache for police and a burden for the nhs. it is estimated up to 15% of attendances at emergency departments in the uk are alcohol—related. at this time of year that number
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is significantly more with as many as 70% of attendances at a&e because of drinking. the uk's first mobile drunk tank was introduced in bristol three years ago and there are have been others in manchester, cardiff and newcastle. a supervised area in a city centre, it offers those who have had too much to drink a chance to be checked over by medical staff and sleep off the alcohol. keeping them away from a and £ or a police cell. and now nhs england says it is considering routine use of the facility. we think that these facilities do have the potential to take the pressure off a&e departments. but we are interested in looking at them further and seeing the results over the winter before making a decision about rolling them out more widely. if there are patients that we can manage elsewhere, we find alternative services, and this is one
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potential possibility. nhs england says it is monitoring new year celebrations to see whether the scheme should be extended to other areas. and it will make a decision early next year. the anti—landmine programme launched by princess diana is to getting extra funding to expand de—mining operations across the world. the government announced it would match the two hundred thousand pounds raised in a bbc radio appeal to tackle, what was described as the "hidden, indiscriminate killer". the money is on top of the one hundred million pound programme announced earlier this year by prince harry. wyre davies reports. although nearly 30 countries where de—mining operations have taken place have now been declared mine—free, there are still millions of mines littering existing
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and former war zones across the globe. small plastic antipersonnel mines in particular kill or maim thousands of unsuspecting civilians every year, long after they were originally laid. in april, the department for international development made a three—year commitment worth £100 million to support de—mining programmes in parts of africa, south—east asia and the middle east. the programme was launched with the support of prince harry, whose late mother, princess diana, brought the issue to public attention in 1997, when she walked wearing body armour through a partially cleared mine field in angola. the international development secretary penny mordaunt has now announced plans to expand the uk's de—mining efforts to angola and has given a further £200,000 to the mines advisory group, which carries out this work. the funding matches the sum raised in a bbc appeal earlier this year. the headlines on bbc news: there are warnings of delays to road, rail and air travel and possible power cuts because of snow and ice. glasgow airport has now reopened —
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after snow caused it to suspend all flights. at least 12 people are dead — including a baby — after a fire at an apartment block in new york's bronx district. apple apologises for deliberately slowing down ageing iphones — it says the move was intended to prolong the life of the phones. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. england's chances of victory in the fourth ashes test were hampered by rain in melbourne overnight — australia were still 61 behind and two wickets down when the players came off for the second and final time. after the close however, the main talking point centered around pictures and insinuations in the australian media of a potential ball—tampering story involving james anderson. patrick gearey has the latest from the mcg. england denied by very english
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conditions here in melbourne. the only took two australian wickets before the rain came down, sher is turning to storms after 3pm and he got to more play. england will be consoled that they are the only side with a realistic chance of winning this test and therefore will avoid the dreaded 5—0 whitewash. the fastenings innings only lasted one ball before jimmy anderson fastenings innings only lasted one ball beforejimmy anderson was out. alastair cook not out, batted all the way through undefeated. the first welshman to do that for 20 yea rs first welshman to do that for 20 years and a deck of score for anyone any years and a deck of score for anyone a ny test years and a deck of score for anyone any test match. england took to australia wickets, cameron bancroft bold, and bushman kwajalein in spain. england bowling to david warner and steve smith, and the tactic was to dry up the runs which was effective
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but neither of them aware out so they will be there on the final day of play as the biggest obstacles to an england victory. there was one other line to emerge from the day ‘s play, both sides want about throwing the ball deliberately enter the pitch to scuff it up and generate reverse swing but some of play as the biggest obstacles to an england victory. there was one other line to emerge from the day ‘s play, both sides want about throwing the ball deliberately enter the pitch to scuff it up and generate reverse swing but some unease telemedia and more serious accusations against james anderson and his treatment of the ball. england refugees about his accusations and i asked the head coach what he thought. as soon as i saw the headlines i rushed into the umpire and the words was it was nothing to worry about. that is as much as i know. i am assured that beat up as a still uniform made up and this is an example of england bashing so one element of spice greater intriguing final day. everton manager sam alla rdyce admitted today that his club are in desperate need of a new striker — his comments come in the midst of stories linking the club
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with a host of names, including the turkish forward, chenk tosun of besiktas. allardyce refused to be drawn on names at his press conference before tomorow‘s match with bournemouth but says his side aren't as sharp as they need to be up front. we will be actively looking for a front man in this window because i need more goals. if we are to just maintain our position because we have started to struggle to create chances and scored goals and recent matches so it is still one of the major problems we have. novak djokovic says he is "terribly disappointed" to postpone his return to tennis on the advice of his medical team. the former world number was due to make his comeback in abu dhabi from the one hasn't played since he was forced to withdraw from his wimbledon quarter final
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against thomas berdych with an elbow injury. as you've probably seen from the weather forecast, snow, sleet and ice have hit the country this morning and the first sporting casualty is the racing at doncaster today which has been called off because of a heavy overnight frost and morning snow. that's all the sport for now. i'll have more in the next hour. the royal college of gps is asking patients to consider alternatives before making an appointment with their family doctor — such as consulting websites — to try to help ease the pressure on over—stretched surgeries. ben ando has the details. the season of goodwill can also be a time of bad health, and that means overcrowded surgeries, busy doctors, and a tough time for the nhs. now the royal college of gps is urging people to think twice
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and take three steps before booking a gp appointment. it wants patients to use the catchphrase "three before gp" meaning that in the first instance, they should try to manage their symptoms themselves. next, they should look at reputable websites such as nhs choices. failing that, the worried unwell should talk to pharmacists, who are better trained than many realise. ifjust 5% of people who wanted to book an appointment today could get self—help, see a pharmacist, sort themselves out by going online, actually, that would save 50,000 appointments for those who really need it. this is about using nhs resources in the best possible way, but also saving time for people as well. doctors' leaders say that for a population getting older, fatter and less healthy, there are not going to be enough doctors. they say that plans for a further 5,000 by 2021, are injeopardy. they urge the home office to add being a general practitioner to the list of those jobs
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which could qualify potential migrants for a fast—track entry into the uk. the royal college of gps says it thinks up to one quarter of doctor appointments could be avoided if patients were willing to take more responsibility and make a trip to the doctor a step of last resort rather than the first call they make. such as in scotland have saved the legs of a dog using a new technique to grow bones. when it not for the novel method of creating new bone. the treatment is a world first and the team from glasgow university are planned to try and human patients as well. that is now holding her back but last year eva's leg was broken
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any good accident. an entire lake was good to be amputated. she had been able to get out for ten months, other than wrote to the toilet. but to her owner's delight her dog was saved by an experimental bone growing technique. it is absolutely fantastic, so please to have a blog back and fit and healthy. the vet should media problem. the blood supply to the edge of the bones has failed so it was not able to see the break. the scientists quoted the dead areas with artificial bone and after just six weeks dead areas with artificial bone and afterjust six weeks it dead areas with artificial bone and after just six weeks it was com pletely after just six weeks it was completely mended. the artificial bone by was made at karlsruhe university. it consists of sterilised chips coated by bone cells and the chemicals that make them grow up like a fertiliser. you
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wa nt to them grow up like a fertiliser. you want to look at getting more dogs and cats who have had broken bones and cats who have had broken bones and other areas we can help these veterinary patients, things like joint fusion of a tendon injury so joints can be held together to walk properly. researchers are so amazed at the success they have had that they want to try out the technique on people. they planned to be the first researchers in the world to grow bone in the lab and put it into a patient in three years' time. these are the people that could be most help. it is 20 years since persistent and brought the issue of landmines to the world's attention problems usually have to be amputated. landmine campaigners are funding the new research so it can be used to grow some bone back and attach an artificial leg. if they are able to have a prosthetic limb it would make all the difference to
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the life being able to provide for the life being able to provide for the family instead of having to be a burden on the family. it has been it has been a happy outcome for eva and had owners. thousands of people could soon benefit from a technology that has put a spring back in her step. the british polar explorer ben saunders has been forced to abandon his quest to cross antarctica unassisted, after he was left without enough food to complete his journey. he was undertaking the feat in memory of his friend henry worsley, who died attempting the journey alone last year. saunders is only the third person in history, and the first briton, to have skied by himself to both the north and south poles. a growing number of rural communities are relying on volunteers to keep certain services going. cuts in funding means that facilities that were traditionally run either by local authorities or private individuals are facing the prospect of disappearing.
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that means local people are offering to operate them unpaid. danny savage has visited one town in north yorkshire, where it's becoming more and more noticeable. deep in the north yorkshire countryside is the market town of helmsley. a bustling community. but look a bit closer and you will find a trend here for a reliance on volunteers. every local business has a different tree and they do it in a theme and this year it's the star theme. you will find it illustrated in the parish church. so 30 or more trees in here? 30 or more trees, yes. dozens of local businesses have volunteered to decorate it. what we've got here, this is wonderful with the antiques roadshow, with all the different experts, the specialities from bondgate antiques. there is more volunteering these days because of council cutbacks. as the economy has suffered and less funding becomes available, there has to be someone to make up the shortfall and we're lucky here in helmsley that people have done that, and taken on running several organisations in town.
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it'sjust a really lovely community feel here. helmsley is a community which relies heavily on volunteers and it is not alone. other towns in this, england's largest county, have taken over bus services and even petrol stations to stop them from vanishing. the arts centre and the library are two amenities that wouldn't exist here if it wasn't for locals giving up their time for free. in the nearby walled garden, more people are doing their bit, making advent wreaths to raise money for an assisted learning project. yes, we have some garden staff that lead, yes, we have people who help direct in terms of maintenance and the police have been helping out with the wreaths today, but 75=80% of the work is done by volunteers. i've been a lot more confident. i've had a great big experience here. i've been able to make friends.
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and yes, we are all a family. and this is a rural town that also needs people to step up for vital roles on top of theor dayjob. chris lazenby is a firefighter. good to go? yep, good to go. and in his civvies, he runs an art gallery. just myself, i run this gallery. there's ben, he's a builder, gav at the butcher's, a painter. we're all ready to go within a few minutes' notice, if needs be. the nearest station with a crew ready to go on station during the day is malton and depending on traffic, that could be 30 minutes away. this is just a snapshot of life in one country market town, but it shows the rise of vital volunteering which keeps communities functioning in 21st—century britain. newly—released national archives'
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files have revealed that margaret thatcher once refused to share a flight to washington with london zoo's giant panda. lord zuckerman, president of the london zoological society, suggested that chia chia the panda could share the prime minister's concorde flight in 1981. washington's smithsonian institution had asked to borrow chia chia, to mate it with us—based ching ching. but mrs thatcher said pandas were not " happy omens" for politicians. let's have a look at the weather. pandas might have liked the winner, snow moving in this morning and affecting the northern half of the uk and higherground affecting the northern half of the uk and higher ground we have had quite a significant accumulations so
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far this morning. across southern areas, a different story, heavy showers and thunderstorms across the south rattling on but the snow continuing at the moment, about ten centimetres around glasgow but pretty picturesque scenes, this from derbyshire. continuing to ease but the risk of wintry showers across parts of scotland and the far north—west of england. farther south and the risk of some showers but drier and blustery winds with brighter skies, temperatures about six to 8 degrees, chillier farther north. the list of other snow through tonight, into the hills but otherwise a rain spreading from the south and enter the weekend for many it should be drier articulate on new year's eve with sunny spells but the risk was up until midnight.


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