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this is bbc news. i'm reeta chakrabarti. the headlines at 11. downing street says the prime minister is appalled i»? , ‘5 , '?:i~i~%%f':'i f'é’if’fzfzf f’ ;§—;;j; f? 7, , 7, , , , ,, , and in half an hour, we take a look §;—i ;ie;; exee;j; iggq‘r—af; the us is expected to rule on friday, the decision could decide the future of thousands of workers in belfast. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the exclusive men only
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president's club which has held charity dinners in london for more than 30 years has cancelled all future events after women employed there say they were groped and sexually harassed by the guests. downing street says the prime minister is appalled by the revelations. an undercover reporter filmed last week's dinner at the dorchester. a government adviser who helped organise it has resigned. and some of the charities for which money was raised are handing back hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations. here's our special correspondent lucy manning. all the president's club men appear to be enjoying themselves at their charity dinner, the women working there much less so, with claims that they were groped at the men—only event for those in business and politics. women working as table hostesses were made to wear revealing outfits, their phones confiscated. madison marriage is the financial times journalist who went undercover to expose the dinner.
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multiple women told me that they had been touched inappropriately, and that ranged from, you know, holding their hands, touching their bums, kind of grabbing them, pulling them into their laps. yeah, there was a complete range of sexual harassment. and did that happen to you? yes. yeah, i had three men touch me inappropriately. were you surprised that this was happening in this day and age? i am surprised by the institutionalised scale of this particular event. the charity auction offered the men—only diners hospitality with the foreign secretary and bank of england governor, although both said they knew nothing about it, or even the chance to, as it was put, "spice up the wife with plastic surgery". this is the contract some
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of the women were made to sign at the dinner two years ago. this event has many influential people attending, it said, remain discreet. they had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. absolutely nothing must be discussed or disclosed before, during or after the event to anyone, ever. adding, it will be fun. the company said due to the calibre of the guests it would be astonished if any claims of sexual harassment were made. some of the men are now paying for their attendance. david meller, one of the organisers, resigned as a member of the department for education's board. education minister nadhim zahawi faced questions about his decision to go to the dinner. he was brought in to see the chief whip. he said he unequivocally condemned the behaviour. down the road from the dorchester, where the dinner was held last week, mps couldn't contain
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their anger today. women were bought as bait for men, rich men, not a mile from where we stand, as if that is an acceptable behaviour. it is totally unacceptable. it is quite extraordinary to me, mr speaker, that in the 215t century, allegations of this kind are stillemerging. women have the right to feel safe wherever they work. charities are now returning money donated by the presidents club. great ormond street says it will hand back half a million. but bbc news has learned of claims that it was warned previously not to take the money. we have been told at a meeting it was raised with senior fundraisers that the president's club had questionable practices and whether money should be taken from them. great ormond street said tonight: "we have checked our records and can find nothing to suggest we were aware of or discussed any concerns about
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the president's club". tonight the president's club is no more. shuts down after the doors were prised open. the former team doctor for america's gymnastics squad, larry nassar, has been sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing young female athletes. more than 160 of his victims testified in court. the judge said the 54—year—old didn't deserve to walk out of prison ever again. america's star olympic gymnast simone biles, who was also abused by him, praised those who'd spoken out and said nassar no longer had the power to steal their happiness. rajini vaidya nathan reports. the tables have turned, larry. we are here, we have our voices and we are not going anywhere. the amount of physical, mental and emotional trauma this man has forced upon me is immeasurable. over the last seven days, their voices and their stories have become hard to ignore. 156 women say they were sexually abused by this man, larry nassar. i am giving you 175 years,
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which has 2100 months. i have just signed your death warrant. during the hearing, thejudge invited other women who had been abused to come forward. the response was unprecedented, what started as ten convictions turned into an outpouring of testimony. today she did not hold back when delivering her verdict. your decision to assault was precise, calculated, manipulative, devious, despicable. i wouldn't send my dogs to you, sir. you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again. today he had this response for his victims. an acceptable apology to all of you is impossible to write and convey. i will carry your words with me for the rest of my days. described as a monster
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and as satan in court, the former usa gymnastics team doctor treated hundreds of women over decades. from decorated 0lympians and state—level gymnasts to the children of family friends. sent to him for medical treatment instead of taking away their pain, he stole their innocence. you know, i think we saw yet another example of larry being a master manipulator, that is something society needs to understand better, this is how predators operate. he didn't think he did anything wrong, his words are empty. they are empty they are empty. you would think by now he could take ownership, and he just hasn't. i think we have started a tidal wave of people speaking up, because they feel supported, they feel validated. and that is notjust for nassar victims, but every victim of sexual
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assault and sexual abuse. there are mixed emotions as this hearing comes to a close. many here still wonder how larry nassar was able to abuse young and vulnerable women for so long and not to be held to account, but those same women demonstrated sheer strength in this courtroom. the judge described them as warriors with superwoman steel. the focus of the sentencing has been on those who survived larry nassar‘s abuse. perhaps the biggest victory isn't seeing the man who molested them behind bars, but knowing that together they found the collective strength to confront him. figures out today show the number of people in work has risen to a record high. unemployment in the uk fell by 3000 to 1.411 million in the three months to november. but the data from the office for national statistics also shows
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that wage growth remained below the level of inflation. it's emerged that victims of the rapistjohn worboys were sent letters by police and prosecutors after his conviction, telling them he'd be injailfor a long time. many are angry that the 60—year—old former taxi driver has been approved for release from prison by the parole board nine years after his trial. a jury's been told that a man accused of carrying out the finsbury park terror attack last june kept smiling and even blew a kiss at the gathering crowd after ploughing a van into muslim worshippers. darren 0sborne from cardiff denies murder and attempted murder after the attack in north london which left one man dead. an imam who was one of the first on the scene told the court how he stopped the crowd attacking the driver of the van. daniel sandford reports. witness after witness described how the van revved its engine just before smashing into the group of muslim men and women. some said they feared for their lives, thinking somebody
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would get out with a gun or a knife. the jury heard this 999 call for ambulances. he ran over a lot of people, a lot of people have died. within the hour, 51—year—old makram ali was declared dead at the scene. hamdi al faiq suffered life changing injuries, including a broken pelvis, broken ribs and a broken foot. he told the court how friends pulled him out from under the van. people grabbed the man they believed to be the van driver to detain him. the court heard how some people punched and kicked him. the imam of the local mosque said he should answer for his crimes in a court like this, not on the street, and he stop people from attacking him. the man who made the 999
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call said to the crowd, the driver said i have done myjob, you can kill me now. he was constantly smiling, the 999 call records. darren 0sborne denies charges of murder and attempted murder. he was played video from a police officer's body one camera in which darren 0sborne rants about muslims and says have some of that, have some of your own. at least i had a proper go. some news just some newsjust in some news just in from the united states. reuters reports that president trump has said he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by the special counsel robert mueller who is investigating russian
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meddling in the 2016 election. he said, donald trump said he is looking forward to it, actually, and he also said he would do it under oath. that is newsjust he also said he would do it under oath. that is news just in from reuters. president trump has spoken to the turkish president and urged him to de—escalate turkey's military operations in northern syria to stop any risk of conflict between turkish and american forces. on saturday, turkey launched an assault on kurdish forces on the other side of the border in syria. turkey believes the kurdish militia — known as the ypg is a terrorist group. the ypg group controls all this — more than 250 miles of syria's northern border. but turkey wants them out — to stop the kurds consolidating their hold on the area. 0ur turkey correspondent mark lowen is the first western journalist to be granted access to the border town from where the turkish operation is being launched. the drill of war. syrian opposition
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police training for a new front. they are backed by turkey, the two working side—by—side in the offensive against the kurdish militia, all ypg. turkey says the target, ypg, islington outlawed kurdish insurgents in turkey. so some troops here are kurds, taking up some troops here are kurds, taking up arms against the kurdish militia. this commander denies he is betraying this people. translation: iam taking betraying this people. translation: i am taking part in this offensive night to fight kurds but to save them from the terrorism of the ypg. babe planned terror in the heads of al use. the shelling intensified today as turkey's president vowed to neutralise every last terrorist. many of those involved are sent from here to the nearby frontline. the terrain is bumpy and the threat is
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co nsta nt. terrain is bumpy and the threat is constant. any car, any passerby is scanned for explosives. patrolling the frontline now with turkish troops. the position of the act to make kurdish militia is in a few hundred metres in that direct —— direction. the turkish military offensive is now focused on clearing villages around this area of the ypg and turkey says it wants to establish a buffer zone, pushing the militia 20 miles deep away from its border and into northern syria. among local residents, there is trust in those keeping guard and in the operation itself. translation: the kurdish militia stall of villagers, killed our young people and displaced us arabs, says this refugee. god should bless the military offensive. but ypg resista nce military offensive. but ypg resistance is fierce. they are armed by the us which serve the offensive distracts from fighting the islamic state group to big the kurds say
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civilians are being killed by turkish artillery. turkey denies that. for those in areas hit by air strikes, it is held. translation: there is no—one here. i am alone. there is no—one here. i am alone. there is no electricity and they are firing on a. they are taking the world with us. everybody has left. this town is scarred with the legacy of the seven year—long war. in syria, territory is power. as the country has fallen apart, turkey is determined to stop its age—old foes from grabbing a piece of it. the headlines on bbc news: a prestigious charity, the presidents club which holds men—only events has said it will not host any further fundraising events following allegations of sexual harassment at a recent dinner. a former doctor to the us gymnastics team, larry nassar is sentenced to 175 years in jail for sexually abusing around 160 young gymnasts. a court has heard that a man accused
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of carrying out the finsbury park terror attack in london lastjune was smiling after ploughing a van into muslim worshippers. it's his first full day in the job, but already phil neville, the new head coach of the england women's football team, has had to apologise for sexist remarks on twitter. the former manchester united player said the comments were not "a true and genuine reflection" of his beliefs. our sports correspondent natalie pirks reports. just everything about this was the perfect opportunity for me, and, literally, i haven't slept because of the excitement. sleepless nights all round now, though, as the fa get to grips with another scandal around their women's head coach. phil neville's tweets from six years ago alluded to such things as women being too busy doing domestic chores to watch sport, and another ill—advised joke referred to him battering his wife. he's deleted his twitter accounts and apologised. the fa says it was aware of some,
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but not all the tweets before they hired him, but the fa also confirmed he won't be punished because the comments don't reach their threshold for a charge. was it discriminatory in language, in nature? yes, it was. was it in context? yes, it was. did people find it offensive? yes, they did. i kind of thought that was what the threshold was. but the twitter storm seems to be obscuring the real issue, which is whether phil neville is actually qualified for the job, having never managed before and never worked in the women's game. the fa confirmed tonight that two of the four final candidates for thejob were female, but all four withdrew from the process. the fa desperately needed to get this one right. neville's predecessor mark sampson had guided england to third in the world, before becoming embroiled in a racism scandal, late last year, and being sacked for inappropriate behaviour, uncovered from a previous role. phil neville's friends in the game, though, are backing him to do well. a bit of flak, you've got
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to be able to take that, but all i can say is i have known philip a number of years, he will do a really good job. many say a qualified woman could have done the job equally as well, though, and neville is fast learning things don't always go to plan when you step into the lionesses' den. a nun has broken down in tears at the scottish child abuse inquiry and apologised to anyone who may have been abused at a notorious care home in lanarkshire. dozens of former residents at the smyllum park orphanage claim they were attacked by nuns between the 1940s and 1970s. from edinburgh, our correspondent michael buchanan reports. former residents say a culture of evil existed at smyllum, a children's home in lanark run by the daughters of charity. dozens of people who lived here have alleged they were abused. a bbc investigation last year also suggested around 400 children from smyllum are buried in this nearby cemetery
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in an unmarked grave. theresa mcgrane, who lived in the home in the 1960s and 1970s, says she was sexually assaulted by a priest then punished by a nun who discovered the abuse. she finds the refusal to admit what happened ridiculous. people have been battered, people have been, like myself, flung into a wall. it is just like this red thread going through everyone's explanations. they have been physically, grossly abused. reporter: do you accept the abuse took place? today, the current head of the daughters of charity came to edinburgh to give some answers. in evidence to the scottish child abuse enquiry, sister ellen flynn offered a sincere apology. she said through tears... but she refused to admit abuse had taken place: the nuns did admit to failing to investigate more
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than 100 allegations of abuse made in the 1990s against staff at smyllum. eddie mccoll, who says he was beaten by the nuns in the 1950s, was appalled by today's evidence. it is always "if" this happened and "if" that happened. it is not "if," it did happen, and they are just... they're in denial. today's evidence will be of little comfort to the former residents who say they were abused at smyllum. some were hoping for an apology, an acknowledgement of what had happened, and the nuns' unwillingness to do that will merely infuriate them further. the nuns could give few details of how many children from smyllum are buried in the unmarked grave. they said an expert was working with them to identify each body. michael buchanan, bbc news, edinburgh. mark e smith — the singer and songwriter who founded the fall, has died aged 60. he was the driving force behind the band and the only constant memberforfour decades. # hit the north!
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# 95% of hayseeds (hit the north!) are corn—pones guaranteed # hit the north # mark e smith, who died today. for the first time ever, researchers in china have successfully created two identical monkeys by somatic cell nuclear transfer. researchers at the chinese academy of sciences institute of neuroscience in shanghai, named the newborns zhong zhong which means "chinese nation" or "people" and hua hua. they used the same technology that was used to clone dolly the sheep back in 1996. earlier our medical correspondent fergus walsh joined me to explain exactly what scientists have achieved. the same technology used in scotland
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back in the ‘90s more than 20 years ago to produce the world's first cloned mammal, dolly the sheep. since then we have had cloned pigs, cats, dogs, rats, mice, 23 different species, but never before a monkey. the furthest that people have got has been embryos. so this team in shanghai have managed to create the two of them, i think we can see some images of them playing in the incubator, they are now genetically identical, they are clones, and the point of it that the chinese team say they hope that by having a row of cloned monkeys they could investigate the genes that cause both animal and human diseases. and there is, though, a great deal of worry about what this might mean. there has been ever since dolly the sheep. i remember clearly covering the dolly story and people said we are on the road to human cloning. that's been the refrain from human critics ever since.
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the only reason why this, in a sense, is novel is because they are the first cloned non—human primates, the closest to humans, using the dolly method. so critics will say we are on the road to cloned humans. no reputable scientist would want to do this. it is incredibly inefficient, it took 79 attempts to create zhong zhong and hua hua. is an inefficient method and there are other studies to study disease. but the scientists say they will do this in a very ethical way and continue with monkeys but as far as we know no scientists want to clone humans. the bbc‘s fergus walsh there.
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elton john has announced he will stop touring in order to spend more time with his young children. the star said he would say goodbye to fans with a series concerts spanning three years. nick bryant has been speaking to the singer. eltonjohn used elton john used a eltonjohn used a virtual reality show of previous performances to announce that he doesn't want to do the real thing any more. after almost 50 years of performing around the world, he has finally decided where is future lies. and it is away from departure land, immigration halls and 180 flights per year. from departure land, immigration halls and 180 flights per yearlj have found a house were we both could live. he wants to spend more time with his family. i've never had that before, i've never had children. it has changed my life, i love them so much and i like being
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with them and i don't like leaving them behind and wherever i go they say please daddy, don't go. i facetime them now, i said say please daddy, don't go. i facetime them now, isaid ijust announced my last two, they said you will be here. i will be here. this old piano man loves performing and will continue to release records, but he is 70 years old and has clocked up more than 4000 concerts in 75 countries. enough. are just wa nt to in 75 countries. enough. are just want to travel any more. i have been travelling since i was 17 in the back of a van up and down and the m1. although i travel in the best way, it is exhausting and i don't enjoy it. it is a long goodbye. three years, 300 shows but i am looking forward to it and they will be happy shows, i won't regret it andi be happy shows, i won't regret it and ijust be happy shows, i won't regret it and i just want to give be happy shows, i won't regret it and ijust want to give my be happy shows, i won't regret it and i just want to give my fans the best are well possible. chance of a change of mind? no. in three years
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time it really will be goodbye yellow brick road. but the former pub piano set who gave the world rocket man has promised he will go out with a bang. —— pianist. us authorities will rule on friday ina us authorities will rule on friday in a trade dispute that could decide the fate of engineers in bombarding a. it isa the fate of engineers in bombarding a. it is a case that has integration thousands of. the government promised to fight for the industry but hasn't delivered. bombardier, northern ireland ‘s biggest employer, but its future is in doubt. over 4000 jobs under threat after a trade ruling by the us government. us giant boeing is saying that bombardier is using
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government subsidies to sell its plains below cost in america. essentially they offered new aeroplanes at used prices. the us wa nts to aeroplanes at used prices. the us wants to be back with paris that could hurtjobs here. of my job beyond the line? yes it could. the government has promised unrelenting action. we will leave no stone unturned. but have they started a fight with trump and have their backers in the dvb and kept in the dark? the uk government argued that it is not legally proper party to the dispute. almost suggesting the dispute had nothing to do with that. were you aware with that?|j dispute had nothing to do with that. were you aware with that? i would be very interested if you have that information, please share it with me. everything hinges on a final decision this friday and i have been to the us capital to delve deeper. it is clear that the uk government is not coming in full force. this is what the uk government has admitted that 4000 jobs at stake. there is
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four pages of argument as they say here, you do the maths. you said that evidence has indeed been provided. is that not misleading? it is completely right. on the spotlight, if trump's tariffs take hold, how to save jobs at bombardier? legitimate questions will be asked about their fitness in the remaining government. will be asked about their fitness in the remaining governmentm will be asked about their fitness in the remaining government. it will be only america first. this global story begins where it's most other consequences could be felt, in belfast. gay partridge is a
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bombardier member and union rapped. she was seeking support for the 4000 jobs that are on the line, support she believes could be vital. and one northern ireland party, the tdp was enjoying some global clout. there was no deal agreed in brussels today after an intervention by the aup. —— tu piece do you think they can commence theresa may to convince donald trump to get rid of these tariffs? we hope they can deliver that for us. under political pressure in september, even the premise intervened. political pressure in september, even the premise intervenedlj political pressure in september, even the premise intervened. i have spoken to donald trump more than once. aup urged the government to do more. “— once. aup urged the government to do more. —— v dup. within days, govern support was in display on
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parliament. will no stone unturned. —— will leave. 12 meetings with boeing executives. dup seemed reassured that the game was being upped. i greatly appreciate the work thus far and even the presence of the northern ireland secretary, the defence procurement minister. even the foreign secretary was present. another political chamber and the 93v another political chamber and the gay partridge seeks similar support. we need you to put your support to drop this case, if the air were to pull out a belfast it would have ace serious impact.
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