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england will be back in four years, perhaps even with some of the same players, but to compete in this most raw of cricketing environments much else in the english game may need to change. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. at least the weather isn't leaving us at least the weather isn't leaving us stumped at the moment, quite straightforward today. we have cloudy skies across much of england and wales but further north, a fair bit of sunshine. for many, clear blue skies. these big differences? it's all down to this area of high pressure. in areas of high pressure, air tends to sink down through the atmosphere towards the earth's surface. as that happens, the air becomes drier. if that dry air reaches the ground, we get the clear blue sunny skies like we have seen on this weather watcher picture. thank you. sometimes, that dry air doesn't quite make its way all the way to the ground, like this picture from canary way to the ground, like this picture from ca nary wharf. way to the ground, like this picture from canary wharf. instead, we get a
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layer of low clouds trapped underneath and that is what we have at the moment across a good part of southern england, the midlands, east anglia and most of wales. stratocumulus cloud going nowhere fast, it will be all day. in shorthand, look outside because the weather you have got is the weather you have through the rest of the day. the best of the sunshine further north. it will be a cold day either way, temperatures not getting too much above freezing, typically around for degrees. for quite a number of us. overnight, the winds turn more south—easterly which pushes the low cloud further north. across much of northern england, probably getting into northern ireland and scotland at the end of the night. some spots of drizzle with that, a bit of a frozen drizzle and snow grains falling from the clouds over the hills like the pennines. a cold night and cold start of the day in western scotland, the highlands potentially down two minus eight. tomorrow, a lot of cloud, some drizzle here and
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there, the best of limited sunshine across western scotland. changing late in the afternoon as a band of rain starts to move in and encroach off the atlantic. a milder day with 10 degrees in the likes of south—west england. tuesday night, our weather front pushes east. south—west england. tuesday night, our weatherfront pushes east. it could turn murky over high ground, mist and fog patches with outbreaks of rain which will continue east. snow over the hills of scotland and temperatures overnight between two and 5 degrees. better weather for wednesday, the dregs of the weather front will clear away quickly with some sunshine coming through and temperatures will be climbing, getting back closer and above normal in places perhaps. even further north, five or 6 degrees, warmer than you've got at the moment. the weather will turn milder over the next few days. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime: theresa may's cabinet reshuffle is underway, the immigration minister, brandon lewis, has been made
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chairman of the conservative party, replacing patrick mclaughlin. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me good afternoon, welcome to the bbc sports centre, i'm jessica creighton. andy murray has had surgery on his right hip, and expects to be out of action for most of the first half of the year. murray hasn't played competitively since wimbledon lastjuly because of the problem, but hopes to get back for the grass court season in the summer. nick parrott has more. andy murray went down under, hoping to reignite his career at the australian open. after pulling out of the tournament before it had even started, he has undergone hip surgery to rescue his career. he has been troubled by the injury since wimbledon last year. he tried to get back to his best through rehab but
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after pulling out of a tournament in brisbane last week he opted for an operation to solve the problem. the surgeon is very happy about how it went ina surgeon is very happy about how it went in a statement, murray says... —— and in a statement. the former world number one feels that if he can return to 95% of his best, it will be enough to compete again at the highest level. andy murray can probably be at 95% and beat 95% of the tour, but he needs to be at 100% to beat this generation of players. so when he talks about the possibility of being dirty, 35 in the world and playing just to compete, that is how much he wa nts to just to compete, that is how much he wants to play. andy murray told his fa ns wants to play. andy murray told his fans on social media that... he hopes to be hitting balls again in a
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couple of months, but has stressed he is not interested in coming back for a specific tournament. but when he does, he is aiming to get back to the highest level. our tennis correspondent russell fuller is in australia. how confident is murray's team about when he will be back and how competitive he will be? well, as you have been hearing, he is very confident in the immediate aftermath of surgery that will be able to get back to virtually his best, and he thinks he still will be able to be competitive. he does accept, though, that there is a lot of rehabilitation, lot of water to go under the bridge first of all. he would be the first to say that there are no definite results with hip surgery. but having taken the decision to have hip surgery, which took place in in melbourne this morning, it was conducted by a surgeon who he has been consulting
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for the past ten years. he is looking optimistically towards the future. he will be remaining in australia for at least another week before flying home. he thinks that after seven to eight weeks, all things go to plan, he will be able to start hitting balls again on court, and he has been given a guide of around 14 weeks, that would be the expected time at which a player might be able to get back into action. that way —— that is why he is thinking with the grass court season or even slightly before that. but he has stressed he does not want to come back until he is absolutely ready. he has also been talking to a group from his hospital bed in melbourne about the motivation for coming back, and of course he is a man who would still love to win trophies, but also he was saying he would love to be able to be out there playing with his oldest daughter is aware of exactly what he's doing, what he has been doing for the last ten years of his life, and that is an extra motivation for
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him to get back to at least close to his best. russell, thank you very much. former england cricket captain michael vaughan says the team and management need to be honest with themselves, about how they have under performed on the ashes tour. they were soundly beaten, again, by an innings and 123 runs, after australia bowled them out for 180 on the final day of the fifth and final test. it is pretty simple to me that we have not been good enough. if england want to be a team that is not open and honest, if they want to bea not open and honest, if they want to be a team that is not realistic, say that. if it is pr spin, if it is a twist in the series to try and send some positivity, yes, send it to the public, that is not a problem, it happens in sport. but privately, in the team and in the management room, they have to be honest. it hasn't been close. they have been hammered
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in the four games. they have not had good enough cricketers for these conditions. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. i'll have more for you in the next hour. theresa may has begun the most extensive reshuffle of her cabinet team since she became prime minister. brandon lewis is the new conservative party chair, replacing patrick mcloughlin, whose departure had been anticipated, following the party's poor performance in last june's general election. earlier this morning, the northern ireland secretary, james brokenshire, resigned from the cabinet for health reasons. a short time ago, he spoke tojournalists, reaffirming his support for the government. theresa may got a fantastic popular vote in the general election, and she needs to carry on with delivering what she has set out she wants to do. and she will. thanks very much. i'm not... i have enjoyed
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it immensely. thank you. patrick mcloughlin, speaking this morning. james brokenshire gave an explanation of his reasons for resigning as northern ireland secretary. over the last few weeks, i have been having a number of health tests, and this has revealed that i have a small lesion in my right lung that will require surgery to remove. whilst the health team believed that will deal with the issue and that i will be back to work, it will take a number of weeks, and time where i will need to be away from my duties and work. add add this really important time in northern ireland, with the restoration of devolved dormant, wanting to see that renewed, getting back into the talks process —— devolved government, dealing with the brexit process and dealing with the brexit process and dealing with theissues the brexit process and dealing with the issues of the past, that requires the thugs, energy and intent, and with my surgery forthcoming i will not be in a
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position to give that sort of effort. therefore, with a great deal of regret, i have decided and discussed and we have agreed the right thing to do is for me to stand down from government at this point in time. james brokenshire explaining why he has decided to stand down. our assistant political editor, norman smith, is in westminster. we have confirmation of two changes so far, any more? there has been a couple of developments in the last few. firstly, david livingstone, the justice secretary, walked up into number ten, justice secretary, walked up into numberten, i justice secretary, walked up into number ten, i think the assumption was that he perhaps was going to get damien green's old boasts —— post as press secretary. attending numerous cabinet subcommittees, just to check up cabinet subcommittees, just to check up on what mrs may's cabinet collea g u es up on what mrs may's cabinet colleagues are too. but then, big surprise, amber rudd rolled up, the sole —— the home secretary. it is a cu rve ball
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sole —— the home secretary. it is a curveball because the assumption was that none of the big beasts were going to be moved, namely boris johnson, philip hammond and amber rudd would be staying where were. so, is it possibly the case that amber rudd might be given the post of first secretary as well as home secretary? might she also be responsible for being the promise to's number two? don't know but it certainly changes the dynamic. the only other thing that has happened was about ten minutes ago, we had a sort of photo opportunity, rather an odd one, in front of number ten, when mrs may appeared from nowhere, flanked by her new party chairman, brandon lewis, and james cleverly and about seven or eight vice—chairman of the conservative party, predominantly new, younger, female mps. and reflects the desire of theresa may to give the party machine a kick up the backside, to try and inject some energy, a bit
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more oomph into the party operation after its poor showing in the general election campaign. but i imaginea lot general election campaign. but i imagine a lot of people will be pondering, amber rudd? what is going on? how wide ranging is this expected to be? there was a feeling that the big beasts were not going to be moved. i sense was that it was going to be a sort of relatively restrained, middle order reshuffle, where some of those cabinet ministers who had been in posts for four or five years, ministers who had been in posts for four orfive years, had reached ministers who had been in posts for four or five years, had reached a certain level and were not going any further, they might be removed, there might be a clutch of them moved out, then tomorrow we would get a moved out, then tomorrow we would getafar moved out, then tomorrow we would get a far more wide—ranging shake—up of the middle ranks of government, and it would be that moment when mrs may sought to bring in a more diverse range of tory mps. in some ways tomorrow was likely to be more interesting than today. but i am intrigued by the amber rudd arrival because i am trying to work out, to
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move her would be an awfully big thing to do because it would u nsettle thing to do because it would unsettle the sort of brexit balance in the cabinet. i do wonder whether she will have the sort of number two role as the person who stands in promises made during prime minister's questions, perhaps she will have her existing role as home secretary buttressed by another sort of bolt on government responsibility. we will get straight back to you for any more news on that. the new conservative party chairman, brandon lewis, and james cleverly, who has been named deputy chairman, gave their reactions to their promotions. congratulations. honoured, looking forward to getting on with the job. just looking forward to getting on with thejob, very just looking forward to getting on with the job, very honoured and proud to be asked. a great team, great professionals. looking forward to taking over. can you really reach
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out to new voters in the may failed to do in the general election?” think it is a massive opportunity. we have a fantastic team. really looking forward to this. can usually deliver the kind of thing of prime minister hoped—for? deliver the kind of thing of prime minister hoped-for? absolutely. this is brilliant. such a positive move. lots of comings and goings in downing street. we will bring you more when we get it. let's get more now on carrie gracie's decision to step down as the bbc‘s china editor in protest at what she says is a "secretive and illegal pay culture" at the corportation. ms gracie has been speaking about her decision to resign with the bbc‘s media editor, amol rajan. one of the strange things about this is, iam one of the strange things about this is, i am not some untypically who asks for money, i cannot remember ever asking for a pay rise and the bbc. i believe notjust in equal pay but infairand bbc. i believe notjust in equal pay but in fair and transparent pay. i'm disappointed that there is not more transparency around pay and i am disappointed that i have, i don't
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know how to phrase this, i have been allowed to misunderstand the circumstances of my own page. i went to china in 2014, thinking i had secured a parity. it was very important to me, the concept of equal pay, because i felt i had possibly been discriminated against previously on pay. i had no evidence because we never see each other‘s pay, but i and many other women thought it was a distinct possibility. so when i started the china job, i said i would only do it i was paid equally. and injuly 20 17th i discovered the enormous gap that the two men, who were international editors, were earning 50% more at least than the two women who were international editors. —— injuly 20 who were international editors. —— in july 2017th. who were international editors. —— injuly 2017th. i kept asking for the benchmarks which mightjustify those differences but i was never given them. i know you have addressed it on other programmes,
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but in effect, given you were offered a pay rise, you say what you wa nt offered a pay rise, you say what you want is a quality rather than a pay rise. does that mean in practice that you are asking the bbc to reduce the pay of other men? that you are asking the bbc to reduce the pay of other memm that you are asking the bbc to reduce the pay of other men? it is a difficult question, how the bbc solves the problem. i think we all need to come together and find a solution, because the current solution, because the current solution in which the bbc perpetuates a failing page structure, at the cost of discriminating against women, it is not sustainable or acceptable. so we all, bbc women, bbc men and bbc management, have to come together and find a solution. i would also say that only management have the fa cts , say that only management have the facts, we do not have the facts, it is impossible for me to say that this is how the bbc should construct an equal, fairand this is how the bbc should construct an equal, fair and transparent pay system, because i don't have the information. but isn't that in practice what equality means? either your pay has to rise or someone else's has to fall. you were offered
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a pay rise and you said openly you we re a pay rise and you said openly you were not after one. so in practice, isn't that the implication of your position that other people's pay should fall? i admire my male colleagues, and i do not want this to get personal, i do not want to be implying that anybody‘s pay should be cut. it is not myjob. i am not a bbc manager. i think you should take that question to them, really. carrie gracie, speaking this morning. in a moment a summary of the business news this hour, but first, the headlines on bbc news: patrick mcloughlin has left his post as conservative party chairman in theresa may's reshuffle, as he is replaced by immigration minister brandon lewis. former football coach barry bennell pleads guilty to seven child sets offences. and all dressed in black in solidarity with victims, the stars come together at the golden globes to call time on hollywood's sexual harassment scandal. good afternoon, the business news
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now. british businesses are more confident about their future. this comes from the industry group, the eef. new figures show two out of five say they expect trading conditions to improve this year, both domestically and for exports. shares in baby and child retailer mothercare have slumped nearly 30% after it issued a profit warning. analysts say the retailer didn't cut prices before christmas. sales fell 7.2% during that 12 week period, and then it was forced to slash prices in the end—of—year sales and that hit the bottom line. and even on—line sales did just as badly. house prices grew much more slowly last year than in the previous year, according to the uk's largest mortgage lender. the halifax says prices rose by 2.7%, compared with a 6.5% increase in 2016. that's the smallest rise since 2012. commuters are facing up
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to three days of disruption as staff at five train companies begin strikes over what they say is rail safety. rmt members at northern, merseyrail, south western and greater anglia will strike on monday, wednesday and friday. while union members at southern will also stage a 24—hour walkout today. so britain's manufacturers are feeling pretty confident about the coming months — more and more of them are saying the stronger global economy is going to boost orders and growth. the optimism comes from a survey published today by the manufacturing group, the eef. its chief economist is lee hopley and she told us why firms were starting to feel more upbeat. growth, particularly in the second half of last year, was pretty good and it feels like there is enough momentum to carry the sector through
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this year. i think a lot of the positive sentiment has been driven by what is happening in the rest of the world. companies in particular recording much more confidence about the global outlook than they were 12 months ago. a bit less so about expectations for the uk economy, not surprisingly. the survey shows more companies seek risks ahead rather than opportunities were the business this year, and inevitably some of those are related to what is happening on the political agenda. so brexit related risks are right up there. particularly in relation to some of the practical impacts from brexit, exchange—rate volatility, risks for major customers with locating and clearly loss of skilled workers, featuring quite strongly. let's have a quick look at the markets. the ftse has been moved around. carillion, a vast improvement. it collapsed at the end
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of last year. mothercare on the other hand, down 16 points. 27%. fallen by about a quarter as a result of that collapse in sales, just before christmas. and the pound against the dollar... parting is such sweet sorrow, at least if shakespeare is to be believed. but don't take his word for it. there were almost 107,000 divorces in england and wales in 2016. and according to the office for national statistics, 43% of all marriages end in divorce. and money plays a large part in both the cause and the aftershocks of divorce. anecdotal evidence suggests that today sees the largest amount of divorce enquiries compared to any other day in the uk. and according to research by law firm slater and gordon, nearly four in ten married couples say financial pressures are biggest challenge their marriage faces, with a fifth saying money is the reason for most arguments with their partner.
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now, divorcehotel is a company that tries to bring some low cost mediation into a divorce. the concept is that the separating couple check into separate rooms in a hotel for two nights and sort out exactly how they are going to separate. jim halfens is the ceo of divorcehotel. what was the reason why you started this? what is wrong with the normal divorce process? i think if you ask around more circles, if you ask what is the problem, you get always a lot of horrific stories about the experiences during divorces, and thatis experiences during divorces, and that is something we studied and researched for a better alternative. what you see very often is that divorces are dragging processors, they are lake spencer, that is why we came up with another idea. there area we came up with another idea. there are a lot of mediation organisations around lawyers who set up mediation,
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to try to keep costs down. everyone knows this is an expensive business, what is different about yours? we decided to bring couples into neutral territory. they always say they started this together and they will end up together like adults instead of going to an office of a law, fighting each other, we bring them into a very comfortable area, where they go back to basics and they need to sort this out with each other because they only have two days. it is not for everybody, but for people who want to fix it in a positive way, what you see is that it starts very positive but it can end expensively and that is what we are doing differently, we manage expectations. we know when it ends and starts, we know exactly what it costs. what is your success rate? well, success might be the wrong word! but define success and how
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many actually are successful in what they set out to achieve.” understand it sounds strange, success , understand it sounds strange, su ccess , we understand it sounds strange, success, we see it a success because we are on a mission to help people to split up in a positive way, to really help them. success rates are pretty high, 95%, because it is not for everybody, we do have an intake conversation and if we think you're suitable, it is 95% certain you will leave our hotels divorced. when their work one thing that strikes me is the speed, it happens very grave. do people come back afterwards and say, actually, we were a bit hasty, we have come to the wrong decision? no, it was more, i thought, would they come together? if they come to us, they come for a solution, they know what they want, they want to split up. at the are convinced and
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they are able to do it positively, in that way, it is our vision that it should go faster, because i know a lot of examples, a lot of months sometimes years of negative feeling, andi sometimes years of negative feeling, and i know that we can do it in a weekend and we are still in contact with couples and they are very interested in what happens to them because they expected a horrific period, and in the end, they are still able to talk to each other, for example when children are involved, how important it is to stay on speaking terms. and this is what we do and this is also where we are different. gym, and you very much. thank you so much. —— thank you. that's all the business thank you. news. time for a look at the weather. still a lot of cloud to come today
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across southern parts of the country in particular. but a big contrasts today. cloudy in the south but for the north, we have got a lot of sunshine to come through the rest of the day. weather—wise, we have a high area, and in this formation in sinks through the atmosphere towards the surface of the earth and when does that, it tends to dry out and if the drierair does that, it tends to dry out and if the drier air reaches down to the ground we get beautiful clear skies like we have today across northern parts. this is from earlier this morning. sometimes the drier air does not quite make its way all the way to the ground. this shot shows a layer of low cloud beneath the drier airabove. layer of low cloud beneath the drier air above. that is what we have got today. the cloud is on around 800 metres high but it looks like this, rather grey across southern england. and through the rest of this
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afternoon, the low cloud will try to trickle its way the north, not getting above the hills in scotland, in wales, sorry, the north west of wales should hold onto some sunshine. the best of the sun for northern ireland, northern england and scotland. tonight, the wind turning more to a south—easterly, pushing the cloud north, across northern england and into northern ireland and scotland. where we keep the clearer skies, the highlands, another cold night, temperatures down as low as —8 or so. tomorrow morning, a lot of low cloud once again. more extensively, really. some spots of drizzle at times. perhaps the odd grain of snow. you're most likely to get that over the pennines. cold day across the north—east. but turning milderfrom the west as this next system moves in. through due tonight, we see the band of rain move northwards and eastwards. with the wind is being
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led, some mist and fog forming on some of the hills. still cold enough for some snow over the high ground in scotland. it will be above 200 metres or so. that takes us into wednesday, this early cloud and outbreaks of rain will clear out of the way, and following, original high—pressure, increasing amounts of sunshine. temperatures coming up, a milder day, eight or nine celsius in london or cardiff. still cooler further north. but not as cold as it is at the moment. the temperatures are on the rise over the next few days. that is your latest weather. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at 2pm... brandon lewis becomes the new conservative party chairman in theresa may's cabinet reshuffle — with a host of new vice chairs. we'll have all the latest as it happens looking forward to getting on with
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thejob, very honoured looking forward to getting on with the job, very honoured and looking forward to getting on with thejob, very honoured and proud that the prime minister has asked me, looking forward to taking it forward. the bbc‘s china editor carrie gracie quits her role over equal pay after turning down a pay rise. she says she couldn't "collude" with an unfair pay structure. former football coach barry bennell pleads guilty to seven child sex offences of indecent assault against boys aged between 11 and 14. his trial gets underway today. fears of an environmental disaster in the east china sea as a tanker
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