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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  January 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm GMT

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guilty — the couple convicted of plotting a devastating terror attack in the uk inspired by so—called is. they met on a dating website. she's a pharmacist, he's an asylum seeker who worked at a food factory. together, they planned a homemade bomb. this was a plot inspired by the islamic state to carry out an attack in the uk that would have probably resulted in significant loss of life and a significant number of injuries. also on tonight's programme... who's in and who's out? theresa may carries out a downing street reshuffle — some new faces, but some big names are staying put. the bbc‘s china editor carrie gracie quits her role in a dispute about equal pay — accusing the corporation of breaking the law. dressed in black at the golden globes — stars of stage and screen show solidarity with victims of the hollywood sexual harassment scandal. and australia celebrate winning the ashes after another crushing defeat for england —
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what now for the tourists? and coming up on sportsday later in the hour on bbc news: the deal is done. phillippe coutinho has completed his dream move to barcelona. good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six. a couple who met on an internet dating website have been convicted of planning a devastating christmas terror attack inspired by the islamic state group. munir mohammed, an asylum seeker from sudan who was living in derby, had stored up bomb—making components with the help of a his girlfriend rowaida el—hassan, a pharmacist. the court heard the pair were also researching how to make the deadly poison, ricin in the foiled
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attack a year ago. here's our home affairs correspondent, june kelly reports. this is a story which stretches to the streets of sudan. the couple now convicted both had roots here, but they linked up thousands of miles away in the uk. munir mohammed entered britain illegally and then sought asylum. a couple of years later, although married, he went on a muslim dating site,, and found his partner in crime. he was attracted to rowaida el—hassan because she was a pharmacist. he needed her scientific know—how to mount a terror attack. they were both wedded to an extremist ideology. they began sharing is execution videos. together, the couple plotted a terror outrage in the uk in the run—up to christmas 2016. munir mohammed would carry it out. he was living in a bedsit in derby. described as a bedroom jihadi, here, over the internet, he took instructions from a man believed to be an is commander, and told him "i'm ready".
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munir mohammed had been picked up on cctv in asda. he was shopping for everyday items containing chemicals he needed for his bomb, all the time being guided over the phone by his girlfriend using her pharmacy experience. in his bedsit, officers found bomb—making components and instructions on how to use mobile phone detonators and the poison ricin. his is commander had posted an instruction on facebook which read "place poison in food like fruit and vegetables in markets or inject poison in drinks and foods that are prohibited in islam". at that time, munir mohammed was working here at kerry foods in burton—on—trent. he was in the kitchens, making sauces for ready meals that are sold in tesco and morrison's. using fake id with someone else‘s name, he got the job through the gi recruitment company.
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munir mohammed was planning a bomb attack. there was no evidence he ever had any poison. but detectives say that because of his interest in ricin and his support for is, he did pose a threat to this factory. he certainly was a risk. had that food company known or had we known of his interest in ricin and his link to that food company, we would have ta ken steps to protect the public and to prevent him from continuing that employment there. kerry foods, a global brand, told us: the gi recruitment company which gave mohammed thejob here said... they had no idea the man they recruited was also a recruit to is. this couple was stopped by the police and security service mi5. they will be sentenced next month.
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june kelly, bbc news. the prime minister has been carrying out a reshuffle of her cabinet, with a few new faces, but so far, the changes appear limited. the immigration minister, brandon lewis has been named as the new conservative party chairman, while jeremy hunt continues as health secretary. the foreign secretary borisjohnson is also staying put. our political editor laura kuenssberg has the latest. her report contains flashing images. who is going where? this was more a reshuffle where ministers into doubt oi’ reshuffle where ministers into doubt or moved along a little. no huge group of brand—new passengers for the glossy downing street cars. the most powerful stayed more or less in place. are you expecting to stay in post, mrjohnson? the foreign secretary, the chancellor, brexit secretary and the home secretary all
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still the same. thank you very much. david lidington, who had been in charge of the legal system, was promoted to become an enforcer across government. sajid javid, the communities secretary, had housing added to his title, but stays in place. some of downing street's decisions were not anyone‘s choice. the northern ireland secretaryjames brokenshire has stood aside for health reasons. my intent is to get on with surgery, get on with recovery and get back to my duties as an mp and also backed a front—line political duties. as an mp and also backed a front-line political duties. by standing alongside them, this is what the prime minister really wa nted what the prime minister really wanted you to see today. will this broaden the party's appeal? new faces to reboot the tory machine after its bungled election campaign. honoured and looking forward to it. a new chairand honoured and looking forward to it. a new chair and a bigger team appointed by number ten to take charge at tory hq. i have been asked
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to lead a great party. great team. looking forward to it. we have a fantastic team. do you think you can really deliver the kind of thing the prime minister hopes for? absolutely. this is a positive move. there are always challenges, but we are up for it. you might not recognise tory hq. you may never have seen some of the new faces, but this reshuffle is about rebooting this reshuffle is about rebooting this party as well as about what happens in government. but watch this. those who seemed likely to move, like the health secretary jeremy hunt... followed the business secretary, greg clark, both arrived into number ten... and stayed until after dark and emerged with virtually the same jobs. are you pleased with your newjob? virtually the same jobs. are you pleased with your new job? but a colleague, david gauke, did move to justice. karen bradley, the new northern ireland secretary. and
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justine greening, expected to switch from schools any moment now. and with more move is expected in the next couple of hours, there will be new faces around this table tomorrow. reassuringly, though, neither a move nor a vacancy exists for the downing street cat. and laura joins us now. has the prime minister got what she wanted in this reshuffle? it would not be a reshuffle if there weren't bits of confusion around the edges or expectation is that turned out to be wrong. i understand thatjeremy hunt stayed in his position at the department for help because he made it strong and passionate argument to the prime minister that he was the man to do so and to take on responsibility for the future of social care in england. so things we re social care in england. so things were perhaps a bit fluid around mr huntand he were perhaps a bit fluid around mr hunt and he talked himself into staying in his ownjob, having persuaded the prime minister. so far, this reshuffle is still going on. so far, this is a set of moves,
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a slight change, people moving in and out. but the four most senior jobs in government, the foreign secretary, the home secretary, the chancellor and the brexit secretary david davis, they have all stayed in their post. so in terms of a grand big new year clear out, it is not that. from number ten's point of view, they say by the end of tonight, we will have a new look cabinet and by the end of tomorrow, there will be many more new appointments, more women and more ethnic minority mps coming into government. they are clear that this isa government. they are clear that this is a significant reshuffle. it's not just a few tweaks around the edges. for any prime minister, getting through one of these without a mistake or a huge big mess up is something of an achievement. but downing street are adamant that this isa downing street are adamant that this is a new look. but as i say, without huge changes at the top table, it's not necessarily the kind of big reshuffle that will go down in history. laura kuenssberg, thank you. the bbc‘s china editor, carrie gracie, has stepped down from the role because of what she's called an "indefensible pay gap between men and women" at the bbc.
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in an open letter addressed to licence fee payers, carrie gracie — who is remaining at the bbc — accused the corporation of "breaking equality law". but the bbc says an independent audit of rank and file staff found "no systemic discrimination against women". here's our media editor amol rajan. chinese once called chairman mao the great helmsman. .. carrie gracie is one of the most respected international editors of her generation. for more than 30 years, she has broadcast about other people, but this time, she is the centre of the story. ms gracie resigned from her position as china editor because she is paid less than men who are also international editors. this morning, she presented the today programme on radio 4. it's been very moving, actually... the news of her resignation leaked out online last night. six months after the bbc was forced to reveal the salaries of some highly paid on air staff, ms gracie has been infuriated by the response to her grievance.
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she was offered a pay rise of £45,000 but declined it, saying equality is what she wants. she would not be drawn on whether she wanted male colleagues to take a pay cut. when i started the china job, i said i will only do this job if i'm paid equally. and injuly 2017, i discovered the enormous gap, that the two men who were international editors were earning 50% more, at least, than the two women who were international editors. the bbc has completed two of the three pay audits it announced last year, and found no evidence of discrimination. the final one will report in a matter of weeks. the corporation declined to put anyone up for an interview, but in a statement, they said... the bbc talks about a gender pay gap, but what i'm talking about is not a gender pay gap, where sometimes men and women
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are in different roles, which explains the differences in pay, what i'm talking about is sex discrimination, which is when men are paid more for doing the same job or a job of equal value. that is illegal. there is tremendous anger among many female staff at all levels of this corporation. senior figures at the bbc say they take this issue very seriously, but many employees have found the process of fighting for equal pay completely unbearable. the salience of this story, however, arises from its implications beyond this place, because it's happening in a climate in which many women across several industries say they have suffered injustice and inequality forfar too long. equality legislation doesn't work. we need to make it work. we make it work by forcing companies to be honest, which is still not happening, and by forcing companies to examine their hiring, promotion and parental leave policies. equal pay for equal work is a legal requirement. but who decides what equal work is?
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ultimately, it's usually the employer. this is what makes tackling gender pay issues so difficult, because obviously, we want people to be treated equally and given equal opportunities in the workplace, but employers also need to have the capacity to offer people flexible payments, bonuses and that kind of thing to reward and incentivise people to do well in theirjob. the bbc‘s public ownership and obligations means it has to set unique standards and face unique scrutiny. with 200 formal complaints in train and the possibility of legal action, this story will run and run. amol rajan, bbc news. two men have died after a small plane crashed in a field near the village of 0verbury, in worcestershire. the single—engine aircraft was heading for gloucestershire airport when it came down at bredon hill. the conditions were foggy at the time of the crash early this afternoon. vauxhall is cutting another 250 jobs
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at its ellesmere port car plant in cheshire. the firm is now owned by france's psa group. the company announced the loss of 400 jobs in 0ctober. it is costs at ellesmere port and are higher than other pla nts port and are higher than other plants in the group. the former football coach barry bennell has pleaded guilty to seven offences of child sexual assault. the 63—year—old, who is now known as richard jones, admitted the charges before the start of his trial at liverpool crown court. the ex—crewe coach is charged with a total of 55 offences between 1979 and 1991. his alleged victims were all between the ages of 8 and 15. our sports editor dan roan reports. a successful former coach of the 1980s, barry bennell worked with some of the most promising young footballers in the north—west of england. youth team coach at crewe alexandra, he also had links with manchester city and stoke city. this is bennell speaking to the bbc when at crewe. we do a lot of talking to them as well as showing them the skills and explaining the game to them.
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but there's more to it than just coming here one hour a week. we need to give them homework. but today at the start of his trial here at liverpool crown court, bennell admitted preying on young boys. appearing via video link and wearing a grey jumper, bennell, now known as richard jones, admitted six counts of indecent assault on two boys aged between 11 and 14 at the time. judge clement goldstone qc also lifted reporting restrictions on a further charge that the 63—year—old had previously pleaded guilty to, involving a third victim. bennell is pleading not guilty to 48 further charges, including 11 counts of serious sexual assault. all the charges relate to 11 complainants between 1979 and 1991. the trial is expected to last eight weeks. this all comes as the fa continues its year—long investigation into historical sexual abuse in english football, with 285 suspects now identified.
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dan roan, bbc news, liverpool. our top story this evening. a couple have been convicted of plotting a devastating terror attack in the uk inspired by so—called is. and still to come — we find out why women are twice as likely as men to die after suffering the most serious kind of heart attack. coming up in sportsday in the next 15 minutes on bbc news: murray says his hip surgery is a success but he faces another five months out of the game. stars of stage and screen gathered in los angeles last night for the 75th golden globes awards. and almost all of them dressed in black to show solidarity with victims of the sexual harassment scandal that has gripped hollywood in the last few months. oprah winfrey received a standing ovation when she used her acceptance speech to pay tribute to all women
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who had suffered abuse and assault. from la here's our north america correspondent, james cook. the bright lights of hollywood are shining into dark corners, exposing shameful secrets. at the golden globes, they turned the red carpet black to demonstrate it determination to force change. there is no way i am ever going to be in a room and be treated like people have been treated ever again, and not stand up and say identical really that. the whole reason that was able to ta ke that. the whole reason that was able to take place, like any abuse of power, is silence. meryl streep was a one ofa power, is silence. meryl streep was a one of a number of actresses who arrived with an activist. we are drawing a big black line between yesterday and tomorrow, the way things used to be done, the way business used to be done. things used to be done, the way business used to be donem
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things used to be done, the way business used to be done. it is important in our business and it is important in our business and it is important in any business that people in power don't get to bully people in power don't get to bully people and especially not bully them ina people and especially not bully them in a sexual way and get away with it. do think the industry is changing? yes, it will have to. there is no way it cannot. from the may make the ceremony began, the tone was set. good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen. and here are the all— male and remaining gentlemen. and here are the all—male nominees. and remaining gentlemen. and here are the all-male nominees. natalie portman highlighted the failure of the golden globes to recognise female directors. and star after starr gave voice to a movement now known as time's up. 0prah starr gave voice to a movement now known as time's up. oprah winfrey led the charge. for too long women have not been heard and believed if they dared to speak the truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. the speech was so powerful,
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that it fuelled immediate speculation of a run for president. the time is up. this all began with the downfall of the mogul who abused his power. the spotlight is now on harvey weinstein‘s accusers, standing side by side. we have an opportunity nationally and internationally so everyone everywhere can work safely, earned the same money for the same work, and we can finally put sexual harassment in the way past where it should have been a long time ago. harassment in the way past where it should have been a long time agom it happening? it is happening. four months ago you could not have dreamed of the night like this. time and again on the red carpet we have heard the same word and that word is change. the stars walking down here are insisting that this is notjust are insisting that this is notjust a moment, this is a process which they say will continue. rescue workers trying to reach a burning tanker in the east china sea
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are being beaten back by toxic clouds, according to chinese authorities. south korean planes and an american aircraft have joined the search for missing crew members. andy murray said it would be a last resort, but he's announced that he has undergone hip surgery in melbourne today, after being forced to pull out of the australia 0pen. the three times grand slam champion hasn't played competitively since wimbledon last year. he says he now hopes to be back playing again in time for this summer's grass court season. women who have the most serious form of heart attack are twice as likely as men to die in the year after the attack — according to a major new research. the decade—long study in sweden found that they were less likely than men to receive recommended treatments, such as clearing blocked arteries and using statins. here's our medical correspondent, fergus walsh. ambulance sirens wail.
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every minute counts after a heart attack. but too many women are being misdiagnosed and wrongly treated. whenjules conjoice had a heart attack aged just 45, she displayed classic symptoms, but these were initially dismissed by paramedics. 0verwhelming pain in my chest, the pain went up from myjaw, and sort of spread, then it was going down my left arm. and then i had this overwhelming feeling of going to be sick, and this clamminess. the paramedics said, oh, have you got pins and needles? isaid, yeah. she said, i think it's a panic attack. and i remember thinking, this isn't a panic attack. this is something more. a new study looked at more than 60,000 women in sweden who had the most serious type of heart attack, when there is a total blockage of one of the major arteries. it found that compared to men they were roughly twice as likely to die from their heart attack within a year.
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they were less likely to have treatment, to clear blocked arteries, to be prescribed statins or given aspirin. 0ne statistic that may surprise you is that women in the uk are more than twice as likely to die from coronary heart disease than from breast cancer. often it seems women present with unusual symptoms, and researchers say that helps explain why, in the uk, like sweden, they are not always getting the right treatment. women may well present with other symptoms, such as breathlessness, fatigue, palpitations or pain, that is more atypical in nature such as stabbing or sharp. and these findings can be misinterpreted, both by the patient and health care professionals. but if more women are to get rapid access to treatment like this, to clear blocked arteries, there needs to be greater awareness that they, like men, are at risk of heart attacks.
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fergus walsh, bbc news. cricket, and it's been a disappointing end to a disappointing ashes aeries for england. they lost the final test to give australia a 4—0 victory overall. bowlerjames anderson acknowledged that the visitors had lost to a far better side, and said england were now looking to the future. joe wilson reports. scorched in sydney. at least the morning torture of hearing the ashes score is now over. england 180 all—out in theirfinal innings. nothing left except the hows and whys? we know we've got to improve in a lot of areas. i know the management will be thinking exactly the same, there's improvements everyone can make. you're always looking to improve, but particularly after a loss. so what next? well, the big issue for english cricket is to prepare players for australia in a very different hemisphere.
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never mind 40 degrees, it's about four here in loughborough. the future mightjust be behind me. this is england's pace programme. promising youngsters in wintertraining. australia had a group of 90 mile an hour men in the ashes, but england don't have fast bowlers. do they? we are hurting, and we will review ourselves here. i know i'm already doing that with a fast bowling programme anyway. but i'm absolutely convinced that what we're doing is right, and people may say, where are the fast bowlers then? we've got them. will they get in the team? james anderson and stuart broad have led england's bowling for a decade. they can't go on indefinitely. jamie porter was county cricket‘s leading wicket taker last summer. he's skilful more than quick, and that's not enough, some will say. some of the stuff that's said frustrates me because i don't agree with it. itjust motivates me more to go and show them that, you know, i'm ready for my chance
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and when i get it i want to prove to people that there is some talent around, there is room for a bowler like me in international cricket. english summers can chill english cricketers. a season's grind rewards stamina not speed, and fast bowlers can be lost. but if these images don't add a few miles an hour of motivation, nothing will. joe wilson, bbc news, loughborough. the duke and duchess of cambridge have released two new photographs of princess charlotte at kensington palace. the photos were taken by the duchess this morning — shortly before princess charlotte left for her first day of nursery at the willcocks nursery school in south west london. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. hello. we have some more beautiful pictures, this time of the weather.
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it was a freezing cold start to the day in scotland and this helped these things do form. they are called ice pancakes. they are caused by ad is causing foam which freezes. 0n the satellite picture you get this sense of the lump of cloud creeping its way northwards. the wind is starting to blow in from the south—easterly direction. that will push the cloud northwards. for many areas, it will tend to turn cloudy overnight. across the highlands of scotland, here we will keep some clear skies and temperatures could get down to minus eight celsius. there will be some hill fog patches dotted around the uk. for most of us it isa dotted around the uk. for most of us it is a cloudy, grey start to the day. the best sunshine across scotland, parts of west wales and england. later in the afternoon we will see a band of rain encroaching from the west and bringing some damp
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weather into the far south—west of wales and england. that wet weather will continue to push its way northwards and eastwards tomorrow night. along with that again there will be some low cloud around and missed and hill fog patches. cold enough for some snow in the mountains of scotland but generally temperatures in the towns and cities holding a few degrees above freezing. that takes us into wednesday which is a decent weather kind of day. the skies will brighten up kind of day. the skies will brighten up with some sunshine coming through. in the sunshine it is turning milder across the south—west with temperatures reaching double figures but cooler further north. a reminder of our main story: a couple who met on a dating website have been found guilty of plotting what thejudge have been found guilty of plotting what the judge called a potentially devastating terror attack in the uk, inspired by so—called islamic state. that is all from the bbc news at
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six. goodbye from me. let's bring you up—to—date with the top stories. theresa may has completed the biggest reshuffle since she became prime minister. karen bradley has switched from culture to northern ireland secretary. she is expected to be replaced by matthew hancock at the department for culture, media and sport. there has been a change in title forjeremy hunt, to reflect his responsibility for health and social care. a couple who met on a muslim dating site have been found guilty of planning a terror attack in the uk. at the start of his trial, the former football coach at barry bennell has pleaded guilty to seven child six offences against boys aged between 11 and 14. let's have a look at what is coming
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up let's have a look at what is coming up on bbc news. katty and christian will bring you beyond 100 days at seven. they'll be looking at the continuing fallout from michael wolff's book about president trump's white house. as theresa may carries out her largest reshuffle, we'll look at who's coming and going from her cabinet. and if you've been lucky enough to avoid this year's particularly nasty strain of flu, we'll have advice on that's all ahead on bbc news. how to stay healthy. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm 0lly foster. these are our sportsday headlines tonight... staying positive, hip surgery is the last resort but andy murray says he'll get back to his best. a storm breaks over sydney, but too late to save england. we pick apart the ashes defeat. we are going to pick apart that £142 million coutinho transfer on the day he officially becomes
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a barca player. and in the last of the fa cup 3rd round ties, tonight we'll see


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