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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 9, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll hear from the south korean ambassador to the uk in beyond 100 days. a robot designed to run a smart home on behalf of its owners proves media shy at its public debut. and they say you should never work with animals... we'll show you what happened when a bbc reporter went to meet a group of lemurs in norfolk. that's all ahead on bbc news! now it's time for sportsday. hello. i'm olly foster, these are our headlines tonight: after a weekend of fa cup action, it's now the league cup semi—finals. we'll be at the etihad, where manchester city are back in action. after a year of controversies and criticism the fa sets out a range of policies to improve diversity across the game.
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his critics want him to stand down now, but trevor bayliss sasy he'll see out his contract and leave after the next ashes. good evening. we've just had four days of fa cup action and now we are straight into the league cup semi—finals. tomorrow it's cheslea against arsenal. tonight manchester city play the first leg of their tie against bristol city. these were the scenes in the quarter—finals as korey smith scored that injury—time winner for bristol city against manchester united at ashton gate. let's go live to the etihad stadium now, our correspondent natalie pirks is there for us. it could be special for bristol
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city, but you cannot see them doing the double against the manchester clubs! 7 the double against the manchester clubs!? youjust the double against the manchester clubs!? you just never know. tonight, bristol city have two attempt to answer a question that only one team has managed to answer. how do you defeat manchester city? undefeated in the league, flying. 15 clear. and still gunning for s i lve rwea r clear. and still gunning for silverwear on four fronts. how do bristol city approach this? the newcastle route? negative? crystal palace? nick a win? it isjust the first leg. this is what the manager, leejohnson, had first leg. this is what the manager, lee johnson, had to first leg. this is what the manager, leejohnson, had to say. first leg. this is what the manager, lee johnson, had to sayli first leg. this is what the manager, lee johnson, had to say. i have watched the games against manchester city, and instantly teams drop off and show fear. but we have created with their supporters and the competition, we can have a go. i am
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looking forward to it. it is going to bea looking forward to it. it is going to be a real battle on the pitch. i am sure it is going to be a battle off the pitch. and to come up against another world—class coach, so against another world—class coach, so quickly, it is amazing. i am looking forward to see what i can learn from this. we will have a better idea of how serious the manager is going to take this when we get the team sheet. we have just had the fa cups, no non league teams in the third round. this evening, you think the neutrals will be getting behind bristol city? you would imagine that everybody apart from manchester city supporters will be cheering them on. first major semifinal of a major competition since 1989. haven't won since boxing
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day! fourth in the championship. but that quarterfinal against manchester united was pretty epic for the neutral. that was the fourth premier league scalp, already beaten stoke and watford and crystal palace. shaun goater has given us a tour. this is the manchester city dressing i’ooiti. this is the manchester city dressing room. wow. some quality players. i like the design. it is special. de bruyne. .. like the design. it is special. de bruyne... sane. fernandinho. iwas numberten. bruyne... sane. fernandinho. iwas number ten. just about get in there! the famous song, feed the goat, he will score! all the time. i go to the supermarket. and some people say feed the goat! 0k!
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the supermarket. and some people say feed the goat! ok! i'm just getting some items. but it is enjoyable. you are on the wall! the tunnel. it is pretty unique at every ground. and this is unique. the restaurant. this isa this is unique. the restaurant. this is a nice touch. it is unique. would you ever look across at who you are against? manchester city ten. bristol city are going to be exceeded. sergio aguero. going to wa nt exceeded. sergio aguero. going to want to score against them. but the advice i would give them, do not look. that actually is better. have the game face on. just look straightforward. that is going to catch the attention. mind games! all
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starts here. yes. not bad. kiss here when you score! guardiola's seat! if you are absolutely privileged. i'm excited. bristol city are really going to enjoy the occasion. i am a winner either way. both my clubs. exciting. you can expect plenty of changes form manchester city tonight. liverpool on sunday. we have got commentary on bbc five live. thank you. the football association was just one of those sporting bodies investigated last year becasaue of concerns over welfare and issues of discrimination. today they announced a range of policies and initiatives to boost diversity and also increase funding across the game. nick parrott reports.
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last year of the football association had to explain why it was not dealing with allegations of bullying and racism. aluko complained about the manager, micro two, and now the football association is working on codes of conduct, making changes to ensure it does not happen again. we want to make sure that anybody that puts on the england shirt, male, female, can air concerns and grievances in a speedy and prompt manner. those are some of the changes. the whistle—blowing procedure. recruitment is also going to change with the governing body are adopting its own version of the rooney rule, implemented in american football.“ for example the england managerfor is myjob, the basic qualifications
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are that you have done the coaching badges to a senior level and managed a team. it would work... on the short list in the future, one candidate from a bme background. investment also been increased from the top of the game to the grassroots. the sheer‘s fa cup winners will take home 1.8 million. it also hopes to double the reach of women's football over the next six seasons. women's football over the next six seasons. an extra £50 million. and the date on wembley stadium will be paid off, saving more than 2 million a year. peter beardsley has been put on leave by newcastle while they investigate allegations of racism and bullying made against him. he coaches the under 23s at the club. our reporter ade adedoyinjoins me now.
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he was told to report to st james's park and it was at this meeting it was decided he would take a period of life. an academy player, made a formal complaint of brilliant against him. it was backed up by state m e nts against him. it was backed up by statements from five other players. some of them alleged racism against him. the accusations being investigated by newcastle united, at an adventure activity but, by watching two of them struggling with a climbing frame, he said that you should be good of this. he also suggested that some of the black players lied about ages. these are just allegations. and we understand obviously that he
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is going to be away from that position until this investigation is concluded. the player who has made the allegations will be meeting the football clu b the allegations will be meeting the football club on thursday. and still to come on sportsday... those targets for the winter olympics but it's not all about the medals! the sport itself is exciting. when jennyjones got the first ever snow medal, three million. not all necessarily going to go to a mountain but found it inspiring. still talking about the cricket. following the 4—0 defeat series defeat to australia trevor bayliss says he'll step down when his contract expires at the end of next year's ashes
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series on home soil. the england head coach has come in for some criticism for his leadership on tour and since taking over in 2015 england have lost 18 and won 15 matches. in an exclusive interview with our reporter patrick gearey in sydney he says he told the ecb of his plans to step down in 2019, a year ago. to be honest, i have already told andrew strauss, 12 months ago. september 2019, that is when i am contracted to. i have never been anywhere more than 11—5 years. going well or not. i have always thought that around about that mark, time to change the voice and approach. the slightly different approach can reinvigorate things. as i said, i
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have not passed. have you had sometimes when you think i do not really need this? never doubted myself. off field stuff is a little bit tough. you could certainly do without that. but i think it is fine. penny has dropped. it is a different environment now a days. over the last 3—4 weeks, i think it was evident that the penny had dropped. going forward, i do not foresee any problems there. but it has certainly been a challenge, earlier in the tour. a little earlier i spoke to our cricket correspondent jonathan agnew and asked him about bayliss setting an end date for his time in charge of england.
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some people could say it was presumptuous. i will be easier and to 2019 anyway? i am not sure about is how he said it but he clearly believes he has got a part to play until 2019. going to be a review of this tour, if those conducting that feel that the court is culpable for the performance then he could not be here in 2019. do you think he is culpable in any part? they will be looking at the discipline off field. that is something that he has admitted has really dogged the tour. it started with ben stokes, entirely out of his hands but always a lot of scrutiny of the players, and from the first night onwards... incidents. it is something that falls onto his watch. the has to set the discipline required. finally, no
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time to catch breath. one day seriies. then new zealand, pakistan, india. what do you hope to see from them, going forward? got to get a young quick bowler. that works, england, australia. a while now, we've worried about ali. i think he has been over performing. probably underperformed and astute reader. in the middle, the happy balance. batsmen who bowls. got to get the front line spinner. and importantly, got to hope that root‘s confidence has not taken any sort of bashing after this series. time will tell. that was the cricket correspondent. let's take a look at a few of the other stories making
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the headlines this evening... johanna konta says she "feels good" and is fit ahead of the australia open which starts on monday, despite being knocked out in the first round of the sydney international. the british number one was the defending champion in sydney, but was handed a tough draw against agnieszka radwanska and lost in straight sets. the video assistant referee — or var — will be used in next week's fa cup third round replays between chelsea and norwich, and leicester and fleetwood town. var was used for the first time in a competitive english club game in last night's fa cup win for brighton in the third round. the wales and ospreys flanker dan lydiate has been ruled out for the rest of the season with a bicep injury. lydiate was injured in ospreys' win at dragons on new year's eve and will undergo surgery later this week. it's another blow to wales ahead of the six nations, with sam warburton out and taulupe faletau also a doubt. uk sport has set team gb a target of at least five medals at next month's winter olympics in south korea. the current record is four set in 192a and also the last games in sochi.
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team gb's paralympic athletes have been set a target of seven. korean cultural centre, central london. for everything the winter games means to the host nation, it means more than ever to british sport. an audience gathered to hear the targets. lizzy arnold's gold was one of four british winter olympic medlas won in 2014. five at least are expected this time. can we really be winning more medals, in more sports with more investment? it has to stop somewhere, hasn't it? i know. it's a good question. every time it seems to be "this will be the best ever this time." you think, is it possible to keep going? the great thing with the winter olympics and paralympics, it is a games that is developing in great britain, we have had some really impressive results over the past few olympic games
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and paralympic games. we are seeing more consistenvy now. it is an area we can grow. speed skater elise christie could win two medals for britain on her own. as for the winter paralympics, the medal target is at least seven. there is always more to be played for. you make connections where you see them. what we do see is the profound sense people get from the paralympics, that it is high class sport, but with a higher purpose, it tells you something about your self and what is possible. i hope will challenge perceptions of disability in society. the uk's investment in pyeongchang's winner sport is 32 million of lottery money. as ever, that is only fun if it pays off. you might remember that if yorkshire was a country, it would have finished 12th in the medal table at the 2012 olympics. now the region is looking for sporting independence by setting up its own
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international football team! confused? dave edwards went along to find out just what is going on. yorkshire. god's county. it has got its own identity, dialect, way of life. why not its own football team? they have already been chosen, some with experience at the likes of regenerated and hull are hoping to be picked. it is amazing. what a privilege. great community project. i have been on trial at some clubs. it was a great opportunity. i have enjoyed it. i hope i get to represent yorkshire. when you are a little kid... when you are getting released from an academy you think the dream has died. this comes along. yes. international football. proud moment. you have got to have been born here. this is the stadium.
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the usual base of miners‘ welfare! forget fifa and uefa, it has just been excepted as the newest member of independent football associations. it has its own world cup. it includes some small countries and some places that are not officially recognised those countries. potential opponents include... the first match is going to be three weeks. against the isle of man. yorkshire has a very strong and distinct identity. people consider themselves yorkshire rather than english. this is a reflection. their own team. kit and equipment already sorted. and the players should not even think about diving or
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playacting. that as a disciplinary matter. only proper football allowed here. champion. good luck to them! much more on the website. all the build—up to that match. manchester city have made four changes. toure starts. mangala, silva, de bruyne in. not taking bristol city lightly. much more on the website about those fa cup reforms. that‘s all from sportsday. we‘ll have more throughout the evening.


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