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tv   Beyond 100 Days  BBC News  January 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm GMT

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this is beyond 100 days, with me katty key in washington and christian fraser's in london. north korea offers to send a high—level delegation to next month's winter olympics, after the first talks with the south in more than two years. donald trump hosts a roundtable meeting between republicans and democrats about security and immigration in a rare show of bipartisanship. as fa ns as fans call for oprah winfrey to run for president, donald trump is also full of praise but says he would beat her at the polls. and the self propelling suitcase that follows its owner. just one of the marvels at this year's major tech show in las vegas. get in touch on
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#beyond100days. figure skaters, cheerleaders and artists are the subject of talks between north and south korea but nuclear weapons are off the table as the two countries celebrate pyongyang's decision to compete in the winter olympics but there are questions about where this will lead when military talks will not even include nukes. but it is a step towards easing tensions. it is the first time with the north has participated in any olympics since 2010 and now there of a scramble to work out how to get the athletes are there and how to make sure they return home again afterwards. the skiers on the slopes today were moving a little slower than they will be in a month's time. then, the
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world's best will be flying down these slopes. and now we know that when the olympic games open here on february the 7th, there will be a full north korean team competing. they will march in side by side with their south korean company dreads. translation: i think we can put everything else aside and everyone should do their best to achieve their goals in the competition. north korea is just their goals in the competition. north korea isjust 50 miles away in that direction and the north has com pletely that direction and the north has completely overshadowed preparations for the olympics here. some teams have threatened to pull out, ticket sales have been slow. you can see this place is not exactly humming with skiers. so there is immense relief that the northampton south are at least talking. this morning, north korea's chief delegate strode along the demarcation line that
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divides the two countries. he warmly shook the hand of his south korean counterpart. the weather is cold, he said, but despite the cold the people's desire for improving relations is unfrozen. it is hard to overstate how dramatic and rapid this shift has been. it is only a month since north korea test fired this huge new missile, posting it could hit any city in the united states. off the coast of korea, us aircraft carriers and must, their decks swarming with supersonic strike aircraft. it felt like this region was teetering on the brink of war. so is pyongyang's sudden change of heart real orjust a tactic to avoid war with america? north korea would like to gain time in order to avoid a potential immediate
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retaliation by the united states and eventually re—engage with the provocation cycle so they can threaten the united states. the winter olympics may be a coverfor kimjong—un, a winter olympics may be a coverfor kim jong—un, a convenient excuse for him to step back from the brink, but in the south, any chance to talk is better than the terrifying alternative. few could disagree with that thought. earlier we were joined few could disagree with that thought. earlier we werejoined by south korea's ambassador to the uk and started off by asking him what is the long—term goal of what has just begun. the us and korea have the same view that we can not accept a nuclear armed state. and also we wa nt a nuclear armed state. and also we want to preserve the verifiable...
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but they give nothing in order to come to the table and the fear is pyongyang is trying to drive a wedge between seoul and washington. pyongyang is trying to drive a wedge between seoul and washingtonm they try to drive a wedge between they try to drive a wedge between the us and korea, they will fail because we maintain very close collaboration and coordination on a daily basis at every level. as i said, we have the same goal and the same approach. so the driving wedge is not a concern for us. in order to bring north korea to the games, what is your government have to do in terms of easing sanctions so that the team can actually travelled to soul? actually, i understand we need to not get into any details about dropping sanctions. what we are talking about now is that we invite north korea and they decided to send a large sized delegation. we wholeheartedly welcome it and we
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sincerely hope this is a good starting point to ease tension on the korean peninsula and also engage in direct dialogue with the north and also further create an environment conducive to more serious negotiations on nuclear and ballistic missile issues. ambassador, you describe it as a good starting point. of course, there must be concerned that north korea does not follow through, that you have a peaceful olympic games, but after that they go back to their bad behaviour. you must have some concerns about that, don't you? we hope, we sincerely hope that this olympic games and also this high—level talks will pave the way for a relaxation of tension and more serious dialogue between the two careers, and also leading to the
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more serious dialogue and negotiation on nuclear issues. but all of the evidence in history is that they don't follow through long—term on these breakthroughs, these moment of rapprochement, they just go back to their bad nuclear behaviour. but these situations have been changing now and the international community, particularly the security council, instigated very strong sanctions and resolutions in recent years. we increase the pressure on the north korean government to change their strategy and this time, on the occasion of the olympic games, they have decided to send a large sized team, and they are engaged in direct talks in a serious manner so we believe and we hope that this is a good starting point. just one last
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question, the wall streetjournal today says the americans are talking about a tactical strike may be, the next time they launch a missile, a bloody nose, but not full—scale war. those that worry your country that the americans are even considering that? my government and also all releva nt that? my government and also all relevant governments, relevant countries, they pursue diplomatic solution to this problem. nobody wants full—scale war, nobody wants even limited war. you can't stop it becoming a walk with a limited strike, can you ? becoming a walk with a limited strike, can you? it may be difficult to control everything but undoubtedly, the korean government and the us government and other related countries all pursue a dramatic solution to this problem. good to have you with us. thank you.
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it may be difficult to control everything. a short while ago i spoke to the former us ambassador to south korea. how significant is this breakthrough around the olympics in terms of the broader relationship between the north and south? first of all, it is busy very significant for the olympics. south korea has invested ten years and lots of money in preparing for these olympics. frankly, the only thing that could have gone wrong would have been a north korean provocation. the fact that kim jong—un issued that new year 's address and then followed up by sending a team down is a good sign. the question is, can this really go much further than the olympics? there, time will tell. we have seen a pattern over decades of north korea making advances, engaging with the international community, only for them to retreat and start misbehaving again. do you
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have any optimism that it can be different this time around? based on past experience, i don't think it is going to go much further. i do feel the north korea are motivated by a essentially three different ideas. one, that they can be a good, friendly neighbour, even with nuclear weapons, and that they can start the process, which i think is a long—term effort to drive wedges between the us and south korea, ultimately decoupling the us from south korea's security, and i would not be surprised if they are feeling the pinch of some of these sanctions, although i don't want to go too far with that. i know president trump is taking credit for these meetings based on the sanctions, but i think it is far more complex than that. the reporting is that it will be the south koreans to pay for the north korean athletes and delegates to come to the olympics. you have been had so many negotiations yourself, there is give and take, what has
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north korea given in this instance? they have certainly made sure that nothing will go wrong with the olympics so, in that sense, they have given something. it sounds a little like organised crime but that is essentially what they have given. i think they are trying to show that they can be this good neighbour, and thatis they can be this good neighbour, and that is something that certainly the president wanted to see because he has a lot of people in his party who believe they should be an engagement policy with regard to north korea. so he has got something on that score and can placate a lot of people within his party. but it's important to understand that the peninsula talks ten to deal with humanitarian issues, family reunification, which is the next topic they would like to address. it is not about nuclear weapons or security. it is more about the
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atmosphere and the bilateral relationship that the north and south have clearly not had much of in recent years. i was interested to see that when it comes to military talks, which they will now hold as well, the discussion of nuclear discussions have been taken off the table. how realistic can military talks with north korea be if they are not going to discuss the problem? historically, they have not been very significant. obviously, you would look for some kind of confidence building measures, may be pull— back of forces, confidence building measures, may be pull—back of forces, this type of thing, but what the north koreans will be looking for is further to their policy of trying to decouple their policy of trying to decouple the us from south korea, they will be looking for further postponement and even cancellation of us, republic of korea military exercises. so they will be absolutely focused on that. they see that as part and parcel of the effort to weaken the alliance. thank
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you very much. both sides today saying there is no increased daylight between them. that they share opinions on what needs to happen in north korea. but look, anything is better than where we we re look, anything is better than where we were two months ago. any talks. and if they can become a catalyst for change, all the better. it is weird. we are in this day will track process at the moment where we have these talks going on. the state department saying they welcome those talks going on and yet there is still talked in washington about what you asked the ambassador about and that is some idea of a precision strike. there is a piece in foreign policy magazine and a title is, it's time to bomb north korea. so there is certainly a discussion on military action against north korea but we just can't say where we are going to be in two months‘ time but we just can‘t say where we are going to be in two months‘ time on this. will we be in a position where
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those talks will make a breakthrough or could there be the prospect of some kind of military action?m will be interesting to knowjust how involved the americans have been in these discussions. i can‘t imagine a scenario where north korea, where south korea say we will talk to them and then pick up the phone. the ambassador was very keen to say there was close collaboration. given how rarely president trump chooses to do politics, the tone of today‘s meeting was writing, but whether the two sides can actually agree on the wall or protecting young immigrants is less clear. here
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is mrtrumpa young immigrants is less clear. here is mr trump a few minutes ago. i feel having the democrats in with us is absolutely vital because it should be a bipartisan bill. it should be a bipartisan bill. it should be a bill of love, truly, and we can do that. but it also has to bea we can do that. but it also has to be a bill where we are able to secure our be a bill where we are able to secure our border. drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace. a lot of people coming in that we can't have. we have greatly stiffened and fewer people are trying to come in but we have tremendous numbers of people and drugs pouring into our country. so in orderto drugs pouring into our country. so in order to secure it, we need a wall. republican strategists and former aide for the bush white house ron christiejoins us from aide for the bush white house ron christie joins us from san francisco. i was thinking, my goodness, that is the kind of meeting we might have seen your former employer, president bush, hold in the white house.|j former employer, president bush, hold in the white house. i thought that was a fascinating bit of television that we saw within the la st television that we saw within the last hour. president trump had 25
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members of congress join last hour. president trump had 25 members of congressjoin him, 16 senators and a handful of members from the house of representatives, and we saw something that we don't see in american politics often. he let the camera crew in and let them observe what was going on. i can't tell you how many meetings i was in with a bring the press in, they are there for 30 seconds, and then they get pushed out. we got to see republicans and democrats negotiated in front of the american people. it was a great bit of television theatre. beyond the bit of television theatre, what happens on the substance of this? do you think it makes it easier for them to come to some kind of agreement on tricky issues like the wall and protecting young immigrants? i do. i believe there is bipartisan consensus. they wa nt there is bipartisan consensus. they want to find a way to protect these 800,000 young people from being deported. one of the mechanisms that we might able to be able to do this
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is that government funding is going to stop on january 19 next week. if the president can find a legislative stopgap that will keep the government open as well as addressing these issues, i think there is a pathway that all sides can say they got a little something. most importantly, these young people are most importantly, these young people a re allowed most importantly, these young people are allowed to remain. most importantly, these young people are allowed to remainlj most importantly, these young people are allowed to remain. i agree, it was a fascinating three quarters of an hour when they went around the table. a real shot in the arm for bipartisanship. we certainly needed that after the last few months. but he went on to say that republicans and democrats need to go out for dinner more, they need to talk more. he said everybody hates each other. but this is the tweed he sent out on the 2nd of january. but this is the tweed he sent out on the 2nd ofjanuary. democrats but this is the tweed he sent out on the 2nd of january. democrats are doing nothing, just interested in politics. this is the sort of sentiment he has been sewing on twitter. he has been the division.
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good to see you, christian, as well. yes, he has been. we have long talked about the president and his tweets and it seems to take people apart as opposed to bring people together. but one of the things i heard today that i thought was very important is that it is really hard to disagree with somebody who you like. it is hard not to work with someone you know like. it is hard not to work with someone you know and respect. and members of congress, certainly the la st members of congress, certainly the last ten or 15 years, have taken to running against washington, trying to demonise not only the opposition party but the city itself. if we can find a way to get little bit more civility, perhaps the president can put down twitter every now and again and bring people over. president bush brought people over every thursday and had drinks. let's get to know each other, talk to each other, and talk about these issues rather than demonise each other. picking up that sentiment that it is
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difficult to disagree with someone you like. here is a message from ron christie, who has fallen in love with oprah winfrey. here it is. is she the 46th president, ron christie? no, and don't worry, i will be back in washington next week. i think she was extraordinarily eloquent. i stand by the sentiments expressed in my tweet. with so much rancour and division in hollywood, with harvey weinstein and the six scandals, it is nice to see a strong woman of collective eloquent remarks and take head—on an issue that has ripped apart the fabric of our society today. yes, i apart the fabric of our society today. yes, lam apart the fabric of our society today. yes, i am still coming apart the fabric of our society today. yes, lam still coming back today. yes, lam still coming back to washington, don't worry. good man. great to see you.
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so what do you make of it, the round the table? i thought it was fascinating. it is fascinating partly because we haven‘t seen the president do this. this is what presidents in the past have done, got everyone together. we have talked a lot about division in washington and kudos to the president for managing to get democrats there to listen to them as they made their policy statements. getting people together does mean you can do some talking. and he is going to davos. i didn‘t realise that president obama and president bush did not go to davos, so this is a first. i was fascinated when this news broke. it came out from the white house that he has decided to go to advance the america first agenda. davos, previous presidents have felt is this gathering of this local glitterati, and they didn‘t wa nt to local glitterati, and they didn‘t want to be seen in that circumstance. president obama would
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not have dreamt of going to davos because he would have been chastised by republicans throughout the country for those food grass afterwards. president bush felt exactly the same thing. president clinton did go right at the end of his time in office in 2000. so it is rare for american presidents to go and it is fascinating that this president, who has railed against globalisation, styled himself as a populist, is the one that breaks the mould and actually goes to switzerland for the gathering. interesting to watch. french authorities are investigating a suspected arson attack on a kosher grocery store in paris. it was recently did face with nazi swastikas. it comes amid fears of france‘s jewish community about rising anti—semitism. a cargo is still leaking oil into the east china sea following a fire. one person has been confirmed dead. now, if you want a glimpse of the
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future, there is no better place you can be right now than las vegas. it is the width of a massive consumer electronic show and on display the technology that will revolutionise the way we live. 170,000 people are expected to visit those exhibitions. they are going to see the tech companies latest developments including driverless cars and advancesin including driverless cars and advances in artificial intelligence. a powerful and largely invisible technology is on the march. it is learning how to drive. it can recognise individual faces and learning how to drive. it can recognise individualfaces and it knows an awful lot about our personal preferences. that technology is artificial intelligence and, in las vegas this week, tech firms are showing off how far it has come. can we shake hands? ina las far it has come. can we shake hands? in a las vegas university lab, i am
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eating sophia, a humanoid robot. how sophisticated do you think you are asa sophisticated do you think you are as a robot? a lot of people perceive me as as a robot? a lot of people perceive measa as a robot? a lot of people perceive me as a robot but i would not people what then i am a human. ijust want to communicate with humans in the best possible ways, which include looking like one. severe has few practical uses right now but her creators believe she represents a big step on the road to artificial intelligence. our aspiration is to bring the machines to life, to create living, intelligent systems, and there you will see the greatest revolution in artificial intelligence. as this giant tech show gets underway, china‘s spending on al and robotics is very much in evidence. this case recognises and follows its owner. and here is the biggest development, with the slogan, ai is changing the world at
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china speed. it calls itself china‘s google, it is already a leader in technologies like facial recognition, and they are confident china can challenge america‘s ai dominance. china is quickly catching up dominance. china is quickly catching up and the gap is closing. but china has a lot more people, a much larger scale. there is a big market. sol think that is a foundation for china to prevail in the ai agent. google, which usually keeps a low profile at this show, has chosen to put its name everywhere across las vegas, stressing its leading role in al. we are trying our best to stay ahead. there is lots of great competition, lots of excitement, and it means there is a lot of investment going into this area, so i think you are going to see the field advance pretty quickly. it is arriving quite slowly. and in downtown las vegas, i booked a ride in an autonomous taxi. no steering wheel, no pedals, no
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driver, and it is made by a french transport company. it is notjust america and china are racing to get ahead in al. pa rt ahead in al. part of the fun is the black cabbie talking to you from the front. i particularly like the bag that recognises and follows its own, so you can‘t lose your bike in the airport. maybe i can sit my children on it. i definitely want one of those. this is beyond 100 days from the bbc. coming up for the worse on the bbc. coming up for the worse on the bbc. coming up for the worse on the bbc news channel and bbc world news, he walks the walk but can he talk the talk? the french president is in trying and trying to do a trade deal in his attempt to speak mandarin. and democracy on ice, the country that has been without a government for 12 months. what impact is it having on everyday life? one of our weather watchers did
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manage to find a bit of sunshine on the isle of lewis. northern scotland, part of cumbria, some good sunny skies today, and we will see that sunshine return tomorrow. this weather front has been that sunshine return tomorrow. this weatherfront has been bringing rain to northern ireland. overnight that will spread northwards and eastwards. with clearing skies to some parts of western england, wales and northern ireland, temperatures will drop. there could be some icy conditions to start wednesday morning. take it easy first thing. another great start in the north—east of scotland. and there will be some lingering fog patches in the west. but foremost, this sunshine be back and much better. northern scotland grade, misty over the hills. but in other parts of
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western scotland, it will brighten up. still fairly cloudy for some in eastern england. i can‘t rule out the right moment but further west sunny spells developing for most. not everyone will see blue skies overhead. and with winds light, it should feel much more pleasant than it has done over the past few days. on wednesday night, outbreaks of rain, afew on wednesday night, outbreaks of rain, a few showers close to the south—west of the country. they will gradually fade away through the night. and with light winds, clear skies, these are the city centre temperatures. however, the risk of frost. and not just temperatures. however, the risk of frost. and notjust widespread frost, fog patches will become that bit more expensive —— extensive. exactly who will stick with the fog all day long, one of those things difficult to say at this moment. parts of northern ireland. but elsewhere most of the morning will clear, the sunshine will come out,
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another pleasant day but still feeling on the chilly side. a similar day on friday, most at risk of four, sunny spells breakthrough in the west, but we finished the day with rain across ireland and some gusty winds to go with it. that weather front will try to work its way in this weekend. a slow process though. rain heavy at first, like that but you later. this is beyond 100 days, with me katty kay in washington and christian fraser‘s in london. our top stories. north korea offers to send a high—level delegation to next month‘s winter olympics, after the first talks with the south in more than two years. a former south korean ambassador tells this programme, he‘s sceptical. well, they have certainly made sure that nothing will go wrong with the olympics so, in that sense, they have given something. it sounds a little like organised crime. donald trump hosts a roundtable meeting between republicans and democrats about security and immigration in a rare show of bipartisanship. coming up in the next half hour. then we have a special report about
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the murder of ukrainian lawyer. and how prince harry got to grips with this cool handshake! send us your thoughts. this is the hashtag. if donald trump is called for an interview by special prosecutor robert muller, how would that actually work? and piercing, under oath? all of those questions are releva nt to oath? all of those questions are relevant to reports that discussions between the camps have just begun. donald trump has repeatedly said mr trump has repeatedly said that there was no collusion between russia and his campaign. he also says he understands he is not personally under investigation. but the fbi probe is wide ranging, many people in the president‘s inner circle have been interviewed and there is certainly
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much that mr mueller would like to ask mr trump. with us now is former federal prosector barak cohen. thank you for coming to the studio. how does this work when a special prosecutor decides that they want to talk to the president? situations like this, rare. we understand that. but how it has worked in the past, what likely is going to happen, the special counsel will be negotiating with lawyers. presumably, the president wants to keep his lawyer with him? absolutely. preferring to do this in writing, sit down? the preferences to do this in writing, lawyers can prepare what you intend to say. what the person being interviewed intends to say. that might happen. the special counsel is probably pushing for an interview,
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certainly the president is going to wa nt certainly the president is going to want that. some speculation, the fa ct want that. some speculation, the fact that muller is in negotiations with the president‘s lawyers, it could be drawing towards an end. would you conclude that? it is closer to the end. why would that be the case? depending on what the president has said, any information they could want to follow up on. the implication, interview everybody else? i expect the president is probably the last person that they would want to interview, it could result in a follow—up interview. would want to interview, it could result in a follow-up interview. the new york times said that what muller is really interviewed on, flynn, and the firing of james comey. obstruction of justice? would the firing of james comey. obstruction ofjustice? would you agree? if that is what they are after, i would agree that they are looking at evidence of obstruction of justice. looking at evidence of obstruction
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ofjustice. where does that leave the president? can the president of strong justice? exactly. the president? can the president of strongjustice? exactly. some bigger questions, if he can be killed accountable —— held accountable. questions, if he can be killed accountable —— held accountablelj was accountable —— held accountable.” was just accountable —— held accountable.” wasjust going to accountable —— held accountable.” was just going to say, it is very american, this? i rememberwhen nicolas sarkozy was under investigation in france. he was hauled in. the same for silvio berlusconi. why does the american president get a say? at the end of the day, even though the information is critical and part and the office deserves a certain part of difference. thank you. it is going to be fascinating to see how those meetings take place. and whether the
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president, even if he can be undisciplined on twitter, he has actually also sat with lawyers many times. being disciplined when he needs to be. the trick is... if you are being grilled, be on top of fa cts . are being grilled, be on top of facts. we know that he does not have that capacity. does not have that capacity to sit down read! also going to have to remember the issue of obstruction, bill clinton was undone on the perjury issue when he was impeached in the 1990s. it is more of a pattern. something that muller would think easier to work with. in ukraine, the funeral has taken place of a young female lawyer whose murder is rapidly becoming a test case for attempts to reform the country‘s judiciary. irina nozdrovska‘s body was discovered five days after she appeared in court to ensure that a drunk driver who killed her sister
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would not be released early. from kiev, here‘s our correspondentjonah fisher. in a small town just outside kiev, hundreds of people came to say goodbye to a woman whose life and death has reminded ukraine of how far it still has to go. this is irina nozdrovska two years ago in full flow. she was leading a very public campaign to try and make sure that the drink—driver responsible for killing her sister was prosecuted. it was an uphill struggle. the man was well connected, the nephew of a localjudge. but against the odds, two weeks ago, he had a jail sentence of seven years confirmed. but irina nozdrovska‘s activism made her powerful enemies and five
7:35 pm
days after the court hearing, her battered body was discovered stabbed and dumped. "they murdered you for telling the truth", says herfather, as he weeps over her coffin. "they removed you because you were standing in their way." her mother cries out for her first dead daughter, svitlana , to welcome irina to heaven. ukraine has a pretty miserable track record of solving high—profile murder cases like this one. the justice system is widely seen as being rotten to its very core and at the service of the rich and well connected. under pressure, ukraine‘s police service has arrested a man, but at the funeral there was deep scepticism about whether justice would eventually be done. people understand that the judicial system is not about people at all. we understand that it is about corruption first of all, because all these judges, for 25 years, was corrupt with politicians. the whole system is corrupt. having fought and, it seems, died to getjustice for her sister, the murder of irina nozdrovska
7:36 pm
is now a very public test case as to whether ukraine really is changing. it seems everybody is on the china charm offensive. trumps... then the british international trade secretary. and the french secretary. macron and the chinese president have been talking about trade. offering to open up the economy to investment, it is notjust macron‘s policies that have been causing make our planet great again.
7:37 pm
this is in mandarin. we are going to do a test at the end of the programme. i am going to ask you to say that in mandarin. very good linguist. he has done this before. he had this fly on the wall, behind—the—scenes view. but i want to talk about how far britain is lagging behind in the gift giving diplomacy. he took with him an eight—year—old horse! do you know what we gave to the chinese? a signed england football shirt. you have got to do better. i think theresa may could be going later this year. the next month or so. going to take corgis? bulldog? dragon? where do you go? it was
7:38 pm
interesting. you have got everybody trying to woo the chinese. the french at the moment. and macron has been very complimentary about the chinese government, the role on climate change. chinese investment around the world, what it means. id just feels like we are in this moment, the centre of gravity shifting around. and a lot of people turning up on the doorstep, who wouldn‘t have done years ago. as my editor remaindered me, one gift... some proper armchairs! just look at these? almost like bond armchairs! arm opens up. the trigger inside. we will take them some new chairs. we
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will take them some new chairs. we will see how that goes. police in italy and germany have arrested 169 people in a joint operation against one of italy‘s most notorious mafia groups — the ‘ndrangheta. most arrests were made in italy, and include the head of the southern province of crotone, and two other mayors. the criminal network is based in southern italy but it has expanded its reach into the rest of europe. theresa may‘s cabinet has met for the first time after a reshuffle designed to recharge her government. the british prime minister appointed more women and mps from ethnic minority backgrounds as ministers, at the end of the two—day reshuffle. but the most high—profile cabinet ministers have all kept theirjobs. it was interesting. i think i tweeted this earlier. i have never seen tweeted this earlier. i have never seen the new york times run any piece about the british cabinet recycle. it was the ways than glowing headline, not changing much. i think number ten have convinced themselves after the budget, after
7:40 pm
signing the deal with the eu, that she ended the year on a good end and could resume normal activities. she cannot. it was proving just be. how does it happen thatjeremy hunt, comes to downing street and they do not know that he is going to move. the cabinet reshuffle stalls. senior ministers dictating they are not going to leave. they allow spin in the press. going to reflect the country at large. in the end, moving the education secretary, sacked, greening, instead put in a middle age white man. this is the second time. after the party conference, you hit the cabinet reshuffle that should have been straightforward. it is the second time. surely questions have been asked internally? do not
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spin it out over two days. more hours of headlines. than if you did it as normal! david cameron, did it ata it as normal! david cameron, did it at a canter! heavy snow has been raising the avalanche risk to some areas. some switzerland resorts, has blogged real and road access. so much now. this was the scene at switzerland. the avalanche risk is as high as it has been for almost a decade. over one metre ross noble fell in parts of the alps on monday. at this battalion residents evacuated. snow poured down.
7:42 pm
villages cut off. many schools closed. this was france. we had big noises at first. no tremor. growls. we ran back to the basement. it is always a shock. it is always a shock. it is not nice to see. we thought the house was going to explode. your heart sinks. ad in the shadow of the famous maintenance, over1li,000 the shadow of the famous maintenance, over 1a, 000 tourists maintenance, over 111,000 tourists cannot leave. snow has blocked road and rail links. skiing is not possible. closed because of the avalanche danger. residents and holiday—makers are being warned to avoid these roads and follow all of the safety advice. those stranded
7:43 pm
may have to be patient. another metre of snow has been forecast over the next 2a hours. that is amazing. snow in the alps... not unusual. but this is the sahara. just to prove that things are wacky... more than algeria, rare spell of icy weather. melted. not long after these pictures. prince harry and his bride—to—be meghan markle have visited the studios of a radio station in brixton in south london to learn about its work supporting young people. the couple met presenters and staff from reprezent fm which trains hundreds of people every year in media and employment skills. harry and ms markle also visited pop brixton, a community project housing local start—ups and restaurants. down in the hood, harry.
7:44 pm
yes, i‘ve been looking at those pictures as well and ijust want to show you something that went down pretty well on today‘s royal tour. let‘s just show you the moment where dj remi of reprezent fm taught prince harry this special handshake. 0k, ok, so... fist pump. up down. to the side. other side! ok, so... fist pump. up down. to the side. otherside! rehearsing that one more time. looks as uncool as i am! yeah! dad dancing. who had it harder? macron learning that mandarin, prince harry trying to learn that? the every time. you can‘t do either! no. mandarin, very limited. you totally have not
7:45 pm
learned the test. still to come, the silent treatment. the silent treatment — we return to the world‘s largest tech trade show in las vegas, where one robot went rogue. the nominations for this year‘s british academy film awards have been announced. the fantasy romance the shape of water leads the field with 12 nominations. it‘s also been announced that joanna lumley will host the awards ceremony, replacing stephen fry, who‘s stepping down from the role. here‘s our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba. the shape of water, a tender science fiction fantasy, with britain‘s sally hawkins playing a mute cleaner who falls in love with a water creature. a best actress nomination for hawkins, one of 12 for the movie, including best film. you have wanted this your entire adult life. no, since the nursery. just behind, two films
7:46 pm
have nine nomination. wartime drama darkest hour, where both gary oldman and kristin scott thomas are recognised for best actor and best supporting actress. so mildred hayes, why did you put up these billboards? my daughter angela was murdered seven months ago. and dark drama three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. like the shape of water, its strongly female led, with frances mcdormand nominated for best actress. this is a year where, unusually, two of the three most nominated films feature strong women at the centre, with the men only supporting roles. we are levelling up very very quickly to the same level. we have still got to fight, stand up, be brave, be bold, be resolute, and say, we are going to make things even. we will make them equal from now on. the theme of, to an extent, focussing on women is continued, with bafta announcing that it will soon be publishing a set of cross—industry workplace guidelines, following the sexual harassment revelations of the past few months. this is also the week
7:47 pm
when oscar voters are deciding their nominations. it is likely much attention will be paid this year more than ever, as to whether they will be championing female—led stories and female storytellers. you‘re watching beyond 100 days. a year ago today in northern ireland, the late martin mcguinness resigned as the stormont deputy first minister. his party, sinn fein, and the democratic unionists have been unable to reach an agreement to restore the power—sharing coalition. civil servants have been running the country, but they‘re not able to make any major decisions. our ireland correspondent chris page has been looking at the impact of 12 months without government. just like everywhere else in the uk, the health service in northern ireland is under severe pressure this winter, but what‘s different here is that there‘s no health minister. three months before it collapsed,
7:48 pm
the devolved government published a plan to restructure the nhs after a report said the system was at breaking point. no problem with your blood pressure before? no. this gp says urgent reforms are being held up because ministers are out of office. we already see it with the long waiting lists for secondary care. we see it with the lack of investment in social care. we see it with the issues around the out of hours service and we see it with the heavy demands on access to gp services, and that‘s where the patients will see it primarily. others who rely on public money to do theirjobs say that uncertainty is unacceptable. you‘re too neat by nature. this workshop for people with dementia is one of hundreds of programmes run by community arts organisations. they say their future is shaky because of funding cuts, but they feel they‘ve nowhere to go to make their case. we have no government, we have no champion,
7:49 pm
we have no minister. so we‘ve nobody to turn to to support policy changes, to support the communities here. this is a crisis moment for us. the political crisis is apparently still as deep as a year ago. martin mcguinness ended sinn fein‘s uneasy partnership with the democratic unionists when he resigned as deputy first minister. there have since been elections to stormont and westminster and several rounds of talks to restore power—sharing. but many days of negotiations have failed to break the deadlock. the dup and sinn fein increased their dominance in both elections last year and they blame each other for the stormont stalemate. in the meantime, unmade decisions are piling up. half of the construction industry‘s business comes from public sector projects. workers are concerned about a downturn in demand. within the next few months, unless decisions are made
7:50 pm
and projects and things start to move forward, i think we could see a situation where we‘re seeing layoffs in the construction industry. we need to see the executive and the assembly reestablished as soon as possible. the british and irish governments are aiming to restart talks between the parties in the coming weeks. at the moment, there‘s no sign of a deal to bring devolution out of the deep freeze. chris page, bbc news, belfast. that goes back to what you said yesterday, a lot of government at local level. the world record for democracy going without an elected government, belgium, 2010/11. 589 days! with out any government. if i remember correctly, national debt went down! a lot of people who do not like government. especially in this country. we can go back to that consumer electronic show at las vegas. we find out what gadgets, all
7:51 pm
of the different things, what difference debt went down! they make. the great and the good, very keen to show off the advances, including this robot chloe. but not everything went according to plan. allow me to introduce chloe. hello chloe. good morning. i hope you are well. what can i do for you today? chloe. what is my schedule? you need to go to the gym at 10am today. powerup! to go to the gym at 10am today. power up! power to go to the gym at 10am today. powerup! powerup! smart to go to the gym at 10am today. power up! power up! smart learner has set the washer to sportswear.
7:52 pm
chloe. am i going to be ready for the washer cycle? even some robots have bad days... chloe. what is going to be for dinner tonight? 0k. ok. chloe... not going to talk to me. does not like me, evidently. reminiscent of my household. they do not respond. i have got alexa, revolutionary. does not talk to me. probably the only woman who listens to you. i do the dishes. the chinese, make the planet great again. mandarin. it has been a day of the grey for
7:53 pm
many parts of the country. misty conditions, but one of the weather watchers has found some sunshine. northern scotland and parts of cumbria had some good sunny skies. and more sunshine tomorrow. that is thanks to this weather front and overlaid that is going to spread northwards and eastwards. just some drizzle by the dawn. clear skies for west england, wales, northern ireland. some icy conditions, particularly northern ireland. take it easy. another grey start. grey start. some patchy rain. some lingering fog patches. but foremost, the sunshine is going to be back.
7:54 pm
much afternoon. the exception, northern scotland. grey, misty. but other parts of western scotland should write not. it is not for some. still cloudy for some. cannot rule out odd brighter moments. many going to be dry. should feel more pleasa nt going to be dry. should feel more pleasant than it has done over the last few days. wednesday evening, opec sovereign. orkney and shetland. some scattered showers going to fade away. light winds. clearskies. these are the city centre temperatures. the risk frost. of even more at the countryside. but fog patches going to become more extensive. and when you get the full to start it is good to be a struggle to start it is good to be a struggle to shove. exactly who is going to stick with that, it is difficult to
7:55 pm
say at this moment. northern ireland, but elsewhere most of the misty nurse is going to clear. sunshine and another pleasant day. still feeling chilly. similar on friday. winds lightest. sunny spells. finishing with rain across ireland and some gusty winds. the weather front going to try to work its way across this weekend, the rain will be heavy at first, patchy later. this is bbc news. the headlines. the newly reshuffled cabinet meets for the first time as theresa may put the finishing touches to some junior positions today. north and south korea hold their first talks in more than two years. north korea will also attend this year‘s winter olympics in the south. a former football coach goes on trial accused of 48 historical sex offences against young boys. record numbers of patients
7:56 pm
are waiting more than four hours in scotland‘s a&e departments. also coming up, heavy snow across the alps. towns and villages are cut off and the risk of avalanches is the highest it‘s been for almost a decade. hundreds brave the chilly weather as prince harry and meghan markle visit a community radio station in brixton. and a bbc reporter gets more than he bargained for when filming a report in a zoo.
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