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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 4, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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to postpone some operations in england until next month, saying she knows it's "difficult, frustrating and disappointing". her comments came after bbc analysis found that one in eight patients taken to hospital in england by ambulance this winter faced a delay of more than 30 minutes on arrival. the environment secretary has set out how farming subsidies will be dealt with after brexit, saying farmers will receive payments to protect the countryside. one of britain's most prolific sex offenders, john worboys, who raped and sexually assaulted women who were passengers in his black cab, has been approved for release from prison. president donald trump has threatened legal action to prevent publication of a book containing explosive allegations about his presidency. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news: in beyond 100
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days, christian fraser and katty kay will be getting reaction to the news that donald trump's lawyers are trying to prevent the publication of a book containing explosive allegations about his presidency. as more evidence of the pressure faced by the nhs this winter, we'll be live at a hospital in lancashire. and we'll have more on the irn bru fans who've been stockpiling the soft drink ahead of a planned recipe change! that's all ahead on bbc news. now it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm holly hamilton. on tonight's programme... on his way home — andy murray pulls out of this month's australia open after failing to recover from an ongoing hip injury. injury worries for britain's johanna konta, too. she retires from her quarter—final match at the brisbane international. we look ahead to this evening's football,
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as tottenham host west ham at wembley. iam going i am going to have the twists and turns from the ashes. good evening — and welcome. we start with the news that andy murray has pulled out of the australian open after failing to recover from an ongoing hip injury. the three—time grand slam tennis champion hasn't played a competitive match since wimbledon last summer. and there's been more bad news in the women's game. british number one johanna konta was forced to retire from her brisbane open quarter—final, also because of a hip injury. here's our tennis correspondent russell fuller. and a major setback for andy. he is desperate to resume his tennis career. number one, for a love of
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playing, but also wanting to compete for the titles. the frustration has really hit him. he has been doing six months of painstaking rehabilitation and still not being in any condition when he can trust that hip sufficiently to compete with the best on the biggest stage of all. after posting that heartfelt instagram image, it was inevitable he was going to fly home. does he have any other option than surgery? the best option to get his career back on track? former british number one andrew castle has been speaking to bbc sport, and says while murray's career may not be over, it will be along way back to recovery. it is very sad when somebody has to retire. i it is very sad when somebody has to retire. lam it is very sad when somebody has to retire. i am assuming this is the end of his career. it may not be. forgive me. i have got a new hip. it
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has an awful long way back. if surgery is required. it is sad. it is not a disaster. he has had a marvellous career. two children at home. fantastic marriage. the positives are there. but if this is retirement, the inability to go ahead, it's not on his terms. shame. it was very poignant when he posted oi'i it was very poignant when he posted on instagram, he just wanted to compete again. just wanted to play. like a child. people just want to play, feel the ball, the racket. people always assume it is something that you have always wanted to do, always going to become professional, win wimbledon. it is not like that. it is the love of the game first. a shame. injury worries for britain's number
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one female tennis player too. johanna konta retired from her quarter—final at the brisbane international after an injury to her right hip. she needed treatment during the deciding set against elina svitolina and ended the match when serving at 3—2 down. but she says her focus is still on defending her sydney international title in a few days. i definitely was pleased i was able to start the match, at the level i wa nted to start the match, at the level i wanted to play. credit to my opponent for hanging in. it was very close. but that is the beauty of tennis. i was really looking forward to the third set. a shame. eye could not finish. we will need to get some physio treatment, and did some good sleep. wake up, take it from there. i will definitely give it the maximum amount of time, so i can play in sydney. not going to be the only ones missing from sydney. the build—up has been dominated by
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withdrawals. these are those who are expected to be missing. nishikori. wrist injury. that is since last august. he feels he needs more thing to continue rehabilitation. djokovic has not played since wimbledon last summer. going to use exhibition competitions next week to determine if his elbow is up to the rigours of competitive action. wawrinka has also not played since wimbledon. knee issues. and nadal. withdrawing from the brisbane international. that has been meeting to fears about if he can compete. the wimbledon champion muguruza broke down in tea rs champion muguruza broke down in tears in brisbane. suffering from severe cramp. with so many
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potentially out, it could leave the door open for a new one, a new winner to emerge. two late wickets took the shine off a good opening day for england. root went for 83. jonny bairstow, five. australia have already won the series. england lost the first three. it has happened again. from tranquillity, england have got into trouble. blowing the chance to get into a dominant position. the task was a dilemma. the captain decided to bat. then
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that part emerged of england batsmen getting out. alastair cook was trapped, after australia used the review. and alongside them, mallan, dropped by the australian captain but then making 50. and then, instead of sending the night watchman out, england sent outjonny ba i rstow. watchman out, england sent outjonny bairstow. england must somehow try to make the competitive total, but on those closing hours, has the damage already been done. on those closing hours, has the damage already been donelj on those closing hours, has the damage already been done. i think it sums up the tour. we make some
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mistakes and suddenly we have let them back in. to be five down, it is obviously not ideal. what do you think the competitive total is going to be? the position tonight before those, we would have been looking to get 400, 450. losing these wickets has put us back a bit. no reason that we cannot get another 150. has put us back a bit. no reason that we cannot get another 150m was great to get the reward, as the bowling group. those sessions related things out of us. to get those last few chances, it was great for the confidence. hopefully we can get stuck in. also coming up in the programme... manchester city's women's newest
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star... from afghanistan. and from the bottom of a ruck to in front of an easel — we meet former newcastle falcons scrum half shaun richardson. the christmas premier league fixture period comes to an end this evening with the rearranged game between tottenham and west ham at wembley. spurs hope to have harry kane in the starting line—up after he began on the bench for the 2—0 win against swansea on tuesday. bbc radio 5 live have live commantory of the game which kicks off at eight — their commentator alistair bruceball has sent us this preview from the home of football. it is the second game in three days for both of these. tottenham won at swa nsea. for both of these. tottenham won at swansea. west ham weaving things until late at the london stadium, defeating west bromich albion. that was the game that david moyes had
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said west ham had to win. possibly some pressure off said west ham had to win. possibly some pressure off them at wembley. pochettino, he knows that tottenham have got to win. he could have kane back. among all the other goal—scoring feats, he has managed seven in his last six against west ham. david moyes has been born.|j would need to think about getting some of the best centre halves to come out of retirement. he is so good. look... ithink come out of retirement. he is so good. look... i think everybody likes kane. he deserves what he has got. he has developed his own career. everybody admires him. he does this with humility. good luck. i will but is not against us! and if you like football statistics, west ham have not lost a london derby at
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wembley, winners in 1975 v fulham, 1980, and also against tottenham, 2-0 1980, and also against tottenham, 2—0 down at ht, eventually winning 3-2. 2—0 down at ht, eventually winning 3—2. you can get the game on five live. west brom manager alan pardew does not believe jake livermore will face action from the fa over a confrontation with a fan during his side's 2—1 loss to west ham at the london stadium. livermore was reacting to comments about the death of his infant son in 2014. pardew say he will be available to play this weekend in the fa cup. by by think anyone who has been through the trauma, we know that the impact is massive. i cannot possibly reflect on that. the incident is what it was. i think the football
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association and everybody else are understanding of the situation. it is in the hands of west ham. i think or poorly they are going to deal with this situation. i have got no concern about his playing ability, he was hot by the situation as you would imagine. and the media have been very supportive of him. i think he has got that comfort. he's going to be ok. manchester city women's latest signing nadia nadim says she wants to ‘be a part of history‘ after arriving at the wsl club. it's the latest detination in the denmark striker‘s incredible life story. born in afghanistan, she had to flee her war torn country as a child after the taliban murdererd herfather. she, along with her mother and four sisters paid traffickers to take them to england but were evenutally
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dumped in rural denmark. they were placed in a refugee centre but it was there that she found her love of football. i want to contribute. i want to score goals. i want to win trophies. and i want to walk out. i want to be a part of history. the club is so young. women's football. but they have achieved so much, just being pa rt have achieved so much, just being part of the journey... train to reach an even higher level, it is amusing. i really want to do something. i want people to talk about how she did great stuff! your route into football was very different. tell me about the first time you got a football. it was from
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my dad. we played something else with it. girls weren't allowed to do sports. my knowledge of football was very little before we went to denmark. that is when i started playing. i saw it for real. we were young kids from different countries. we didn't have anything to do but learn new stuff. it started as fun. butter then it became an obsession. the competition, it got into every single kid. yeah. world do you know about manchester city? how much research have you done about the place? actually not that much. i
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have been really busy. i have not done much research. i like the fact that i have sean —— shown up, tried to learn, adapt. i have had positive impressions, than the weather! good place. you have already had a good taste for the weather?” place. you have already had a good taste for the weather? i know. they said it is good to last four couple of months and not even get much better. it scares me! now with a new year some people may also be contemplating a newjob. but perhaps not as dramatic a career change as this one. shaun richardson once played alongside jonny wilkinson at newcastle falcons. but when an accident ended his career he swopped a life of crunching tackles—for delicate brush strokes. shaun now earns a living as an artist. but as mark denten reports, he's kept his sporting links. but the simple buzz of being at the
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by but the simple buzz of being at the rugby ground has never left shaun richardson. he has played with some of the biggest names. jonny wilkinson, armstrong, all of those iconic people. internationals. it was a good environment. learned my trade. but he has had to lay on a new trade. a car accident cut short the rugby trade. making the most delicate touches, on one of these compositions, he earns a living from fine art. it has always been my life. growing up, many hours designing trainers, paint, just anything that interested me that that time. after my gcses, i chose
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to do graphic design. it was my passion outside of rugby. and some of the most famous names are his customers. to paint jonny wilkinson, iconic people, that is my passion. we have the connection with middlesbrough? ben gibson. really good customer. george friend. iconic in middlesbrough. and the change from those crunching tackles to favour, feather brushes... taken it in his stride. rugby player. up against guys who are 69! it is something totally different. it is almost pre match nerves. by think what am i going to produce? the competitive streak that has been
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with you, that's still there? definitely. what a talent. the super league returns at the beginning of next month and it was the first day back in training for some of england's world cup stars as they returned to their club warrington wolves — butjust before they get back on the pitch, some team bonding was on the cards. stuart pollittjoined them. last seen scaling the heights of our cup final, it is back down to earth. this seems a lot harder at the moment than being as you were in the final. how good are you with heights? it is making me feel a
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little bit funny. moving backwards. eventually, after some deep breaths, kevin made it done. you were not that keen? i was trying to hide that but really do not want to do that. i was looking down and thinking what have i done. do not be alarmed. the players also have the chance to go off road, looking to get the season on track. obviously doing something right. it is good to get away from training. it is good to be mingling with everyone. it was an opportunity to catch the eye of


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