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tv   Our World  BBC News  January 20, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm GMT

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sleet and snow in the midlands and some snow in lincolnshire and east anglia. it is 12 in the south west. here it will be rain. windy as well as we head through the afternoon. into sunday night, we push that band of rain and it will be mostly rain by this stage through to the north—east. some rain hangs around in the south on monday. but monday not a bad day. some sunshine. a lot of cloud. some drizzle over the hills in the west. but temperatures beginning to nudge up to six to ten degrees that. is the story, temperatures will climb. with the milder conditions we will see some wet and windy weather at times. lele tao is a chinese internet superstar.
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she sings, chats, flirts, and plays games with her fans online. in china's multibillion—dollar live streaming industry, she is an online goddess for hundreds of thousands of young men, and they shower her with gifts of thousands of dollars every day. but there is always someone younger and prettier waiting to take her place. and the government is tightening the rules on what is allowed on screen. and now, she has fallen out with her manager. it is sunday morning in chengdu, an ancient city in the south of china, now one of the country's new high—tech hubs.
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24—year—old lele tao is here for the weekend. she is visiting herfamily who have recently moved to a new apartment in an upmarket neighbourhood. her dad will spend the whole day cooking her favourite food. she is only home for a few days but before she can relax, she has work to do. lele is a live streamer who makes her living by entertaining people on the internet via her webcam. she sings, plays games and chats with herfans, and they can watch her for as long as they want. lele is one of the most popular
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streamers in the country. without a script, she entertains her fans until well past midnight. herfans can interact with her, write her messages, and request songs. her family are also now her fans. lele started live streaming one
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day at her dad's office using just her laptop. it all seemed like just a bit of fun until she got paid. back then, that was nine times the average monthly salary in china,
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forjust two weeks‘ work! some of her income is from playing computer games with her fans. lele now has over one million followers all over china. the majority of them are men in their early 20s, many with money to spend. one of her most loyal fans is 24—year—old shage. just talking about her makes him nervous. and lele remembers when he
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started following her. to get lele to play the song, he kept buying her more and more expensive virtual gifts. this is how streamers like lele
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make so much money — fans buy them virtual gifts in exchange for entertainment, a conversation, or sometimes simply for their attention. live streamers can then redeem these virtual gifts for cash. just to be her online friend, shage has spent what the average chinese person living in the city earns in two years. in china, the internet is tightly controlled and live streaming
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is a much more significant phenomenon here than in the rest of the world. it is an industry worth $3 billion a year. one of the major hubs is shanghai, where lele lives, and where she is managed by one of the country's biggest live streaming agencies. the pressure to look good on screen is immense. lele rents an apartment five minutes from her management agency, mj entertainment. she is one of more than 3,000 streamers on their books. the ceo max and his wife spotted lele shortly after she began streaming. mj entertainment takes a 20% cut from their live streamers, although most of them don't earn anywhere near as much as lele. and more fans means more money.
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looking attractive is crucial for live streamers. but when it first took off, some women took looking sexy so far that it was deemed pornography. the government quickly tightened the rules on what is allowed on screen. and now, lele and other streamers know how far they can go. if they cross the line, they could be sent to prison, and the streaming
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channels closed down. but this is just a warm—up. after the training, lele will be live streaming for up to ten hours non—stop until midnight. after hours of live streaming, lele finally gets to eat herfirst meal, at 9pm. she calls her mum to tell her about the highlight of the day so far. it isn'tjust lele who feels good — fans who spend a lot
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buying her gifts also enjoy the admiration and respect they get from other fans for the amount they are spending. even for those fans who don't spend much, live streaming can provide a sense of community, friendship, and family. and the industry knows this. shage is an only child, like 200 million other people born when china had a one child policy. decades of sex—selective abortions have led to a dramatic gender imbalance — a severe shortage of girls.
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shage spent his childhood in a small village, just outside shanghai. the internet filled the gap. that is when he met the woman that he describes as his online
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goddess, and started showering her with virtual gifts. over the years, shage has spent a lot of money on lele. but still, for him, it is a real relationship, and for lele too. it's lele. lele has called shage to tell him about a problem she is having with her manager, max, who wants her to sign a new eight—year contract. to try to get her to sign the new contract, he promises
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to make a big investment in her, to help her record albums or get into films. but to get out of the contract early would cost lele over $1 million. but lele isn't happy, and the situation soon escalates. behind closed doors, a huge fight breaks out between lele and max. he storms out and orders her channel to be shut down. a few minutes later, she rushes home in tears. he blames her mood. but later, max admits lele is upset because of the contract.
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nothing is resolved, but neither side wants to push things too far for the moment. still, the super fan is worried about lele, so the next day, shage orders a taxi to take him to shanghai, to meet her in person. but he is adamant his intentions are not romantic. halfway through the journey,
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shage pulls over to a service station, and checks in with her. he discovers that, despite the unsigned contract, lele is back on air. as usual, he requests a song, and then sings along with her. it took shage four hours to get to the bund, an iconic and romantic waterfront area in central shanghai, where they have arranged to meet. but by the time he arrives it is past midnight, and all the lights have been switched off. lele is still at work, live—streaming, and he doesn't want to wait here. they head off to a cafe
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near lele‘s apartment, but the conversation is really awkward. it is rare for streamers and fans to meet in person, they celebrate their one hour together with a selfie. though they had arranged to meet up the next day, they don't. shage takes a taxi back home, and lele goes back to her on—screen life. this weekend weather is looking
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disappointing. wintry conditions. hazards of snow and ice. for central and southern areas it was a disappointing saturday. glorious conditions over scotland, albeit very cold. small outbreaks of rain in the south—west. further sleet and snow, certainly over higher ground. just to peek into next week, it looks like we will lose the cold air that we have had for a while and see a return to the mild south—westerly, which will be with us for most of the working week but things will turn unsettled. i will show you. sunday looks like another unsettled one, a band of rain descending. sleet and snow on its leading edge across far part of the south—east, the midlands, across the pennines, and in towards scotland where it'll feel very cold all day. signs of the milderair making feel very cold all day. signs of the milder air making inroads across the
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south—west, but here there will be heavy rain at times. that system will clear on sunday and we start to pick up the atlantic westerlies introducing that milder air. a bridge ridge of high pressure moves in. we lose the rain across the south—east and the north of the country. then it is a breezy day. westerly winds feeding showers across western hills but there will be good breaks in the clouds and it'll feel milder. double—figure values across the south. tuesday, the winds move to a south—westerly across the country. always a pretty warm direction. it will feed a lot of moisture and cloud across southern and western areas, particularly over hills and coasts. but in any dry areas it'll feel very mild. tuesday is looking like the mildest of the week. temperatures in double figures for most. into the
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middle of the week, signs of something more unsettled moving in around this area of low pressure. it is this feature here which could bring a spell of wet and windy weather to our shores during the course of wednesday. another pretty mild day. it looks like that feature will pick up, the winds reaching gale force in some places, heavy rainfor gale force in some places, heavy rain for england and wales before moving towards scotland and northern ireland. as that pulls away the most northerly winds into the northern half of the country. turning cooler on thursday. still fairly mild in the south but blustery with sunshine and showers. friday, that area of low pressure eventually clears away. but it opens the floodgates to a more northerly note. temperatures across the border touch cooler, temperatures back into single figures, but not as cold as we have seen of late. but there should be some sunshine around. a flip—flopping situation heading into the weekend, and it looks like another plume of mild air will make
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inroads from the south—west. a mixed week. but it'll certainly be much milder than it has been of late with tuesday looking like the mildest of the week. around the middle part of the week. around the middle part of the week. around the middle part of the week it turns more unsettled, heavy spells of rain at times, quite windy, with a risk of gales. it'll turn cooler for a windy, with a risk of gales. it'll turn coolerfor a while windy, with a risk of gales. it'll turn cooler for a while before turning milder as we head on into the new weekend. goodbye for now. this is bbc news. the headlines at 10: the motion is not agreed to. us senators blame each otherfor the budget row, which has shut down the government, on the first anniversary of donald trump's inauguration. senior democrats say the president is impossible to negotiate with. america knows this is the trump shut down. only the president can end it. gunmen in afghanistan attack a major hotel in the capital, kabul — police there have
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been fighting to regain control of the building. turkey launches an assault on kurdish fighters in northern syria — opening up a new front in the conflict. mary lou mcdonald is confirmed as the only candidate nominated to replace gerry adams as sinn fein president. and fans at stadiums across the country remember cyrille regis —
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