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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 6, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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but struggling to climb above freezing in parts of scotland. there will be a little more cloud developing as we go through the early half of next week. it stays cold for most. this is bbc news. our latest headlines: donald trump attacks the author of a new book about the white house as a "fraud" and defends his mental state. it follows claims that people around him doubted his fitness for office. i consider it a work of fiction and i think it's a disgrace that somebody‘s able to have something, do something like that. the libel laws are very weak in this country. if they were strong it would be very helpful. you wouldn't have things like that happen, where you can say whatever comes to your head. an ambitious service has apologised to the family of a woman who died after a four our weight for an
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ambulance. jeremy corbyn said that this should not be happening in this country. at least 17 civilians have died in syrian air strikes. more than 500 major employers have revealed their gender pay gaps. easyjet, ladbrokes and virgin money are among those who have disclosed that they pay women, on average, at least 15% less than men. weather forecasters are warning of record—breaking low temperatures of minus a0 degrees celsius in north—east america. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster. these are our sportsday headlines tonight: sky blue sinking — stoke are humbled by coventry city in the fa cup. liverpool cash in on coutinho —
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barcelona get their man for a reported 142 million. australia turn the screw in sydney, as england look to avoid defeat in the final ashes test. and the oldest horse and the youngestjockey — that's the winning combination at the welsh national. good evening. there are 25 fa cup 3rd round ties today. for the first time in over 50 years, no non—league clubs are involved but that doesn't mean that we haven't have had a couple of shocks. all the results coming up in a moment, but here's tim hague with some of today's cup headlines. the fa cup third round. many a
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football fan's favoured weekend of the season. not if you support stoke city. first, a tie with commentary. —— with coventry. charlie adam was allowed the chance to score his first goal in over a year. a replay for stoke after all, perhaps? not so, because a writeback of jack grimmer then did perhaps? not so, because a writeback ofjack grimmer then did this. perhaps? not so, because a writeback ofjack grimmer then did thism perhaps? not so, because a writeback ofjack grimmer then did this. it is in! the shock is back on. he made marcuse' future look even more grim. things were looking miserable for bournemouth as well. at home and 2—0 down inside half an hour. but could the 2013 winners hold on? nearly. it
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was made 2—1 before bournemouth‘s blushes were saved. the scorer‘s second goal in a week. there was another draw in the black country as well. more sendings off than goals. the first was ugly, the second cynical. wilson should have won this one. the result neither the promotion hopefuls or the relegation scrap is wanted. third round, first time in our lifetime known non—league teams in there. a funny one today, with those 25 ties. but commentary, former winners back in 1987. but it was
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certainly their day to day against stoke. we have talked about the pressure on marcuse in the last few weeks. surely that will be it, isn't it? i think so. a former team-mate at manchester united, this was a wonderful cup tie. i really enjoyed this game. unless you are a stoke fan, you have to really feel happy for the coventry players. 20 years ago, they were in the premier league, ten years ago they were playing stoke. they went through administration but now have finally something to celebrate. stoke have conceded more goals than any other team. any changes to that team? it was a strong team, they did make changes, but it was a strong team. they couldn't save the game. we will hear from they couldn't save the game. we will hearfrom dues in a moment. but first we will hear from the winning manager. an outstanding achievement. third in league two, playing a team
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that are full of stars. some of them will be playing in the world cup. some of them already play international football. to come out oi'i international football. to come out on top in that game without scrapping for holding on. we look forward to the draw. when a premier league side goes out to a lower league side, it is news. it has happened. we need to pick ourselves up happened. we need to pick ourselves up and understand why it happened. there are key things we need to address, i have already touched on our defensive work. all in all, credit to coventry once again. they deserved the win. we will see how that one plays out. a similar story with wigan. former glories, winners of this competition five years ago, ina bit of this competition five years ago, in a bit of of this competition five years ago, ina bit ofa of this competition five years ago, in a bit of a spiral. they put up a
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fight against bournemouth. bournemouth got out ofjail in injury timejust to bournemouth got out ofjail in injury time just to get a replay. wigan were unlucky. they only made one change. bournemouth made nearly eight changes. they got it back to 2-2. eight changes. they got it back to 2—2. paul cook, the wigan boss, was furious because they had a very good penalty shout turned down just before bournemouth‘s equaliser. that isa before bournemouth‘s equaliser. that is a big talking point after this game. bournemouth will have a replay, one they could do without.|j thought we had some good moments in that second half. we penned them in. you think we have got the quality to break them down, but they are tough nut to crack. we are pleased with our response and i thought we deserved the two goals that we got. we we re deserved the two goals that we got. we were slightly unfortunate not to nick them. the first type of the day was a bit of a stinker. leicester,
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did they make lots of changes? they made eight and it almost cost them. fleetwood town deserved to win this game. credit to them for the fact it was a poor game, because leicester city did not have a shot on target. you could say it is down to leicester, but it was down to fleetwood. it was all built up an jeremy pardey returning to the team he played a few years ago. he had a groin injury and couldn't play. this was a chance at the end. what a chanceit was a chance at the end. what a chance it was, just hitting the post. jamie vardy nearly watching his current team go out against his previous team. let's hearfrom his current team go out against his previous team. let's hear from the managers. we went about our business today in a very impressive manner. we played against a team eighth in the premier league. i think we were close to winning the tie, the boys
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played really well. first half, we played really well. first half, we played more passing football. the second half, we had to play more direct. the pitch was cut up in the second half and hour young boys played with a lot of maturity today. it was a tough game for us against a good team. we are lucky at the end. the replay is a good thing after this game, but congratulations to the opponent because they played well and with quality. the build-up to the third round, pep guardiola was asked whether they could do the quadruple, just when everything going. he laughed it off, saying it was ridiculous. they were 1—0 down at half—time against burnley. we thought it was one competition they
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would be out of. he took it seriously, he was worried when this went in. burnley are having a good season. this was a turning point, second half, two goals in two minutes for sergio aguero. it was a strong team from pep guardiola. it ended up 4—1. a very strong team, the likes of fernandinho and pep guardiola. you could tell from that that pep guardiola really wants to win this season. danny pugh is, a couple of wins on the bounce, beating sunderland 2—0. couple of wins on the bounce, beating sunderland 2-0. second successive season they are through to the fourth round. made a good start. two wins out of two. braithwaite added the second. into
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the fourth round again. trying to get promotion is the priority. they are off the pace at the moment, but it isa are off the pace at the moment, but it is a good win for tony pulis and middlesbrough. sunderland are still bottom of the championship as well. the last of the 25 ties under way at ca rrow the last of the 25 ties under way at carrow road. i haven't had a look at the team news of this one. it is goalless at the moment. a strong chelsea team, but they have made changes. a poor game. we talked about some excellent games today, like the stoke/ coventry game. this is the best chance was no eden has. he is being rested. it is a strong chelsea team. antonio conte will be disappointed with the performance so far. we will go through some of the other ties today. newcastle struck three ina nine ties today. newcastle struck three in a nine minute spell, including that one from jonjo shelvey to see
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off luton town. alan pardew has got his first win as west bromwich boss. west brom's first win since august, that. james ward—prowse scored the only goal at full, their first win in ten. let's pick our way through some of the other results. anything jump some of the other results. anything jump out? aston villa losing. they we re jump out? aston villa losing. they were 1—0 jump out? aston villa losing. they were1—0 up jump out? aston villa losing. they were 1—0 up against peterborough until the 70 good minute. a great comeback. what a right—wing that is. what a loss that is for steve bruce. cardiff city, third in the championship, held by mansfield town, forcing a replay. that will be
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tough for cardiff in that replay. let's see the next wave of results. we mentioned fulham just losing to southampton, losing that losing run. milton keynes dons beating qpr. southampton, losing that losing run. milton keynes dons beating 0pr.i stat about qpr, that is now a0 9/3—round defeat in the history. that is a joint worst record with plymouth argyle. that is a stat of the day. yeovil town, we have to mention them. a lot of people have their eyes on them in the third round draw because they are from league two. liverpool beat everton in the cup. the fa going to investigate that incident between the two players. a very angry
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exchange. the referee was forced to intervene. neither player was booked at the time was the bid was mentioned in the match report. the fa will investigate to see what caused that flash point. liverpool say they will incorporate with any investigation. some breaking news in the last hour or so. this tract on all last summer, felipe coutinho, it didn't happen for 118 million. we understand it will now happen for 1a2 million. understand it will now happen for 142 million. a huge blow for liverpool to lose him in mid—season. he will go to barcelona, but be able to play in the champions league because he will be cup tied. liverpool will lose one of their big stars, but the bbc website report 1a5 million upfront. will they try
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to signa 1a5 million upfront. will they try to sign a replacement in this window? they have got a little bit left over after virgil van dijk, and they will go back into the transfer market. perhaps they want a replacement to turn three into four. this is really going to have a huge impact on what happens next in the january transfer window. it all sta rts january transfer window. it all starts now. thank you. still goalless at carrow road. the series is already lost 3—0, and england's hopes of signing off from the ashes with a win now look to be futile. australia closed the third third day on a79 for a, a lead of 133 runs with 6 first—innings wickets in hand. patrick gearey is in sydney for us. this wasn't the day england wanted. they hoped their spinners might run
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through australia and even preserve some sort of first—innings lead. as it was, they had to toil in the heat ona it was, they had to toil in the heat on a special day here in sydney. after a series of fiercely partisan colours, a shared shade. sydney has worn pink once a year for a colours, a shared shade. sydney has worn pink once a yearfor a decade in honour of the breast cancer charity co—founded by jane mcgrath, late wife of glenn. steve smith, the uncrackable coal. but moeen ali's eureka moment. smith left a void in. crane could have had his first test wicket. fine margins. and a reprieve that allowed australia into a lead only three wickets down. england needed energy badly. it came from
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crane. they had him for 171. in baking temperatures, the marsh brothers turned the england team into their stooges. a training day in every sense. australia well in charge, england feeling tired. let's hear from both camps. a pretty tough day. we are 150 overs into the innings, there will be a futile bodies out there. that is part and parcel of test cricket. not the first time we will have fielded 150 overs and not the last, i'm sure. the way they toiled out there and work hard was impressive to stop thatis work hard was impressive to stop that is good to see for us as a side going forward. both of the marsh brothers have copped a lot of slack in the last couple of years. to see them go out there and play well, the play the way that we know they could
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both play, they are great bikes, the whole family is so nice, it is really nice to see. england 133 runs behind and they will have to go back into the field on the fourth day of this test, when the expect temperatures might even reach a0 celsius. that will be brutal. the page starting to spin evermore in time for the last england innings of this ashes series, when they might have to bat to save this test. northampton have ended their run of seven consecutive premiership defeats with a 22—19 win over gloucester at franklin's gardens. the visitors led for much of the match, but a final—minute penalty try gave saints their first win since september. gloucester earnt a losing bonus point, with tries forjames hanson and john afoa in addition to their own penalty try. just four points in it at welford road as leicester ended their losing run beat bottom of the table london irish.
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manu tuilagi with one of three leicester tries. elsewhere there was a very narrow win for sale sharks who beat harlequins by a single point to see them up to sixth place. 0spreys were winners in the welsh derby in the pro1a beating cardiff blues by a single point. this piece of quick thinking from wales' fly half dan biggar set up what proved to be the winning score for 0spreys, it was finished off byjustin tipuric. the blues mounted a late comeback but the home side held on to win 29—28 in swansea. cardiff are still without a win there in 12 years. glasgow warriors remain top of the table — they won away at zebre a0 points to 20. the visitors had secured a bonus point by half—time, before second—half tries from leejones and nick grigg took their tally to six. warriors have now won 12 of their 13 league matches this season, picking up ten bonus points along the way. five games today in all — lei nster/ulster got
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under way at 5:35pm. it is currently 19—0 to the home side there. 16—year—old james bowen has won the welsh grand national on raz de maree at chepstow. the 16—1 shot took the lead two fences from home and powered to victory. the welshman becomes the youngest jockey to win the race, riding on the joint—oldest horse. the race had been postponed from the 27th december due to a waterlogged course. after phil taylor bowed out in darts pdc final earlier this week, today the sport's other world championship got under way, the bdo at lakeside. and the face of this competition for so many years has been martin wolfie adams, but he was beaten by the number two seed mark mcgeeney, in a match that went all the way to a deciding leg in the fifth and final set. this is wolfie's 25th
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appearance at lakeside, he's won it three times, but he was on the wrong side of the result this time. great britain's mica moore and misha mcneill crashed out the latest round of the bobsleigh world cup this afternoon. the pair had been in seventh place after their first run but caught the wall halfway their second attempt and turned the sled over. they both were able to get out safely but seemed shaken. moore and mcneill have been competing this season with the help of crowdfunding, after their support was withdrawn by british bobsleigh. we're going to end with something we've never covered before on sportsday — ninjitsu. it fuses gymnastics and free running and you can become a professional. a professional ninja! 10 years after it started as a tv contest injapan, athletes in the uk are competing for the ath competition here.
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mike bushell went along to one of the dozens of places where you can start on a ninja course — europe's newest and largest one in manchester. running up the wall, hanging upside down, the increasingly common ninja. it is one of the new sporting crazes to be hitting the uk, and it started injapan. to be hitting the uk, and it started in japan. straight away, to be hitting the uk, and it started injapan. straight away, you can see how challenging a major cause is. with the simple curtain swings, testing even the best of them. a ninja is officially defined as a person skilled in the japanese art of ninja —— of ninjitsu. those at the top of the sport are turning professional. your usual body like a monkey. you are climbing, twisting your body, drawing strength from the
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co re your body, drawing strength from the core area. if you try out in the gym, you are not getting anywhere near to a ninja warrior. while johnny trains on the professional course in manchester, there are a beginner slopes to get you started as your racial makes for fun. you can move up to the intermediate and advanced courses where the walls get bigger. i know it is a race, but it is in the planning as well. look at that for a roll! this is the best place, in the end. it is different to your normal gym, you had your ninja obstacles. it is fun. the gym can be boring, so this keep you motivated and having fun. it is mentally and physically challenging, it doesn't matter how fit you are, you need to have that
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technique to get you across the apparatus. ninja courses around the world have become famous for their various challenges, like the spider walk. the longer you stay on this, the sweaty eu get. i think we are ready to jump. you can't think you do itand ready to jump. you can't think you do it and then you just do it. you have your friends motivating you to do it. the infamous climate the end, when you eventually get their... that's it. ninja warrior. a bit of cheating, maybe. but you dealfeel like you have conquered the universe. what nonsense. but marginally more exciting than what is happening at caro road. still goalless between norwich and chelsea. a full update at 7:30pm. good evening. you can't fail to have
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noticed how the weather it has been getting colder over the last day or so, and that trend is continuing through the weekend. here was the scene as we finished in ayrshire. many parts of the country will see those clear skies as high pressure builds. by by dawn, look at these temperatures, evenin by dawn, look at these temperatures, even in towns and sam —— even in towns and cities, below freezing. we could potentially have temperatures tomorrow as low as —15 degrees for the sheltered glens of scotland, making it one of the coldest nights we have seen in around seven years. further south, more cloud. across
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scotland, temperatures still well below freezing, —8 or so. for northern ireland, lots of sunshine after a chilly start. i widespread frost and also some icy stretches, especially across the north—east and down to the midlands where we have had showers today. not quite as cold further south. plenty of sunshine. a sparkling day across the country. a little bit of cloud here and there, but watch for the icy stretches after that bitterly cold start to the day. the sunshine will not warm things up too quickly. cabbages between freezing 25a7 further south. —— to five or seven. monday starting ona —— to five or seven. monday starting on a cold night. subzero temperatures across the northern half of the country. monday, a
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change in wind direction. lots of sunshine once again. temperatures cold but not quite as cold as sunday, with cabbages between two and six celsius. the blue colour get cleared away to the east as we go into dues do. yellow colours reappear on the map. some milder air moving in from the atlantic as we move through into tuesday. a more breezy day, especially in the west and we have a weather front approaching with brain later on tuesday. still a lot of dry and settled weather in the next couple of days. keep tuned to the latest warnings, they could be some icy stretches tomorrow morning. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: calling himself a "very stable genius", president trump hits back at the author who's book claims his administration is in chaos. i consider it a work of fiction, and i think it's a disgrace that somebody is able to do
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something like that. the libel laws are very weak in this country. if they strong, it would be very helpful, you wouldn't have things like that happen, where you can say whatever comes into your head. an ambulance service apologises to the family of a woman who died after almost a four hour wait for paramedics. air strikes on a rebel—held area of syria are thought to have killed at least 17 civilians. house of fraser confirms it's asking landlords to reduce the rent it pays for some of its stores.
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