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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 12, 2018 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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called storm in a d cup. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, i'm nick marshall—mccormack and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: at the double. lionel messi moves into the all—time top ten goalscorers in the copa del rey. all out class down under too. roger federer finds out who he'll be up against in his australian open defence. and who needs snow and ice when you've got a steep mountain road? we go riding with the luger who has a novel approach to winter olympics training hi there. wherever you are around the world, welcome to sport today. lionel messi scored twice in the first 15 minutes for barcelona as they ripped apart celta vigo‘s defence to make the copa del rey quarter finals. new recruit phillippe coutinho was watching in the stands and he liked what he saw as messi's masterclass elevated him
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into the top ten all—time scorers in the competition. barca coach ernesto valverde described "the first half" as "extraordinary." jordi alba, luis suarez and ivan rakitic also scored at the camp nou, to make it 5—nil on the night and 5—1 on aggregate. the draw for the quarter finals is on friday. earlier, espanyol beat levante 2—nil in the second leg to make the quarterfinals. after goals from leo baptistao and gerard moreno. that made in 3—2 on aggregate. while sevilla finished the job against cadiz with a 2—1 second leg win — making it 4—1 overall. the referee who awarded a controversial penalty which eventually sent switzerland through from their world cup play—off against northern ireland last year , has now admitted, he made a mistake. ovidiu hategan ruled that corry evans blocked a shot, with his arm during the first leg, despite replays showing the ball struck the player's shoulder. nial foster reports. perhaps it will come as little
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comfort to northern ireland supporters but referee ovidiu hategan has admitted he got it wrong backin hategan has admitted he got it wrong back in november. translation: it was a sad and unpleasant moment for me, sad because i made that mistake, painful because with my team of officials, we had been performing well. in our world, the referees are the same as the goalkeepers. everybody sees the mistake. the introduction of var technology, used in the fa cup this week, includes reviews of such penalty decisions. from the referee's point of view it's an opportunity to correct an error during the match seven at liberty on fairness of a decision but for football, a higher degree liberty on fairness of a decision but forfootball, a higher degree of fairness, a higher degree of integrity and i believe it will affect the way players behave because they know they can't get away with things during the match.
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translation: var will bring improvements, you've seen the results as were —— elsewhere, there are discussions but those big mistakes will be eliminated. his error appears to have cost a place at the world cup finals in russia but he still hopes to go, ironically asa but he still hopes to go, ironically as a video assistant official. nial foster, bbc news. the draw for the australian open has been made and there are some tasty ties to tuck into. top seed rafa nadal‘s path through to the latter stages in melbourne could see potential clashes against cilic, kyrgios, sock and dimitrov. meanwhile the defending champion roger federer starts against alliage bedine. who recently switched from representing great britain back to his native slovenia. federer who's looking for a record 20th grand slam title is also hoping to win his sixth australian open and could face canadian milos raonic in the fourth round.
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it's great to be back. this is not normal. i don't like usually going into drawers because they freaked me out, i don't want to know who i play rather than seeing the sheet at the end knowing whom i play rather than seeing the sheet at the end knowing who my first—round what a pleasure it court arena, the second court i came on to after winning last year and showed off the trophy to the people who actually watched on the big screens. it was an amazing final, an amazing moment for me in my life and it's great to be back here. home favourite branden grace has a share of the lead after the opening round of the south african open. grace got off to a fantastic start — with three eagles! this was one of them, on the 15th. the pre—tournament favourite finished on 7 under par. that was a beautiful putt but take a look at this. shot of the day came from jamie donaldson — a hole in one on the 14th helped him to finish 5 shots off the lead. we are trying to work out whether it was a wedge or an iron. in the end,
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it was nine. a salt mine and in it goes. was it one of those you can see it go all the way? yeah, degree and slightly above our feet, he did perfectly on line. as soon as we did, it looked great. land, and it was gone. disappeared. everybody was cheering on the green. it's great. for the eighth season running, the nba came to london. the american basketball league is looking to expand its fanbase here and across europe, but they say a full time franchise based in the uk is looking increasingly unlikey. this match saw a meeting of two of the eastern conferences most exciting teams, with the boston celtics eventually beating the philadelphia 76—ers by 114 points to 103. there is a new motor racing team
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launched on thursday, invictus games racing will be competing in the british gt championship with many drivers made up of military vetera ns. we all know the invictus games supports wounded, sick and injured personnel but now they are entering motorsport. for veterans racing in championship along with drivers and it's having a transformative effect ona it's having a transformative effect on a painstaking rehabilitation. it's having a transformative effect on a painstaking rehabilitationlj had on a painstaking rehabilitation.” had unfinished business with invictus games, i wanted to go to toronto is my swansong, to complete my recovery. when i wasn't selected, i had my recovery. when i wasn't selected, ihada my recovery. when i wasn't selected, i had a bit ofa my recovery. when i wasn't selected, i had a bit of a mental breakdown andi i had a bit of a mental breakdown and i was really struggling. i had this opportunity to come up and i grabbed it. i need that competition. iama bit grabbed it. i need that competition. i am a bit older, a bit rounder. in a sense, you want to slow down in life but now i'm going faster. it's
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the first jaguar supercar to come out of the factory in 50 years. inside, like any other racing car but it can be adapted to suit any of the drivers. it's fair to say the invictus movement has come a long way since its inception in 2014.” think invictus has taken on —— taken off in ways we could not imagine, we have lit a beacon and it's attracted a huge number of people. this is a particularly bright and shiny beacon. it really is the pinnacle of what is achievable. it will attract a lot of people to it. it allows us to demonstrate what is possible. the series starts at the end of march where they will be competing against hardened racer that knowing the guys asi hardened racer that knowing the guys as i do, they are not want to shirk as i do, they are not want to shirk a challenge. for those competing in the winter olympics the clock is ticking. with less than a month to go athletes are fine—tuning their training — but what do you do if there's no snow and ice? there's a severe shortage of it where lien tian lives.
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this is eastern taiwan's yilan county where it's more hot and sticky than cold and icy. so what does lien do? the answer is simple — he just finds a steep mountain road. on the wheels he reaches speeds of over 100 kilometres an hour. he's hoping to better than he did at the sochi games where he finished 39th in the men's single competition. if you thought that was daring just take look at this, rockclimber lai chi—wai lost the use of his legs after a car accident in 2011. but he hasn't let that stop his passion for scaling mountains. he's now become the first chinese athlete to be nominated for the laureaus world's best sporting award. carlos sainz won stage 6 of the dakar rally as the cars and bikes rode into the bolivian captial la paz but stephane peterha nsel
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retained the overall lead after driving his peugeot beautifully again and staying out of trouble. these fans not so much. they had time to dry off before seeing antoine meo win the bikes stage on his ktm. argentine kevin benavides is the overall leader. vestas11th hour racing held a slim lead over the rest of the fleet in the fourth leg of the volvo ocean race. that was after a thunderstorm on wednesday night which shook up the leaderboard. at 1300 hours gmt, the us—danish team emerged just a nautical mile clear of dongfeng race team and team akzonobel as they headed towards the equator. they are near the midway point of the 6,000 nautical mile journey between melbourne to hong kong. before the storm hit, the seven—yacht fleet had endured three days of windless torment in the doldrums. you can get all the latest sports
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news at our website — that's download the app too! from all the team at sport today, goodbye. hi there. i'll be the first one to admit the weather has not been exciting in the last few days. take yesterday, many of us had cloud, mist and fog. just a few cloud breaks, the best of these in south—west england and wales and across western scotland. they could remain there for friday. the cloud was low enough to touch the top of the tallest buildings in london. more of the same for friday.
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here's the picture. low pressure in greenland, high pressure near finland. a long way away from the uk. and that means, for us, there is barely a breath of wind. that is why the weather is not changing a great deal. for many of us, a cloudy start. yes, there will be a few mist and fog patches dotted around. some of the worst of these in northern ireland and the somerset levels. poor visibility. down to below 100m in a few places. hill fog elsewhere. don't expect any major changes elsewhere. a few sunny spells coming through. i think the best of these in parts of south—west england and wales and running up into western scotland. perhaps northern ireland as well. but across central and eastern england, that is where the cloud is likely to be rather thicker. there could be occasional brighter spells. but on the whole, quite a cloudy day. it could even be thick enough for the occasional spot of drizzle from time to time. heading through friday night, little overall change, cloud in central and eastern areas. to the west, there is a change. this atlantic front begins to slowly move through bringing rain towards the end of the night towards northern ireland. that takes us to saturday.
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the start of the weekend. this is a slow—moving weather front. stuck underneath this band of rain, it could rain most of the day. some coming and going. further east, cloud. bright and sunny spells. perhaps more of these in east anglia in south—east england thatn we have seen. sunday, another pretty cloudy affair. this band of rain eventually will its way swing south and eastwards as we go on through sunday night and into monday, clearing out of the way. then, the weather gets more exciting next week, you will be pleased to hear, as cold air comes surging back in. it could be turning much colder. it could be windy, perhaps very windy at times, quite early on in the week. and cold enough for some snow, especially in the north, on the hills, and especially on northern hills. that's your latest weather.
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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: still the desperate search for survivors in california, as people try to come to terms with the scale of the massive mudslides, and the damage inflicted. president trump uses crude and insulting language to attack legal protections for immigrants from african countries, as well as haiti and el salvador. more violent protests in pakistan over the rape and murder of a six—year—old girl, and the 12 similar murders over the past two years. the new york times was barred from publishing any more classified documents dealing with the vietnam war. and steven spielberg speaks to us about his new film, the current climate in hollywood, and donald trump.
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