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this is bbc news, the headlines at 11am. the government confirms its looking at the possibility of a judicial review of the decision to release serial sex attacker john worboys on parole. every victim out there, every friend and family of the victim and read about this case wants to know that we're doing everything we can to make sure the victims are properly protected. ukip suspends the girlfriend of its party leader henry bolton — after she reportedly made racist remarks about prince harry's fiance, meghan markle. passengers and crew have a lucky escape as a plane skids off the runway at a coastal airport in turkey. mark wahlberg says he will donate £1 million to a fund for victims of sexual abuse, after controversy over his fee for reshooting the film: all the money in the world. also this hour, we'll get an update on how england's cricketers are faring in melbourne. england have the chance of revenge over australia. they're closing in on victory
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in the first of five one day internationals. and the dateline london panel focus on the iranian nuclear deal, president trump, and brexit. that's in half an hour, here on bbc news. good morning and welcome to bbc news. the new conservative party chairman brandon lewis has told the bbc the government is doing everything it can to ensure the serial sex offender, john worboys, stays injail. the parole board is recommending his release — despite spending less than ten years behind bars. it insists correct procedures were followed. speaking on the andrew marr show in the past hour, the conservative party chairman,
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brandon lewis, said he understood how angry worboys‘ victims were. the secretary of state is looking now a getting a virus on a judicial review, if we can only advice is clear that we can go forward in a positive way then we will look to do that. every victim out there, every friend and family of victims and everybody who has read about the case will want to know that we're doing everything we can to make sure the victims are properly protected. we respect the situation, the emotions and feelings that people have been through in these tragic and awful situations. do you personally understand the outrage about this case? absolutely, and know somebody who has been through this and a victim of this. just reading about it, anybody will appreciate that this must be awful for victims. to think about somebody like that out on the street. he is right, the secretary of state day forjustice to make sure as man
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stays behind jars. criminal appeals barrister, matt stanbury, has been telling me that such an intervention by a secretary of state would be unprecedented. the secretary of state often doesn't participate in these hearings. it is not like a court hearing where you have two parties, one on other side of the court room. the secretary of state allows the parole board to get on with itsjob making independent decisions. we do not note in this case if you chose to be represented in the searing. but it wasn't, and how in the searing. but it wasn't, and now seeks to turn around and complained that he did not go the way he said it should have gone, thatis way he said it should have gone, that is problematic in itself. there is clearly a lot of public discontent about this original pa role discontent about this original parole board decision, but also political pressure on thejustice secretary to bring about a review of the parole board decision. it has become a political case in a sense, hasn't it? it has an clearly the pa role hasn't it? it has an clearly the parole board is in a huge amount of
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press as a result of this decision. arguably, very unfairly because we don't know its reasons. the parole board is repeatedly being criticised for not keeping the victims updated, when that is the role of the probation service not the parole board. clearly, it has become a hugely political case and hugely controversial, i cannot recall a pa role controversial, i cannot recall a parole board decision that has rumbled on as the main news story for more than a week now, ever having happened before. that reflects the massive public concerns surrounding this case. in an interview this morning, jeremy corbyn has insisted that labour is not supporting or calling for a second eu referendum. previously, mr corbyn had failed to rule out holding a second eu let's speak to our political correspondent leila nathoo. this whole question of a second eu
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referendum, raised during the week by the former ukip leader, that he might support it. and unexpected person to raise that. we have the liberal democrats openly calling for a second referendum on the final deal agreed with brussels and there has been a lot of pressure on labour to say weather they would back a second referendum. after, given the opposition to the brexit process. jeremy corbyn was asked on itv whether labour would be sorting sparred are supporting a second referendum. we're not supporting all calling for a second referendum. what we have called for is a meaningful vote in parliament and thatis meaningful vote in parliament and that is the one area that i think parliament has asserted itself with the vote before christmas. parliament has asserted itself with the vote before christmaslj parliament has asserted itself with the vote before christmas. ijust wa nt the vote before christmas. ijust want to point out to you that when
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you are talking very much about the present tense, saying we are not supporting a second referendum. you are not saying we would never support it. we're not calling for one either. jeremy corbyn, very much speaking in the present tense, refusing to be drawn on if that would be labour's policy in the future to call for that second referendum. there has also been debate about labour's position about staying in the single market, there isa staying in the single market, there is a constituency within the labour party depot much does want to stay in the single market, something the government has ruled out. jeremy corbyn has made it clear that he thinks the single market and eu membership are one in the same, you cannot have single market membership without eu membership. the snp leader nicola sturgeon, she wants labour to come out and give support that position. she says there is a majority in the house of commons or remaining in the single market and she is calling on labour to come out and support that physician. nicola
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sturgeon has been talking about the impact on scotland. impact assessments on the scottish economy. she was challenged on what brexit means for her plans for a second independence referendum. based on what the prime minister has says. based on what the european commission is saying by a roundabout the autumn of this year we should have clarity about the future. between october and the end of the year you will be able to tell us if there will be a second referendum.” will look at that and the next appropriate steps to scotland and report that back. there is not enough time for a second referendum before the uk leads the eu, if we are living in march 2019 any have to ta ke are living in march 2019 any have to take a decision in the autumn of 2018 there is not enough time to make the decision, as a referendum, leave the uk and stay in the eu. will make a decision on timing and
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look at that. we so have to make a decision and i accept that the detail is yet to emerge. we have a situation where the prime minister is saying that there will now be a implementation period, everybody else calls it a transition period, where as i understand it, and this is yet to be agreed and hopefully it will be a great singer, but that will be a great singer, but that will effectively be a steady transition. i will make judgments andl transition. i will make judgments and i have to what i believe is the best interest of scotland and protecting our best interest in all circumstances. that was nicola sturgeon. we also heard from brandon lewis, the conservative party chairman talking about how the tory party might campaign better digitally at the next election. that is right. brandon lewis has been brought into the helm of the conservative party in the recent reshuffle to recharge the party machinery and reinvigorate its whole
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electoral machine after the campaign last year that was lacklustre. it was widely acknowledged that the tories came second to labour when it came to online campaigning. labour had a very savvy social media approach. they had lots of videos going viral and activists to eating organically, and that is something that the tories have identified that they need to get better on to have any chance next time around. brandon lewis has been tasked with this in his role as the chair of the conservative party, he has been writing this morning, giving an interview this morning talking about how he intends to do that to try and encourage shy tories, people who might not be willing to declare that they are conservative supporters, he wa nts to they are conservative supporters, he wants to encourage them to post their support and spread their m essa 9 es their support and spread their m essa g es of their support and spread their messages of support online. he was talking about his plans to try and reinvigorate the tory grassroots. what matters to me is that we have got a huge number of people, not just members by volunteers and activists around the country, at their day activists around the country, at theirday in and activists around the country, at their day in and day out knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and getting involved in social media, to
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spread the positive things about what we're doing for people. to get that message in local and general elections to make sure we give good governance. elections to make sure we give good governance . have elections to make sure we give good governance. have you got as many members of the labour party? i'm not going to play a numbers game. they are absolutely taking you to the clea ners are absolutely taking you to the cleaners online, as you have more or less admitted and that they have lots of people they can mobilise up and down the country to cheat constituencies with actual bodies knocking on doors and handing out leaflets. the conservative party has nothing like that number of people. we have a huge number of great people delivering leaflets every day and knocking on doors. injune last year was the test, we did not win the seats we wanted but we got over 1 million votes that we wanted. in decades, and i want to make sure we're building on that and as you say quite rightly, building our online presence as well but doing it in and spectral way. brandon lewis talking about the challenges of
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increasing membership. the numbers issue incidentally has been a lifeline recently because they have not published the figures publicly for many years, and there are calls for many years, and there are calls for them to be more transparent. labour is claiming around half a million and error fears around tory circles that it has not too 100,000. clearly things for brandon lewis to get his teeth into. building up the activists from the ground level and focusing on their online strategy. will stop chinese media is reporting that the oil tanker which has been on fire in the east china sea for more than a week, has finally sunk. the iranian ship had been adrift and ablaze off the shanghai coast for eight days, following a collision with another vessel. china central television has said the ship "suddenly ignited" and sank. iranian officials say all 32 crew members have died. the governor of the state of hawaii has blamed human errorfor a mobile
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phone alert sent to residents warning of an imminent missile attack. the false alarm caused widespread panic and included the words: "this is not a drill". a corrected text message wasn't sent out until 38 minutes later. bill hayton reports. for around half an hour on sunday, the people of hawaii looked anxiously to the skies. on a university campus, students ran for emergency shelters. an official text warned residents to prepare for the worst. people cowered in bathrooms or took what cover they could. we all huddled together. we thought, if this is going to be the end, we are in a beautiful place, doing something we love. but, god, it was pretty scary, i tell you. you start hearing stories about what was going on at waikiki beach, they were evacuating hotels, children being pushed into drainpipes. was a north korean nuclear missile about to hit honolulu? actually, no.
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the whole thing was the result of a stunningly simple mistake. at 8:05am, the test was started. at 8:07am, that's when the trigger is pulled on the test. the wrong button was pushed on this test. it went into an actual event versus a test. there is fury on hawaii that the click of a single button could be responsible for so much panic. that anger is directed towards the state government. i know first—hand that what happened today was totally unacceptable. and many in our community were deeply affected by this. and i am sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced. last month, in response to north korea's missile and nuclear tests, hawaii reinstated its warning
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sirens for the first time since the end of the cold war. at least everyone now knows the system works, but that is small comfort for the millions who thought their world was about to end on saturday. dramatic pictures have emerged of a passenger plane that skidded off a runway at a turkish coastal airport — after being hit by a bird. the pegasus aircraft landed halfway down a steep slope into the black sea after making an emergency landing at trabazon airport. none of the 162 passengers or cabin crew where hurt in the incident. let's hear more from our correspondence. amazing pictures, i cannot imagine what it would be like to be on board a plane. but, it seems like nobody was hurt.
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to be on board a plane. but, it seems like nobody was hurtm to be on board a plane. but, it seems like nobody was hurt. it is remarkable. a few people were taken to hospitalfor remarkable. a few people were taken to hospital for precautions. remarkable. a few people were taken to hospitalfor precautions. but according to the governor nobody was injured and everybody managed to evacuate and get away safely. this accident happened about 8:00pm in darkness last night. adam king anybody quite realised the context of what had happened until we saw those daylight images today. so, this was a routine flight from ankara, the aircraft was landing, it skidded off the end of the runway in rainy conditions and came to rest, as you can see on that steep slope with its nose just metres from the sea. with its nose just metres from the sea. one of the engines of the plane actually detached from the wing and carried on down the slope and ended up carried on down the slope and ended up in the water. because of the action, we heard about the possibility of a bird strike. people talking about the possibility of ice on the runway. the official weather report says it was raining at the
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time. the airport itself was closed, understandably, for quite a time last night. but it seems to be open now. you can see is in pictures now of the evacuation under way. you can imagine it would be difficult enough, when the plane is on the level, but one that is on a very steep slope, it is amazing that everybody got out safely. it really is, and also amazing that the plane did not keep sliding down that very steep slope into the water. that is right. i mean, a plane essentially is like a tin can, it is actually quite alike, which is why it's the engines, the heaviest part of it, then momentum kept them going and they did end up in the water. but people looking at that image will be horrified if you have a fear of flying, those images do not help. but, billions of flights last year, and not a single fatality in commercialjet and not a single fatality in commercial jet aviation. and not a single fatality in commercialjet aviation. that is a very good reminder. thank you. the headlines on bbc news: the justice secretary
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thejustice secretary is continuing a judicial review of the parole board decision to release a serial sex attackerjohn worboys. ukip suspends the girlfriend of the party leader after she allegedly made racist remarks about prince harry's fiance, meghan markle. and as you have justin, a fiance, meghan markle. and as you havejustin, a plane has skidded off the runway in an emergency landing in turkey, none of the 168 people on board were injured. sport now...and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's holly hamilton. tell us about the cricket, a chance for revenge against australia? i'm delighted to bring you good news. england have beaten england at last. —— australia. jas -- australia. on roy made the highest ever one day score — 180 — for england to help his side to victory in the first of five one day internationals.
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england put the aussies into bat and adil rashid got the big wicket of steve smith — he was out for just 23. but, the hosts put themselves in a good position with 107 from opener aaron finch. and then half centuries from mitchell marsh and marcus stoinis helped them to 30k for eight off their 50 overs. but england and roy got off to a flyer and were always ahead of the required run rate. the opener shared a record partnership for england in this format of 221 withjoe root. root himself made 91 unbeaten and england reached their target. for anthonyjoshua fans, confirmation at last of his world heavyweight unification clash with new zealand'sjoseph parker. following weeks of negotiations, the two reigning heavyweight champs will meet on the 31st of march at cardiff's principality stadium — wherejoshua staged his most recent victory against french challenger carlos ta kam. the contest will put the winner
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within touching distance of becoming the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world since lennox lewis back in 1999. we're hearing that sanchez is not in arsenal's squad for bournemouth lunchtime. he looks increasingly likely to leave the club in the transfer window. when he is out of contract in the summer. when he is out of contract in the summer. manchester united could be his destination. manchester city are going for their first victory at anfield for nearly 15 years later. the premier league leaders will go 18 points clear if they win, while liverpool need a point to hang on to fourth place. in football, anything can happen. of course we could lose the title, because you never know what will happen. of course we could maintain our level. the consistency and the way we played. we have the chance. but we never know. we could go down for lack of confidence or we don't play very well.
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we will see. roger federer says his age helps take the pressure off as he heads into the australian open tipped to win. the swiss five—time champion won his first major title for five years with a stunning run in melbourne last year. and with rivals novak djokovic and rafael nadal on their way back from injury, and britain's andy murray absent, federer remains the man to beat. with age i feel like i've played down my chances just because i don't think 36—year—old should be a favourite in turn and. that should not the case. that's why i see things more relaxed. i'm at a later stage in my career. maybe somebody like a rafah, with the year he has had, or a novak, with the six titles he has had, even if it is unknown how he is feeling, they could very well be the favourites. at the end of the day, it's alljust talk beforehand. and finally, we're now going to show you a piece of sporting perfection — and it couldn't come at a better
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time for shaun white. with less than a month to go until the winter olympics the american has scored a perfect 100 in halfpipe. his winning run at the us grand prix included some of the toughest tricks in the business. white is the favourite to win a third gold medal. talk about qualifying for the olympic team in style that's all the sport for now. i'll have more in the next hour. a manhunt is under way for a suspected crossbow killer. there was an attack at his home at his house in the village of southbound. people say they want to speak to a 55—year—old in connection with the incident which also resulted in a woman suffering serious injuries. ukip has suspended the girlfriend of its party leader, henry bolton,
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after she reportedly made racist remarks about prince harry's fiancee, meghan markle. the mail on sunday has published text messages allegedly sent byjo marney that include derogatory comments about ethnic minorities. dan johnson reports. he has only been ukip leader since last september, and it emerged just a few days ago that henry bolton had left his wife. forjo marney, a former glamour model, who is 30 years younger. this morning, the mail on sunday has printed text messages sent by jo marney. in them, she said that meghan markle had a tiny brain, that she would taint the royal family and that black people were ugly. when a reply was sent suggesting that these comments may be racist, she said, so what? and that she didn't want other races invading her culture. in a statement, jo marney said... ukip confirmed jo marney
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has been suspended. the party leader said last night that he didn't want to comment. the hollywood actor, mark wahlberg, has given the money he earned , for re—shooting scenes in a film, to a fund that supports people who've experienced sexual harassment. the scenes had to be filmed again, after kevin spacey was dropped from the project following sexual assault allegations. it emerged that mr wahlberg was paid more than a million pounds for the re—shoot, while his female co—star, michelle williams, received just 60 pounds a day in expenses. our correspondent, peter bowes, is in los angeles. all the money in the world tells the story of paul getty, the kidnapping of paul getty.
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kevin spacey, in the original filming of the movie, played his grandfather, j paul getty. when the news of the allegations of sexual harassment came out against kevin spacey, he was dropped pretty quickly from this film, even though they had actually completed it. christopher plummer was brought in to play his part. but that also meant michelle williams and mark wahlberg had to be brought back as well, to re—film the scenes that they had previously done with kevin spacey, now with christopher plummer. mark wahlberg, it seems, was paid $1.5 million to do that. michelle williams was paid nothing, apart from a very tiny amount to cover her expenses. much has been made of that over the last week or so. people saying this highlights the pay disparity between actresses and actors in hollywood. mark wahlberg has now released a statement, saying over the last few days...
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the reshoot of for all the money in the world has become an important topic of conversation. he says i 100% support the fight forfair pay and i am donating my $1.5 million to the time's up legal defence fund in michelle williams' name. the french president has thrown his support behind a push to protect the humble baguette by making it a unesco cultural treasure. emmanuel macron said the "baguette is the envy of the whole world". the italian art of making pizza became unesco—listed last year. it's a national symbol and a huge part of french life. now master bakers are pushing for baguettes to be officially recognised as a cultural treasure. and its traditional recipe, iconic shape and world—famous name legally protected. we speak of the french person
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with a baguette under his arm. why not? artisan bread makers are worried about mass produced copies flooding into supermarkets. frozen bread with imported ingredients. but still bearing the name baguette, all the same. there are a lot of imitations, but here are the baguettes are home—made. we get up at two to three in the morning to make bread. the traditional baguette is already protected by french law. to meet the criteria, it must only be made from four ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. it cannot be frozen or contain added preservatives. if we lose this tradition, we will not be able to make the bread properly. the bakers have been inspired by the success of naples pizza in italy, which became unesco protected last year.
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also making the list, spanish flamenco dancing, yoga and belgian beer culture, just to name a few. they are all deemed so significant they must be preserved forfuture generations. let's see what the weather prospects are. just a little bit of haze around there. through the day we will see more of that sunshine through the parts of southern and western england, wales and northern ireland, too. scotland and northern ireland have fairly cloudy skies because we have fairly cloudy skies because we have this front approaching from the north—west, bringing some heavy rain
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and some strengthening winds, too. we could see gusts as high as 70 miles an hourto we could see gusts as high as 70 miles an hour to the north of scotla nd miles an hour to the north of scotland and stills and gusty winds travel haring north and east through the night. things turning particular wet and windy into the early hours of monday morning. monday morning rush hour, a lot of standing water on the roads combined with those strong winds. the main wind and rain clears to the east and then we have a return to something sunnier than what we have seen recently. right conditions but also heavy showers falling asleep and snow across scotla nd falling asleep and snow across scotland and northern ireland are relatively low levels. further south of the wintriness on the hills, thailand under mixed in, too. thejustice secretary david gauke is considering a judicial review into the decision to release serial sex attackerjohn worboys. the former black cab driver was jailed indefinitely in 2009 for sexually assaulting 12 women. ukip has suspended the girlfriend of its party leader henry bolton after she reportedly made racist remarks about prince harry's fiance, meghan markle.
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jo marney apologised for the comments and said her messages had been taken out of context. a passenger plane carrying 168 people skidded off a runway while landing at a coastal airport in turkey last night. the airline says no—one was hurt in the incident. and the actor mark wahlberg says he will donate £1 million to a fund for victims of sexual harassment, after controversy over his fee for reshooting the film all the money in the world. now on bbc news, it's time for dateline london with jane hill. hello and a very warm welcome to dateline london.
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this week we discuss the future of the iranian nuclear deal as president trump says he will tolerate it for a few more months. what impact will that have inside the country where so many are still in prison?


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