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tv   Newsday  BBC News  January 8, 2018 12:00am-12:31am GMT

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i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore, the headlines — red carpet—ready for the golden globes — the first major hollywood award ceremony since the sexual harassment scandals. we hear from one of its top stars. the bbc‘s china editor, carrie gracie, steps down from the role — citing unequal pay compared with her male colleagues. i'm reged ahmad in london. also in the programme. sydney in australia experiences its hottest weather in nearly 80 years, with temperatures up to 47.3 degrees celsius. and — the indian child bride who has turned her life around to become a national wrestling champion. live from our studios in singapore and london. this is bbc world news.
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its newsday. good morning. it's 8am in singapore, midnight in london and 4pm in los angeles, where the film awards season gets under way in an hour's time — with the 75th golden globes. this will be no ordinary showbiz gathering. it's the first major awards ceremony since hollywood was hit by a succession of sexual harassment scandals involving some of the most powerful people in the industry. many are determined to highlight the issue by wearing black on the red carpet, in a show of support for victims. some winners could use their acceptance speeches to speak about it, too. this report from james cook in los angeles. this year the red carpet will host a protest, not a party. the downfall of movie mogul harvey weinstein exposed decades of sexual abuse and harassment in hollywood and now scores of stars are wearing black to the golden globes in solidarity. people will be in black, but i don't think it'll be funereal,
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i think it'll be a celebration of all of us saying it's time to deal with this and not put up with it any more. we're wearing black not only to represent hollywood, but to stand up for women across all industries and to support them. so much darkness is creating unity and people are standing together. unfortunately, tragic times bring unity. the cleansing has already begun. accused of sexual assault, kevin spacey was cut from this film and replaced with christopher plummer. co—star michelle williams told me she shot her scenes again for free. films, because they're larger than life, they glorify people, and i couldn't bear the thought of being in a movie that glorified somebody who had hurt people. is what is happening in hollywood a permanent, significant change, do you think? everyone is working day and night to create the kind of change that will be permanent.
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our hope is to hand our daughters a different world. the mood at the golden globes is different this year. some of the world's most famous actresses are going to be accompanied on the red carpet by activists as part of their demand for equality in the entertainment industry and the wider world. james cook, bbc news, los angeles. our correspondent peter bowes is also in los angeles. he says that it's very likely that the issue of sexual harassment will come up in acceptance speeches. almost certainly. the winners will lose —— use some of their valuable 45 seconds to refer to this issue which really is overwhelming everything about the traditional awards season and as we have already heard, many of the actresses planning to wear black in solidarity with those who have been involved in
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sexual harassment cases. not only solidarity with fellow entertainers but anyone in any walk of life who has suffered in this way. at times up has suffered in this way. at times up campaign which was launched on new year's day makes a big point of that. it's not just new year's day makes a big point of that. it's notjust about hollywood, it's about women and men from all kinds of occupations. peter, you are in la, we can see the hollywood sign behind you. this all started with the weinstein allegations within the hollywood industry. if there a feeling that this is a watershed moment? yes, there is, quite frankly. a lot of these women are saying and this is why they are choosing the phrase time's up. there isa choosing the phrase time's up. there is a sense that men in particularly that have been getting away with sexual harassment on movie sets, in studios, some are facing very serious allegations like harvey
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weinstein and kevin spacey, that this behaviour simply won't be tolerated in the future in the way that seemingly it has been in the past. and the golden globes are yet to kick off but they kind of thing to kick off but they kind of thing to start the awards season and the oscars are next. will this role into other awards that are coming up? yes, i do. other awards that are coming up? yes, ido. i other awards that are coming up? yes, i do. ithink other awards that are coming up? yes, i do. i think this will dominate the entire awards season. this is, as you say, the first big show. the major show is the oscars inafew show. the major show is the oscars in a few weeks time. —— weeks'. i think it is likely this campaign will continue all the way through. it isa will continue all the way through. it is a huge opportunity for people who want to highlight this issue to a global audience. millions of people around the world watch these shows and with the issue still quite fresh in people ‘s minds, i think they want to grasp this opportunity. here at the bbc our china editor carrie gracie has stepped down from her role, citing what she called an "indefensible" pay gap with male colleagues. she made the announcement in an open letter,
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in which she said that the bbc was breaking equality law. our media editor amol rajan explained more. is saying that carrie gracie who appears frequently on this programme, she has been at the bbc for over 30 years and her essential allegation in this letter is that the bbc discriminates illegally against women by paying many of them less tha n against women by paying many of them less than men who are doing equivalentjobs. the key point is that she doesn't want a pay rise, she wants to be paid the same as men who she sees as doing the equivalent job of being an international editor. the bbc says they take the issue very seriously and that they have taken not one but three internal audits of page and they go much further than other public organisations on the issue of pay. " pay- organisations on the issue of pay. —— pay. the salaries of on—air staff getting over £150,000. now they'll be on the front of tomorrow's times.
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200 women have complained internally. this is not nowjust about internal staff management. it is also about public perception to the corporation. there is a real danger that if carrie gracie's letter leads to legal action, that bbc and bbc news could be generating headlines for all the wrong reasons. more than 30 people are missing after a collision between an oil tanker and a cargo ship off the east coast of china. the missing sailors — mostly iranians — are all from the tanker, which is still on fire. 136—thousand barrels of oil — worth around 60 million dollars — is either burning or spilling into the sea. rescue operations have been launched. the us ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, has told abc that president trump's tweets against north korean leader kim jong—un are useful to ‘keep him on his toes‘. she also confirmed that there is a real risk of a nuclear standoff. we are not going to let them go in
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drama ties the fact that they have button right on their desk and that they can destroy america. we want to a lwa ys they can destroy america. we want to always remind them, we can destroy you, too. be cautious with your words and what you do. i know it's something that makes people nervous that if we didn't do it, we would be in an... stew think the tweet was a goodidea? in an... stew think the tweet was a good idea? i think he needs to keep kim on his toes. we can't let him get so arrogant that he doesn't realise the reality. the german chancellor, angela merkel, says she's optimistic that her centre—right christian democrat party can reach a coalition deal with the centre—left social democrats. five days of talks have just begun, three months after mrs merkel failed to win a parliamentary majority. syrian state television says that the army has broken the siege of an army base encircled by opposition forces, in east ghouta, on the outskirts of damascus. rebels had widened their control over parts of the base last sunday. earlier, 18 people were killed in an explosion in idlib, to the north of the country. the explosion targeted the headquarters of a rebel group. malaysia's long—serving
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former prime minister, mahathir mohamad, has been chosen once again as a candidate for the top job — at the age of 92. mr mahathir resigned as prime minister in 2003, but has been drawn back into politics because of his opposition to the current prime minister, najib razak. let's take a look at yet more disruption caused by winter storm grayson, which has swept the east coast of america this week. this isjfk airport in new york, where flooding has led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights. it got so bad water poured from the ceiling onto check—in desks, covering most of the floor in terminal 4. while the us east coast has been in the grip of arctic conditions, the australian city of sydney has experienced its hottest weather in nearly eighty years. temperatures reached a sweltering 47.3 celsius.
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there have been several major bushfires and athletes have struggled to complete their matches. rylee carlson reports. it is summer in australia but cabbages are soaring to uncomfortable highs. sydney hasn't been this hot for 79 years, leaving people struggling to stay cool. fans taking in the ashes cricket tournament ditched their shirts and dug out an brel is to watch the test match in temperatures of 47 celsius. —— dug out umbrellas. bello part of the southern hemisphere are experiencing heat. —— parts of the southern hemisphere. the south african servers are issuing warnings of heatwaves. australia is expecting large parts of australia to be more than 40 celsius this weekend. with
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very high risk of fire in parts of southern australia. that risk is becoming a reality with fire crews stretched to the limit trying to get brushfires under control. one crew had to take shelter in their trucks as the fast moving fire burnt over the top of them. there was minimal damage to the appliance and no injuries to the crew. while they are shaken. and strong winds are not helping, fanning the flames across 8000 days of farming land so far. when i was trying to move out in the south direction, it jumped when i was trying to move out in the south direction, itjumped in front so south direction, itjumped in front soi south direction, itjumped in front so i had to turn back and come back to the house, terabyte, surrounding me isa to the house, terabyte, surrounding me is a smoke. —— terrified. it is thick with smoke and it has just gone a bit dark so obviously now the smoke is it so thick in the sky it is blocking out the sun. a number of
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properties were destroyed in the states of victoria and south australia and residents have been warned to prepare for more. the winter of 2017 was one of the driest on record. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: the stunning shot that picked up a top international photographic prize. also on the programme... sculpting in ice — the international competition in the chinese city of harbin the japanese people are in mourning following the death of emperor hirohito. thousands converged on the imperial palace to pay their respects when it announced he was dead. good grief! after half a century of delighting fans around the world, charlie brown and the rest of the gang are calling it quits. the singer paul simon starts his tour of south africa tomorrow, in spite of protests and violence from some black activist groups.
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they say international artists should continue to boycott south africa until majority rule is established. teams were trying to scoop up lumps of oil as france recognises it faces an ecological crisis. three weeks ago, the authorities confidently assured these areas that the oil from the broken tanker erika would head out to sea. it didn't. the world's tallest skyscraper opens later today. the burj dubai has easily overtaken its nearest rivals. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. i'm reged ahmed in london. our top stories. hollywood is getting red carpet—ready for the golden globes — it's the first major award ceremony since the sexual harassment scandals. the bbc‘s china editor carrie gracie is stepping down from her role, citing unequal pay compared with her male colleagues.
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looking out the papers around the world. again called love and producer. that's said to be like a romantic novel — female players can pursue relationships with four different men. while the download is free, the game's add—ons are reportedly making nearly 50,000 dollars a day for its creators. the uk's financial times looks at the contrast between two really extreme temperatures. while the usa's new hampshire has been at minus 73.3 degrees centigrade with wind chill, australia's capital sydney has hit 47 degrees.
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i'm not sure where i'd rather be. and the china daily looks the country's people's liberation army beginning land, waterand airtraining in the coming week. president xi jinping has called on the military to continue improving its combat—ready training so it will be able to win modern wars. now what's caught your eye online, reged 7 it's the german tennis star boris becker hitting back at what he describes as a "racist" tweet by a far—right mp. it comes afterjens maier — of alternative for germany — used a derogatory word to describe becker's son, noah. he has an african—american grandfather on his mother's side. the twitter post has since been deleted. after months of escalating nuclear tension, senior officials
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from the two koreas are due to meet on tuesday for the first time in more than two years. they will discuss a proposal by kim jong—un to send a delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea — so is everyone is holding their breath? and is this meeting really going to happen? joining me now from seoul is hyung eun—kim from our korean service. the first talks between the two that since 2015 so there is much anticipation. resume you believe the media there is all over it? that is correct. tomorrow at a border village high ranking officials from seoul and pyongyang will be meeting in two years. from what we know so far there will be a 5—member delegations from both sides and the southern side will be led by the
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unification minister. the northern side will be led by his counterpart who is the chairman of the committee for the peaceful reunification of career. hopes are high. some people even say that this may be the last chance for sole to talk to pyongyang. it was two years ago, december 2015, that the two koreas met and back then it was vice ministerial talks. met and back then it was vice ministerialtalks. priorto met and back then it was vice ministerial talks. prior to the meeting, working level officials met to set up details and there was a power struggle as to when the meeting should be held, where the meeting should be held, where the meeting should be held. however this time around it tookjust a week for both sides to settle the meeting, the date, participants and venue so it is happening fast. it sounds potentially as if an outcome may be positive. are we now part of was prompted by north korea's need to
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participate in the winter olympics happening in south korea. will north korea have a strong bargaining position? i think so. korea have a strong bargaining position? ithink so. because participation in the olympics marked the first time that north korea will be taking part in olympics taking place in south korea. however, on the north korean side as well, some people are saying that the reason for the north's overtures is that the north feels pressured because of growing international sanctions. the north also has something to gain from this, definitely, and the north has generally been weak in winter sports however some people say that the leader comment kim jong—un, sports however some people say that the leader comment kimjong—un, is highly invested in winter sports. he studied in switzerland and has built several ski resorts and is known to
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love skiing. we will be watching that closely when it kicks off tomorrow. india has the highest number of child brides in the world. almost half of girls there are married before they are 18 even though the practice is illegal. but some girls are determined not to let it stop them. 21—year—old neetu was married and a mother at 14, and she has gone on become a champion wrestler winning a medal in the national games. and inspirational story there. when nature photographer jayaprakash bojan set off for the island of borneo last august, he didn't quite imagine that a photo he shot there would make him national geographic‘s nature photographer of the year. this photo of an orangutan crossing a river was chosen as the winning photo from more than 11,000 entries. jayaprakash took the image while standing in the water himself, as he came face—to—face with the orangutan, which has been since been nicknamed cooper. we spoke to jayaprakash earlier about his journey to this point.
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i have been travelling extensively over south east asia for the last two years chasing primates. i was in borneo through a week i photographed several orangutans, several proboscis monkeys. two days before i had to leave i was having a chat with a local ranger and he happened to say that he had seen a male orangutan a few miles down the river occasionally crossing the river. i knew i had to see this. we got to the location overnight with the help of the rangers, hoping to see him in the morning because he normally goes in the morning. unfortunately he did not show up. i came back and i knew it was a natural history moment and had to see this. so i stayed another day and thankfully the next morning he showed up and what you see is there in the pictures. we were just looking at that photo and what comes across as the vulnerability of the orangutan. it is incredibly unusual
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for these primates to be crossing rivers in the first place, isn't it? absolutely. there is no reason for them to be in the water. they are quite water shy, if surely knowing these waters have crocodiles in them. but i guess illegal logging, palm oilfarming them. but i guess illegal logging, palm oil farming and them. but i guess illegal logging, palm oilfarming and the pet trade and these challenges have pushed them to the edge. while i am not a scientist, i think the two possible reasons, one is that they are adapting to the changing environment or two it is something they picked up or two it is something they picked up looking at humans in their surroundings. i believe we have this photograph of you taking the shot as well because as you mentioned is not safe for the orangutan to be there is it safe for you because there are crocodiles and all sorts of dangers. it is not the best example to show
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the i just want to let the viewer is no it was done under supervision, with the support of a large team and a lot of planning because being on location for over two days... sometimes the adrenaline rush takes over when you are passionate about something. you just forget and you live in the moment. you have been watching newsday. stay with us. still to come: eighth of january is known as divorce day in india — we'll be hearing from one divorcee trying to help couples navigate their way through a process still surrounded by stigma. before we go, let's take you to glacial northern china and the city of harbin. this isn't a construction site — it's an international ice sculpture competition, which has attracted artists from 14 countries around the world. the sculptors are given solid blocks of ice from the nearby songhua river. they can use tools of their choice and have three days to complete their imaginative designs —
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frostbite permitting. that's all for now — stay with bbc world news. it has been a cold and wintry filling weekend and that she will continue into the first part of the new working week. this is how things looked on sunday afternoon. you can see the snow lying on the hills with blue skies. monday morning starts on a cold and frosty note. there will be some sunshine similar to some that but it will be more confined to the northern part of the country. what we have a monday morning as cloud moving further northwards to temperatures to start the day is minus double digits across rural parts of scotland. a cold day across scotland, northern ireland and northern england to watch up to beat odd icy stretch and patches of mist
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a further south, cloudy, anywhere south of birmingham will be great in the morning with hill fog across the south—west. this cloud could bring a new spots of drizzle and snow gray and, frozen drops of precipitation. feeling quite chilly where you are stuck under the cloud in the south. lighter winds for northern england, northern ireland and scotland. a real north south split the day with temperatures to — five in the north and the sunshine, 4—7 in the south of feeling colder with the breeze. through the course of monday night we will see the cloud thickening and moving northwards across all the country. bringing with it a lot of low cloud, helpful, mist and murk and also some drizzle and the risk of ice as well as that drizzle falls on the cold surface. tuesday morning sta rts on the cold surface. tuesday morning starts grey, cold and icy. through the day things will start to slowly improve as the winds pick up a bit from the west and so the cloud
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should just break up a little bit later on in the day. there will be a little drizzle here and there ahead of the next band of wet weather moving into the west later on. the wind will pick up as well. top temperatures by tuesday 3— seven degrees in most places you could just see double digits returning to the south—west later in the day. this frontal system will move in. tuesday night into wednesday bringing a spell of rain. bumps into an area of high pressure so it does not move quickly will linger on wednesday bringing spells of rain to the eastern part of the country. on the eastern part of the country. on the west a return to sunny skies we re the west a return to sunny skies were sunshine and a few set showers. temperatures at 5— 10 degrees. mob through the middle of the week after an icy start. summarising the week ahead at it is a cold start, oliver frost first thing. rain through the middle part of the week and then eventually things will become less cold later in the week. i'm richard ahmad with bbc news. the
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golden globes film awards in los angeles, dominated by the hollywood sexual harassment scandals. stars have vowed to wear black in a show of support for victims of sexual assault and sexism. the issue is also likely to feature in acceptance speeches. the bbc‘s china editor carrie gracie is stepping down from her post, citing unequal pay with her post, citing unequal pay with her male colleagues. she accused the bbc of having a secretive and illegal pay culture. this video is trending on bbc .com. the chinese city, an international ice sculpture competition which has attracted artists from 14 countries are the world. the artists are given solid blocks of ice from the nearby river. those are the headlines. coming up on bbc world news, hardtalk.
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