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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 31, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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‘coming into another coming into wales and the south—west. as we head into the first day of the new year, there is storm dylan heading towards scandinavia. a secondary low will bring showers from the north—west on new year's day and is developing low could bring stormy winds across the channel and parts of france. there will be a spell of rain running eastwards a cross will be a spell of rain running eastwards across the south of the country in the morning on new year's day and some sunshine before those dusty winds blow more showers into northern ireland and northern england and wales and perhaps the north midlands. quite a cold day in scotland, even in the north east where it is largely dry, typical temperatures for this time of the year but as the showers fade away and the winds drop overnight it will get colder and we are more likely to get colder and we are more likely to get a touch of frost in rural areas. in the south—west it will be milder because there will be rain coming in at the end of the night and that will push across the whole of the country on tuesday and it might give us some snow over the country on tuesday and it might give us some snow over the pennines and higher ground in scotland. replaced
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by sunshine and showers and a dusty westerly wind but milder. i had put the jet stream on to show you what is happening in the coming few days, it is quite strong and picks up areas of low pressure, running towards the uk so changeable outlook for the first week of the new year. there are likely to be some gales, some severe, and showers and even some severe, and showers and even some more spells of rain kinds. this is bbc news. good evening. it's 6:30pm. our latest headlines: a seaplane has crashed into a river north of sydney, killing all six people on board. police say the aircraft was on a sightseeing flight when it came down. there are reports that casualties include an 11—year—old boy" a british nationals. —— and four
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british nationals. —— and four british nationals. police in the iranian capital, tehran, have used water cannon against protesters during a fourth day of anti—government demonstrations across the country. meanwhile, authorities are restricting access to some social media channels. fireworks and festivities usher in the new year. hong kong welcomed in 2018 with a spectacular fireworks display above the iconic victoria harbour. thousands of rail travellers face disruption as workers from two train companies stage 24—hour strikes in separate disputes about the role of guards and working conditions. we will keep you up—to—date with all that those stories and more. we are keeping an eye on all of those new yea rs keeping an eye on all of those new years fireworks, of course. now on bbc news, sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster. these are our sportsday headlines tonight... ederson saves a point for city, but the winning run is over.
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wenger sets a record at the hawthornes, as sanchez steals the points for the gunners. but they are held by west bromwich albion. and exeter stretch their lead in the rugby union premiership with victory against leicester. good evening. manchester city couldn't take their unbeaten run into the new year. after 18 league victories in a row, city were held to a goaless draw at crystal palace. and they might have lost had it not been for a late penalty save. city were also hit by injuries to gabrieljesus and kevin de bruyne. but the point still sees them 14 points clear at the top of the table. adam wild reports. however far back your memory
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stretches, it's hard to remember a tea m stretches, it's hard to remember a team quite like this manchester city. never has a side been so far ahead at the end of the year. to their ambition, well, there seems no end. victory at crystal palace would have equalled the european record. the target then was clear. palace had their own names, springy a surprise possible, but unlikely. the first half marred by injury to palace's scott dann and then to city's gabrielle jesus, palace's scott dann and then to city's gabriellejesus, his year ending in tears. it was his replacement, sergio aguero, who went the closest in the first half, first hitting the post and then getting the wrong side of it. this was not the wrong side of it. this was not the city that footballers have come to fear. encourage at four palace seemingly growing with each missed opportunity. palace, for their part, had their chances. with which they should have done better. ultimately, that for them is how this will be
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blood. late drama at the end of the year. luke millar foyer fritsch unable to save the penalty out. not the perfect end of year, but fought city, no doubt better things to come. adam wild, bbc news. that should happen... it will be great for crystal palace, at the end they have a big chance to win the game. they had atjim, but we didn't control, we conceded a lot of free kicks —— they had action. in the second—half, it was much, much better. we created enough chances. they have one, the penalty. a deserved point for both teams. and i'iow deserved point for both teams. and nowjust focus. when we win, we focus on the next one. when we didn't win, we focus on the next one. asl didn't win, we focus on the next one. as i said many times, it will bea one. as i said many times, it will be a long road to be first. we need points, it's nice when you play well and i'm sure before the game no body would have expected us to even get a point from the game,
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so to even get a point from the game, so when should start being too critical, because a point against a tea m critical, because a point against a team of this quality is always good for us in our position. but on a couple of occasions now with very, very late penalties awarded we've failed to capitalise. you look at those four points and think, if only we could have got those we would be further away from the relegation zone. the lads are doing a wonderful job. i'm full of praise for their performance today and i'm very proud of their performance today. the final premier league match of 2017 was also we draw. 1—1 at the hawthorns between west bromwich albion and arsenal. arsene wenger took charge of his 811th premier league match today, and it was a winning one. that is a record. he overtakes sir alex ferguson's old mark. alexis sanchez gave them the lead but then they gave away a late penalty which jay rodriguez scored. that finished 1-1 at jay rodriguez scored. that finished 1—1 at the hawthorns. manchester united's ashley young has been charged with violent conduct
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by the football association after he was caught on camera elbowing southampton‘s dusan tadic in yesterday's goalless draw at old trafford. the incident wasn't spotted by referee craig pawson. happy new year, mark warburton. he's been sacked by nottingham forest after nine months. it follows their 1—0 defeat to sunderland yesterday — their fifth defeat in seven games. forest are currently 14th in the championship. director of football frank mcparland has also left his post. gary brazil is to take over as caretaker manager while forest look to appoint a replacement. they have got new owners at nottingham forest. exeter chiefs have stretched their lead at the top of the rugby union premiership to ten points. they beat leicester 30—6 with four second—half tries at sandy park. that's tigers‘ sixth league defeat in a row — their worst run in over 50 years. alex gulrajani reports. 2017 will go down as a great year. champions for the first time, heaven 110w champions for the first time, heaven now we must stop shop for the
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england head coach. with the chiefs clear at the top of the table, 2018 could be a memorable one too. the only points early against leicester came from the boot. the hands were making far too many errors. chances missed, and their visitors were keeping in touch thanks to george ford. it took brute strength to put the league leaders in charge. don armand carried over. but now a gap emerged between the sides. exeter certainly didn't need any help. yet johnny may was in giving mood. carried straight into the arms of henry slade, the simplest of finishers. and those supporters may well have stayed on their feet. as jonny hill went over not long after. and there was still time for more. a bonus point winning try with the last play of the game. jack yeandle with the perfect end to a monumental yearfor with the perfect end to a monumental year for exeter. there are two matches in wales in ther pro—14. dragons trail 0spreys 12—3. that's almost over.
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scarlets won away at cardiff blues 14—11. cardiff led at half—time, but scarlets fought back soon after the break. rhys patchell‘s try, their second of the match, sealed the win. they are top of conference b in the pro—14. england's cricketers have arrived in sydney ahead of the final ashes test, which begins in four days‘ time. england wicketkeeper jonny bairstow has given his backing to all—rounder moeen ali. he has only taken three wickets and averaged 19 runs with the bat this series. i think that that's unquestionable even think that he's not in that best 11. he wouldn't have played the first patrick s matches if he's not in that first 11. i think there's not many spinners that will come to australia and bowl teams out. so i think it's very important that you get behind my win committee can take a game away from you. -- get behind
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boeing. ben stokes won'tjoin up with the england one—day squad in australia. he's still waiting to hear if he'll be charged following a fight outside a bristol nightclub in september. the five—match series starts on januray 1ath, but it's very unlikely that stokes will play a part. dawid malan will replace him in the squad. world heavyweight boxing champion anthonyjoshua says that a deal to fight wbo championjoseph parker in the new year is nearly done. parker had been holding out for a bigger share of the fight‘s purse, believed to be around 30%—35%. joshua is looking to uniufy the division next year, with deyontay wilder's wbc title also on his radar. to hold all five belts has them been done before. i won't let negotiations get in the way of securing my legacy and what i could achieve in the sport. i think we're 95% of the way there, we're completing with joseph 95% of the way there, we're completing withjoseph park. british number one johanna konta starts her season tomorrow with a match against the american madison keys at the brisbane international. it will be konta's first tournament with new coach michaeljoyce.
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idid i did know, it's been really good so far. we put in a good pre—season together. we've been working together. we've been working together for about a month together. we've been working togetherfor about a month now, so not that long. this is our first tournament together. i know we're both excited to get the first season started. manchester city's winning run is over, a goalless draw at crystal palace, 18 wins and out, but they are 1a points clear at the top of the premier league. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. coming up next, it's the travel show. india. a vast country, home to over1 billion people, birthplace of illustrious ancient civilisations.
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and today, a fast—emerging global power. and 70 years after independence, india is still a diverse, ever—evolving assortment of cultures, creeds, religions and languages. heading off the well—worn tourist path, we're on a journey which spans this vast subcontinent from east to west. i'm ona i'm on a quest to find out how history, religion and politics have shaped india. it's going to be an amazing journey. for thousands of years, india found its riches and influence through international trade. at the heart of this enterprise was the sea. and the state of gujarat, with 1,000 miles of coastline,
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served as a shipping gateway to africa, arabia and beyond. this is as far west as you can get in india. it's the influences from overseas that have helped make gujarat what it is today. the region is known as kutch. and its beaches are a popular domestic tourist attraction. but this ancient port town's economy is still anchored in a much older maritime tradition. this is genuinely incredible. i'm in heaven. a huge shipyard with boats and ships at various stage of construction, all made from wood. in an industry dominated by bulky and expensive container ships, these smaller, more agile vessels
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are still in huge demand. so here we are close up to these incredible hulks really. this one's in mid—construction. eee zee; ei eee 2:23.23 ' e "' w ’ and this ancient craft is now attracting unexpected new admirers.
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the region of kutsch was home to one of the world's earliest civilisations, and can be traced back to prehistoric times. its old royal capital is the city of bujh. and its glory days, well, they're kind of over. it was badly hit by the 2001 earthquake. it's a kind of melancholy, i suppose, about this area. this was once the real opulent centre of a rich empire, trading empire anyway, and the hub was here. but what is still flourishing is the aso—year—old market, just a few minutes away, where the trading tradition continues. what do they sell here? they sell everything — fruit, vegetables, fabric, grocery. you see all sorts of community, all cultural background can be
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seen in the marketplace. here, as you can see, they're like all different community, ethnic groups comes here. but the natural harmony was disrupted 70 years ago, when the british left. the country was divided on religious grounds, with muslims partitioned the north in pakistan, and hindus to the south in india. we drove out of the city towards the border with pakistan. along the way, encountering some herdsmen. they've been living here for 400, 500 years, since they migrated down south. into kutsch, from sindh, which is now part of pakistan.
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ever since the split, there's been tension between the two governments. but to these herdsmen, national borders and religious differences mean little. for the people, when we say india, pakistan or like hindu, muslim, it's not that important. people are religious, of course. but they are like living in harmony and relationship between these two different group, it's brotherly. when two countries were created from one, indelible scars were left on the psyche of the subcontinent. v0|ceover: independence has not yet brought peace. rejoicing turned quickly into horror and mourning. in traumatic scenes, more than a million people died in religious rioting. many millions more were displaced. this all used to be one, but now it's like divided in two. and now the border itself has become a tourist attraction. that way is pakistan. that way is pakistan, about 70 kilometres up north. that's where the india—pakistan border is.
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that lies in the middle of the area of kutsch, which is the geographical barrier. at nearly 500 metres above sea level, the highest point allows us a dramatic view of this geological phenomenon, the desert, which continues into pakistan. i wanted to get up closer to this natural wonder. it's quite incredible. this sand. i mean... it's just cystals, hard cystals, white salt. you can probably taste it. really unusual to see something like this. the further out i walked, the less lovely it became. it's actually quite incredible. it's more like snow or sludge than white sand or cystals. when it gets wet around
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here, i'm getting really deep into it. whoa! today, this shimmering wilderness is a healthy source of income for the region. thanks mainly to a three—month—long festival throughout the winter. it is amazing, what was a vast, barren landscape has been transformed into this colourful complex, where, by night, there's live music and other performances and by day, there's plenty of activities and just here, what you might call the glamping headquarters. 50,000 people have come here in the last month alone. i guess this is like a cross between a weekend festival and a resort. it's basically a honey pot for the booming middle classes in india, in what has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. the revival of interest in kutch
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culture boosted by the festival has been a life—line for one group of locals in particular. folk musicians. now music in particular and it's very, very rich over here. previously, they used to perform with their kettles. then afterwards, when they come home, they'd get together and spiritual songs are being performed. it's a day—to—day practice. one person plays two flutes at the same time? yes, yes. now, for example, 500 kettles are there, and only one zefer is there. what he'll do is, he'll sit below a tree and start playing this and whatever this musical notes, the kettles will not go out this afternoon range.
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wow. and they enjoy the music, so the milk output increases. this is the beauty of it. almost like meditation. yeah, yeah. things are change, definitely. as you say, tourism. so many music festivals are there. so they are invited in various parts of india and abroad. and of course, they're very well paid. and not only do i get a demonstration, but also the privilege of playing along. as lead tinkler. and yet again, i'm made aware that kutch culture is all about a sense of community, and certainly not about religious segregation. from the bottom of my heart, i'm telling you till today, in spiritual, in music forms, hindus and muslims sit together and perform today. the evening. before we look ahead,
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let's look back at the best and the worst of 2017. the wettest spot was in cumbria on the 15th of may, a whopping 168 millimetres, over six inches of rain falling in one day. for our hotspot, that was heathrow on the 21st ofjune. 3a celsius. as for our snowiest day, that went to the brackens. that was rather more recently, on the 11th of december. 31 centimetres of snow recorded. for new year's eve, it's been a stormy
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story. this curl of cloud is an area of low pressure, storm dylan brought some stormy conditions in scotland and northern ireland with strong winds, still feeling showers in behind berlin now. if you are heading out to celebrate new year's eve, bear that in mind, heading out to celebrate new year's eve, bearthat in mind, prepared heading out to celebrate new year's eve, bear that in mind, prepared to see a little bit of rain. the south—east largely dry around midnight. but the south—west of england and wales will the showers. the north—east, northern ireland and southern scotland too. further east, a fine story in edinburgh. for the north—east of scotland, clearer skies, the writer winds, and that will mean quite a chilly story for first thing on new year's day. as for the small hours, some rain could catch you out across western scotla nd catch you out across western scotland and northern ireland. heavy showers coming into wales. by the end of the night, a nasty area of low pressure on the way towards the south coast. 0ur low pressure on the way towards the south coast. our biggest weather feature for new year's day. uncertainty with this weather
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feature, it could push further north thanit feature, it could push further north than it looks on the face of it here. either way, strong winds and heavy rain. the counties of england first thing on new year's day. fortu nately, first thing on new year's day. fortunately, it does get a raffle on. it will clear onto the continent by this afternoon making way for some sunshine. showers will follow one. pretty potent ponds across scotla nd one. pretty potent ponds across scotland and northern ireland, with gusty winds. and showers. wilder in the south, ten in plymouth. just three in edinburgh. the chilly feel is what we will experience as we finish new year's day and head injured tuesday, the first working day of the new year for many of us. the winds start to fall right as the izar bars open. first thing tuesday, you could be scraping the car. there will be a patchy frost across many parts of the uk, with scotland seeing the lowest temperatures. the chill is short lived, low pressure bringing wet weather, the cold air
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to the north, maybe wintry weather for the hills of northern england and scotland. hopefully the rain will clear, the afternoon. then in mild story. 11—12d. further north, holding on to the colder air. a wet and windy astori here. here we start the week as we mean to go on. more strong winds to come and some heavy spells of rain. we are already looking at such ground at the moment, we could see problems with localised flooding —— saturated ground. whatever your plans are, be safe and a very happy start to 2018 for you. this is bbc news, the headlines at 7pm. six people have died after a seaplane crashed into a river in australia — it's thought four of the victims may be british. the plane has hit the water and it has subsequently sunk. it is sitting in approximately 13 metres of water. a major fire at the liverpool echo arena multistorey car park — police say a number of vehicles are on fire and traffic
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restrictions are in place. fireworks and festivities usher in the new year — hong kong welcomed in 2018 with a spectacular display above victoria harbour. iran imposes restrictions on social media and uses watercannon to disperse protesters — as demonstrations against the ruling clerics continue.
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