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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 9, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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i can see why your show‘s so popular because you're so thoughtful in the approach, but also so engaging to listen to. thank you. inside the station, harry and meghan were getting to know the broadcasting class of 2018. outside it was apparent that royalty‘s newest recruit is reaching new audiences herself. the support from brixton, it was just a lot of people of colour that were just cheering her on. obviously you could tell that she was quite surprised the reception she got. she looked shocked, didn't she? i thought that, yeah. yeah, because everyone was shouting for meghan and not really harry. get out of the way. we want to see meghan! "we want to see meghan", demanded the crowds in south london. expect to hear a lot of that between now and the wedding in may, and beyond. nicholas witchell, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's evan davies. tonight, virgin west coast says it'll stop selling the daily mail on its trains because it doesn't like the paper's values. the decision went down with some, but angered others. just today's example from a vicious culture war under way here. is it healthy debate or hateful?
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join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with evan. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. have a good night. hello. i'm olly foster, these are our headlines tonight: a tale of two cities but it's a
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familiar story as manchester city get a late winner in the league cup. the fa vows to get its house in order, boosting diversity and increasing funding at grassroots. great britain's winter olympians and paralympians great britain's winter olympians and pa ralympians have great britain's winter olympians and paralympians have been given their medal targets and will have to break some records. good evening. it really is nonstop cup football at the moment. we've just it really is nonstop cup football at the moment. we'vejust had it really is nonstop cup football at the moment. we've just had four days of the fa cup, tonight the first day of the fa cup, tonight the first day of the fa cup, tonight the first day of the league cup semifinals. they are played over two legs and manchester city had a scare. they trailed to bristol city at half—time at the etihad stadium. as we've seen, time and time again this season seen, time and time again this season city usually find a way
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through. they left it late but thanks to kevin to brine and sergio aguero they are going to take a 2—1 lead to ashton gate in a fortnight —— kevin de bruyne. not since 1989 have bristol city been in a major semifinal. a record amount of away fa ns were semifinal. a record amount of away fans were determined to enjoy it. claiming their fifth premier fans were determined to enjoy it. claiming theirfifth premier league scalp would be the hardest yet. manchester city have an undeniable whiff of invincibility about them. every underdog has its day and a rash challenge from john stones won the visitors a huge opportunity. bobby reid, middle name armani, placed the ball on the spot. he finished in style. city looked to silence them quickly. raheem sterling was practically wheeling away in celebration before aid in flint‘s head intervened. the robins‘ didn't last flint‘s head intervened. the robins‘ didn‘t last long. the second half saw city‘s clinical touch return.
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bristol city were on the ropes but holding on. with the finishing line in sight, sergio aguero finally broke their resistance. 2—1 the final score, admiration overflowing from pep for bristol city‘s performance. the robins have beaten watford, stoke, palace and united en route to the semifinal and their bold, confident approach almost paid off. fans will believe there‘s still something left in this tie. the dreamers and yet over. apparently pep guardiola was telling lee johnson the bristol city manager that premier league teams haven‘t performed as well as his team did. obviously we‘ll see what happens in a fortnight. the other semifinals between chelsea and arsenal, the first leg of that tie is at stamford bridge tomorrow night. the fa has announced a range of initiatives and policy changes to improve diversity throughout the game and their own
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organisation. they‘ve also said they will increase funding at grassroots. they are going to introduce their own version of the rooney rule which is used in the nfl whereby one candidate from the bame groups will be interviewed for a vacancy if they are qualified. we want to become a more inclusive organisation. i think the message it sends is the fa is for all. we talk about that. but it will say is that the opportunities to have a career beyond playing in the fa and in the wider football workforce is something that is both desirable and something that the fa is serious about promoting. last year of the football association had to peter beardsley has been put on leave by newcastle while they investigate allegations of racism and bullying made against him. he coaches the under 23s at the club.
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a 22—year—old winger made a formal complaint at the weekend but other players have also made accusations against him. he‘s released a statement and categorically denies the allegations against him. joe marler is going to miss the first two matches of the six nations. he‘s been banned for six weeks. he was sent off at the weekend for striking a player in the head with his shoulder. he‘ll miss england‘s matches against italy and wales. more bad news for wales, theirflank is upfor more bad news for wales, theirflank is up for the rest of the season. he‘s injured his bicep playing for the ospreys. he needs surgery. wales are already missing sam warburton for the six nations and to repay volatile is a doubt. —— taulupe faletau is a doubt. uk sport has set team gb a target of at least five medals at next
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month‘s winter olympics in south korea. the current record is four set in 192a and also the last games in sochi. team gb‘s paralympic athletes have been set a target of seven. here‘s our sports correspondent joe wilson has more. everything the winter games means to the host nation, it means more than ever to british sport. an audience gathered to hear the targets. lizzie arnold gold was one of four one in 2014. five at least are expected this time. can we really be winning more medals? it‘s got to stop somewhere, hasn‘t it? more medals? it‘s got to stop somewhere, hasn't it? it's a really good question. you think is it possible to keep going? i think the great thing with the winter olympics and paralympics is it still a games thatis and paralympics is it still a games that is developing very much in great britain. we‘ve had some really impressive results over the past few olympic games and paralympic games but we are seeing more consistency now. speed skater elise christie
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could win two medals for britain and harrowing. as for the winter paralympics, the medal target is at least seven. but there‘s always more to be played for. you make connections where you see them. what we see is the sense that it is a high—class sport with a higher purpose. it tells you something about yourself and what is possible andl about yourself and what is possible and i hope will challenge perceptions of disability in society. the uk's investment in pyeongchang‘s winter sport is £32 million of lottery money. that‘s only fun if it pays off. following the series defeat to australia, trevor bayliss says he will step down when his contract expires at the end of next year ‘s ashes series on home soil. in an exclusive interview with our reporter in sydney, he says that he
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told the ecb of his plans to step down in 2019 a year ago. to be honest i‘ve already told andrew strauss probably 12 months ago that september 2019 i‘m contracted to and that would see me out. i‘ve never been anywhere more than four or five yea rs. been anywhere more than four or five years. i‘ve always felt that a about the four—year mark its time to change, a new voice and a different approach, slightly different approach, slightly different approachjust approach, slightly different approach just reinvigorates things. as i‘ve said, i pass that on to him 12 months ago. there's been some pretty brutal days on this tour and irritating things off the field. had there been times when you've started doubting yourself? i've never doubted myself. the field stuff is a lwa ys doubted myself. the field stuff is always a little bit tough. you can certainly do without it. i the penny
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has finally dropped that we are in a different environment nowadays. in the last three or four weeks, i think it was quite evident that the penny has dropped. going forward i don‘t foresee any other problems there. it was a challenge earlier in there. it was a challenge earlier in the tour. the director of the tour de france says a decision regarding chris froome‘s at first drug test during the build hispania needs to be made as soon as possible. the tour and felt a champion denies any wrongdoing after a year in sample containing an asthma drug was found in his system. translation: i'm not going to say a lot about chris froome but i will say this. we wish foran froome but i will say this. we wish for an outcome as quickly as possible. the investigation will no doubt be led in a strong way with
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the new international cycling union president and that‘s what we want. we need to come out of this security, come out of this ambiguity, and we want this to happen quickly as possible. that's just about it from sportsday. manchester city squeaking past bristol city in the first leg of their league cup semifinal. 2—1 up and they play the second leg in a fortnight. coming up next, it‘s the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are charlie wells, deputy snapchat editor at the economist and hugh muir, associate editor at the guardian. tomorrow‘s front pages, starting with. ..
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the metro says theresa may is planning new measures to help the uk cut down on its throwaway culture. there‘s also a picture that of meghan markle on her visit to brixton. following her reshuffle, the mail says the prime minister has made the cabinet more inclusive and representative of the uk. there are now more women and mps from minority backgrounds. warnings from eu regulators on the consequences of a no—deal brexit, is the lead in the financial times. meanwhile the telegraph says germany is planning to scupper plans for a bespoke uk trade deal. the express highlights the plight of some pensioners. it reports that many are struggling to live on £7000 a year. the guardian says donald trump wants to loosen the rules regarding the use of nuclear weapons. a hospital in oxford which is delaying
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treatment for terminally ill cancer patients is the times‘ top story. the i focusses on the gender pay gap at the bbc, following the corporation‘s decision to take winifred robinson, off radio 4, after she posted her views on the issue. we are going to start with the financial times. brussels serves notice of no deal brexit for uk industry. say this is an interesting and probably frustrating strategy for brexit supporters in the uk. essentially what has been going on is the eu has been telling business leaders in a very wide array of industries ranging from pig breeders to drug makers that they need to be prepared for a no deal brexit. theresa may isn‘t doing this, this is the european union century speaking to sara gets in some sense here in the uk and telling them they need to be ready. this seems to indicate that the eu is much more
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prepared to negotiate than the uk is. it would seem prudent, wouldn't it, that british industry, farming, whatever, british society, is prepared for a possible no deal. yes, but the significance of this is that all through the negotiations so far we've been led to believe that the no deal brexit is almost a joke in the pack and our secret weapon here and if we deploy that europe will be completely befuddled. this is saying, no they won't. they know that's an option and they are preparing for that very well. the financial times says david davis is very angry about the warnings the eu have been giving to people to be prepared for the no deal brexit. he seems surprised that some british
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companies might have to decamp to the continent if there isn't a deal. didn't we know all that already? it does seem to be something dawning upon the brexiteers and the government thatjust upon the brexiteers and the government that just seemed obvious to begin with. there's a quote here from the brussels to spokesman saying we are surprised the uk government is surprised that the commission is preparing for a no deal scenario. i think you can add me to that, i'm surprised too. the front page of the daily telegraph on a similarthing, front page of the daily telegraph on a similar thing, german threat to brexit trade deal. angela merkel strong opposition may torpedo blueprint. there were some who were hoping angela merkel doesn‘t form a coalition and doesn‘t get back into power. what we've seen since the election in germany is that angela merkel is somewhat diminished. what


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