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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11... two of the victims of a seaplane crash in australia are identified as an 11—year—old british girl and her mother, emma bowden. also among the dead, her fiancee and boss of a british company, richard cousins, and his two sons william and edward, both in their 20s. these are people who have come on holiday to visit australia, in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. for this to happen to them in a place like that is terrible. hundreds of people are stranded in liverpool city centre overnight after a car park fire damaged or destroyed 1,400 vehicles. iranian state media says the death toll in anti—government protests has risen to ten — the country's president warns that violence and disorder will not be tolerated. china bans the importation of waste plastic in a bid to cut pollution, but campaigners say it will have a major impact on global recycling. the archbishop of canterbury praises the response of emergency services to terror attacks and the grenfell tower disaster in his new year message. also this hour...
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ringing in the new year. london hosts its traditional fireworks display in front of a crowd of more than 100,000 as big ben chimes in 2018, despite its restoration work. and in half an hour, we will take a look back at an incredible year in hull, the uk city of culture. from the royal ballet, two world—class theatre and the most talked about artists, we will have all the highlights. good morning and welcome to bbc news. the chief executive of the british catering company, compass —
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and four members of his family — have been killed in a seaplane crash in australia. local police confirmed that richard cousins, who was 58, was on board the plane which crashed into a river 30 miles north of sydney yesterday. he died with his two sons, edward and william, who were in their 20s, his fiancee, emma bowden, and her 11—year—old daughter, heather. the australian pilot, gareth morgan, was also killed. earlier today, the detective superintendent fulcher you south wales police marine command held a news and —— the detective superintendent fulcher south wales police marine command held a news conference. we have, in the course of this investigation already, been in contact with the uk, and we believe, in fact we can confirm, that the persons involved in this matter, along with the pilot, were visitors from overseas. the plane is sitting in relatively deep water,
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but it is not an insurmountable operation for us. we will have the divers attend the scene, we have had a meeting this morning about the logistics of that and that meeting is currently under way, but once we get those details we will then move forward in salvaging the plane. but of course we are dependent on the conditions there. i think the incident is... talks for itself. this is people that have come over on holidays to visit australia, in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and for this to happen to them at a place like that is nothing more thanjust tragic. mr cousins was chief executive at catering firm compass group. the company confirmed the deaths in a statement. compass group chairman paul walsh said... 0ur sydney correspondent
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phil mercer is at the scene — he said police still don't know what caused the crash. air crash investigators say that their work could go on for many, many months, and their task is immense. in the first instance, they need to retrieve the wreckage of the seaplane that lies more than a0 feet, it is in the crash site. the crash site is a couple of miles to the north of where we are at westhead. the plane came down in a place called jerusalem bay, this is near the town of cowan on the hawkesbury river. as you can see, it is an idyllic part of the coastline.
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it is relatively close to sydney, but the area where the plane came down is tucked away, it is hard to reach, so of course piecing together the last moments of the aircraft is key to this investigation, so what investigators need to do is to retrieve, to salvage the aircraft to try to piece together, to establish how and why a routine scenic flight could end in disaster. and what, phil, can you tell us about the victims? well, we know that 58—year—old richard cousins was travelling with his two sons and his fiancee and her 11—year—old daughter. all five british holiday—makers have died, and we have been gleaning more information from eyewitnesses. there was a man speaking on australian radio earlier today, saying that he was on a houseboat 50 metres away when the plane, in his words, nosedived into the water. this man says that he dived in, that he tried to open
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the fuselage door, the door of the plane, as it crashed into the water. he said that it was sinking so quickly that he was simply unable to open that door and try to retrieve or help anyone inside escape. another eyewitness has been saying how the plane turned sharply right before ditching into the water. all of these eyewitness accounts will also form part of that investigation and, once again, air crash investigators do tell us this will be a very slow—moving investigation, a very painstaking one, and they say their work could go on for many, many months. phil mercer reporting. some news just some newsjust coming in some news just coming in from scotla nd some news just coming in from scotland yard, who say that detectives are investigating the unrelated, they say, knife markers of four young men in london. —— murders. three new year's eve and the force in the early hours of today. new year's day. to repeat,
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scotla nd today. new year's day. to repeat, scotland yard say that these four deaths are unrelated, they believe. four young men all stabbed to death in london. three in new year's eve and the fourth in the early hours of today. scores of people who had travelled to liverpool to celebrate the new year have had to spend the night in a temporary shelter after a fire in a multistorey car park next to the city's echo arena destroyed more than a thousand vehicles. steve saul reports. the fire is thought to have started in one vehicle on the third floor of the car park. emergency services arrived within minutes, but the flames quickly spread to other floors. police say 1,400 cars have been destroyed. up to 4,000 people are thought to have been left stranded in the city. the arena, on the city's waterfront, was hosting the liverpool international horse show. no spectators or animals have been injured. i've got a vehicle in there, yeah, so i'm unsure at the moment
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what it's going to be, we can't get anywhere near it. we've called family and friends from over north—east and huddersfield to come and pick us all up. my car. all our belongings in it. everything. i came over from northern ireland, and all my stuff — like, my suitcase and all my clothes are in it, all gone. merseyside fire and rescue service say this is one of the biggest fires they have ever dealt with, with crews working under very challenging conditions from the outside of the building because of a real fear of structural collapse. the difficulty that we have is, because this is so deep—seated, is to physically be able to get right into the middle of the building to put the fire out, which clearly, as the extent to which the fire has taken hold there, we're not going to be able to do that for quite some time, given the structural stability issues with the building as well. liverpool city council are expected to help make arrangements to get those who have been left in the city
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back home later. temporary parking arrangements have been made so the arena can operate as normal. 0ur correspondent, danny savage, has been describing the scene. it was a very dramatic night here in liverpool last night, with events happening at the car park behind us. 1400 cars going up in flames, it would have caused a very intense fire. pictures from the scene last night showed some black smoke blocking out this whole area. you can see over my shoulder the multistorey car park. the file is 110w multistorey car park. the file is now out. standing here this morning, you can't sense of smell anything from what happened last night. but there are hundreds and hundreds of ca i’s there are hundreds and hundreds of cars in the and the fire service is still on the scene. you can see the vehicles lined up behind me, all the different fire engines and merseyside fire service still here.
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the fire is out, it is now a case of making that building safe. there is a risk, say experts, that it might colla pse a risk, say experts, that it might collapse because of the intensity of the phailin the last 12 hours or so. they will be making the area safe before hopefully reopening the wider area injune of course. but there is area injune of course. but there is a lot of work to do. they have deployed the remains of all those cars, but only once they make sure the building site, that site is safe and the multistorey car park will not collapse. it could be a little while before people can return to any of those buildings immediately next to the car park, and indeed before people whose cars were in the can sort out what is a bit of a nightmare for them, insurance and so on and so forth. yes, lots of people turned up last night hoping to get their cars out and were told in the uncertain terms that it was not going to happen. you will never see your car again, was that it was not going to happen. you will never see your car again, was the basic message people had been
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given. they now have to approach their insurance companies. even the most basic of insurance has fire and theft, so they should be fine and covered by insurance. but the investigation will continue to see how it happened. there are other buildings very close to the multistorey car park. some apartments, hotels well. those buildings were evacuated during the fire last night. there is no indication yet of when people will be allowed back in. there was also the liverpool international horse show taking place. all the people taking part in the animals taking pa rt taking part in the animals taking part were led away to safety. thankfully, no—one was hurt but a very alarming sight on the quayside in liverpool. we write down by the dock area of the city, close to the mersey. the revellers of oil side of these buildings. the live building over there." many visitors to liverpool will recognise from sightseeing visits. that car park over the completely destroyed. all the vehicles in it. all the drivers
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can do, the people who have cars in the air is go to insurance companies and start negotiating and talking about getting a replacement vehicle. because all of those in the were totally destroyed. danny savage reporting. iranian state media says ten people have now been killed in anti—government protests. president rouhani has appealed for calm following several days of anti—government demonstrations, saying iranians have the right to protest, but not to commit acts of violence orjeopardise security. here, the archbishop of canterbury has paid tribute to emergency workers in his new year's day message. justin welby said 2018 could be defined either by human suffering or the compassionate response to it. here's our religion editor, martin bashir. paying tribute to the unrelenting dedication of the emergency services, archbishopjustin welby chose the london ambulance headquarters in waterloo to deliver his new year message. and he began by describing the terror attack at nearby london bridge and borough market.
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0n the third ofjune, as the terrifying events unfolded on london bridge and in borough market, staff took over 100 calls from those caught up in the atrocities. the archbishop went on to catalogue other terror attacks at manchester, westminster, finsbury park and parsons green, along with the tragedy at grenfell tower. i visited grenfell tower while it was still burning. i remember the desperation and sorrow. you all right? visiting borough market six months after the attack, justin welby witnessed the recovery of a community that, like others, has inspired the nation. in concluding his message, the archbishop asked, what will define us in the year ahead? will it be the depth of suffering, or the breadth of compassion? the darkness, or the light of human kindness? it is a choice. but not one we have to make alone. jesus christ, the light of the world, weeps for our struggles,
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works for our healing, and invites us to walk in his light. he is right there with us in the midst of everything. may i wish you all a very happy new year. martin bashir, bbc news, borough market, london. and you can see the archbishop of canterbury's new year message at 12.55 on bbc one and 4.25 on bbc two, apart from in scotland. the north korean leader has said that he has a nuclear button on his desk. in a defiant new year message, kim jong un says now that north korea had developed the capability to hit all of the us mainland with its nuclear weapons, washington would never start a war. he added he would not order the use of weapons unless his country's security was threatened. translation: no matter how much
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the united states shows off their nuclear weapons and frantically provokes war, now that we have a deterrence, the us will not be able to do anything, and if north and south korea put our minds together, we can easily prevent war. as a responsible, powerful nuclear state that promotes peace, we will not use our nuclear weapons unless an invasive enemy violates our sovereignty and interests. however, we will respond firmly to actions that destroy peace and security. robert kelly is professor of prodigal science in south korea. he told my colleague that kim jong un chose his words carefully to make an impact. it is a nice moment of hyperbole and brings up moments of movies from the 80s, like a big red button or something like that. a bit of drama. there is a question of how much the north korean government controls the nuclear programme. the
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chain of command. 0ther controls the nuclear programme. the chain of command. other than that, the speech was pretty typical. a lot of belligerent stuff that we have heard from the north koreans before. there was an olive branch regarding the olympics, designed to split the us and south korea part because the united states have been trying hard to isolate north korea this year. if the north koreans come to the 0lympics, i get international event, it looks like they will be accepted by the international community. so it is an odd... it was a smart move by the north korean ‘s and awed for the americans and south koreans. what you expect from washington, given the slightly more conciliatory dialogue? the south koreans will look into it. their president there isa look into it. their president there is a liberal. he was an architect of what is known as the sunshine policy. donald trump has been reckless in his use of twitter and
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we talked about korea, quite belligerent. it is easy to see the trump administration and south korean ministries getting into a tussle for this but i don't think we will see a big followed. this is probably just will see a big followed. this is probablyjust a will see a big followed. this is probably just a ploy. will see a big followed. this is probablyjust a ploy. professor robert kelly. millions of people around the world have been celebrating the start of 2018. more than 100,000 ticket holders watched london's midnight firework show from the banks of the river thames and hogmanay celebrations went ahead in edinburgh despite earlier travel and weather concerns, as simon clemison reports. it was one party big ben really couldn't miss. bong! chiming for new year, despite being silenced at the moment while repairs are carried out. cue 12,000 fireworks. whatever you did to finish 2017, whatever you're doing to start 2018, there are these 11 minutes and 15 seconds in the middle here in london when you look up and forget to breathe. music.
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the soundtrack dominated by female artists. the centenary of women beginning to get the vote — one way this year will be defined. have you thought about what 2018 might hold for you? yeah, it's going to be the best year ever! why's that? just a levels, we're going to get our careers... we're going get into university! go to university! going to be good. do you want to get my kilt? yeah! in scotland, storm dylan had been an unwelcome party guest during the day but, given the importance of hogmanay, it would take a lot to spoil the evening celebrations, even though winds of more than 70 miles an hour had hit some parts. in sydney, another quiet night, the harbour bridge somewhere in this picture. rainbow colours, a tribute to australia's legalisation of same—sex marriage in 2017.
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as city after city around the world rang in the new year, hong kong erupted, athens glowed, and moscow sparkled. there are still some countries to go. now new york has marked the moment, the last inhabited island, american samoa, will celebrate 25 hours after neighbouring islands first began the party. some more detail about that story we told you of a few minutes ago from scotla nd told you of a few minutes ago from scotland yard, saying that detectives are investigating the stabbings, the fatal stabbings of four young men in london on new year's eve and in the early hours of this morning. unrelated attacks, they say. the details are that an 18—year—old man was fatally stabbed in enfield on new year's eve. a
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20—year—old man, again, fatally stabbed in west ham on new year's eve. a 17—year—old male again fatally stabbed on new year's eve as well. in election to the enfield stabbing, they say that five men have been arrested. at around 2:35am this morning, a 20 old man fatally stabbed and a second man in his 20s taken to hospital suffering from critical stab injuries. commander neiljerome of the met‘s authority has appealed for information about the attacks. these four tragic deaths at the start of the year should persuade you know to make london saferforfamily should persuade you know to make london safer for family and friends in 2018, he said. the police are appealing for assistance in relation to those four murders. the headlines on bbc news... the victims of a seaplane crash near sydney are named
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as britons emma bowden and her 11—year—old daughter heather, while the boss of a british company, his two sons and a pilot also died. hundreds of people are left stranded in liverpool city centre overnight, after a car park fire damaged or destroyed 1400 vehicles. iran's president warns that violence and disorder will not be tolerated, amidst large demonstrations. reports suggest that ten people have now been killed. sport now. let's get a full round—up from the bbc‘s board centre. —— sport centre. good morning. we're just a couple of hours away from the first premier league action of 2018, after a dramatic end to the last year. there were late penalties, in both of yesterday's premier league games. crystal palace missed a late one, and with it a chance
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to become the first team this season to beat manchester city in the league, while west brom salvaged a point, with a dubious penalty over arsenal. adam wild rounds up the action. the message from fans was clear enough, but it is hard to imagine just how things could get any better for manchester city. never has a tea m for manchester city. never has a team been so far ahead at the end of the year. to the potential, there seems to be no end. against crystal palace, this was a new year lacking celebration. gabrieljesus injured, living in tears. it was his replacement, sergio aguero, that when the closest in the first—half but this was not the billions from manchester city that all have come to fear. victory would have equalled the european record. the target was straightforward. hitting it was seemingly less so. palace are side with names of their own. they had chances, with which they should have done better. ultimately, that is how this will be remembered. in the 90th minute, awarded a penalty. they were
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unable to see the unit with a bang, however. not quite the perfect end to 2017 for either side. 4—ball, new year's eve, as is so often the case, bit ofan year's eve, as is so often the case, bit of an anti—climax. elsewhere, a big day on the calendar of a different sort at west brom, arsene wenger took charge of arsenal for the 811 premier league game, new record. but there was much work to be done before any celebrations would be allowed to start. his team 78 in weight. it was not until the second half until they found their way through and it took good fortune. sanchez‘s free kick deflected in. with just fortune. sanchez‘s free kick deflected in. withjust moments left, that was far from the end of it. two minutes remaining, west brom handed a hand back into it. this was deemed a penalty and arsene wenger‘s special day was spoiled. drama to the very end. looking ahead to this afternoon...
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manchester united managerjose mourinho says he has problems ahead of today's premier league game at everton. united have slipped to third, after a run of three draws. mourinho has to contend with injuries to romelu lukaku, and zlatan ibrahimovic, as well as ashley young beginning a three match ban. we have problems. difficulty to rotate players. the fact that we do not claim the capital cup semifinal isa not claim the capital cup semifinal is a good thing for us because we have no players to play these extra possible matches injanuary. now we have to cope with everton and derby county. derby going well in the championship, facing united in the fa cup next week. liverpool can stretch their unbeaten run to 16 games with a win at burnley this afternoon. it won't be easy. burnley won this fixture last season, and drew at anfield in september. we will be ready because we have to
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be ready. that is not a friendly game for us. it is very important for us. three points to get against a very strong side. they are having a very strong side. they are having a good moment in the league. i said it after the burnley game, it was one of the best games we played. we we re one of the best games we played. we were creating, treating, creating. they fought hard and that is why they deserved the point. but, in general, it is a difficult place to go. while england's cricketers prepare for the fifth test in sydney, some of the one—day players have been playing in the big bash t20 leak. jos buttler has been impressing for syd ney jos buttler has been impressing for sydney thunder and hit 81 in sydney before being run out today. his effo rts before being run out today. his efforts were not enough to stop his side's 9—1 defeat. he also hit 67 of 41 balls in hobart at the weekend. david willey put paid to the short innings of england's jason roy for
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the sydney sixers. he was out for just seven runs. they are 90—3 with personal to bat. england's next game against australia starts in melbourne on the 14th of january. china is banning most imports of waste plastics in a bid to cut pollution. authorities say any plastic waste which contains dirty or hazardous material will not be allowed into the country. countries across the world have relied on china to recycle millions of tonnes every year at a cheap cost. a little earlier, i spoke to our correspondent john sudworth in beijing. this was a process that dove—tailed with china's economic development. for many years, it has used this supply of cheap, old plastic, reprocessed here in china to feed into its own sort of low
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grade industrial base. these were plastics being used in low—end manufacturing, in the construction industry, but of course it all came at a cost. a lot of these repossessing centres have poor environmental safeguards. china is increasingly concerned about the issue of pollution, of course, and there was a real worry that this industry was contaminating soil and water and having a knock on health impact on communities living near some of these giant reprocessing plants and i think also a bit of political expediency as well. china is, of course, at the moment — its leadership talking about this sense of national rejuvenation, its vision of itself as a leading world power. that doesn't sit very well with being the world's binman, if you like, and state media are making it very clear in some of its commentaries that this
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was a practice that simply had to change. so it fits with the political zeitgeist then. but do you feel it is a genuine push for change? i think so. i mean, they are very serious about it. it is 24 categories of waste that won't be allowed into china. plastics, low grade paper, the sorts of things that other economies have long come to depend on china to take and it will cause a real headache for governments around the world which will, of course, now have to find new ways of disposing or recycling millions of tonnes of this kind of waste and a lot of people suggesting, a lot of governments are pretty unprepared for what is going to be a significant impact on the global recycling industry. jon sopel worth talking earlier from beijing. it is time for the latest weather forecast. hello. the staff of 2018 looks
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pretty unsettled this week. lots of low pressure systems moving in towards our shores with spells of deals and heavy rain. there will be some sunshine in between. improving picture across southern parts of the uk into the afternoon. that area wet and windy weather clears away. we will see windy weather across northern ireland, says wescott and, putting into the midlands by the afternoon. best of the sunshine on central and southern areas. 0vernight, it looks like twins will fall like. high pressure builds in and it will be quite chilly. temperatures coming up across the west because we have this weather system moving in, bringing rising temperatures, strong winds and outbreaks of heavy rain that will turn to snow over the pennines in certain across the higher ground of scotland. as that moves away, a rash of showers moving in behind, some sunshine, meaning it is a bit milder across the site. —— says.
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this is bbc news, our latest headlines. two of the victims of a seaplane crash in australia are identified as an 11—year—old british girl and her mother, emma bowden. also among the dead, her fiance and the head of a british company, richard cousins, and his two sons william and edward, both in their 20s. hundreds of people are stranded in liverpool city centre overnight, after a car park fire damaged or destroyed 14000 vehicles. ——1400 vehicles. state media in iran says the death toll in anti—government


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