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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 28, 2018 7:30pm-7:45pm GMT

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could make voter democracy that could make voter fraud more likely, says janet finch saunders. will this be divided among party line? we do not think so. as far as we party line? we do not think so. as faras we are party line? we do not think so. as far as we are aware, the conservatives are quite mixed on this response. |a conservatives are quite mixed on this response. lay; on conservatives are quite mixed on this response. lag on this e conservatives are quite mixed on this res could . lag on this e sfié “fii'féfyour ' the, venue venues; w co above rev! venues; w controvesxl! opening venues; w rnnl’rnugly! opening its doorsl venues; w "mtmmnl! opening its doors on controversy by opening its doors on sunday for the first time. it's part ofa sunday for the first time. it's part of a three—month pilot scheme in a place where the sabbath tradition is largely still observed. more than 250 people turned out to see the lastjedi this afternoon. and unfamiliar sight for those attending church today in stornoway. the arts centre preparing to open its doors on the sabbath for the first time. the board of the arts venue decided to try sunday opening in september w— to c, to proceed operational i to proceed
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a! fete—25:35}! ”£25,52fié, th; —— — —— —— —— ~ ~ ~ operational obstacles a5 aaa—a5iaaa! —aa;a-.; tea —— — —— —— —— ~ ~ ~ operational obstacles have a5 aaa—afiaaa! —aa;a-.; tea —— — —— —— —— ~ ~ ~ operational obstacles have been ove i’co m e operational obstacles have been overcome but a large proportion of the community are unhappy about the sunday opening. we regard ourselves on the board is holding his place in trust for one of the community and by that we mean all of the community and we know it is very diverse and cultural diversity is one of the things we are totally committed to in our equality and diversity and we are going to see that through if we can. we do not see a reason for saying to anybody you can't have access to this when you want itjust out of a principal. church leaders have expressed concern and disappointment at the decision to open today to show the lastjedi film and two people felt strongly enough to come out and protest. it's the breaking of god's law that's texas to help and this is breaking god's holeable, remembering the sabbath day and forgetting it to follow their own amusements. the bible clearly says we are not to seek our own pleasure on this day, there are much better things to be doing and that is seeking the glory
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of god and love of christ. opponents a5 aaa a"a !aaa s‘fkfific ”"w w a5 aaa a"a 5aaa s‘fkfia, ”"w w the a5 aaa a"a 5aaa s‘fkfia, www w the j: 75” aaa ‘ it of the trial have questioned if it is genuine and us;— , of the trial have questioned if it is genuine and aaveaitw , jagarmina an , ,' ' the board - aaa}; this} w f f ’ on aaa". aaa5aa5aa, the la 5aaa a5 tha— — weather forecast ."ii here, and that's going to push southwards overnight, some heavy rainfora southwards overnight, some heavy rain for a while across scotland, northern ireland and then later coming into north—west england and north wales. to the south, cloudy, blustery winds, very mild, to the north of that band of rain we have some chilly air beginning to arrive. that band of rain on the weather front continues to push southwards on monday, and the last of the mild air being squeezed into the near continent and something colder will
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follow behind. we will head into the mild air in the morning, mild start once again across southern parts of england into wales, midlands, across to lincolnshire where it will be driver the most part, temperatures nine or 10 degrees, mid and north wales will see heavy rain coming in over the hills of north—west england, but behind that we are into the chillier air where there will be showers around and it's probably just about cold enough to give some snow over the higher ground in scotland. this band of rain continues to push southwards during the day, heading across wales into southern england, more in the afternoon where there will be gusting winds for a while. late sunshine in wales through the midlands, sunny skies further north away from the showers in the north—west. quite a range of temperatures on monday but still mild in the south, ii or 12 degrees. as the rain clears away, skies clear as well and it will be chilly early tuesday and it's across more southern and south—eastern areas where in the countryside there may well be a frost around. here, bright
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start with sunshine on tuesday, through the day, while for almanea versus the winds are right, we will see cloud increasing and the temperatures will be 6—8d so a bit chillier. there is rain later in the day, this rain in the south—west half—hearted but the more significant rain back into scotland and northern ireland in the evening and northern ireland in the evening and the weather front will sweep across the whole country overnight allowing us to push down another plunge of colder air, the winds coming all the way from the north—west. this is colder air than we will see on monday, so it's turning colder, probably from about a mid week onwards. it will feel colder in the winds, there could be some gales, colder in the winds, there could be some gates, and with the colder air some gates, and with the colder air some wintry showers. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm katherine downes. the headlines this evening:
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roger writes more history — 20 grand slam titles now — how many more can he win? still on for the quadruple — manchester city ease into the fifth round of the fa cup, beating cardiff. and last year's beaten finalists chelsea, are also through. they beat newcastle 3—0 at the bridge. and some consolation for the ashes — england beat australia to win the one—day series 4—1. good evening — we start where the sporting day started — with remarkable scenes in melbourne where roger federer couldn't contain the tears as he won his 20th grand slam title, 14 years after his first australian open win. it was another gripping final in melbourne as he beat marin cilic in five sets. james burford reports. the warning signs were there for all to see, 20 grand slams — the prize for the swiss.
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he's already the most successful male singles player of all time. what an arena then in which to surpass another milestone. never one to waste time, just 24 minutes into the match you needn't give roger federer a second chance, amid the heat, somehow keeping cool. but what is a final without a fightback? cilic, a magician in his own right. after this tournament, he becomes the third highest ranked player in the world and has every shot in the book. commentator: oh, well done, what a gutsy set. so, spellbinding though is federer‘s tennis, you can never truly cast him aside. how often over the years have we seen him hammering down an ace to regain the lead, even with the mighty thor watching in the crowd. by no means finished, cilic forced a fifth and final set, fighting spirit there for all to see. but this was to be federer‘s day. the first man to win 20 grand slams and a sixth australian open title. of course winning is just
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an absolute dream come true. the fairytale continues for us, for me. after the great year i had last year, it's incredible. cheering emotions running high, 20 already, how many more can this great champion win? james burford, bbc news. so another moment of history for roger federer. how many can we expect from him? bbc tennis commentator john lloyd thinks he's only getting better with age. he's really a freak of nature and i mean that in a nice way because he's moving better now than he was in his 20s, and he's 36. i don't understand it, i don't think anyone does. his hunger for the game is still there. it's extraordinary to watch. i tell you, every time i watch him play, i think
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we are so lucky to have him in our time span because he's beyond belief. are we going to see him win more, do you think? absolutely, this year certainly, how long he can keep motivated is anybody‘s guess but right now you'd have to say he's the favourite for wimbledon, not the french, but the us 0pen you'd have to put him as the favourite as well, so why not? if the likes of djokovic andy murray don't come back to challenge him who will be there to test him? that's the thing, at the moment there is this sort of gap and lots of the players we expected to jump into that gap haven't quite arrived there yet. thiem, zverev, raonic, great players, but they are not as good as federer. it's quite simple. kyle edmund has a chance to go into the top ten to join that group but who will knock him off the top perch, him and nadal at the moment, i don't see anybody right now. john lloyd speaking withjohn watson a little earlier. most of the weekend's fa cup business took place yesterday — today there were just two ties,
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and no upsets. premier league leaders manchester city beat championship side cardiff city 2—0 — joe lynskey reports. the spirit of the fa cup has spread across south wales. last night newport made the headlines, now attention was on the capital but cardiff faced no ordinary giant—killing, this was manchester city and they strive for style. commentator: how clever was that, brilliantly thought out, and nobody in the cardiff city wall, in the cardiff city goal, in the cardiff city stadium, was expecting him to do that. but kevin de bruyne's quality was almost cancelled out by calamity, city's keeper claudio bravo got lucky you. claudio bravo got lucky. it inspired the championship side to their best spell of the game but with the premier league leaders trouble is always waiting. it is 2—0, raheem sterling headed it in, what a cross from silva onto the head of the smallest player on the field.
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sterling's stellar season goes on, moving onto 19 goals, and with players like him all over the pitch, cardiff's frustrations were boiling over. still, joe bennett's challenge was inexcusable but i thought we did it really well, actually. on where we were before christmas now. the quality showed through, didn't it? there was only him who would score the free kick like that, best team in the world, so you will get bits of quality like that. i thought the way we kept in. if they have had our chances they would have scored three or four goals. chelsea reached the fifth round — at the expense of newcastle. a comfortable 3—0 win for last year's beaten finalists,
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as adam wild reports. it may only be round four but for chelsea the significance of the fa cup is rapidly increasing. perhaps now their best chance of a trophy. for newcastle, their biggest battles may lie elsewhere. no great surprise then that it was the blues who started with the greater urgency, michy batshuayi finding space and settling any nerves. his chances may have been limited this season, when they do for his way he has a habit of making the most of them. his second a touch fortuitous, but as they say, you make your own luck. newcastle hopes fading — they did find a little to cling on to but such moments were scarce. chelsea, meanwhile, would continue to push forward, marcos alonso's effort was, as it turned out, merely a warning, one that wasn't heeded. commentator: it is alonso, it's 3—0, he is so good at that. chelsea comfortably through to the next round and newcastle with plenty more on their minds.
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adam wild, bbc news. it was a pity, to reach the final of the carabao cup but now we are playing in this competition with the same spirit and heart to go through. there are many strong teams. this competition is not simple. you can see yesterday what happened in tottenham's game and liverpool's game and sometimes it's very easy to say you want to win, yeah, we want to win but it's not easy. rangers have returned to second in the scottish premiership on goal differnece ahead of aberdeen. they beat ross county 2—1 at victoria park. daniel candeias scored rangers' first, and jason cummings added this second. the former liverpool striker david n'gog scored ross county's goal on his debut. in the women's super league manchester city are still two points clear at the top after a 3—0 win at sunderland. second—placed chelsea needed a late winner to beat everton i—0 and avoid
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losing ground on city. jonna andersson scored her first goal for the club inside the last ten minutes to take a much needed three points. elsewhere birmingham city beat yeovil 3—0 and reading arsenal finshed goalless. 0 nto 0nto cricket. and england have — to a certain extent — avenged their ashes loss to australia with a comprehensive victory in the one—day series. surrey swing bowler tom curran took five wickets as england won the final match by 12 runs — to take the series 4—1. alex gulrajani was watching. a new dawn for cricket in western australia with a sell—out crowd at perth's new arena to witness england finding the boundary rope with relative ease. after roy and bairstow fell short of half—centuries, root stood his ground and made 50 with a little help. 0thers couldn't come as he soon ran out of batting partners an england score that had threatened
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to be big was reined in, although tom curran cut loose at the end. a suitable warm—up for what followed as he removed david warner early in the australian reply. in his absence marcus stoinis took on the england bowlers and had a bit of a party. butjust as england were told to put big partnerships together so too did australia, stunning caught and bowled from moeen ali removed mitchell marsh. tim paine was the last line of attack for the hosts and he made for a nervy ending until curran struck again. a new ground but a somewhat familiar feeling in this series. an england victory. alex gulrajani, bbc news. rory mcilroy finished second at the dubai desert classic. it was nip and tuck for most of the final round — the northern irishman drawing level with the chinese leader and eventual winner li haotong. a couple of waywrd shots cost mcilroy though. a final—hole birdie saw him finish on 22 under but that was one shot behind the winner.
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if someone had told me at the start of the year you would finish third and second in your first two events i would have said i will take that. but being in the positions i've been in, and having two close calls the first couple of weeks of the year, it's a little difficult and i think the competitor in me is very disappointed right now, i wanted to win, i always want to win. and i didn't do enough when i needed to. england's netballers beat south africa to claim the runners up spot in the quad series. they held off a fightback injohannesburg to secure their best ever finish in the tournament. world champions australia beat new zealand earlier to regain the trophy. cheshire phoenix have won the british basketball league cup finalfor the first time in their history, beating worcester wolves 99—88 at the birmingham arena. cheshire led the wolves byjust a point at half time. but they asserted their dominance in the third quarter, storming to a ill—point lead.
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