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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 19, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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future channel bridge, the boris airport could be built. there is nothing wrong with that. but they were completely unfunded, the questions of infrastructure of roads and railways necessary to service it. downing street says there are no specific plans for mrjohnson‘s channel link. in other words, its chances are zip. it is a wistful might have been. a bridge of sighs. the unabridged steve smith. that is all we have time for tonight. we leave you with a heartwarming tale of transport scotland's fleet of salt spring heroes. there is —— bears no defeating kings of the road the critters, thousands were gripped today by an online map showing the exact location of the lorries, some of which have imaginative names. as we say good night now to ricky gritty bang bang, but snow walker, this is no greater and of course to andy flurry. they are out again this
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evening keeping the roads safe. good night. theme t0 thomas the tank engine. hello and welcome to sports day. the headlines this evening, beating the heatin headlines this evening, beating the heat in melbourne as kyle edmund reaches the final 16. england's cricketer do with the white or what
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they could not do with the red to go 2-0 they could not do with the red to go 2—0 up in the one—day series. and pele‘s managers say he is not in hospital, calling it a fake news. plenty to get through tonight as well as the rugby and golf news. britain's number two kyle edmund defied the extreme heat in melbourne to reach the fourth round of the australian open, matching his best run ata australian open, matching his best run at a grand slam. is the only briton left and will next play the world number 76, andreas seppi. it is a0 celsius and we are outside playing tennis. in melbourne, nowhere to hide for kyle edmund. one game at the start of the fourth set
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against his georgian opponent lasted 20 minute. just one game. under extreme pressure in extreme conditions, he peaked. nothing much between the players in world rankings and nothing much between them on court. kyle edmund was down but from this moment he took the fourth said 6—0. fifth set, 12th game. both men stretched beyond their limit. who wins? he would gladly have stopped if it was declared too hot to play. he normally lets his tennis do the talking. it is a difficult one to be professional sport and it will hurt. it will not be easy. yeah... yeah. if people do start to become ill
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thenit if people do start to become ill then it may be a concern but eve ryo ne then it may be a concern but everyone is just getting through. and he is. the australian open said they came close to implementing their extreme heat policy. his endurance impressed many. they described it as the biggest win of his career. there will be 16 man left in the australian open. kyle edmund is one of them. quick, find some shade while you can. more success for britain down under as england's cricketers are one win away from wrapping up the one—day series against australia. they now lead to nil heading into the third match after winning by four wickets in brisbane with five overs left to play. after a troubled winter, and suddenly the scene seems a little more serene. suddenly the scene seems a little more serene. even when faced with batting like this from australia's
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aaron finch. england's one—day side refused to an. finch made 100 again but when he fell, australia stumbled and england took advantage. chris woa kes, and england took advantage. chris woakes, like your site, and england took advantage. chris woakes, like yoursite, calm and england took advantage. chris woakes, like your site, calm and creative the innings was over, 270. it never looked like enough. still, england needed a new hero. jason roy made history in the first match of the series. here he lasted four balls. plenty were waiting behind him in the queue. jonny bairstow and then alex hales, those passing 50. even a clatter of quick wickets did little to throw them. it was only a passing concern. chris woakes providing a late innings flourished the second time. england, full of confidence and with good reason. a spokesman for the brazilian football legend pele has dismissed reports that he is in hospital after collapsing with symptoms of extreme
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exhaustion. he was 77 —— is 77 and is due to travel to london for a dinner held in his honour. according toa dinner held in his honour. according to a spokesman he pulled out because of the length and stress of the journey. he is the only player to win free world cups and has been suffering from kidney and prostate —— ci’oss suffering from kidney and prostate —— cross —— prostate problems. alexi sanchez is yet to complete his trade. he was expected to join manchester city. we will hear from their manager in a moment. first year is jose mourinho their manager in a moment. first year isjose mourinho with this update, of salt. ithink year isjose mourinho with this update, of salt. i think clearly everybody knows that we are there. especially when the arsenal manager speaks so clearly like he did, there
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is no point in trying to deny. but it is not done at all. what i know is alexi is going to go to united. at the end the players, they decide where they want to play. good luck. there is nothing to add my opinion remains the same. it was a pleasure to be with him in barcelona and he is going to decide to move on to another club, is going to decide to move on to anotherclub, i is going to decide to move on to another club, i wish him all the best. meanwhile, walcott has oddy left arsenal. the striker faced the media today and promised goals. is in line to make his debut against west brom tomorrow. aaron lennon appears to be surplus to requirements and is moving to burnley for an undisclosed fee. he still needs a medical but personal
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terms have been agreed. hejoined everton from tottenham two years ago and has played 19 games this season. following the death of the former england striker there will be a minute's silence at every premier match this weekend and black arm bands will be won. is club career included playing at west brom coventry and has passed away at of a suspected heart attack. is considered a trailblazer for black payers. —— players to a goalless home draw with bristol city. derby could be a little hard done by when they are striker was booked for diving inside the box later on. the replay showed the player had a good case for a penalty. it finished 0—0 and derby stayed in second. to rugby union and more bad news for the welsh side ahead of the six nations.
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one player will miss most of the tournament is with injury. he had a hamstring injury and has now withdrawn from the squad. there are plenty of options for the coach including dan biggar. the first game is at home to scotland two weeks from tomorrow. in tonight's only match, gloucester are through to the final eight the challenge cup but they missed out on a home tie in the knockout stages after losing at home. gloucester‘s first home defeat of the season. rory mcilroy seems to be enjoying his return to competitive golf. the northern irishman picked up six shot in the second round of the other derby championship thanks to four birdies and an incredible eagle at the final hole. years nine under par, three shots behind the leader. happy birthday for tommy fleetwood after a
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slow start to his round. now back in contention at ten under. tyson fury asa contention at ten under. tyson fury as a step closer to returning to the ring after the sports governing body agreed to lift his suspension once they receive his current medical records. last month he accepted a two year backdated ban for anti— doping and medical issues including taking steroids and hurricane. the last time is here for was back in 2015 when he took the world title. he admitted to using hurricane to help with depression. muster snooker at alexandra palace, trump had led 3-1 at at alexandra palace, trump had led 3—1 at the midsession interval while his opponent had a lot more to worry about. here as murphy trying to fend offa about. here as murphy trying to fend off a wasp in the fourth frame. he levelled at back to four frames all but to sentry breaks from trump
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sealed a win in the semifinal on saturday. john higgins had no problem in his quarter—final against the world number 17. he cleared up the world number 17. he cleared up the finalframe the world number 17. he cleared up the final frame with a break of 18. -- 80. he the final frame with a break of 18. —— 80. he will play romeo solomon was no conqueror, mark allen, in the semifinals from all of us here on sports day, good night. a very good evening. again scotland is the epicentre of the snowy weather and things like this have been typical today for parts of western and southern scotland. looking at the weather over the next 2a, a8 hours we have in nine areas of low pressure moving away. the
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first knocks on our doorstep at the moment and the next is the sunday. eventually the milder conditions. through the night we have a band of rain that will push in. holder ahead of that to a risk of ice and again further snow showers affecting scotland. the main uncertainty with the forecast through the weekend is how far this band of rain gets northwards into northern ireland. decent evidence it will be right across northern ireland and if that happens it will fall as snow. we could see around three or four centimetres of snow and —— in northern ireland and the hills of wales. elsewhere within this band of wet weather it is just cold rain that will fall. a little sweet mixed in over the high ground. through the rest of the day the bright skies that we had in scotland will slowly filled southwards to be fewer showers here than over recent days and will to brighter in northern ireland. a slow process and a band of rain that we can. rain gets a
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little lighter and a little more patchy. temperatures for many between two and 10 degrees —— five celsius. temperatures take a dive overnight across the north—east of the uk, particularly snow in scotland. would be one of the cold est scotland. would be one of the coldest nights we have seen this year, temperatures dropping —10 or thereabouts. another band of rain coming in is tied in with the second area of low pressure but i showed you on side live a few moments ago. that rain is brought in again and is likely to turn to snow. on sunday we may see significant transport disruption across the peak district, the pennines and parts of scotland with many around ten or 15 innovators as snow. there is potential of getting snarled a lower level for a time but if that happens in snow would not last long and will go back to rain as mild a works in. bridger is all over the shop on sunday. cold underneath the rain and snow but further south and west on
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northern ireland parts of england and wales are seeing temperatures pushing back into double figures. it isa hint pushing back into double figures. it is a hint of what have to come next week. the weather will turn much milder with double—figure temperatures becoming wide spread. that is the latest weather. this is bbc news. all top stories: talks to avoid shutdown of the us federal government go into the endgame with time running out to reach a deal. the white house calls in senior democrats and says progress is being made but warned there is still disagreement. we will have the latest live as both sides get ready to play the blame game. also coming up: the news syrian conflict but tricky opening fire on kurdish forces. taking the attacker face up to his crimes, we hearfrom more gymnast who survived sexual abuse by the former teen usa doctor larry nassar. how did it feel to
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looking in the eyes and tell him what you felt? really hard. didn't know he was going to be that


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