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you're watching bbc news. the headlines now on bbc news, at 3:00pm... six people have died after a seaplane crashed into a river in australia. it's thought four of the victims may be british. the plane has hit the water and it has subsequently sunk. it is sitting in approximately 13 metres of water. iran imposes restrictions on social media as demonstrations against the country's ruling clerics continue. fireworks and festivities usher in new year. sydney becomes the second major city to welcome 2018 with a spectacular display on the city's harbour bridge. and manchester city's 18 match winning run comes to an end after a draw with crystal palace. and coming up in half an hour, join us for weather world. we are with the people who can make snow, but not as you know it, because none of this is real. plus, a look back at the year's
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biggest weather stories and storms. good afternoon. a seaplane has crashed into a river near sydney, killing all six people on board. reports suggest four of the victims are british, although this has not been confirmed by police. the foreign office here is in contact with officials in australia. the aircraft — on a sight—seeing trip ahead of the new year celebrations — came down in a river close to the suburb of cowan. ian palmer reports. police divers have spent the day searching for bodies. the seaplane is underwater. the party was returning from a trip to a restaurant, before crashing into the river.
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six people were on board. for reasons that are not known at this stage, the plane has hit the water and it has subsequently sunk. it is sitting in approximately 13 metres of water. at the time of the collision, the plane had a pilot and five passengers on board. i can confirm the six people on the plane are deceased. the aircraft crashed just after three in the afternoon, local time. it is operated by the company sydney seaplanes. a major tourfirm, it offers many sightseeing trips across australia. in a statement the company says: "sydney seaplanes is deeply shocked by this incident and the resulting loss of life. we wish to pass on our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the passengers and pilot who were tragically killed." an eyewitness says he saw the single—engine plane make a tight turn before dipping its wings and nosediving into the water. police have recovered six
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bodies from the wreckage. their identities have yet to be confirmed. people in the area of hawkesbury river described the flying conditions just before the crash happened. a little bit bumpy coming over with the weather, but it was nothing to be concerned about. like, i mean, iwasn‘t frightened. there are unconfirmed reports that four people from britain are among the dead. the foreign office says officials from the british consulate are in contact with local authorities. it says staff are ready to provide consular assistance. ian palmer, bbc news. a short time ago, phil mercer gave us this update on the crash. an eyewitness said that shortly after take—off, the single engine aircraft took a tight right—hand turn and then nosedived into the hawkesbury river, to the north of sydney. a full—scale search was $0011 underway, but there were no survivors. australian police divers saying that they have recovered six bodies.
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on board the sea plane were five passengers and a pilot. they were leaving a waterfront restaurant at jerusalem bay near the town of cowan on their way to rose bay in sydney harbour. now, this is a journey that would normally take about 20 minutes. australian police say they will not be speculating on media reports that four of the victims were british nationals, and that one of the passengers was an 11—year—old boy. we know air crash investigators from the australian transport safety bureau are expected at the accident site early on new year's day. theirjob is to piece together the last moments of the seaplane and to establish how and why an aircraft on a routine flight from a beautiful wilderness area on the hawkesbury river to sydney harbour should end in catastrophe. people in the southern
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hemisphere have begun welcoming in the new year. three, two, one... auckland in new zealand, was the first major city to celebrate the beginning of 2018. the city put on its traditional firework display from the auckland sky tower. around 3000 fireworks lit up the night sky for over five minutes. next it was australia's turn to usher in the new year with the traditionally spectacular display on sydney's harbour bridge. five, four, three, two, one. fireworks that was sydney australia. we can go to something a little more sedate. this is japan. i say sedate. there isa this is japan. i say sedate. there is a lot of cheering, but they have a different take on a new year ‘s celebrations. they are not as rowdy and not as traditionally into
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fireworks. very much more a family affair. what tends to happen is they do not have the countdown parties. they visit shrines and temples play a big part in the celebrations. it can get very crowded. temple bells are running around 108 timesjust before midnight. there are auspicious decorations and food offerings. you can see how important the family is. in terms of media, they have a four or five hour sing off on television. in recent times, things have picked up a little bit. you may remember seeing fireworks at the tokyo tower. this year, i believe there were fireworks held at yokohama the seed paradise aquarium. but for the japanese it's more about the lunar new year, but for the
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japanese, it's all about the family today. here, the metropolitan police say a "proportionate" number of officers will be on london's streets this evening, to ensure the safety of new year revellers. scotland yard say there is no intelligence to suggest any threat against the celebrations in central london or anywhere else. a spokesman said there would be a visible police presence, and gave this advice to people coming to celebrate. if you're coming to this particular event, please only come with a ticket. there won't be tickets available on the door, as it were. but there are going to be a lot of people here, so we don't want to get overcrowded, if we can help it. for all those people who wish to come to central london, first of all, wrap up warm. it's pretty chilly at the moment. if you are coming on transport, please plan yourjourney. it's never easy to travel through london at new year's eve. and if you are meeting people, set yourself up a prearranged meeting place so people don't get lost. but above all, be reassured. the metropolitan police service and our emergency service partners are here to look after you. it is safe to come to london on this new year's eve,
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but please be alert, don't be alarmed. if you see things that you think look out of place or suspicious, please tell us. the iranian authorities have restricted access to the popular social media messaging app, telegram, after days of anti—government protests across the country. officials say the service has been used to incite violence. two protestors have been killed in the city of dorud. local officials said they had died of gunshot wounds, but denied that the police had opened fire. jon ironmonger reports. a crack of gunshots as panic ripples the a crowd in the western city of dorod. in the western city of dorud. later, a wounded man is carried through the streets. it is being reported a number
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of people have been killed following an escalation of violence and three days of unrest. late into the night, demonstrators attacked targets with links to the government and the ruling clerical elite. in karamabad, the governor's office was burned. in the northern city of mashhad, police motorbikes were set alight while crowds taunted the security services. what started as a provincial protest about rocketing prices has become deeply political and moved to the capital tehran, where offices to the capital tehran, where officers were pelted with stones near the main university. riot police were used to quell the disturbance. this video shows a baby being taken to hospital, apparently suffering from the effects of tear gas. videos like these shared on social media are helping to fuel the protests. it is thought the iranian authorities have reacted by cutting
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access to the internet in many cities, especially to mobile phones. iranian officials have vowed on state tv to double their efforts to resolve the economic problems and ploughed ahead with commemorative pro—government rallies on saturday. but further protests are expected over the coming days, and experts say opposing the islamic republic will be a colossal challenge. do not underestimate the repressive capability of the revolutionary guards, the resilience of the islamic republic. this regime is well institutionalised in iran and can deal with protest movement such as the one that we have witnessed in the past few days. iran's ultraconservative regime is facing its biggest threat in nearly a decade, but what lengths will it go to to survive? john ironmonger, bbc news. president trump said the protests
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showed how people were getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. and here the foreign secretary boris johnson terrorism. and here the foreign secretary borisjohnson has said he was watching events in iran with concern. i asked bbc persian tv correspondent kasra naji how mr trump and mrjohnson's comments were being received in iran. it will be generally seen by the demonstrators as a sign of encouragement, a positive sign. they would like it so that all these powers outside the country will support them, in a sense. but of course, the authorities, the government, the leaders of iran will be very angry. they will see this as interfering in iran's internal affairs, pressurising iran not to deal with or confront the demonstrators. talking about pressure, up until now we have not heard from mr rouhani, but we understand we will be hearing
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from him later tonight. that's the latest news drop. that's all we have at the moment. what is he likely to say? i have no idea. we will have to wait and see. in fact, there was a news item that he would speak today, and then they cancelled that and all the news agents took back that news item. and now again they have come up with the same thing. it looks as if there is quite a bit of doubt about the effectiveness of his speech. but nevertheless, he is going ahead, it looks like. he has to try and, i suppose, calm the situation rather than provoke the situation. and given the fact that iranians, these anti—government demonstrators, have been denouncing him on the streets in the last few days, i am not sure whether he is in a good place to try and placate the demonstrators,
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try to calm down these protests. it's notjust him that has been denounced. significantly, we are also hearing criticism of the supreme leader. and there is a question now of when we are likely the appearance of the revolutionary guard. do you think it will go that far? it might well do. as you say, the revolutionary guards have held back so far. are you surprised by that soft approach? i am surprised. there is not even a statement from them as an organisation. we had one or two revolutionary guard commanders saying this and that, but they haven't issued a statement. they haven't come out on the streets to deal with the protests in a way that we expected, a very high—handed way, beating people up and trying to disperse the crowds in various parts of the country — they have not done that. and i assume they haven't done that
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for fear of provoking the demonstrators and protesters. but they would do that. the iranian supreme leader has not said anything either. people on the streets have been calling on him to step down, the end of clerical regime in iran. basically calling for the overthrow of the government. he has not said anything. we'll have to wait and see what line he will take. the headlines on bbc news... police have confirmed that six people are been killed after a seaplane crashed into a river north of sydney. there are reports that four of the victims may be british. iran has imposed restrictions on social media as demonstrations against the country's ruling clerics continue. fireworks and festivities have ushered in the new year. sydney becomes the second major city to welcome 2018 with a spectacular
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display on the city's harbour bridge. now the sport and phil round—up from the bbc sports centre. first i'm going to wish a happy new year. and you, too. not such a happy new year for manchester city. after 18 league victories in a row, manchester city's winning streak has come to an end. they were held to a goalless draw at crystal palace but might have lost had it not been for a late penalty save. city were also hit by injuries to gabrieljesus and kevin de bruyne, but they head into the new year 1a points clear at the top. adam wild reports. however far back your memory stretches, it is hard to remember a tea m stretches, it is hard to remember a team quite like this manchester city. never has aside been so far ahead at the end of the year. to the ambition, there seems no end. victory at crystal palace would have equalled the european record. the
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target was clear, hitting it less so. target was clear, hitting it less so. palace are side with their own big names, springing surprise here, possible but unlikely. a first—half march by injury, first the scott dann and then gabrieljesus. his year ending dann and then gabrieljesus. his yearending in dann and then gabrieljesus. his year ending in tears. it was his replacement, sergio aguero, who went closest in the first half, first hitting the post and then getting on the wrong side it. encouragement for palace. that seemingly growing with each missed opportunity. pressure increasing and manchester city finding their way. palace, for their part, had their chances, with which they should have done better. that, ultimately for them, will be how this is remembered. an 80th minute penalty awarded. milivojevic unable to see it out. not the perfect end to see it out. not the perfect end to the year, but for manchester city, no doubt better things to come. sooner or later, that should
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happen. big credit for crystal palace. at the end they have a big chance to win the game. i think the first half was like this, like that. we did not control, we conceded lots of free kicks and corners. the second half was much better. we created lots of chances, they had won, the penalty. a deserved point for both teams. we willjust focus on the next one when we need a win. focus on the next one. i have said many times. it will be a long road to be first. manchester united's ashley young has been charged with violent conduct by the football association. he was caught on camera elbowing southampton's dusan tadic in yesterday's goalless draw at old trafford. the incident wasn't spotted by referee craig pawson and young has until 5 o'clock today to respond to the charge. the day's other premier league game sees arsenal travel to struggling west brom. hgppy happy new year, mark warburton. nottingham forest have sacked
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their manager, mark warburton. it follows forest's 1—0 defeat to sunderland yesterday, their fifth defeat in seven games. forest are currently 14th in the championship table. it's understood director of football frank mcparland has also been sacked. gary brazil is to take over as caretaker manager while forest look to appoint a replacement. england's cricketers have arrived in sydney ahead of the fifth and final ashes test which begins in four days' time. england wicketkeeper jonny bairstow has given his backing to all—rounder moeen ali. moeen has only taken three wickets and averaged 19 runs with the bat this series but bairstow says he still has a lot to bring to the team. i think that is unquestionable, to even think that he is not in that best 11. he would not have played the first four test matches if he was not in that first 11. there are not many finger spinners that will come to australia and bowl teams out. it is very important that you get behind mo. he can take the game away from you. ben stokes won't be flying out to australia with england's one day squad as he continues to await news of any possible charges against him
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from the crown prosecution service following an incident outside a bristol nightclub in september. stokes was named in the squad for the matches which begin after the final test match but it's now thought highly unlikely he will be involved in the series. dawid malan will replace stokes in the squad. world heavyweight boxing champion anthonyjoshua has told the bbc that a deal to fight wbo champion joseph parker in the new year is nearly done. parker has been holding out for a bigger share of the fights purse, believed to be around 30 to 35%. joshua is also targeting deyontay wilder's wbc title. to hold all five belts has never been done before, so i won't let negotiations get in the way of securing my legacy and what i can achieve in the sport, so i think we are 95% of the way there with completing with joseph parker.
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with a match against the american madison keys at the brisbane invitational. it will be konta's first tournament with new coach michaeljoyce. it has been really good so far. we put in a good pre—season together, we have been working together for about a month now, so not that long and this is our first tournament together, but we are both excited to get the season started, and to really look to try and get better. that's all the sport for now. i'll have more for you in the next hour thanks. thousands of rail travellers face disruption to theirjourneys today as workers from two train companies stage 24—hour strikes. members of the rmt union on south western railway and crosscountry are taking action over the role of guards as well as sunday working. anisa kadri has been assessing the
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disruption at the busiest train station in the uk, waterloo. it looks pretty miserable out there. we apologise. how have these strikes been affecting travel from london waterloo. we've been keeping a close eye on things for you. we have been going into waterloo, checking the boards. there have been a few cancellations as well. basically, the advice is to plan your journey well as well. basically, the advice is to plan yourjourney well in advance if you live in places like berkshire, hampshire, surrey, and other places as well. trains from here go to dorset and many other places. the advice is to check online for any updates. you just have to go inside and they are very transparent that there will be disruption on new year's eve. there are posters saying the station will be particularly busy this evening. we are not far from where the big london fireworks display will be. you may be heading there for your new year celebrations, but how are you going
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to get back? that is another question. travel could cause you problems. just to give you an idea of what south western railway is saying, it is saying that services are disrupted here, and that it is only expecting three quarters of trains to run. that means a quarter well maybe running, obviously, and the travel situation, these strikes are also causing problems for crosscountry. that means that services between edinburgh and newcastle a re services between edinburgh and newcastle are limited, and between glasgow and aberdeen they are not running at all. other airlines are also affected when it comes to the crosscou ntry also affected when it comes to the crosscountry network. this strike action goes back to a dispute between the rmt union and the government and rail companies. the union says that there should be guards on trains, trains should not be driver only, in the name of safety. the government says they are
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just causing misery for passengers on new year's eve by striking. 0k, anisa kadri, at the very wet waterloo, thank you very much. a photo of a man found collapsed outside a hospital in london has been released in a bid to find his family. the man has been placed in an induced coma at university college hospital, having suffered a heart attack outside the site at about 4:30 on boxing day afternoon. his condition is described as life—threatening and the metropolitan police want to trace his family "as soon as possible". criminal gangs who claim benefits under a false identity are to be targeted by the government using artificial intelligence. the department for work and pensions says it will use sophisticated computer programming to detect fraud taking place to claim universal credit and jobseeker‘s allowance. the un secretary—general has called for global unity in his new year's message. antonio guterres urged leaders to bring people together
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around common goals. he also expressed his concerns about deepening conflicts and violations of human rights. on new year's day 2018, i am not issuing an appeal, i am issuing an alert, a red alert for our world. conflicts have deepened and new dangers have emerged. global anxieties about nuclear weapons are the highest since the cold war and climate change is moving faster than we are. inequalities are growing and we see horrific violations of human rights, nationalism and xenophobia on the rise, and as we begin 2018, i call for unity. i truly believe we can make our world more safe and secure, we can settle conflicts, overcome hatred and defend shared values, but we can only do that together. at least 36 people have died in a head—on collision between a lorry and a bus in kenya. the crash happened on a notoriously dangerous stretch of the main road
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between eldoret and nakuru. it's believed that over 100 people have died in the same area in recent weeks. south korean authorities have seized a second ship suspected of supplying oil to north korea in violation of international sanctions. the panama—flagged tanker is being held at a port near the western city of pyeongtaek. south korea has already impounded a hong kong—registered ship, the lighthouse winmore, that it suspects of secretly transferring 600 tonnes of refined oil to a north korean vessel. technology is giving historians a new insight into everyday life in ancient egypt. researchers at university college london have developed scanning techniques that show what is written on the papyrus that a sarcophagus case is made from. 0ur science correspondent pallab ghosh has this exclusive report. the hieroglyphics found in the tombs of the pharaohs show the lives
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of the ancient egyptians, but the paintings are what the rich and powerful wanted the people to know. they are the propaganda of their time. but now there's a wealth of information about ordinary people being discovered using a new scientific technique. with a specially—modified camera, researcher cerys jones takes photos of a mummy‘s case at chiddingstone castle in kent. you can't see anything with the naked eye, but using infrared, a name is revealed, irethoreru. a common name in ancient egypt. it is a stephen or david of its time. it is amazing. everyone in the room gasped and people jumped up and ran for the computer, because in that one image, you could read it. these scraps of papyrus are more than 2,000 years old. they were recycled to make the breastplate that covered a mummified body. the writing is obscured by the plaster and paste that hold them together,
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but researchers can see what lies beneath by scanning them with different kinds of light which makes the inks glow. these now constitute one of the best libraries we have of waste papyrus that otherwise would have been thrown away, so it includes things like tax receipts, and everyday information that we would nowadays throw away. back then, they would have thrown it away, but fortunately it was recycled into these objects. our knowledge of ancient egypt is through the eyes of pharaohs and the very wealthy who were buried with their possessions, but this new imaging technique is enabling researchers to find out about the lives of ordinary egyptians. until now, the only way to see what was written on the papyrus was to destroy these masks, leaving egyptologists with a dilemma. do they destroy these precious objects or do they keep them untouched, leaving the stories within them untold ? i am really horrified when i see objects like these papyri cartonnage being destroyed in order to get
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at the text inside. they are finite resources and we now have the technology to both preserve those beautiful, precious objects that tell us about ways of dying, but also looking inside them in order to understand the ways that the egyptians lived. there are hundreds of cases and masks that can be scanned, each one telling its own individual story of everyday life in ancient egypt. pallab ghosh, bbc news. a fantastic story. let's catch up with the weather. if you're planning to see in the new year, expect some showers. storm dyla n year, expect some showers. storm dylan is heading out of the way but we have winds in the south—west driving along the south coast, pushing heavy showers, possibly with neyla n pushing heavy showers, possibly with neylan thunderer, east overnight. there will be some clear spells and it will be cold in scotland,
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especially in the north—east. for the first day of the new year, we could see a spell of rain movie news, mainly in the morning across southern parts of england and wales. then sunshine, but winds in northern ireland and scotland keep showers going for a while here. we will see showers pushing into northern england, wales and the north midlands. temperature is about average for the time of year. it will be colder overnight as the showers fade away and winds dropped. a touch of frost in rural areas, but the very unsettled, changeable week ahead. deals are quite likely and there will be rain at times. as we continue to celebrate new year around the world... let's go live to the north korean capital pyongyang, which is just about to celebrate the beginning of 2018. just before this took place, a bell was rung at the central square
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