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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  January 8, 2018 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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dominated by the hollywood sexual harassment scandals. stars of film and television have vowed to wear black on the red carpet in a show of support for victims of sexual assault and sexism. the issue is also likely to feature in acceptance speeches. the bbc‘s china editor, carrie gracie, is stepping down from her post, citing unequal pay compared with her male colleagues. ms gracie accused the bbc of having a secretive and illegal pay culture. and this video is trending on in the chinese city of harbin, an international ice sculpture competition, which has attracted artists from m countries around the world. the sculptors are given solid blocks of ice from the nearby songhua river. they can use tools of their choice and have three days in which to complete their imaginative designs, frostbite permitting. judging is on monday. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: theresa may has confirmed that she's about to carry out a reshuffle amid reports that several ministers could be sacked. stay with bbc news.
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now on bbc news, all the latest business news live from singapore. the stream of high—level europeans visiting china continues as french president macron comes calling on chinese president xi. aru filing for divorce in india? well, there it is an app for that, find out how to navigate the legal system online. welcome to asia business report. china appears to be the place to visit among western leaders this month. last week the uk's trade secretary ian fox was in beijing laying the groundwork for a trade
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agreement and now french president macron is on his first state visit to asia since his victory in the election last year. our reporter is here with the latest. that is right. it is an obvious choice for president macron. china is the biggest economy in asia. there are reports already that airbus is in talks to sell 100 planes to china in a deal worth over $10 billion. it is quite interesting, because of what president macron has said in his new year is a statement, in which he has urged the need for a stronger europe to face china. let's have a listen. translation: we need to be and more sovereign, more united, more democratic europe. i deeply believe europe can become the economic, social, environmentally friendly, scientific power that will be able
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to face china and the united states. well, of course, president xi jinping wants to achieve the china dream and france remains cautious of its many financial and governance pitfalls, but president macron wants chinese investment and for china after brexit, france and germany likely to replace the uk and the financial hub for the eu, so there isa financial hub for the eu, so there is a lot to talk about. thank you for that. january eight is called "divorce day" because of a surge in request from couples considering ending their marriages after the holiday. in india extended families have given way to nuclear families in urban areas and more women are working, so there is less dependence on their spouses for financial security. and although divorce is on the rise, the stigma remains. 0ne divorce lawyer in mumbai is trying to help. when you have everything at the
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press of an app, why not a lawyer? i got married into a very wealthy indianfamily, and got married into a very wealthy indian family, and after one half yea rs of indian family, and after one half years of their marriage they decided to file for a divorce. i had no idea how to go about my life, and that is when my journey how to go about my life, and that is when myjourney started. divorce rates in india are increasing manifold. about ten years ago, there we re manifold. about ten years ago, there were only 20 matters on board in the family court in mumbai. today, when you go, there are 60 to 70 matters on each floor —— family court. and we have seven floors. probably the smallest person you have ever seen in your whole life. i met five or six lawyers. with every
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lawyer i had to pay them consultation. forjust the basic thing, which is the divorce card. divorce in india is so stigmatised that, you know, the petition actually becomes like a human being devouring every aspect of you, socially you are ostracised, financially you are broke. with advanced technological as well as financial changes that our country is going through, divorce is definitely here to stay. and i think after four or five years that will explode and that is where information, counselling portals and other portals like mine will become very, very handy, because, you know, we will be ahead of the curve. now, it looks like the future of
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digital currency will stir controversy in 2018. facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg said recently he is trying to figure out how the social media giant can use cryptocurrency. at the same time the us securities regulator is warning investors of the risk in investing. what are some of the top investors in the world think? i spoke with one international investorjim rogers and asked him about his position. international investorjim rogers and asked him about his positionlj have and asked him about his position.” have never bought one or sold one, obviously. 0f have never bought one or sold one, obviously. of course i do. if it was something that went up 2000 times, of course i would regret i don't own it. i do know that our money problems are going to be solved by the internet. whether it is bitcoin 01’ the internet. whether it is bitcoin or not, i doubt it, because government state like losing control. but we will have internet money eventually. how it is going to do it, maybe government will do it. if you go to china, they don't have money. if you want to buy a cup of
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tea you put your phone down and you own it. if you want to buy a car you put your phone down and you own it. it is astonishing. no one has money. technically, as you say, you need regulation behind it. so would you save bitcoin is the resource you would put your money into, versus gold. i own goals and i haven't sold any gold. i am not buying gold but i do own it. you have heard of ibm. they did not invent the computer. he didn't here of the company that invented the computer. they are all gone —— you didn't hear. maybe it is the american cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency will say, we are smarter than the government. of course. but the government says, this is the way it is going to be, then be careful. jim rogers speaking to me about 2018. now, once cars to me about 2018. now, once cars are to me about 2018.
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now, once cars are self driving, you will be able to do something else with your time, rather than dig your eyes on the road. so what might you get up to? that the international consumer electronics show in las vegas, one company is creating an electric car to compete with the likes of tesla. 0ur reporter dave lee said it is essentially a computer on wheels and he sent this exclusive report. the vision behind byton is we want to be the company bringing into the market the first real smart car. what we want to do is try to merge
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your life outside of the car with your life outside of the car with your experience in the car. everything will be controlled via touch and then certain aspects of it will be controlled via voice, and also very novel to us is gesture control. the key is about customisation. when you're in drive mode we will actually disable certain features. you won't be able to get into watch videos, for instance. what we want to try to build is a platform, where, when there is a time of no driving, all occupants in the car, including the driver, have the ability to interact. some of the most exciting features of the byton car will be disabled until we live in a world of fully autonomous driving, so perhaps think of this vehicle as bridging the gap between our dumb driving past and oui’ between our dumb driving past and
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our smart driving future. we have to come together and share this infrastructure across the companies, because this is not a differentiating factor, this is something which makes the whole industry succeed. sneak peek of the byton car. in
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other news, japanese prime minister shinzo abe wants the bank ofjapan governor to keep up efforts to reflate the economy, how heather he is unclear if the man in charge should stay in the job —— however. he was handpicked in 2013 to implement abenomics, the stimulus package meant to jumpstart the economy. so far it has helped to boost growth but it has failed to drive up inflation to the bank's target of 2%. and let's have a quick look through the markets before we go, because here in asia they're continuing to make gains. australia's flat but of course it is at 10—year highs because of gains we saw on wall street last week. and that is it for this edition of asia business report. thanks for watching. the top stories this hour: hollywood has got the red carpet rolled out for the golden globes. it's the first major
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award ceremony since the sexual harassment scandals. the bbc‘s china editor, carrie gracie, is stepping down from her role, citing unequal pay compared with her male colleagues. major retailers have signed up to a voluntary ban on selling corrosive liquids to under—18s, in a bid to reduce the number of acid attacks. the government is also promising new legislation. here's our home affairs correspondent dominic casciani. arthur collins, jailed for 20 years for an appalling nightclub attack. watch this cctv. you can see him throwing acid on his victims, 22 people left with burns, a crime involving a household product that's been growing, year on year. police recorded more than 500 attacks involving corrosive substances in england and wales in the year to last april. 0fficials think the true figure could be twice as high. ministers have launched an action plan, including a review of how cases are prosecuted and first aid training for police. and, from today, a voluntary ban by diy chains, including b&q, on selling harmful
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chemicals to under—18s. supermarkets will also challenge underage customers just like they would if they were buying alcohol. acid attacks are the most horrific crimes, and we want to make sure we restrict access, that we support victims, that we police these attacks really effectively. jabad hussain was attacked last year. police officers poured water into his eyes to save his sight. so what does he think of the plan? i'd like to give welcome and thanks to the government for what they're trying to do. but this is not the right way to do that and handle this problem. there's not enough police on the streets to chase them. this is my home city. i shouldn't tolerate that. you shouldn't tolerate that. no—one should tolerate that. thousands of independent hardware shops selling household chemicals are also being asked to sign up. but while a shopkeeper can challenge a teenager at the counter, adult criminals will still be able to buy the products on the high street and online. only one in five attacks are carried out by under 18s,
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so four in five adults will still be able to get hold of acid and use them as they have been doing over the last year or two. these voluntary measures can only go so far. ministers ultimately want to create a new offence of carrying over—the—counter chemicals in public without good reason. but so much of this type of crime remains unknown, so academics are now looking at what motivates a criminal to turn a household product like drain cleaner into a weapon, one that has lifelong consequences. dominic casciani, bbc news, at the home office in central london. don't forget, you can get all of the top stories on the website, but right now let's get all of the sport news from tulsen tollett on sport hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: we'll head live to sydney for the latest
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on england captain joe root, who's batting on the final day of the fifth test despite being taken to hospital overnight. a shock as holders arsenal are knocked out of the fa cup losing li—2 at second tier nottingham forest. and barcelona show off their $190 million brazilian phillipe coutinho, whose move from liverpool will be confirmed on monday. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with cricket and england are battling away in sydney on the fifth and final day of the last ashes test of the series against australia. captainjoe root is at the crease despite having been taken to hospital overnight. at lunch england are 144—5, and we can head live now to our reporter patrick gearey. you're outside the scg. joe root out in the centre, dehydration wasn't the problem, what was the


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