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i mean, if it helps the nhs and all that. but the thing that annoys me a bit is it seems to be our generation is being targeted. it also costs money. i don't think sitting down in the van with a bottle of water is going to sober you up that quickly. if you are in that sort of a state, you want to either go home or go to hospital. the uk's first drunk tank was introduced in bristol three years ago, and since then more have been operating in cardiff, newcastle, manchester and belfast. rather than dumping those who have gone way over their limit in a police cell or hospital bed, here they're given a chance to recover. but some doctors say this kind of safety net shouldn't have to be offered in the first place. i think the solution is people understanding that they should not be getting themselves into the state that they need to have a facility to sober up in. people need to take responsibility for getting themselves home safely, making sure that their friends get home safely, that they have a plan and that they know when to
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stop drinking before it becomes a problem. nhs england will make a decision early next year, which could ease the pressure on police, ambulances and hospital services. adina campbell, bbc news. cricket, and england's attempt to win the fourth ashes test in melbourne have been frustrated by the rain. at stumps on day four, australia were 103—2 in their second innings, trailing england's first innings total by 61 runs. with more from melbourne, here's patrick gearey. at last for england, some hope, a chance to cheer without lurking fear, to read and not weep. why isn't alastair cook on the front cover? that score remained correct. cook's third day of batting lasted one ball. he watched it, jimmy anderson hit it, cameron bancroft caught it. cook carried his bat unbeaten — a lesson in focus and patience. england needed to bowl in a similarfashion. waiting worked initially. they removed cameron bancroft, then produced enough movement
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to tempt usman khawaja. england were still nearly 100 ahead and making the best of a wearing ball. they, like australia, were warned about scuffing the ball on the pitch, but some on australian television made more serious accusations — to england's obvious irritation. as soon as i saw the headlines, i raced into the umpires, and that was their words, actually — "nothing to worry about, absolutely fine." england's next obstacle was australia's rock. steve smith reached the boundary only occasionally. england shut off the taps but couldn't dry everything up. showers turned to storms, play finished at three. well, england denied by very english conditions at the mcg. they are the only side with a realistic chance of winning this test, and the weather on the final day looks far clearer. but the continuing presence of the australian captain steve smith at the crease is a dark cloud still looming over them. patrick geary, bbc news, melbourne. there's more throughout the evening on the bbc news channel, we are back with the late news
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at nine o'clock — now on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. two wins, one marriage, one baby, and the europe's number one golfer. it's not until now, hello and welcome to sportsday, with me, james pearce. the headlines this evening: frustration for england's cricketers as they attempt to win the fourth ashes test — rain forces them to spend much of the day in the pavilion. welcome back — andy murray plays his first competitive match since wimbledon. and we'll look ahead to tomorrow's old firm derby, with celtic 11 points clear of rangers. hello, good evening to you.
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hello, good evening to you. the weather forecast in melbourne is for an improvement, which means that england's cricketers do still have a chance of winning the fourth ashes test. today, though, was a frustrating one, with play limited by heavy rain. australia will begin the final day of the test on 103—2 in their second innings, still trailing england by 61 runs. patrick gearey is in melbourne for us. england denied by very english conditions here in melbourne, only taking two of australia's second innings wickets before the rain, and showers turned to storms after three o'clock and there was no more play. england will be consoled by the fact they are the only side with a realistic chance of winning this test, so they will avoid the dreaded 5-0 test, so they will avoid the dreaded 5—0 ashes whitewash. the only lasted one ball this morning beforejimmy anderson was out, so then alastair cook 244 not out, batting all the way through the england innings
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undefeated, the first enlistment to do that since 1997, and a record score for anyone who has done that ina score for anyone who has done that in a test match. england managed to ta ke two in a test match. england managed to take two of australia's second innings wickets, and then there was that really crucial period of play, england bowling to david warner and steve smith, the two best australian batsmen, and england's tactics was to dry up the runs, effective, but they didn't get either of them out, so they didn't get either of them out, so they will be there on the final day of play as the biggest obstacles to an english victory. one other line from the day's play... both sides of the match have been warned about throwing the ball deliberately into the pitch in order to scuff it up into the pitch in order to scuff it up and generate reverse swing, but some in the australian media made more serious allegations aboutjimmy anderson and his treatment of the ball. england were absolutely furious about those allegations and i asked their head coach trevor bayliss what he thought. since i saw the headlines, i raised into the umpires' and that was their words, nothing to worry about, absolutely fine, so that is as much as i know.
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iam sure fine, so that is as much as i know. i am sure that beat up is australian for made up and he said that this was an incident of pommie bashing. so going into an intriguing day of the final of this test match. it's the last match of the year for celtic and rangers, but there have been few bigger in the past 12 months for these teams than the one tomorrow. an old firm derby which begins with celtic eight points clear at the top of the table, and 11 points ahead of rangers who are third. david curry looks ahead to the big match. this might look like a christmas ca rd this might look like a christmas card setting or a winter wonderland but this is celtic‘s training ground the day before a match against rangers, and there is plenty of work being done... this man will be hoping it is business as usual tomorrow as well. since he has been celtic manager they haven't lost to their glasgow rivals. they are always great fixtures to be involved in, wherever they are at,
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but of course especially great to play these games at celtic park, and it being the last game of what has been an incredible year for us, we obviously want to win it. so will graham megawati —— graeme murty, ca reta ker graham megawati —— graeme murty, caretaker manager on rangers' last visit to celtic park. no manager proper he says we need to show mentality and desire to represent the shirt, and hopefully we can make this fans proud. if we show that mentality and desire, who knows what can happen?" shall we have a sit down, talk about this? perhaps these old firm old boys have an inkling?” think celtic will win 2—1 or 311 one. it is hard to predict. i hope it will be a good contest —— 2—1 or 3-1. graeme murty in this position gives hope, he took a rangers team struggling to celtic park and i
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thought his game that day was perfect, in terms of boyata on the ball, they closed him down, and i think with that mentality they have a chance. that might depend whether celtic strikers are more accurate with their feet van leigh griffiths is with his hands. —— than leigh griffiths is with his hands. there are seven games in the premier league tomorrow. liverpool face leicester. they don't have their new their £75 million defender available. virgil van dijk won'tjoin from southampton until the transfer window opens at the start of the new year. liverpool managerjurgen klopp says it was "not nice" paying £75 million for the southampton defender virgil van dijk, but there was little choice. it doesn't mean that all transfers will now be in this category, but it's the same like it was before. half a year ago, i think it was a big transfer for an offensive player. now we have a big transfer for a defensive player and it's around about a third of it as it always was. and that's it.
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it's not nice, not nice, but that's the market, that's the world and we have to adapt. that's how it is. andy murray has made his long awaited comeback from a hip injury, playing a one set exhibition match in abu dhabi against spain's roberto bautista agut. the briton was a last minute replacement for novak djokovic who has had to delay his return from an elbow problem. murray lost the first four games, never looked at his physical best and ended up losing the set 6—2. this was murray's first competitive match since wimbledon. djokovic meanwhile could be a doubt for the australian open. europe's number one golfer, tommy fleetwood from birkdale, has not surprisingly described the past year as "the best of his life." during that time, he's got married, had his first child and celebrated two major golfing victories. he's been speaking to stuart pollitt about the past 12 months. two wins, one marriage, one baby...
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and europe's number one golfer. it's not until now, getting home, and i can kind of sit down, i'm like, what have we done? with the new baby, and a new wife — it's very cool at the moment. but a year ago it was anything but cool. tommy was struggling. he got his best mate to caddie, and went back to his childhood coach. and it worked. i'm certainly like a relative, and i do feel responsible for him. you won't forget this year, that's for sure? absolutely not. no, this has been a heck of a year. from the dubai sunshine to the cheshire snow,
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tommy's stepsons have been among his biggest supporters. do you two want to do a tackle and shoot, and i'll go in goal? what are you like watching? are you nervous watchers, or good watchers? i am quite good, i would think, but when he's doing well i do get quite nervous. when he wins on the sunday, i come back into school on monday and everyone is talking to me about it, especially the teachers. to have that many, sort of, people that you're close with around you, i can't thank them enough. an amazing year sort of on course, and off course has been better than i could have ever hoped for, really. good luck to him for for 2018! another sensational performance from the qualifier, jamie lewis, at the pdc world darts championships at alexandra palace. he's through to the semi—finals after whitewashing darren webster 5—0. he had already beaten second seed peter wright to get to the quarterfinals and will now
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face either phil taylor or gary anderson in the last four. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. goodbye for now. hello. it has been an improving picture for many of us this afternoon, plenty of sunshine round, and a few showers as well. this evening and overnight the next batch of rain pushes up from the south—west, turning to snort of the high ground of wales and certainly in northern ireland, but that will be transient, —— turning to snow over the high ground. further south, much milder temperatures, 5—7dc. this mild air across england and wales on saturday, and through sunday, where you can see the blue colours for scotland and northern
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ireland where it will tend to remain chilly. saturday, when the for all especially across the south and west, snow falling over the higher ground in scotland, and further rain across southern and south—western england, but in between there is a good slice of sunshine and it will feel pleasant, 10—13 degrees across england and wales, but cooler than that for the north. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven: heavy snow, rain and strong winds cause disruption in many parts of the uk — weather warnings for icy conditions have been issued across parts of scotland and northern england. labour peer lord adonis resigns as the government's infrastructure chief — with a scathing attack on theresa may for her handling of brexit. 12 people — including four children — have died in a blaze at an apartment block in the bronx. the uk stock market reaches a record high on the final day of trading. also this hour...
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the dog who's had pioneering treatment to save a leg from amputation. scientists at glasgow university will now begin trials to see if a newly discovered technique for regrowing bone tissue
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