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a public outcry over the case led to calls for a review of the parole board's decision, but the justice secretary said he would not seek one. having taken legal advice, i have decided it would not be appropriate for me as secretary of state to proceed in such a case. honourable members would appreciate i cannot go further and expose details of the legal advice i have been given. i know this will disappoint the victims in this will disappoint the victims in this case and members of this house. lawyers are two of the victims said they will pursue a judicial review of the parole board's decision to release warboys at the end of this month. everything about warboys' conduct and his denial of the offence and the recent decision on conditions suggests that the decision is irrational and therefore we seek a challenge to that decision on that basis.
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the merit of london, sadiq khan, has said in the past hour he, too, will seek a judicial review —— the mayor of london. also this lunchtime... the parents accused of holding their 13 children captive at a california home plead not guilty to torture, abuse and false imprisonment. scientists in america say they're a step closer to one of the biggest goals in medicine — a universal blood test for cancer. a scathing assessment of liverpool jail as inspectors say conditions there are the worst they've ever seen. and in tennis, britain's kyle edmund triumphs in five sets to reach the fourth round of the australian open. and coming up in the sport on bbc news... another win for england's cricketers — they have gone 2—0 up in the one—day series against australia. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one.
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the justice secretary says he will not seek a judicial review over the decision to release the serial sex offenderjohn worboys. david gold said that after taking legal advice it included it would not be appropriate to challenge the ruling. the parole board said it is confident that besiegers were followed. wa rboys confident that besiegers were followed. warboys was jailed in 2009 after being convicted of offences against 12 women. our home affairs correspondent june kelly reports. he is one of the country's most notorious serial sex offenders. john warboys' crimes caused revulsion. in his black cap he cruised for victims, not five. he was accused of
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sexually assaulting i2 victims, not five. he was accused of sexually assaulting 12 women, one of whom he wrote, but it is feared he may have attacked more than 100 in total. the decision to release him provoked at ozment including at the top of government. in an extraordinary development, the justice secretary said he was looking to challenge the decision in the courts. this morning the announced that after taking legal advice he will not be, but offered this reassurance to the victims. let me be absolutely clear, warboys will not be released until their representations have been properly considered and his licence conditions are in place. indeed, last week i asked for assurances that the views of victims were being taken into that the views of victims were being ta ken into account that the views of victims were being taken into account and robust licensing conditions would be put in place to manage his risk. warboys is currently being held at wakefield prison in west yorkshire. a lawyerfor some
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held at wakefield prison in west yorkshire. a lawyer for some of his victims is questioning why he is being freed from what is a top security jail, securityjail, and the victims intend to press ahead with their legal challenge to try to keep him behind bars. we presently don't know the reasons why he has been granted release but what we do know is the nature and scope and extent of his offending, we know that up until very recently he was denying responsibility for the offence, he may still be. we know the parole board only the previous year refused to move him to open prison because they considered he was still a risk. what has changed over that time? john warboys' victims have spoken of how they fear for their safety when he is freed, and have called for him to be banned from the hold of the greater london area. his licence conditions are still being finalised but while the victims‘ legal challenge is going on, the black cab
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rapist, as he is known, will remain in prison. and june is here now. as may be expected there has been a strong reaction to this? that is right, and as one politician has departed from the arena, another, the mayor of london sadiq khan, has entered, he said he will be looking at a legal challenge. this morning the justice be looking at a legal challenge. this morning thejustice secretary david gauke said he will be looking to expand the review that has been announced into the parole board and is obviously trying to get greater transparency in all of this, and he said among the areas that would be looked at would be the mechanism that allows parole decisions to be reconsidered. this has been welcomed by the parole board, its chair, nick hardwick, an advocate of greater transparency on this, said a couple of days ago that the decision to release warboys, who served his minimum tariff of eight years, he said the decision had not been taken lightly, was ta ken said the decision had not been taken lightly, was taken by a panel of experienced people who considered a wealth of evidence, but as we are hearing the victims are very unhappy about the fact that he is coming out so about the fact that he is coming out so soon, they do not believe he has
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served a long enough time, and they feel that they have to now go ahead with this challenge to try to keep this man behind bars. thank you. a couple accused of imprisoning and torturing their 13 children have appeared in court in california. david and louise turpin were arrested last weekend, after one of their daughters escaped from the family home and called the police. the siblings, aged between two and 29, are said to be severely malnourished. the turpins appeared in court hours after prosecutors detailed the horrific abuse allegations against them, charges they deny. 0ur north america correspondent james cook reports from california. ..give up that right. david turpin appearing in court to deny torturing his own children and sexually abusing one of his young daughters. his wife, louise, also pleaded not guilty. the couple are accused of imprisoning, tormenting, and beating their ten daughters and three sons. prosecutors say the siblings endured the abuse for years, as their parents plumbed the depths of human depravity.
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one of the children at age 12 is the weight of an average seven—year—old. several of the victims have cognitive impairment and neuropathy, which is nerve damage, as a result of this extreme and prolonged physical abuse. the children were supposedly schooled here in their home, but the district attorney said they lacked basic knowledge — some did not even know what a police officer was. they were reportedly allowed to showerjust once a year, and were beaten, chained up, and tormented. they would buy food, including pies, apple pies, pumpkin pies, leave it on the counter, let the children look at it, but not eat the food. about the only thing the children were allowed to do in their rooms, or chained up, was to write in journals. we now have recovered thosejournals, hundreds of them, and we are combing through them for evidence. the 17—year—old, who raised the alarm after climbing out of the home through a window, had been plotting the
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escape for two years. one of her sisters made it out with her, but turned back out of fear. this case has sent waves of revulsion across the united states and beyond. the authorities say the siblings are doing well, but some of them at least have almost certainly suffered irreparable physical and mental damage. the parents are due in court again next month. if convicted, they face life in prison. james cook, bbc news, riverside in california. david begnaud from cbs news is in perris in california. david, i imagine among the many shocking stories you no doubt will have covered, this must be among the worst? it is, kate. the child protective services here at riverside county said yesterday they are trying to figure out whether or not some of the adults can function on their own. as your correspondent said, they lack basic knowledge like what a police officer is, some of
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them did not know what medication and pills were. we are talking about kids who literally did not have much contact with society. according to the district attorney, inside this house they would stay up all night, the kids and parents, and sleep all day, their rituals were bizarre to say their rituals were bizarre to say the least. but what is even more bizarre, kate, is that no one has come forward claiming to know anything, not a neighbour, family member, co—worker, no—one has noticed anything strange about this family. 0k, we have to leave it there, but thank you. ajudge has ordered the crown prosecution service to disclose the reasons why it dropped a rape charge against a student from oxford university, more than two years after he was arrested. 0liver mears, who is 19, was cleared just days before his trial was due to start. danny shaw is at guildford crown court. tell us more? kate, this is another case which raises searching questions about the
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way police and prosecutors deal with rape cases, how they are investigated and how they are managed up to trial. this is the case of oliver mears, an oxford university chemistry student who was arrested 2.5 years ago on suspicion of rape but it has taken up to this point today for him to be declared not guilty here at guildford crown court. thejudge asked not guilty here at guildford crown court. the judge asked the prosecution to explain the reasons why there had been, in the words of thejudge, so why there had been, in the words of the judge, so many why there had been, in the words of thejudge, so many unnecessary delays in this case. the prosecution said it had been a finely balanced case but new material had emerged. what that material was we are not exactly sure, something to do with a diary that has been obtained quite late on, there is some sensitive material relating to the alleged victim, and also some investigations around digital devices, but this is the fourth time now in four weeks that a rape prosecution has been
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halted nearly at the 11th hour and there certainly is an investigation going on, a wider investigation, into issues of disclosure, the requirement on the crown to disclose evidence, the defence, and there will also now be urgent questions asked about this case. the judge has demanded answers within 28 days from the crown prosecution service. danny, thank you very much. scientists say they‘ve moved a step closer to developing a universal blood test for cancer. researchers in america tested a new method on 1,000 patients to see if it could detect eight types of the disease. the cancerseek test, as it‘s known, had a success rate of 70%, and the team say their goal is to now develop an annual test for everyone — designed to catch cancer early and save lives. 0ur health correspondent james gallagher reports. more than 1a million people find out they have cancer each year worldwide. the sooner they‘re diagnosed, the more likely they are to survive. the test, called cancerseek, is a new approach that looks
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for mutated dna and proteins that tumours release into the bloodstream. it was tested on eight common types of cancer, including ovarian, pancreatic and lung. in the study, on more than 1,000 patients known to have cancer, the test correctly diagnosed seven in 10 patients. the researchers say more work is needed and are starting trials to see if the test can find cancers in seemingly healthy people. they say such tests could have an enormous impact on cancer mortality. experts in the uk said the approach had massive potential. this research is really interesting because it suggests that in the future something as simple as a blood test could be used to help doctors diagnose cancer at an earlier stage alongside traditional diagnostic tests, and that‘s really important because the earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the more likely treatment is to be successful so we could potentially help to save more
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lives. but some experts say it is still early days. this study has been conducted in patients have already been diagnosed with cancer, so already been diagnosed with cancer, so what we need in the next very large studies is to know, can they diagnose people with cancer who are asymptomatic, who are well, who we otherwise would not be able to pick 7 otherwise would not be able to pick d otherwise would not be able to pick up? and if the blood tests can do that, that is when i think we can be really excited about it. cancerseek is now being trialled in healthy people with no signs of cancer. experts said it has potential and testing for more mutated dna and proteins would allow for a greater range of cancers to be detected. james gallagher, bbc news. prison inspectors have delivered a scathing report on liverpooljail, saying living conditions there are the worst they have ever seen. they found damp and dirty cells with rats and cockroach infestations, as well as a backlog of around
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2000 maintenance tasks. here‘s our correspondent adina campbell. liverpool prison has faced a long—running series of problems but today‘s report by her majesty‘s inspectorate of prisons underlines a catalogue of squalid living conditions. including broken windows and infestation of cockroaches and blocked toilets. it also found two thirds of inmates had easy access to drugs, often smuggled by the growing use of drones, with more than one seized every week. and violence had also increased, more than a third of prisoners said they felt unsafe at the time of the inspection. what you are witnessing there is a prime example of the lack of investment at liverpool prison over the years, and thatis liverpool prison over the years, and that is down to government cutting budget and cutting the staffing levels. now, it is due to, also, an
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amount of repairs that were outstanding at the time that inspection. 0ver outstanding at the time that inspection. over 2000 outstanding repairs, simple repairs that are not getting done. the head of the prison and probation service has admitted there were failings in the jail but says immediate action is being taken by appointing a new governor, including improvements to cleanliness. today‘s report had also pointed to concerns over health care, something the bbc revealed last month, with worries about suicide rates, staff shortages, and access to specialist treatments. lancashire care nhs foundation trust says it has made improvements over the last two years, despite challenging conditions. all too often what we are finding in prisons is that there are an acceptable levels of violence, that self harm is high, that there are self—inflicted deaths on a totally tragic and astounding level. the reasons for this are many and varied
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but what it does need in our view, the inspectorate, is close and serious attention to getting the basics in to keep people safe. liverpool isn‘t the only prison with problems. yesterday the government was ordered to make immediate improvements to nottingham jail over safety concerns. another crisis in some of england‘s present is continuing. our top story this lunchtime... the decision to release serial sex offenderjohn worboys from prison will not be challenged by the government. and still to come — new zealand‘s prime ministerjacinda ardern has announced she‘s pregnant. she‘ll be only the second elected world leader to give birth while in office. coming up in the sport in the next 15 minutes on bbc news — some like it hot. kyle edmund defies the heat and comes through another five set thriller to reach the fourth round at the australian open. this weekend marks one year
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since donald trump took over the office of us president. he vowed to change the face of politics stateside, with his campaign slogan promising to "make america great again". so 12 months on, how supportive are americans of their leader? laura trevelyan has been to pennsylvania to meet trump voters, and those less convinced by the president. she‘s in pittsburgh this lunchtime. well, donald trump won. the great state of pennsylvania by less than 196. state of pennsylvania by less than 1%. a very narrow margin. but it was a shock victory. hillary clinton was predicted to romp home here by as much as even 9%, so donald trump won here by appealing to white
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blue—collar voters in declining manufacturing areas, promising to bring back theirjobs and their dreams are promising to make america greater gain full stop and in his inaugural address almost a year ago he promised the forgotten people of america they would be forgotten no more and he promised to end the american carnage. so i‘ve been out and about in the mon valley of pennsylvania, asking his voters if they feel he‘s delivered on those promises. the mon valley in western pennsylvania is the birthplace of us steel. this factory was once owned by the 19th—century magnate andrew carnegie. in its heyday it employed thousands. donald trump tapped into the sense of industrial decline, winning by promising to "put america first". 0ver lunch i asked trump voters for their verdict on year one. it seems like he cares about the working class, he cares about the people who are trying to make a living and have big businesses and things like that, small businesses, he cares
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about that kind of stuff. some of the stuff he does i agree with, like the tax cuts, looking after working class people, but i'm not a big fan of all the rants on social media. i think they can do away with all that. how are you feeling with that vote? a little disappointed. juan lacey, a small—business owner in the mon valley, hoped mr trump would run government like a ceo, so does this former 0bama voter regret switching to trump? when i went into the voting booth and i pulled the lever i was satisfied. i'm having buyer's remorse. why? because it's not consistent. john fetterman is a democrat in trump country. you get out into some of these areas that no one‘s visited, no one‘s taken the time to care, left it really open and ripe for someone to step in like a donald trump and say, hey, i‘m the guy that can fix this. the populist mayor of braddock, with a tattoo of the town‘s zip code, counsels his party to understand trump‘s appeal. it's got to be more than trump
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is awful, vote for us, and it has to come back to like ernest, progressive, populist message. in his inaugural address a year ago, donald trump promised people in towns like braddock that he‘d give them back their jobs and their dreams. there‘s an early electoral test here in pennsylvania of whether the voters feel he‘s delivering. there‘s a special election in the state in what should be a safe republican seat, but the president is taking no chances. a real friend and a spectacular man, rick saccone. that‘s the candidate here. mr trump doesn‘t want to lose this election and he was in the mon valley thursday with this message. very simply your pay cheques will be much bigger, because under our tax cuts you will be keeping more of your hard earned money. the question is whether mr trump can get the credit here for an improving economy, or if the heat generated
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by his tweets and feuds is distracting even his own voters. now, donald trump was planning to mark the first anniversary of his yearin mark the first anniversary of his year in office by flying today to his winter resort in mar—a—lago in florida. however, us media are reporting in the last few minutes that the president is not going to go to mar—a—lago unless the bill is signed in washington to keep the government running. there‘s a great big drama going over there in washington about how exactly to fund the government to keep it running. democrats are not supporting republicans, democrats holding firm. they want a deal on the fate of young people brought here illegally as children. can donald trump, the deal—maker, find a solution? we shall see, laura, thank you. well, president trump‘s boisterous style and frenetic twitter feed have certainly kept him in the limelight. but how has he performed on some
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of his key election pledges — tax cuts, the controversial border wall with mexico, and repealing and replacing 0bamacare — his predecessor‘s health care plan. christian fraser takes a look now at president trump‘s first year in office. 12 months in the white house, his first year as a politician. so, what does the report card of the 45th president look like? well, let‘s remind ourselves what candidate trump had promised. the mantra was of course, make america great again. and here was how he proposed to do it. isis will be gone if i‘m elected president. 0bamacare has to be replaced. i‘m going to build a wall and mexico‘s going to pay for it, right? right? a complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. 0urjobs are being stolen like candy from a baby. not going to happen any more, folks. well, let‘s start with the economy, because there‘s a curious disconnect here. the president has record low approval ratings, but the stock market is hitting record highs.
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this week, the dowjones smashed through the 26,000 mark for the first time ever. and, the economists say, it is mr trump that should take the credit. he‘s delivered on his promise to cut taxes. but will the boom on the markets eventually translate into wage growth? 0n trade, there‘s more to do. the first thing he did in office was to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. the nafta negotiation is ongoing. mr trump‘s warning to canada and mexico is that he wants better terms, or he will pull out. and he is serious. what about repealing and replacing 0bamacare? well that turned into a congressional nightmare for the republicans. the tax reform does chip away at one of the affordable care act‘s foundations, the individual mandate, but the president‘s comments in december that essentially the job was done — well, that‘s fake news. it isn‘t. where the president will think he scores highly, is on foreign policy. having vowed to destroy isis,
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the caliphate is on the run in iraq and syria, and despite the often alarming public feud with the rocket man, kim jong—un, north and south korea are at least talking, for which the president has claimed the credit. what about the wall? perhaps the campaign promise that resonated most with the base. right now, the president is demanding congressional funding as part of immigration reform, and there is still plenty of resistance. we can say, with some certainty that mexico isn‘t going to pay for it. at least not directly. the promised ban on muslims, well, that became a travel ban on countries that were predominantly muslim. the legal challenge to that is ongoing. the courts, much like the media, have incurred the president‘s wrath. what is for certain is that the president through this year has persisted with the mandate on which he was elected, but approval ratings
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are low. he‘s lost special elections in virginia and alabama and perhaps the ultimate test of mr trump‘s presidency will come later this year, with the mid—terms. christian fraser. there‘s been heavy shelling of kurdish positions in northern syria by turkish forces, ahead of a possible ground offensive. the united states has given its support to the creation of a 30,000 strong border force led by the kurds, as a defence against the so—called islamic state group. the turkish administration sees kurdish forces as terrorists, and fears a de facto state is being set up. new zealand‘s prime ministerjacinda ardern has announced that she is pregnant. she and her partner, clarke gayford, are expecting their first child injune, after which she plans to take a six week break. ms ardern will be the second elected world leader to give birth while in office, and the first to do so in nearly 30 years. phil mercer reports. new zealand‘s youngest prime minister since 1856 is about to face a fresh challenge. jacinda ardern and her partner clarke gayford are expecting their first child in june,
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after which she plans to take a six—week break. let‘s do this. she found out about her pregnancy in october, six days before she became prime minister. i had to announce eventually. there‘s only so long you can say you were eating too many christmas pies. i was showing from about 12 weeks! so yeah, eventually we had to say and this felt as good a time as any. ms ardern, who‘s 37, says she plans to be pm and a mum, and is confident she can juggle the role of motherhood with a high—profile dayjob. i‘m not the first woman to multitask. woman to work and have a baby. i know these are special circumstances, but there will be many women who will have done this well before i have. on her first day as opposition leader last year, ms ardern was controversially asked by a tv talk show host whether she had
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to decide between having a career and becoming a parent. news that she‘s pregnant is rare for international leaders. when benazir bhutto gave birth to a daughter in 1990 while serving as pakistan‘s prime minister, it was reported to be a first for an elected world leader. phil mercer, bbc news, sydney. cricket now — and they may have lost the ashes, but england are proving to be more than a match for australia in the shorter form of the game. they‘ve won the latest game by six wickets, having restricted the hosts to 270. test captainjoe root starred with bat and ball, taking two wickets, and hitting a measured 46 to see england home. england lead 2—0 in the five match series. tennis — and britain‘s kyle edmund is through to the fourth round of the australian open — beating both his georgian opponent and punishing temperatures of a0 degrees celsius. after the match, british number one andy murray tweeted that it was the best win
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of his davis cup team—mate‘s career. here‘s our sports correspondent, joe wilson. it‘s a0 celsius and we‘re outside playing tennis. in melbourne, nowhere to hide for kyle edmund. 0ne game at the start of the fourth set against nikoloz basilashvili of georgia lasted 20 minutes — just one game! under the most extreme pressure, in the most extreme conditions, kyle edmund peaked. one of the best rallies of the match. nothing much between the players in world rankings and nothing much between them on court. edmund was 2—1 sets down, but from this moment he took the fourth set 6—0. he‘s got it. fifth set, 12th game, both men stretched beyond previous limits, so who wilts? who wins. he‘s done it. edmund conceded that if the tournament had said it was too hot to play he would gladly have stopped, so was it unsafe? edmund is the kind of guy who normally lets his tennis do the talking.
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it‘s a tough one. it‘s professional sport. it‘s meant to hurt. it‘s not meant to be easy, that‘s the whole point of it. but yeah, i guess yeah, i mean, if people do start to become ill then it might be a concern, but as far as i‘m aware everyone is just getting through. and he is through. the australian open said they came close to implementing their extreme heat policy. edmund‘s endurance impressed many. who described it as the biggest win of kyle edmund‘s career? none other than andy murray, via twitter. well, there are 16 men left in the australian open. kyle edmund is one of them. now, quick, while you can — find some shade. joe wilson, bbc news. we stay with the weather theme. we
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ta ke we stay with the weather theme. we take a look at it with sarah keith—lucas. from seeking shade to needing shelter in these temperatures? some of us have blue sky and sunshine but temperatures are pretty chilly and more wintry weather on the cards. this is the scene in dunblane in stirling, a lot of lying snow around there. the met office hasissued snow around there. the met office has issued an amber warning, be prepared, for disruptive weather due to snow and ice, particularly across this region of the south—west of scotland, where we could see another 10—15 centimetres of snow falling on top of what is already there. let‘s take a look at snow depths, what‘s lying out


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