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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 13, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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...the the african union demands an apology from president trump for upper —— reportedly using a vulgar and disparaging term to describe nations on the continent, something which mr trump denies. the union accused mr trump of misunderstanding africans. dentists are warning of a tooth decay crisis among children in england afterfigures decay crisis among children in england after figures revealed a record 43,000 operations to remove rotting teeth were carried out last year. a ban on credit and debit surcharges has come into force today. it is hoped it will benefit shoppers and holiday—makers who buy goods online or in small stores. there are fears that it could lead to retailers raising prices. now, it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with jessica creighton and karthi gna nasegaram. the headlines this evening: tottenham push towards the top four
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as they take on everton at wembley. west ham make it 5 matches unbeaten, as they put 4 past huddersfield. exeter have their eyes on a european prize after victory against montpelier. and novak djokovic comes up with a different type of service as he prepares to make his competitive comeback at the australian open, where he's going for a record 7th title. we'll get to the european champions cup in a moment but we will start with what has been an interesting day so far in the premier league with some surprising results. john bennett is with us. we will go
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straight to the late game of the day, from wembley stadium, where totte n ha m day, from wembley stadium, where tottenham could move into the top four with a win over everton. let's show you what has happened so far. the visitors had the ball in the first half through wayne rooney's header. but the former england captain was correctly ruled offside. he is playing alongside everton‘s new £20 million signing. minutes later, the home side opened the scoring. sonne was the —— son was on the end of the cross. we will go through the rest of the day's scores. west brom against brighton, and the west brom, a huge win. their
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first league win since the 19th of august. 50 happy for the fans because they must have forgotten what it was like to win but finally they have a victory. relief there for alan pardew. they have a victory. relief there for alan pa rdew. 20 they have a victory. relief there for alan pardew. 20 premier league games without a win. they had lost ten of those as well. two goals from corners, the first from jonny evans, then craig dawson made it 2—0. brighton have been in poorform, not scoring for six away games in the premier league. difficult for them, but for the likes ofjohnny evans, a massive win. relief for west brom and alan pa rdew. massive win. relief for west brom and alan pardew. i have waited a long time to win a premier league game here, but a lot of things have been put in place. we have been unfortunate not to win before today. we kept doing the right things and today we got our reward. it was a good performance against a strong brighton team. we had to work to get
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that result. an interesting day in the premier league, tottenham have just gone 2—0 up, harry kane with the goal. he is an amazing form at the goal. he is an amazing form at the moment. 19 goals he has scored in the premier league this season. i think he may have equalled teddy sheringham's premier league record. i will confirm that. please do! as it is looking, tottenham would be looking at that all—important fourth spot. they are level on points with liverpool, who are for. the race for champions league places are so close. let's talk about west ham. a really big win for west ham, 4—1 against huddersfield. 0nly
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a really big win for west ham, 4—1 against huddersfield. only three other managers have done what they have done. it is a big win. lanzini and are arnautovic with girls. phi —— with the goals. david moyes will be delighted with his players, particularly marco a narrative which —— marko arnautovic. particularly marco a narrative which -- marko arnautovic. that is why we paid a big favour him. giving him a more free roll up front front has given him the chance to show other sites to his game, the effort, the way he has worked. today, he could have been played in a couple of times by lanzini in the first—half and didn't get a pass. in the end, it was marco who was playing in the
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lanzini to it was marco who was playing in the la nzini to school. it was marco who was playing in the lanzini to school. he has done really well. we were below par. especially individually, we had too many players who were below par. not nice, but this can happen. they are humans, and we have to accept it, especially before we conceded the goals. especially the first three. more less own goals. at this level, you cannot make the mistakes we have done. chelsea and leicester, 0-0, with chelsea chasing second, and you would think they would be disappointed with that draw. they missed the chance. three successive 0-0 missed the chance. three successive 0—0 draws for chelsea. this was a very good 0—0. leicester dominated in the first—half and should have taken lead. in the first—half and should have
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ta ken lead. courtois in the first—half and should have taken lead. courtois pulled off a great save. 12 shots. ben chilwell was sent off for two bookings. leicester deserved a point. frustration for chelsea. they don't move into second, and manchester city have a chance to move to increase the gap when they play stoke on monday. leicester were excellent today. no goals in that much, but we did have a go at crystal palace against burnley, big three for crystal palace. when frank de boer was sacked afterjust five games, the last manager, a lot of people were like, how can this be? but maybe the chairman's decision has been vindicated. they have been excellent under roy hodgson, just one defeat in 12 under him. it is their sixth premier league win under his management. remember, when he took over, they were in serious trouble. beating burnley 1—0, burnley have been in poorform,
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three defeats in a row. sakho scored. talk about roy hodgson being written off as a manager, he was written off as a manager, he was written off as a manager, he was written off as a player. he wasn't doing well but now he is a regular in the team and scoring goals as well. was... let's listen to roy. it is important that we stay very modest. at the start of the season, after seven games, we were given no hope of getting out of a relegation battle. now we have given ourselves hope, but there is an awful lot of work to do, a lot of games to play, and there will be plenty of suffering in the last 15—20 minutes of every premier league match, like i've suffered today. he realises he has a fight on his hands, doesn't he? watford came from 2—0 down and then their match. this is the reason
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to watch match of the day. this is the controversial game of the day. southampton were 2—0 up. doucoure ray scored an equaliser in the 90th minute. i have seen it back and i think... southampton were devastated to lose two important points. we will look at the table, and it could have a big impact on their season. you are used to seeing southampton mid—table, but with the change of managers over the last few seasons, and the changes of personnel, they seem and the changes of personnel, they seem to be paying the price. pellegrino was under pressure, which is why he is very angry with the goal at the end. let's hear from him. the premier league is really tight. it is important. i never in
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the premier league see this type of thing before, for the reason we are surprised. for me, the referee are good. this is really hard. confirmation of those results, john. newcastle, swansea, 1—1 there. swa nsea, newcastle, swansea, 1—1 there. swansea, bottom of the table, what hope that they have? swansea had a chance but it was saved off the line at the end. newcastle's former home is really poor, another team in trouble. look at the matches tomorrow. bournemouth and arsenal, that was a massive scoring game last time around, 3—3. and then the game of the day on sunday, liverpool against manchester city. mohamed salah back for liverpool. manchester city still unbeaten domestic league. will they lose a domestic game this time? two really exciting going
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forward. we look at the premier league table as well, let's see what those results have to things. chelsea are level on points with manchester united but with a game in hand. they will rue the draw with leicester. missed the chance to go above manchester united. tottenham hotspur, you can see how important that win is, it would take them level on points with liverpool. where it is really closes at the bottom. a win for west brom, though they are still in the relegation zone. swansea, 17 points, all the way up to newcastle in 14th, just six points separating them. you can see how important the late equaliser was for southampton. it is so close. all of these teams are still in trouble. just keeping a close eye on totte n ha m trouble. just keeping a close eye on tottenham against everton at wembley. it is still 2—0 to totte n ha m. wembley. it is still 2—0 to tottenham. we will keep you up—to—date throughout the programme.
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you are up—to—date on the premier league. it finished goalless between whole and reading. —— hull. in the lunchtime kick—off cardiff ended a four—match losing run with a 4—0 win over bottom side sunderland. cardiff took the lead through a callum paterson header at the start of the second half. things then got worse for chris coleman's side when didier ndong was sent off for this challenge. joe ralls capped off a brilliant individual performance with a fine goal before cardiff compounded the visitors misery adding two more in the last ten minutes. aston villa are 1—0 up at nottingham
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forest, thanks to a first—half strike. they are now into the early stages of the second half. with the world cup in russia just a few months away, one of the country's biggest football teams has been accused of racism following a tweet sent out while a player had taken over the club's official twitter account. the message from spartak moscow earlier today showed a video of some black players training in sunny conditions with a message translating as "see how the chocolates melt in the sun." several anti—discriminatory bodies have highlighted their concerns, particularly with the world cup in russia just a few months away. the chief executive of the campaign group football against racism in europe says "racism is one of the biggest issues russia faces as they host the world cup
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and for the country's biggest club to tolerate and celebrate racist references is wrong. he went on to say that spartak were sanctioned for islamophobic chanting recently but clearly the message has not reached the players or the club management." spartak‘s tweet stayed up for a few hours before being taken down. a later video uploaded on the club's twitter account saw midfielder fernando make the following rather short announcement. translation: at spartak moscow, there is no racism. we are a friendly family. that was the reaction from spartak moscow. also coming up in the programme. mike bushell makes a splash and dons a tail fin to find out how ‘mermaiding' is becoming a growing sport in the uk. and on the snow, we meet some former british servicemen aiming to make nordic skiing history
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at the pyeongchang winter paralympic games. it's an important day for teams involved in rugby union's european champions cup. english premiership champions, exexter chiefs have kept their european champions cup hopes alive with a crushing 41—10 bonus—point win over montpellier. while ulster top pool 0ne after victory over french side la rochelle. three tries earned the home side a 20 points to 13 victory. adam wild reports. sandy park is where you find a cheap, and this was certainly an occasion for the leaders. top of the english league exeter against montpelier, top of the french. a ci’oss montpelier, top of the french. a cross channel challenge with plenty at stake. tens, tight, not much space, but when you have hollywood burn on the wing, you don't always need it. that was brilliant. his second was perhaps even better. this secured the bonus point which may
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prove crucial for the —— secured the bonus point which may prove crucialfor the —— in the fight for second place. lara shell, who once seemed unbeatable, seemed like they could be breached. ulster go top with one game to go. wasps are facing harlequins in one of the day's other two games wasps are currently third in pooli which is topped by ulster so need victory to keep their qualification hopes alive. and they've had a great first half running in three tries including this one from south african flanker nizaam carr. wasps currently lead 21—12 with 25 minutes remaining. northampton are leading against clermont. the latest
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score is 20—18. confirmation of today's other results... ulster have swept to the top of their pool. just 48 hours to go until the start of the australian open, and some positive news for british tennis... andy murray's already been ruled out, kyle edmund has been struggling with an ankle strain, butjohanna konta says she has recovered from the hip injury that has disrupted her preparations. the british number one, who is seeded ninth, plays american madison brengle in the first round and is aiming to reproduce the form that took her to the semi—finals two years ago. what happened in brisbane, that got better quite quickly, quicker than i
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thought, and it felt fine in my match in sydney. since then, just looking after the body, as usual, and so far, so good. i'm trying not to think too much back on how i did here last year, or how i was even feeling here last year. i'm coming into this year with slightly different challenges than i was last year, so i feel very actually conscious of really appreciating being back and playing, and almost... almost being gratefulfor the challenges that i have now, and also working through the challenges ifaced in the also working through the challenges i faced in the last year, and trying to really just get i faced in the last year, and trying to reallyjust get back into the match routine of things, try to get back into playing the level i want to be playing consistently. that can ta ke to be playing consistently. that can take time, it does take time, but i'm hoping i can, i can play my way into it and yeah try to stay here as long as i can. novak djokovic has dropped to number 14 in the world rankings and admits winning a record 7th title
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in melbourne will be difficult — the former world number one says his elbow injury has not yet healed 100 per—cent. but the good news is the elbow is up to the level where he can hand out sweets to the media, as is his tradition. the six time champion, who hasn't played a competitive match since wimbledon, has been assured he'll cause no further damage by competing. i haven't had this long of a break everin i haven't had this long of a break ever in my career, so i haven't had this long of a break ever in my career, so i'm just glad to be back playing tennis, and having an opportunity to compete yet again in the big tournaments. i've missed it. but at the same time, i had plenty of time to spend with my family, and also to take... take a different look on my game, my body, and just different look on my game, my body, andjustan different look on my game, my body, and just an overall strategy on how i want to move forward.
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aussie open starts monday in melbourne, 0vernight on sunday for us here in the uk — listen to tennis breakfast on 5 live sports extra from 7am featuring live commentary from the evening session plus a look back at the overnight action. you can also follow the action on the bbc sport website. lisa ashton has won her fourth bdo world title after beating anastasia dobromislova 3—1 at lakeside. ashton was considered the underdog before the final, but the defending champion won eight straight legs in a row, finishing with a 62 checkout to seal victory in the men's draw, reigning champion glen durrant is through to tomorrow's final after beating scott waites by 6 sets to 2. he will face either mark mcgeeney or michael unter—buckner who's semi—final gets under way at 7pm this evening. englishman chris paisley
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is in the lead after the third round of the south african 0pen. he made three birdies in a round of 70 to finish on 15 under par for the tournament. but home favourite branden grace is just one shot behind with nine athletes already named as part of the paralympics gb team for next month's winter olympics, the race is on for others to join them on the plane to south korea. for the first time in 20 years, there could be a british nordic ski team competing in cross country and biathlon. kate grey has been to norway to meet those chasing a place. the for these three, there is no
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time to take in the beautiful scenery. time to take in the beautiful scenery. it's been 20 years since britain has been represented in nordic skiing at the paralympics. back then, it was terry flying the flag. now 47, he is hoping to give it another go. it is like a new lease of life. i didn't realise how much i had missed it. it gets a hold of you and i am really glad i'm back here again. for his team-mates, stephen scott, jung chang would be their paralympic debut, but they have had international experience, competing at the invictus games. get my competing at the invictus games. get d competing at the invictus games. get my body and mind ready for going to the big event like the invictus games, that has helped massively. it has been a big stepping stone to move onto hopefully going to the paralympic games in march. these quys paralympic games in march. these guys have been two very different journeys to get to this point, but they do have one thing in common cinema that military background. it is thanks to support from the help
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for heroes programme that they had been able to recover, train and find success through sport. every article was about being a soldier, losing your legs, and all of a sudden, you find yourself in the world of sport where people don't care how you got there, they care how fast you can ski round the mountain and help clea n you ski round the mountain and help clean you can shoot. they don't care about your injury, and i really enjoy that. it makes me feel like i've truly moved on with my life. i don't let my injury define me. with just two more qualification events before the team is announced in a month, it is the final push to make it to the young chiang. kate grey, bbc news, norway. staying with winter sports and great britain's izzy atkin has won bronze at the slopestyle world cup in aspen. in the men's event, james wood finished sixth. great britain's meesha mcneil
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and meeka moore have returned from their crash in germany last week, finishing seventh at the st moritz world cup in switzerland. the british duo were only able to compete this season after raising over £30,000 through crowdfunding, following an overspend by their governing body. in the men's two—man event, bradley hall and joel fearon finished 18th. four british rowers have set a new record for rowing across the atlantic in the fastest time. the four 0arsman completed the 3,000 mile trip from the canary islands to antigua in 29 days and 15 hours, wiping more than five days off the previous record. the challenge, as we said before, was just a relentless
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the challenge, as we said before, wasjust a relentless never—ending pain, just rowling. the whole thing of coming first was something i suppose was beyond our wildest dreams. and finally... anyone watching the recent ashes series between england and australia will have become used to the hostility that can surround test match cricket well here's the more romantic side of the game.... these two birds look like they were enjoying each other‘s company during day1 of the 2nd test between south africa and india at centurion park. we have to cut the pictures there, because it was about to get seriously spicy. can't show that at this time of the evening! harry kane is another record—brea ker this time of the evening! harry kane is another record—breaker because he now has 98 goals... 3—0 and still
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another 20 minutes to go in that game. that's all from sportsday. we'll be back with another edition of sportsday in just over half an hour. see you then. is it made a big difference today whether you're in the west of the east. this is how cloudy it was, more so than that if you were anywhere near this weather front, which has produced quite a bit of rain, especially in the south—west, where it has rained for a good few hours now. 0vernight, i think the rain will lose intensity, petering
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out in many places. elsewhere, if you keep the cloud, you won't see much frost. as you can see from the temperatures, it won't be a widespread problem. if you are up early on sunday, you may still find vestiges of that rain still there across the southern uplands. it will be largely a dry day but maybe the odd passing shower of rain. there will be some sunshine across some of these western spots, maybe if you've got high ground in the east, that will help break the cloud as well. then this wind and rain, and plenty of both, will gradually move down and across the british isles as we move from sunday into monday. it will be very wet, some of the wettest we've seen for a good while, and very windy too, close by that front. 0nce and very windy too, close by that front. once that is a way, we will all then get into something much
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colderfor all then get into something much colder for the greater part of next week. that win will be in southern and eastern parts by the start of monday, moving off into the near continent in the afternoon. then a great raft of showers rattling in on a noticeable westerly wind. slowly but surely, these temperatures will fall away. there will be a com pletely fall away. there will be a completely different feel to the next few days compared to what we've seenin next few days compared to what we've seen in recent times, and yes, some of those showers, and not necessarily just on the of those showers, and not necessarilyjust on the high ground, will be wintry, and there will be plenty of them, rattling on through. this area of low pressure, wednesday night in the first day, rain and wind on its southern flank. it will often be windy, and yes, many of you will have snow in your forecast. see you later. this is bbc news.
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i'm reeta chakrabarti. the headlines at 7pm: officials from across government departments are holding talks this weekend to discuss the future of the troubled engineering firm, carillion. the african union demands an apology from president trump — for derogatory remarks he reportedly made about the continent. warnings of a tooth decay crisis amongst children in england — a record 43,000 operations to remove rotting teeth were carried out last year. also, four britons break a world record for rowing across the atlantic. the amateur crew, dubbed ‘the four 0arsmen', travelled
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from the canary islands to antigua in 29 days — beating the previous record by six days. we prepared as best we could and just gave it our all.


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