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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 3, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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to watford, and move 15 points clear at the top of the premier league. andy carroll scores twice, including a late winner for west ham, as they beat west brom to move out of the relegation zone. and andy murray pulls out of the brisbane international, saying he may need surgery on a persistent hip injury. hello, and welcome to the programme. we start with football news. there were four english premier league games on tuesday. league—leaders manchester city were 3—1winners at home to watford, a result that moves them 15 points clear at the top of the table. the bbc‘s guy mowbray was commmentating on the game. a new year, no botherfor manchester city, as their march towards the title goes on. pep guardiola's team unbeaten in 13 months. it all
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started very early for them tonight. raheem sterling scoring 39 seconds into the contest. sergio aguero made it three and that sealed the points, for sure. and only an andrei gray goal was a consolation for watford, who have lost six games in seven in the premier league. it has been easy, and at times too easy for manchester city tonight, casual. we played really good. we could have scored i don't know how many goals. after dropping two points we talked about what would be our reaction, because the big teams drop points not too much. and since the beginning we had a good performance and we won the game.
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totte n ha m tottenham haven't featured since the boxing day game and they have two matches in 48 hours, the first against swansea. torrential conditions hampered the play in the first half. tottenham scored through fernando fear fiorente and then dele alli scored as they return to fifth place. i think we dominated, and we tried to create chances, maybe not too much, but enough to go into half—time winning. i think, yes, overall, the game was... we were better and i think we deserved to win, the three points was the most important, to play well, 0k, win, the three points was the most important, to play well, ok, but i think the effort and the circumstances were difficult and i'm very pleased therefore for the team.
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west ham along with spurs played the first of two games in 48 hours and they were at home to west bromwich albion. andy carroll scored both goals at london stadium, his first of the season, including a late winner for david moyes‘s side. that takes them up to 16th and out of the relegation zone while alan pardew‘s west brom remain 19th. well, it was so important, because obviously it could have gone either way, the game, especially the first half, we were not good, but the second half we were much more like it. and in recent games we felt hard done by, against newcastle, certainly against bournemouth in the last game, and today we were rewarded for keeping at it and, sort of, just being diligent and not giving up. crystal palace also came from a goal down to win 2—1 at southampton. luka mili—voyavitch scored the winner for roy hodgson‘s side with ten minutes remaining, taking them up three places to 14th, while the saints drop
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two spots to 17th. it seems the new year is not bringing good news for men's tennis. the latest casualty is former world number one andy murray. he posted this picture of himself as a young schoolboy, along with the news that he is pulling out of this week's brisbane international tournament. he says he may have to consider surgery because of the persistent hip injury that's kept him out of action for the last six months. murray said that he'd played a number of practice sets and didn't feel like he was back to his best and able to compete. he says he's now faced with two options, to either continue his rehab or undergo surgery. but he says the chances of the surgery having a successful outcome are not as good as he would have hoped. and, finally, he added how much he's missing the game and that he would give anything to be back competing. our tennis correspondent russell fuller has more. this instagram post gives us a real insight into how he's feeling and how traumatised he's been by the whole experience, this inability to do what he loves most, which is to compete against the other best
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players in the world on a tennis court. the frustration for murray is that the advice he was given seems to have been very much about rehab is his best option and he would a lwa ys is his best option and he would always work incredibly hard at making sure he's done everything in his power to recover as quickly as possible. but once he's put that to the test against a mother of the top players in the world here in brisbane this week he has realised that so far even the best part of six months‘ rest has not got his hip to where it needs to be and therefore, even though he still doesn‘t want to go down this route, he says he may have to consider surgery, he says he may have to consider surgery, which would probably mean three months out of the game before he even starts to make his return, so he even starts to make his return, soi he even starts to make his return, so i think if he did go down that route it would be summer at the very earliest before we saw him back on the tennis court. the wimbledon champion garbine muguruza was forced to withdraw from the brisbane international for the fourth year in a row after suffering from cramp. the world number two was leading 2—1 in the deciding set of her second—round match against serbia‘s aleksandra krunic.
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but in 30 degree heat, she collapsed following a serve and had to be helped from the court. the defeat ends any hope muguruza may have had of replacing simona halep at the top of the rankings before the australian open. i felt ifelt in i felt in trouble in the second set, when i was 2—0 up. i started to feel my calves were cramping, and i continue to think that, with the match, it might go away. and then there were increasing, increasing... then i had a large part of my body cramping. i felt then i had a large part of my body cramping. ifelta then i had a large part of my body cramping. ifelt a little bit in the warmup already that i was feeling very, like, heavy, buti warmup already that i was feeling very, like, heavy, but i think it was just the toughness of the match and, you know, a lot of good rallies, very intense, very hot humidity, and, i don‘t know, i don‘t
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really cramp lot, so i am actually surprised today that my body was like that. no such concerns for roger federer, who helped switzerland to another win at the hopman cup in perth. in their second match of the group phase, the swiss beat russia 3—0, with federer beating karen khachanov in straight sets. he took the first set 6—3, but was taken all the way to a tie—beak in the second. in the same group, the usa were awarded a 2—1win overjapan from a tie in which no matches were completed, and only one started. jack sock was forced to retire during his match against yuichi sugita, after sustaining a hip injury during the first set. earlier, naomi osaka withdrew from her match with coco vandeway through illness, and she was ruled to have forfeited the mixed doubles rubber too. that gave the usa a 2—0 lead before sock‘s injury handed a consolation point to the japanese. golf, and the pga tour
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resumes this week. the tournament of champions is the first of back—to—back events taking place in hawaii. last year, both tournaments were won byjustin thomas, who went on the win the us pga championship and the fedex cup later in the season. jordan spieth also did well in hawaii last year, finishing third in both events. he‘s hoping to start 2018 by regaining the tournament of champions title he won two years ago. it is nice coming back year. you know, i look at four or five courses ina yearwhere, know, i look at four or five courses in a year where, for whatever reason, i seem to have success, whether i am playing the grade or whether i am playing the grade or whether i am just kind of getting through it, and this is one of those places, so to start the year out the
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way that i have the previous three times has been a nice springboard to, kind of, feel my house money, feel like i am free rolling as you go in after a strong start at the beginning of the year, so looking forward to the beginning of this week and next week. i had to third—place finishers to start the year last year and that was good momentum that it started with a win at pebble beach, so a lot can come at pebble beach, so a lot can come at these two weeks. very much looking forward to that. also, what we are looking forward to is cleveland cavaliers, who are 93 points to 91 up in the nba match at the moment. isaiah thomas is making his comeback in that game. he hasn‘t played since may when he picked up a hip injury. pardon me. that was playing for the boston celtics. thomas has come back. he has picked up thomas has come back. he has picked up12 thomas has come back. he has picked up 12 points thomas has come back. he has picked up12 points and thomas has come back. he has picked up 12 points and to assist so far. the big man of course lebronjames
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is leading the way and the cavaliers are up two points with ten minutes remaining. everything else on the website. but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the wonderful sport today team, it‘s goodbye. a very windy, stormy night for some, and certainly a stormy start to wednesday. met office amber be prepared warnings for the wind likely to expire during the early hours of wednesday. it‘s likely we could see disruptions, power cuts, trees down in places because of this, storm eleanor, which brought in very strong winds across parts of ireland during tuesday evening. it‘s continuing its journey eastwards. tightly packed isoba rs across much of the country, away from the north of scotland, which will have relatively light winds. but very strong winds to start
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wednesday across the north of england, southern scotland. 70—90 mph gusts. 60 mph across england and wales, with the risk of 70, maybe 80 mph across the south coast there. so likely to be some disruption from these severe gales for much of the uk through the early hours. and to start wednesday, keep tuned to bbc radio, particularly if you head out for the morning rush. a very windy morning, gale force winds. the severe gale easing down as storm eleanor moves out to the north sea. but (lenty of showers rattling through the morning and also into the afternoon. some of these showers will be heavy with some hail and thunder. very squally, gusty winds as they arrive. but, in between, there will be spells of sunshine. top temperatures reaching around 10 degrees across the south. it may not be like that because of the strength of the winds. plenty of showers further north as well, merging together to form longer spells of rain.
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but, actually, pretty quite across the north of scotland. fairly light winds, sunshine, showers there into the northern isles. wednesday, a brief respite, the wind will die down somewhat. plenty of clear spells. it‘s going to be quite a cool night to come. but then we look to the south—west, to the next area of low pressure, which will make inroads during wednesday night and into the start of thursday. now, this area of low pressure will be a little bit further south. so it looks like we could see the strongest winds across southern britain, certainly south wales, southern england seeing gale force winds. but quite mild with it. 12 or 13 degrees despite all the heavy rain. thursday, maybe a bit cooler, maybe snow in the higher ground, outbreaks of rain. fairly strong winds here, too, but not as strong as in the south. as we head through friday, transitional days. the weather front moving southwards. heavy rain on it. behind it, the air turns much colder. we start to see increasing amounts of snow to the hills and then down to lower levels. and that‘s a sign of things to come into the weekend. much colder air pouring down across the uk, it‘s likely to introduce some snow showers in places and a return
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to overnight frosts. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: taking sides in iran — the us calls for a un security council meeting, the us calls for a un security council meeting, after denying claims it was involved in anti—government protests. tragedy in peru — at least 36 people are killed as their coach plummets down a cliff near the capital, lima. the long climb out of poverty — a special report on china‘s hopes to lift millions of people from their remote villages into a better life. the continued existence of serious, widespread poverty represents a threat to the very legitimacy of a communist party that came to power promising to help communities like these, not leave them behind. the plastics problem — why the uk is under pressure to find new ways to recycle waste, following china‘s new policy.
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