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oia oi a this is bbc news. the headlines at 8.00pm: the government says it's doing everything it can to keep the serial sex offender, john worboys, in prison, after he was granted parole. ukip leader henry bolton is under pressure to resign after his girlfriend allegedly made racist remarks about prince harry's fiancee. the trouble with politics, it does inflame passions. people get very excited about politics. they have very strong views. but that must never be allowed to step over into abuse. police are looking for a man after a fatal attack, reportedly involving a crossbow, which left one man dead and a pregnant woman injured. the crisis at carillion — the government holds emergency talks in an effort to save the engineering giant from collapse. a big day in sport — england can finally celebrate down under after victory in the first one day international against australia. manchester city's unbeaten run in the premier league this season is over after losing a—s to liverpool at anfield. and the travel show catches up
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with the blind backpacker tony giles as he visits bethlehem. that's in half an hour here on bbc news. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the new conservative party chairman, brandon lewis, has told the bbc that the government is doing everything it can to ensure the serial sex offender, john worboys, stays in prison. the former black cab driver was jailed in 2009, for drugging and sexually assaulting 12 women, but police believe he may have committed more than a hundred attacks. the government is considering seeking judicial review into the parole board's decision to release him. here's our home affairs correspondent danny shaw. he's known as the "black cab rapist. "
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john worboys is believed to have drugged and sexually assaulted more than 100 women, yet the parole board has decided that after that after ten years in custoday, it's safe for him to be released and he's due out by the end of the month. the government wants to stop that happening and is looking at the possibility of legal action. anybody out there will appreciate just how all of this must be for the victims to see what has happened, to think about somebody like that being out on the streets. he is absolutely right. the secretary of state forjustice will be doing everything he can to make sure this man stays behind bars. the justice secretary is david gauke, appointed only last week, he moved quickly to seek legal advice about the worboys case. he wants to know if it's plausible to contest the release decision in the courts and if there's a good chance of success. lawyers for some of worboys‘ victims are also considering legal action. we've already, ourselves, been looking into a judicial review challenge of the parole board. we can also look at the parole board's rules which prohibit any
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publication of the reasons for the decision, something that the secretary of state can't do, because they are his rules. it would be highly unusual for the government to launch a legal challenge against the parole board, an organisation it's responsible for and if the case does end up here at the high court. there's no guarantee of success. here at the high court. would it be difficult? here at the high court. it all depends on the quality of the decision—making. if this was a bad decision, if it was a decision which no reasonable decision—maker could've reached, orfor some reason it's failed to follow the procedures, for example, it's been said that the victims or some of the victims weren't consulted, then it's quite possible the decision was unlawful. what's so unusual is that it's not usually the secretary of state forjustice making those arguments. in the meantime, preparations are continuing forjohn worboys release. his victims are being consulted on what conditions he should comply with if and when he is let out. some are concerned that the serial
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sex offender will try to track them down. danny shaw, bbc news. let's speak now to the former labourmp mike 0'brien, who was the solicitor general for england and wales under tony blair. how unusual is it for the government to be the party seeking judicial review very unusual. the government reviews things but normally it is judicially reviewed by others. this is extraordinary. it is the right decision. david gauke is quite right to seek the legal advice of the senior qc on whether or not it's sensible to pursue a judicial review in this case against the parole board. it is exceptional but it is the right decision. but, i think the government needs to do a number of other things as well. first of all, it's been rather sigh ented on the need to change the law, as was requested by the parole board's
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chief over a week ago. so that the pa role chief over a week ago. so that the parole board can explain why it reached this decision. because it's not able in law to do it and the government could announce now that they are going to change that law. the second thing that they could do — and it may well be the attorney—general he would have to ask — but ask the director of public prosecutions, to review the evidence in this case, whether given that this defendant, david worboys did not confess to all his crimes and some evidence has later come out, whether or not it's possible to prosecute him for some of the outstanding incidents, because that may still be possible and the director of public prosecutions could get a senior qc to review that evidence. a further thing that should be done, is if this guy is released if worboys is released on
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licence, then a condition should be he should not enter an area where his victims were. that would include the whole of london and if some victims are living elsewhere, those areas as well. that gives a large pa rt areas as well. that gives a large part of the uk where he could be, but not in an area where he is likely to meet some of his victims. of course if he breaches those conditions, he might be locked up again. how much influence would his victims likely have on the conditions placed on him? one of the questions is that the parole board has been listening a, on its original decision and bflt, on to the victims, some victims may decide they do not want to be involved, that's up to them, fine, others have not been consulted and then we have a difficult question for the government. it is this — the cps decided not to pursue at least two
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case, and possibly more than, that where there were victims and there was evidence, but they took the view, it wasn't necessary, in their view, it wasn't necessary, in their view at that time, to pursue those particular cases. were those victims consulted and what about the victims, the alleged victims of these two who have come forward subsequently. because in many of those cases there was quite a lot of evidence and were they consulted? so, it's not just evidence and were they consulted? so, it's notjust on the initial decision, where i think david gauke is quite right to seek senior qc‘s advice on whether the judicial review should go forward but also on the conditions now. there should be a widespread consultation by the victims of the parole board of what conditions should apply to this release on licence. remember, he is going only to be released on licence. it sounds then, that there area are a number of processes, procedures, that have got to be gone through, before we get to judicial
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review and even then, it might be thatjohn worboys is still released? well, it might not be a judicial review. all that the secretary of state forjustice has indicated is that he is seeking advice on whether he should do it or not. i have no problem with that. that's the right thing to do. he shouldn't pursue a case which has no basis in law. but if he gets advice saying — look, actually, the probation service has conducted — the parole board, rather, has conducted this in a way which was lawful, and therefore, you can'tjudicially which was lawful, and therefore, you can't judicially review it, which was lawful, and therefore, you can'tjudicially review it, there may not be a judicial review at all. it depends on the advice. i haven't seen it depends on the advice. i haven't seen the details so i can't give an indication to what it is likely to be. it seems to me morally, that this guy shouldn't be released but this guy shouldn't be released but this is a question of law and no doubt, in due course, a senior qc
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will advise the government but the advice might be, might be, not to proceed with this judicial review. mike 0'brien, former solicitor—general for england and wales under the blair government, thank you very much. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the papers, our guestsjoining me tonight are martin bentham, home affairs editor at the london evening standard, and owen bennett, deputy political editor of huffpost uk. the leader of ukip, henry bolton, is under pressure to resign, after his girlfriend was suspended from the party, for making offensive remarks about prince harry's fiancee, meghan markle. mr bolton hasn't made any comment. here's our political correspondent alex forsyth. when henry bolton took over as ukip leader, he promised a new direction. we as a party are a party of leaders. just four months into the job, there are already questions over his future. it relates to his relationship with this woman — jo
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marni. the mail on sunday revealed text messages she sent in which he said meghan markle had a tiny brain and would taint the royal family. and she called black people ugly. in a statement, she reportedly said her comments were unnecessary, reckless and overly exaggerated for effect, and offered her sincere and deepest apologies to anyone she had hurt, and for the distress and embarrassment caused to family, friends and the party. she has been suspended, and some ukip members think their leader should quit. i don't want to talk about his personal life. it's entirely up to him. however, it is impacting on activists now, and they are working darn hard, and it's not fair on them and the rest of us. henry, do the right thing, the honourable thing, stand aside and let us get on with business. so far, no official comment from henry bolton, but senior figures say he has some tough choices. henry is increasingly in a position
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where he has some difficult decisions to make. he knows that. he and i have spoken recently over the weekend, as recently as this morning. i know he's focused on those decisions today and he intends to make those decisions today. i'm sure whatever he does will be in the best interests of the party. so, after riding high following the brexit referendum, ukip is again facing turmoil. even nigel farage said tonight he wouldn't consider returning as leader, even for a second. ukip's former deputy chairman, susan evans ukip's former deputy chairman, susan eva ns says ukip's former deputy chairman, susan evans says mr bolton should consider his position. they are absolutely disgraceful. absolutely no just fooiks for them whatsoever. whether they were thoits expressed in a private conversation or not. those views are utterly rep prehencible to any right—thinking people. the problem we have here is not so much that henry bolton should resign because of what his girlfriend said.
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i think it would be a sad day for any one of us i think it would be a sad day for any one of us were i think it would be a sad day for any one of us were held accountable for what our friends, family or partners did but it is another scandal. i understand he is considering his position, we have to see what the next few hours bring. should he resign, as you say it is rather by association, rather than something he personally has said?|j think something he personally has said?” think the reason that a lot of people in ukip are calling for him to resign — actually they were calling for him to resign before the daily mail ran their story, and it is because they felt that heries represented himself and his family man credentials on the campaign trail when he stood to be leader. the problem ukip has had, we have been saddled with this racist image. now i completely dispute that. i think we were called racist because we wa nted think we were called racist because we wanted to leave the european union. well, it turns out that was a majority view of the country. 52% of the country agreed with us as we found out in the referendum. but because of, that we have to be even
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tougher when these things ha. i have tougher when these things ha. i have to say i'm pleased that ukip acted quickly as soon as the allegations of whatjo marni had said came to light. she was suspended immediately, to ukip's credit. the trouble with politics, it does inflame passions. people get very excited about politics. they have very strong views. but that must never be allowed to step over into abuse. unfortunately we have seen it from quite senior people in politics. they have done that and that's deeply regrettable. so, yeah, jeremy corbyn, when he became leader of the labour party, talked about a new cinder, gentler politics. in fa ct, new cinder, gentler politics. in fact, what we have seen from his party, momentum, have been exactly the opposite. there is a real problem with politics at the moment, i think it's very aggressive. i think social media is fulling that in particular. it needs to be #2ke89 with and nipped in the bud before it gets completely out of hand. the former deputy chairman of ukip,
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susan evans. humberside police are looking for a man they want to question, in connection with a murder thought to have been committed with a crossbow. shane gilmer, who was 30, died in hospital after the attack, at his home in the village of southburn on friday. his pregnant girlfriend was seriously injured. 0ur correspondent, fiona trott reports murdered in his own gnome. 30—year—old shane gilmore died in hospital yesterday. his pregnant pa rt hospital yesterday. his pregnant part nerks died the deneed the attack. —— murdered in his own home. this is we don't believe mr lawrence isa this is we don't believe mr lawrence is a wider threat to the public. this is a isolated incident. he was known to both shane and laura. they we re known to both shane and laura. they were neighbours. we don't know how he will react ifchallenge, however, so he will react ifchallenge, however, so please don't approach him. call 999 and leave it to us. 56-year-old anthony lawrence is also known as
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tony how howarth. he is described as being white with short brown hair, 5'10" being white with short brown hair, 910" inches tall and a large build. every police force are looking for him two day afrs this attack, it is cordoned off. detectives are at the scene and there is a cordon at the other end here. people are being asked for their identities as they come in and out of the village. 0vernight police dog teams and the force helicopter were out, searching force helicopter were out, searching for whoever was responsible for this attack. villagers in this quite corner of east yorkshire can't believe what's happened. police are asking them and anybody else with information to come forward. a murder investigation has been launched in loughborough, after a man was killed in the early hours of this morning. police were called to an incident on moira street where two people were found injured. a man was treated for stab wounds, but subsequently died at the scene. a female was also treated for minor facial injuries. the headlines on bbc news:
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thejustice secretary considers applying for a judicial review after the decision to release serial sex attackerjohn worboys. ukip leader henry bolton faces calls to resign, as the party suspends his girlfriend for alleged racist remarks. police hunt for a man after a fatal attack — reportedly involving a crossbow — that killed one man and injured a pregnant woman in east yorkshire. sport now and a full round—up from the bbc sport centre, here is jessica. thanks forjoining us. we've been treated to arguably the best game of the premier league football season so far. the reds scored three goals in eight minutes in the second half, which handed city theirfirst league defeat of the season. but they're still 15 points clear of second—placed manchester united at the top of the table.
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joe lynskey watched the match. this is the era of the super—fixture. the this is the era of the super—fixtu re. the games this is the era of the super—fixture. the games that will define the best of the big six and stopping manchester city seems to ta ke stopping manchester city seems to take divine powers. for liverpool, the best defence is to go on the front foot. this was alex 0xlade—chamberlain's breakthrough moment. the 8th minute would never settle this match, though. city rarely go behind. when they do, they beyond. but liverpool would return from the break with a more ruthless streak. they went back in front through roberto firmino and when mane increased the lead, this felt like their moment. commentator: you better believe it. they came unbeaten but city were unravelling. salah's precision put it beyond them, surely. pep guardiola's side did have one more flourish. two goals in ten minutes, made this a frantic finish. 30 without defeat but this was one game too far. the
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blues will surely win the league, still but such is their dominance, even one defeat feels historic. in this thrilling season of top six meetings, this match was most extraordinary. arsenal manager arsene wenger has said he's resigned to losing striker alexis sanchez to another club, possibly within the next 48 hours. earlier, bournemouth beat arsenal 2—1 at the vitality stadium. the result leaves the gunners five points adrift of fifth—place spurs in the league. the top two women's teams in the country, manchester city and chelsea, played out a tight contest in the semifinals of the conti cup. and it's the holders, city, who edged the win 1—0 — new signing nadia nadim with the winning goal. they'll play arsenal women in the final in march after they beat reading 3—2. billy vunipola is set to miss england's six nations campaign after fracturing his forearm during saracens' draw with 0spreys in the european champions cup yesterday. vunipola was forced off at half—time in the match. he'd only recently returned to action after undergoing a knee operation last summer.
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the 25—year—old is set to see a specialist this week. the initial impressions are that he could be out for ten weeks. england start their campaign against italy in rome on the 3rd of february. leinster have secured a home champions cup quarter—final tie after thrashing glasgow warriors in dublin. leinster underlined their status as one of the favourites in the competition, running in five tries and so gaining a bonus point before half—time. three more would follow in the second half in a 55—19 victory, which makes five wins out of five in pool 3 for the irish side. here's a check on today's other games. pool 4 is wide open after french side racing 92 beat munster 34—30. munster still lead the french side by a point, but will now have to beat castres in the final round to guarantee top place and a home quarter—final. in the same pool, castres beat leicester 39—0. leicester will finish bottom of the
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pool toulon thrashed benetton treviso to go top of pool 5. so a win for toulon, but it was soured by homophobic comments made by one of their players, mathieu bastareaud, to one of the opposition. bastereaud scored a try in the match and later apologised for his comments. tournament organisers european professional club rugby said its citing commissioner is looking into the incident. cricket, and opening batsman jason roy made england's highest individual one day international score, as england put their dismal ashes performance behind them to beat australia by five wickets. aaron finch hit 107 as australia compiled 304—8 from their 50 overs in melbourne, but that soon proved to be inadequate. roy faced just 151 balls as he passed alex hales‘s previous best score to hit 180, in what was the first of five 0dis. defending champion glen durrant has retained his bdo darts title
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with a dramatic win in the deciding set against mark mcgeeney. these were this year's top two seeds in the competition. mcgeeney did have darts to win the match, but durrant forced his way back to win 7—6 and take the second lakeside title of his career. how about this as marital team work? england's chris paisley has claimed his first european tour title after winning the south africa 0pen. his wife was his caddy. paisley, who had a one—shot lead going into today's final round, held off the challenge of home favourite branden grace by carding a six under par 66 to win the title by three strokes. his wife, keri, was his caddy for the first time — paisley‘s maiden success means the tournament has been won back—to—back by englishmen, after graeme storm's
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victory last year. that's all the sport for now. more from me a bit later. thank you very much. talks to secure the future of the struggling construction firm carillion, are expected to continue into tomorrow. the company, which holds several key government contracts, owes more than £900 million to a number of banks. ministers say they're keeping a close eye on the situation. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. carillion is probably the biggest british company you have never heard of. it maintains hundreds of schools, hospitals, prisons and even libraries. if it collapsed, there is a concern who bo who would take over at short notice. and it's notjust public service that is would be affected. thousands of private firms in the construction sector are also dependent on carillion for subcontracted work. we cover 5596 dependent on carillion for subcontracted work. we cover 55% % of steel works contracting in the uk and that's worth £3 billion to the uk economy. it's represents 120,000
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workers. so, if you multiply that across all of the subtrades in the uk, the affect on subcontractors could be significant. and today there was a flurry of activity at there was a flurry of activity at the cabinet office, itself having a face—lift. pulling together all the different strands of government, dependent on carillion. because carillion carries out so much work for so many different arms of government, it needs to be co—ordinated here at the cabinet office. what they are working on todayis office. what they are working on today is contingency plans. so should be the company collapse and it isa should be the company collapse and it is a big "should" then they are ready to continue working in prisons, schools and hospitals and there won't be as much interruption to services. sources tell the bbc that banks would be prepared to show more patience towards carillion, if the government supports the company as well. but a public bailout of a private business could be politically toxic. more than 160 passengers and crew had a lucky escape when their plane skidded off a runway in turkey
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and plunged down a steep slope. the nose of the boeing 737 came to restjust a few metres from the black sea. andy moore reports. the accident happened in the darkness last night. it was only in the daylight this morning that it became apparent how close to disaster the plane had come. the pegasus flight from ankara skidded off the runway in wet conditions and down a steep slope, with its nose coming to restjust metres from the sea. one of the engines detached from the wing and ended up in the water. these pictures from onboard the plane show the understandable panic and confusion. passengers had to clamber up an incline towards the rear of the plane to get out. 162 passengers and six crew were on board. some people were taken to hospital as a precaution but nobody was injured.
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the airport was closed for a while last night but has reopened this morning. theories about the cause of the incident include a bird strike or ice on the runway but the governor of trabzon says it was still under investigation. this was a lucky escape for passengers on this plane. last year was the safest ever for commercial aviation. there were around 4 billion journeys made last year and not a single passenger jet crashed. andy moore, bbc news. an oil tanker which has been on fire in the east china sea for more than a week, has sunk. the iranian ship had been adrift and ablaze off the shanghai coast for eight days, following a collision with another vessel. china central television has said the ship "suddenly ignited" and sank. iranian officials say all 32 crew members have died. two of the world's leading fashion photographers have been suspended from working for vogue and other magazines owned by the publishing house conde nast.
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the new york times has published a series of allegations against mario testino and bruce weber that they sexually harassed young male models. they both deny the claims. adina campbell reports. he is one of the royal family's favourite photographs. mario testino has been capturing photographs for four decades but the new york times has published claims of sexual misconduct with the 63—year—old being accused of indecent behaviour. his lawyers say his accusers cannot be considered reliable sources. another well—known photographer, bruce webber is also facing similar allegations. he's denied any wrong—doing. but conde nast which publishes magazines including vogue and go publishes magazines including vogue and gq has taken action. in a statement, the editor, who calls them both "personal friends"
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statement, the editor, who calls them both "personalfriends" has said he "i take the allegations very seriously and we at conde nast, have decided to put our working relationship with both photographers on hold for the foreseeable future. vogue is a global powerhouse. to grace one of the front covers is a massive deal. mario testino and bruce webber have been responsible for some of those images but with allegations of sexual exploitation swirling, their futures are allegations of sexual exploitation swirling, theirfutures are hanging in the balance. there are now calls for more regulation in the fashion world.” have been inappropriately touched. i have been inappropriately touched. i have had extremely inappropriate comments made to me. i would like to see unions organised so that models can collectively bargain and i would like to see what the model alliance in new york is providing, a body to arbitrate disputes that would represent models in the fashion industry, who they wouldn't be able to ta ke industry, who they wouldn't be able to take on, on their own. these allegations are the latest to rock the world of fashion, entertainment
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and social media and don't seem to be going away. tributes have been paid to surgeon captain rickjolly who has died at his home in cornwall. during the falklands war he set up a field hospital which treated both british and argentine troops and was uniquely honoured by both countries. among those paying tribute today was simon weston who credited jolly with saving his life. bbc spotlight‘s john danks looks back at his life. in 1982, during the falklands war, this disused refrigeration plant was converted into a field hospital, and it was here that surgeon captain rickjolly and his team of surgeons treated around 1000 british and argentinian troops. i am proud to say that thanks to the combined efforts of the naval surgeons and the army surgeons and the royal marines that support them, everyone who has come in here alive, despite these horrible wounds, have gone out alive. the other interesting thing, two unexploded bombs in the building, but we have lived with them for so long, we have almost forgotten about them.
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i have just been to look at one. the less said about that, the better. one of those helped by surgeon captain rickjolly was a young welsh guards injured in the bombing of sir galahad. i would love to say thank you, because he saved my life, he helped all the surgeons that worked to save our lives. rickjolly change the face, as far as i'm or created field hospitals, he did something remarkable. one of those figures everybody knew, go onto the facebook pages today, you will see, the tributes are flowing, thick and fast. former raf pilotjohn nichol described him as: surgeon capty, rickjolly who has
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died, aged 71. let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather. wet and windy weather has already made an impact across many northern and western parts of the british isles, and through the rest of the night that band of weather would gradually slump ever further towards the south and east. some gusts of wind around about that weather system, 60, 70 wind around about that weather system, 60,70 mph in wind around about that weather system, 60, 70 mph in exposed locations. come the dawn, it will be lurking within tentacles the south—east, and following on behind two mark breeze for widespread frost, and for the commute, east midlands, east anglia, the south—east, central and southern england, it will take a


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