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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 24, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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i don't think i immediately leapt to the inevitability of cancer. i think that to begin with i felt that i would have this tumour, it is actually much harder now, because now my life is day by day affected by this tumour. and affected by the uncertainty of what my cancer is actually going to mean. i can feel your frustration because there are words occasionally that do not come. that is the tumour, sadly doing its work. the tumour bloody well does this to you. but tessa jowell is not asking for sympathy,
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she is demanding change, change to allow cancer patients to switch from one drug trial to the next, rather than having to wait months when months may be all they have. there is no point in having another six months of waiting for that trial because it is not going to have any effect, so let's go onto the next one. so a patient might say, i'm willing to take the risk, i am willing to try one, two, three things whatever the side effects? that is exactly the kind of risk patients should be free to take. people listening to you will be thinking, why don't you curl up on the sofa, be with your family and friends and look after yourself. absolutely impossible. i have so much love. it is the most extraordinary, blessed and... ..and re—creating sense.
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i've been lucky enough to read the speech you will give to the house of lords, and you end with some words from seamus heaney the poet and you mean it. "i am not afraid." i am not afraid. i feel very clear about my sense of purpose and what i want to do and how do i know how long it is going to last? i am certainly going to do everything i can to make it a very long time. tessa jowell talking to nick robinson. that is all. now, it is time for the news where you are. hello , you're watching bbc news, the time is 10.33. i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight. isa is a fourth wembley final in five yea rs is a fourth wembley final in five years for arsenal, will knock out
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chelsea, they've never won the league cup under arsene wenger. neville‘s first day in the job could have gone better, an apology for sexist tweets and the fa underfire for appointing him in the first place. and edmund will be waking up soon for the biggest match of his life...we look forward to the australian open semi—finals. coming up, it is almost that time again, six nations under one ruth here today. we will bring your highlights from the official launch. under one roof. good evening, arsenal have made it into next month's league cup final. it was goalless after the first leg against chelsea and they fell behind at the emirates tonight but a 2—1 victory in normal time sees them head to wembley, where they'll face manchester city. tim hague reports. for the third time this month
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arsenal and chelsea will leave the tunnel together but which lantern light will shine brightest? there was a blue tint to the start of this one, pedro putting chelsea ahead but momentarily. no matterfor the spaniard, he assisted rather than scoring the opener, into eden hazard. but arsenal got back into it and quickly, if the first goal was classy, the second was comical. the header through two men and into the net and after an explosive ii minutes ross barkley made his debut and then saw his side go behind, sudden granite. caballero kept it at two and allowed his chance one last side to level things, that free kick summing up chelsea ‘s second—half performance, arsenal on their way to
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wembley and they will have to shine brighter still to beat manchester city. tim hague, bbc news. rangers have jumped above aberdeen into second on goal difference after beating the dons 2—0 at ibrox tonight. they are still 11 points behind celtic who didn't play tonight. three other matches, hibs are nowjust 5 points behind rangers and aberdeen after beating dundee away. hearts beat hamilton and bottom side ross county lost to motherwell. new england women's head coach phil neville will not be charged by the fa over historical sexist comments made on social media. he was only appointed yesterday but a series of posts came to light and he apologised earlier today. the fa say neville will be warned about his future conduct. the organistaion has also defended their recruitment process, after their chosen applicants withdrew from the running, phil neville was approached the job despite his lack of experience in
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the women's game and limited cv. gareth southgate reacted to the criticism. how do you get this experience about the opportunity so i wish him well, first and foremost, there has been a very thorough process around the applications for that role, and he's taking over a team, a good team, they've improved enormously over the last few years, so hopefully now for them, as a team, everyone can focus on the football and how they progress. southgate was speaking this morning at the draw for the new uefa nations league. it will run alongside the normal euros qualification campaign. england on the top—ranked tier of nations and will play spain and croatia home and away, the matches
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start next september. scotland have been drawn with albania and israel, northern ireland have austria and bosniaherzegovina while wales face the republic of ireland and denmark. the scottish fa say they are casting the net far and wide to recruit a new manager after michael o'neill turned them down on monday. o'neill says he expects to be in charge of northern ireland for another six years and insisted his players and especially captain steven davis were instrumental in his decision to stay. the relationship between manager and players is key and having had discussions with most of the senior players, what their thoughts were going forward, it was important to me that they didn't need a new voice, we obviously look at how we prepare the team and try to change in certain ways but they were adamant that they felt it was right for me to continue straight after the game, to be honest, stephen was telling me i couldn't leave! that's important. it's important you are valued by your players and buy your
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association. at 8.30am tomorrow kyle edmund will become just the 6th british man to play in a grand slam semi final since tennis went professional in 1968. he beat gregor dimitrov in his quarterfinal on sunday to set up a showdown with 6th seed maron cilic. the other semi final sees defending champion roger federer take on 2! year old hyeon chung of south korea. that's on friday morning. federer says edmund can relax ahead of his match, as he has nothing to lose. somebody is in the semifinals, to me it seems like it is two steps away, a lot of stuff can happen. you play one good one and the other guy plays one good one and the other guy plays one bad one, usually there are no bad matches any more in semifinals, but it is a good situation to be in and he can hit freely now, no expectations whatsoever. he may
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never be in this position ever again to have so little expectation on him. earlier, world number one simona halep beat karolina pliskova to reach the women's semi—finals. halep went 3—0 down in the first set but fought back. after saving a second break point she won nine games in a row on her way to winning in straight sets. she angelique l355? in the other women's semifinal, they will both be played overnight in the next fisher hours, a dries mertens will play caroline wozniacki. —— elise merton ‘s. the six nations is almost here. england are looking for a hat=trick of titles and travel to italy a week on saturday but there'll be a big challenges from scotland and ireland. the teams have been congregating in london today for the tournament launch. our sports correspondent joe wilson was there for us. the tournament is selling itself, look, there is conor o'shea, it revolves around these traditional
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rivalries so what is new this time? england and ireland will play in the final weekend, that could be the decider. wales, with injuries to contend with, face scotland in the opening weekend and that's a resurgent scotland who beat australia twice since the last six nations and they begin this tournament of expectation. that's a bit different. it's pressure, and as captain, ifeel bit different. it's pressure, and as captain, i feel it but it also brings a lot of excitement, we know that if we perform well we can put ourselves in a very good position. but we're not naive enough to think that other countries are not doing the same thing. england go to italy in the first weekend and that result is predictable. is it? could you lose to italy, is that possible? we will be very well prepared and will be physical and brutal and we'll ta ke be physical and brutal and we'll take it to them. england will face them monumental sergio parisse, now 34. interesting to hearfrom him
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talking about the changes in rugby and warning that the product may be risked by the demands on the players. of course everyone wants to give everything but sometimes you can't, sometimes you must understand that your body can't, every single weekend, lewd demand too much of your body, its distress, mental stress, physical stress, —— your body, its distress, mental stress, physicalstress, —— you demand too much of your body. maybe we will see more injuries. teams are looking for young players to come through and almost look at their peak, ireland are producing a lot of good players, england may well say they are doing that as well. perhaps strength and depth could be decisive. we can't wait, there's joe we can't wait, there'sjoe wilson at the official launch. england world cup winner anya shrubsole has become the first female cricketer to appear on the front cover of the game's bible — the wisden cricketers almanack. shrubsole took five wickets in 19 balls to turn the final england's way against india
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last summer and was also nominated for the bbc sports personality of the year award. she called the wisden cover: "an amazing honour and privilege and a clear representation of the strength of the women's game." good luck to her. that's all from sportsday. the top story tonight, arsenal have knocked chelsea out of the league cup and will face manchester city in the league cup final next month. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.
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with me are the broadcaster john stapleton and kate proctor, political correspondent at the london evening standard. welcome to you both. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. and one story dominates as it has dominated the news coverage today. the financial times broke the story about the men only president's club who called a halt to the events after allegations of sexual harassment. it's also the top story in the metro under the headline sexists and the city. theresa may was appalled by reports of what she read about the event, according to the daily telegraph and has rebuked one of her ministers. one has had to explain his attendance. the times reports that there have been calls for an end to the gagging orders which allegedly stop hostesses at parties — from reporting harassment. the same story is the lead in the guardian too. along with the news that scientists
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have cloned two monkeys. the daily express as a change of subject with david cameron caught on camera saying brexit is not as bad as he feared. an uplifting story of a woman who has given birth after being caught in the grand foul fire tragedy. and the next stories summed up tragedy. and the next stories summed up as sleaze balls. let's start with the financial times. it has scored a major coup. congratulations to them, cracking investigation, got everyone talking, it has been in the papers today and will be there tomorrow. what amazes me is after the harvey weinstein scandal, has been a great debate about the role of women and the question is how does any group of people imagine that in 2018 they could get away with something like this. ifound could get away with something like this. i found it could get away with something like this. ifound it bewildering. this
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was an event at which women were told to wear sexy black dresses, underwear to match, high heels, paraded in the fanfare of trumpets toa paraded in the fanfare of trumpets to a men only assembly and in some cases they were
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