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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  January 1, 2018 7:00am-7:31am GMT

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# in other words # i love you # fly me to the moon!# thank you. hello, happy new year, this is breakfast with roger johnson. huge crowds gather all over the world to celebrate the start of 2018. bong. spectacular fireworks bring in new year despite warnings about the weather and travel problems. good morning, it's monday the ist of january.
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elsewhere in the news this morning: five british people, including an 11—year—old girl, are confirmed to have been killed when a sea plane crashed in australia yesterday. firefighters have been battling a blaze in a multi—storey car park in liverpool which has destroyed up to 1,400 vehicles. north korea's leader says his country's nuclear weapons are a "reality, not a threat" and the entire us mainland is a target. in sport, the winning run is over. and it takes an injury time penalty save to preserve manchester city's unbeaten record this season as they're given a scare at the palace. happy new year from bbc breakfast! from parliament square, the final preparations are under way for the annual new year's day parade with thousands of performers from around the world like these guys on texas!
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half a million people expected, 8000 performers, including these guys. and stav has the weather. happy new year. quite a lot of showers around, wet and windy in places but some sunshine into the afternoon but actually the start of 2018 is looking unsettled. more in 15 minutes. good morning and happy new year. first, our main story. millions of people around the world have been celebrating the start of 2018. more than 100,000 ticketholders watched london's midnight firework show from the banks of the river thames, and hogmanay celebrations went ahead in edinburgh, despite earlier travel and weather concerns, as simon clemison reports. it was one party big ben really couldn't miss. bong! chiming for new year, despite being silenced at the moment while repairs are carried out. cue 12,000 fireworks. whatever you did to finish 2017,
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whatever you are doing to start 2018, there are these 11 minutes and 15 second in the middle here in london when you look up and forget to breathe. the soundtrack dominated by female artists. the centenary of women beginning to get the vote — one way this year will be defined. any thoughts about what 2018 might hold for you? yeah, it's gonna be the best year ever! why is that? just a levels, we're gonna get our careers. we're gonna get into university! to university! gonna be good. do you want to get my kilt? yeah! in scotland, storm dylan had been an unwelcome party guest during the day but given the importance of hogmanay, it would take a lot to spoil
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the evening celebrations, even though winds of more than 70 miles an hour had hit some parts. in sydney, another quiet night, the harbour bridge somewhere in this picture. rainbow colours, a tribute to australia's legalisation of same—sex marriage in 2017. as city after city around the world rang in the new year, hong kong erupted, athens glowed, and moscow sparkled. there are still some countries to go. now new york has marked the moment, the last inhabited island, american samoa, will celebrate 25 hours after neighbouring islands first began the party. the five british citizens who died when a seaplane crashed in australia on new year's eve has been named. the australian pilot also died after crashing into a river 30 miles north of sydney. let's go live to our correspondent
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phil mercer neither scene for us in new south wales this morning. a real sense of tragedy there to start the new sense of tragedy there to start the ne that's right, and investigators say it could take many months to figure out exactly how and why a routine sightseeing trip did crush into idyllic waters to the north of sydney. —— crash. the dead have been identified as richard cousins, 58 yea rs of identified as richard cousins, 58 years of age, a successful is this man, chief executive of the compass group and was due to retire in march, he died alongside his two sons and also his fiancee who was in her late 405, and she died alongside her late 405, and she died alongside her 11—year—old daughter. so a terrible end to 2017 and we understand from the australian police that the wreckage of the seaplane at jeru5alem bay police that the wreckage of the
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seaplane atjerusalem bay near the town of cowan remained submerged in about 40 feet of water and a5 town of cowan remained submerged in about 40 feet of water and as we say, the investigation could take many months. thank you indeed. scores of people who had travelled to liverpool to celebrate the new year have had to spend the night in a temporary shelter after a fire in a multi—5torey car park next to the city's echo arena destroyed more than 1,000 vehicle5. steve saul reports. the fire is thought to have started in one vehicle on the third floor of the car park. emergency services arrived within minutes, but the flames quickly spread to other floors. police say 1,400 cars have been destroyed. up to 4,000 people are thought to have been left stranded in the city. the arena, on the city's waterfront, was hosting the liverpool international horse show. no spectators or animals have been injured. my car. all of our belongings in it. everything. i came over from northern ireland, and all my stuff — like, my suitcase and all my clothes
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are in it, all gone. mer5ey5ide fire and rescue service say this is one of the biggest fires they have ever dealt with, with crew5 working under challenging conditions from the outside of the building because of a real fear of structural collapse. the difficulty that we have is because this is so deep—seated, is to physically be able to get into — right into the middle of the building to put the fire out, which clearly is the extent of which the fire has taken hold there, we will not be able to do that for quite some time, given the structural stability issues with the building as well. liverpool city council are expected to help make arrangements to get those who have been left in the city back home later. temporary parking arrangements have been made so the arena can operate as normal. the president of iran has appealed for calm, saying people would have the right to protest but not to commit acts of violence, amid continuing anti—government protest5.
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in his first public comments since demonstrations against the government began on thursday, ha55an rouhani warned that violence and public disorder would not be tolerated. translation: the atmosphere for criticism, prote5t within a legal framework, is absolutely free but the atmosphere for destruction and unre5t is definitely not an atmosphere which people would tolerate. the north korean leader has said that he has a nuclear button on his desk. in a defiant new year message, kim jong—un said the united states would now never be able to start a war with north korea. earlier i spoke to sophie long in the south korean capital seoul. i asked if this just be seen as another in a long line of threats against the us? yeah, i think in terms, certainly, of his message to the united states, there was nothing new — another defiant message saying
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"we have a nuclear capability that can strike anywhere on your mainland". he also said "i have a nuclear button on my desk". does he have the capability to strike the us mainland in the way that he has boasted about? the answer to that is we don't know. we do know that he carried out the sixth and most powerful nuclear test in september of 2017 and he carried out a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile in november, which he said could strike anywhere on the us mainland. whether he has the ability to miniaturise the nuclear capability and put it on a missile that can reach the united states, we don't yet know, although many people, many analysts think that he might not be far off doing that. what was slightly more surprising was he had a much more consolatory tone towards south korea, his neighbour but also, of course, the united states' ally. he said to them that he was open to dialogue and he may even consider sending north korean athletes to the winter olympics which are due to take place in south korea in february. that's very important to the government here. president moon has said that if that were to happen,
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he thinks it could be a turning point in relations with north korea. sophie long 5peaking sophie long speaking to us earlier from seoul. the outgoing chairman of the police federation has claimed that members of the freema5on5 are blocking reform in policing. steve white to represent rank—and—file officers in england and wales met the comment in an interview with the guardian newspaper. the claim has been rejected by senior police officers and by the ma5on5, who say they uphold high moral principles and values. the archbishop of canterbury has paid tribute to emergency workers in his new year's day message. justin welby said 2018 could be defined either by human suffering or the compassionate response to it. here's our religion editor martin bashir. special coin5 marking 100—year anniversaries of women getting the right to vote and the end of the first world war are being released this year.
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the royal mint will also introduce one5 celebrating 200 years since the publication of mary shelley's frankenstein. the two—pound coin, marking the anniversary of the first world war armistice, features a quote from wilfred 0wen‘s poem strange meeting, which says "the truth untold, the pity of war". that's this morning's main stories. it is seven am, good morning and happy new year. if you are joining us, perhaps watching in liverpool this morning where around 1400 cars have been destroyed after a fire broke out in a multistorey car park. that is next to the cities echo arena, it happened last night where arena, it happened last night where a horse show was being held. mercifully no one was hurt but residents in nearby apartments were evacuated and the fire service tackled the blaze, many people left stranded without their cars. that's talked to paul conway at the scene last night, planning to visit the horse show at the echo arena.
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good morning and banks arejoining us good morning and banks arejoining us bright and early. describe the scene if you would reduce or last night. we arrived at the echo arena just after 6pm and everyone was being turned away, the fire brigade we re being turned away, the fire brigade were already on the scene. it was just a thought suggested we go along and have a drink somewhere and wait for it to clear. it appeared like it was just a normal for it to clear. it appeared like it wasjust a normal car for it to clear. it appeared like it was just a normal car fire, something of nothing, there wasn't much smoke at all. so we made our way out to one of the pubs adjacent to the echo and we thought it was ok and then we heard that the show was cancelled and we couldn't believe it, there wasn't that much of a fire, and then we started to see the fla mes fire, and then we started to see the flames coming out the side of the car park and obviously the fire brigade were there, putting a lot of water up the side of the building,
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but the fire was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. but the fire was just getting bigger and biggerand bigger. yeah, it became apparent that it wasn't going to get put out any time soon. looking at some of the this while you were talking there, paul, over 1400 cars, virtually every single car in the car park, was destroyed. what were people saying as they watched it unfold ? what were people saying as they watched it unfold? we happened to be at the bar talking to people while we we re at the bar talking to people while we were getting served and one of the bar man was looking out at it and said come on, it isn't that big, everybody‘s car who works in this building all parks in their deuk—hee the explosions of the petrol tanks and the tyres going and it was like gunfire at one stage. astonishing pictures while you are talking. 0bviously pictures while you are talking. obviously the horse show was taking place, you are involved in the equestrian world, i suppose kelly know one and no animal was injured
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because it is astonishing to look at this picture. as we decided to leave, we thought it would be a good idea to make our wake out of the area. we went past where the stables we re area. we went past where the stables were and i know that the horses had been taken out of the main arena, the ones who were competing, they we re the ones who were competing, they were in the temporary stables but what became apparent, all of the smoke was then blowing from the arena into the temporary stabling. so the horses had to be gotten out just in case they became overcome with the fumes. and everyone was mucking in helping get the horses out of their to the safety of the horse boxes which were parked around the corner. we are very grateful to you for talking to us, you made it home safely i presume because they think you said you parked somewhere else? very lucky that we parked somewhere else, if we had gotten their earlier we would have also had been parked in there so very lucky.
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grateful to you for your time, thank you, paul, and happy new year. 7:15 am, let's take a look at the weather if you are up right and early. the weather is not too bad. happy new year. it is looking unsettled to sta rt new year. it is looking unsettled to start the fascinating. windy for a time. two areas of low pressure. wet weather to northern ireland. this area of low pressure will batter france. a spell of wet and windy weather to southern counties of england in south wales. thundery showers to the south—west. they will go east in the next hour or so. spells of sunshine in the midlands
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and north. breezy. showers in northern ireland in scotland. gale force winds through northern ireland. they will go south into northern england and north wales. blustery showers. wintry on the high ground. improving in the south. sunshine. a bit cooler. 7— ten. light winds. a chilly night. changing in the west. the next area of low pressure moving in. we could see a touch of frost in the north. that is tuesday. cold and bright in central and eastern areas. the wet and windy weather will go east through the day. snow in the pennines and for the scottish hills. behind that, skies brightened up. blustery blustery showers moving in. mild in the south. the next area of
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low pressure will be nasty. a spell of severe gales and heavy rain at times. clearing on wednesday morning. blustery and windy, especially in the west. gales. showers in western areas. sunny spells in the east. 8— 10 degrees. the rest of the week looking u nsettled. the rest of the week looking unsettled. low pressure bringing spells of wind and rain. a little bit of sunshine in between. that will continue as we go on towards the weekend. thank you very much. we will speak to you a little bit later on. the start of the new year has many of us reflecting on the past 12 months and what we want to differently in the year ahead. we've been asking people in manchester what they hope to achieve in 2018. so, why do we set ourselves resolutions, and how can we make sure we stick to them? i'm joined now by psychotherapist, emma kenny. thank you for getting up so early on you use morning. —— on new year's.
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why are they so popular? many people make them. sticking to them is the issue. by the 28th of january, people have given up. that is because of the evidence behind why they give up. it is therapeutic, though. goalsetting is helpful and means you can recognise your success in the past and you can see what you are attributing success to as you move towards things. yesterday we we re move towards things. yesterday we were talking to the mental health foundation. they said sometimes you can put too much pressure on yourself. absolutely. the big problem with setting goals is people overwhelmed themselves. they will not say i have this priority to deal with. look at health. you cannot say i want to be healthier, you cannot, because it is too fluffy. so we have
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to have one priority area. 0nce because it is too fluffy. so we have to have one priority area. once you have mastered that, move on. did you have mastered that, move on. did you have chocolate? i gave it up last year. i just have chocolate? i gave it up last year. ijust had dark chocolate. what i did was make it specific. i gaveit what i did was make it specific. i gave it up. it is the same with going to the gym. if you say i will going to the gym. if you say i will go to the gym, you will not. if you say i will go outside ten minutes every day and then go once a week to the gym with my friend, you make it more specific, and easier to stick with. do not say i will lose weight, meet a new partner, go travelling, it will not happen. goals are good thing? yeah. do they make you more successful generally if you are a target focused person? if you look at research, it is very strong, any goalsetting is effective. basically,
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small and measurable and achievable realistic goals. people use different words. so, small, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time—bound. that's smart. you say i will lose £2 by not having big lunches. —— two pounds. say i will lose £2 by not having big lunches. -- two pounds. have you got one this year? i will walk with my children one day a week. it does not matter which day it is. really? congratulations! well done for persuading them. it is lovely to see you. persuading them. it is lovely to see you happy persuading them. it is lovely to see you. happy new year. some good
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advice on new year's resolutions. perhaps a few of them will be made in london. around half a million people are expected to turn out in central london for the annual new year's day parade. thousands of performers, including marching bands, cheerleaders, and stunt drivers are set to entertain the crowds. not content with all the frivolities last night. brea kfast‘s graham satchell is getting a taste of the action for us this morning. hgppy happy new year. you are not alone. we are not. we are surrounded by cheerleaders from various heights of america. they are rehearsing, going through theirfinal america. they are rehearsing, going through their final paces. it is called the new year's day parade. it kicks off a 12 o'clock. this is one of the cheerleaders. good morning. where are you from? the majority of us are where are you from? the majority of us are from texas. some, louisiana. have you been to london before? this is my first time out of the us. and what do you think what you are
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today? today isjust so exciting. the parade is super, like, we are also pumped and ready for this. hgppy also pumped and ready for this. happy new year. good luck. happy new year. as well as cheerleaders, we have many different things. you can see some stunt riders. they are from stu nted see some stunt riders. they are from stunted reality. there are two of them doing things i would not recommend doing if you are hung on new year's day. and this person is hopefully going to jump over a jeep! good job. he is from moto stunt international. and now a marching band from troy in ohio. they funded their trip today by selling thousands and thousands of doughnuts, believe it or not. i will chat to the lord mayor of westminster. good morning. good morning. this new year's day parade
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has been going on for 30 years. why did it start? it is a time of year with shops closing and museums and galleries shutting. it is a great way for westminster to showcase some of the best things we have to offer. what do you think are the highlights today? a variety. it is great to have american bands from the us. top performing bands. each of them have a float. we have inflatables, stunt drivers, the variety is the highlight. it is really an occasion forfamilies, i highlight. it is really an occasion for families, i suppose, highlight. it is really an occasion forfamilies, isuppose, and people who work and who are completely drunk overnight. yet. it is a good way to get rid of the early morning blues. you are hosting the event today. good luck. thank you very much. happy new year. the whole thing kicks off at 12 o'clock today. it starts at green park, goes
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through picadilly, and ends up in parliament square. if you are feeling hungover and want to get rid of the cobwebs, you could do worse. that is it from us. thank you. and thank you to your guests. it is great to see you at such an ungodly hour. it was almost a stunning end to the year. it was almost a stunning end to the yea r. crystal palace it was almost a stunning end to the year. crystal palace came so close to ending the unbeaten run of manchester city. late penalty drama in both of yesterday's premier league games. crystal palace missed a late one to snatch a win over leaders manchester city, as their 18 match unbeaten run came to an end yesterday, while west brom salvaged a point with a dubious penalty over arsenal. adam wild rounds up the action. still, it is rather hard to imagine just how things could get any better the message from fans was clear enough. still, it is rather hard to imagine just how things could get any better for manchester city. never has a team been so far ahead at the end of the year. to their potential, well,
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there seems no end. but against crystal palace, this was a new year lacking celebration. gabrieljesus, injured, leaving in tears. it was his replacement, sergio aguero, who went the closest in the first half. but this was not the brilliance from city that all have come to fear. victory would have equalled the european record. the target, then, straightforward. hitting it, seemingly less so. but palace are a side with aims of their own. they did have chances with which they should have done better. everyone seemed to know it. and that, ultimately, for them, is how this will be remembered. in the 90th minute, awarded a penalty. luca, though, unable to see the year out with a bang. so, not quite the perfect end to 2017 for either side. for both, new year's eve, as is so often the case, a bit of an anticlimax. elsewhere, a big day on the calendar of a rather different sort. at west brom, arsene wenger took charge of arsenal for the 811th premier league game, a new record. but there was much work to be done before any celebrations would be allowed to start. his team certainly made him wait. it wasn't until the second half before they found a way through. and even then it took
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a bit of fortune. alexis sanchez‘ free kick, deflected. but that was still far from the end of it. two minutes remaining, west brom were offered a hand back into it. this, deemed a penalty. and jay rodriguez gladly spoiled arsene wenger‘s special day. 1-1. a year laden with controversy and drama to the very end. and plenty more premier league action starting off today. exeter chiefs start the new year ten points clear at the top of the rugby union premiership. they beat leicester 30 points to six, with four second half tries at sandy park.
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that's tiger's sixth league defeat in a row, their worst run in over 50 years. alex gulrajani reports. 2017 will go down as a great year in exeter. champions for the first time, devon, now a must—stop shop for the england head coach. and with the chiefs clear at the top of the table, 2018 could be memorable as well. the only points early against leicester from the boot. the hands were making far too many errors. chances missed. and they were keeping in touch thanks to george ford. it took root strength to put the league leaders in charge. don carried them over. and now, a gap emerged between the sides. exeter certainly needed no help, yetjonny may was in a giving mood. straight into the arms of henry slade. the simplest of finishes. and those supporters may well have stayed on their feet, asjohnny hill went over not long after. and there was still time for more. a bonus point—winning try with the last play of the game. jack, with the perfect end to a monumental year for exeter.
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bbc news. scarlets won away at cardiff blues 14—11 in the pro—14. cardiff led at half time but scarlets fought back soon after the break. rhys patchell‘s try, their second of the match, sealed the win. the victory leaves them top of conference b. british number one johanna konta starts her season today with a match against the american madison keys at the brisbane international. it's her first tournament with new coach michaeljoyce and she says they are looking forward to starting the season together. england's cricketers have arrived in sydney ahead
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of the final ashes test which begins in three days' time. england head coach, trevor bayliss, says he still has full belief in all—rounder, moeen ali, despite his recent run of poor form. the 30—year—old has only taken three wickets and averaged 19 runs with the bat this series. he is always a guy that likes to keep playing. but... i have full confidence in him going forward, to be honest. i mean, it was only two months ago we were talking about him being one of the best all—rounders in the world. now, he reached the milestone, what was it, 2000 runs and 100 wickets. he got that quicker than everyone else. so, there we go, just three days until it starts again. one last chance to salvage some pride. thank you. stay with us. headlines are on the way. hello, this is breakfast
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with rogerjohnson. here's a summary of today's main stories from bbc news. millions of people around the world have been celebrating the start of the new year. more than 100,000 ticketholders watched london's midnight firework show from the banks of the river thames, and hogmanay celebrations went ahead in edinburgh, despite earlier travel and weather concerns. new york is one of the latest cities to toast 2018 with events in times square. los angeles and vancouver have to wait another two hours before the year changes. the five british citizens who died when a seaplane crashed in australia on new year's eve have been named.


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