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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 4, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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the 39—year—old make—up artist has a cv full of blockbusters to his name, but this is his first—ever oscar nomination. but look at the work here, the texture, the colour. the broken vein work. spending a bit more time prepping, that is why the day was so long, i wanted to make sure i painted all of it perfectly so that they match every day. david flies out to los angeles for the oscar nomination lunch this weekend. then back for the baftas, before heading off to la again for the oscars themselves on the 4th of march for what could be his finest hour. good luck to all of the team. let's get a look at the weather. there will be sunshine at times this week, but wintry weather at times too. we will take advantage of the
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sun out in the bristol area. there isa sun out in the bristol area. there is a keen and cold north—easterly wind and the showers will turn to snow in east anglia and south—east england. not everyone will see them. if you're under a band of shower you could see a few centimetres. away from them you will see nothing. there is a risk of disruption from the south—east in the morning. at 8am a few showers in northern ireland and scotland, rain sleet and hail out of these possible. some snow on higher ground. an ice risk too. away from the south—east it will be dry and frosty and the keen wind blowing across the south—east and snow to start. some will drift west. many other places will have a
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fine monday, quite a bit of sunshine, just variable cloud, but temperatures are struggling. setting the theme for the week ahead. around three or four. then to the north—west a weather system comes in. we have a lot of cold air and away from the coast in scotland and northern ireland, there will be some snow giving a covering for many going into tuesday morning. by tuesday morning it will work into northern england and wales. one or two centimetres in places. but the system is weakening as it heads southwards on tuesday. so the sleet and snow will fizzle out. some heavy snow and hail showers follow in scotland, northern ireland and wales. on wednesday morning the fronts still close by the south—east and still the risk of sleet and snow showers. but an improving picture on wednesday, before another system sprepds south on thursday with cloud
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and some rain and sleet and snow at higher ground. a cold week and some snow. this is bbc news — our latest headlines: the home secretary, amber rudd, insists that rifts within cabinet have been exaggerated, and says the uk will continue to seek a bespoke deal with the eu. at least two people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a rail crash in the us state of south carolina. sinn fein‘s gerry kelly is reported to the police after he was filmed removing a wheel clamp from his car. an elderly man has died after an explosion and a fire at a care home in stevenage in hertfordshire. it's thought to have been caused by an oxygen cylinder. now on bbc news — sportsday hello and welcome to sportsday, with me nick marshall—mccormack. the headlines this evening: kane's century — 100 premier league
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goals for harry kane caps of an incredible draw against liverpool at anfield. seven tries for england as they begin the defence of their six nations title defence. and cameron can't save the day — great britain are beaten by spain in the davis cup after norrie loses in four sets. premier league first this evening, and harry kane scored his one hundredth goal in the league in what turned out to be classic match between liverpool and spurs as they fight it out for european qulaification next season. but that wasn't the only talking point as tim hague reports. with the title race all but over, it is all about champions league qualification for liverpool and spurs. that is the prize — well not
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for everybody of course. and salah's shirt had even greater significance two minutes in. the egyptian doing what he has done all season. after that in this match between fourth and fifth, things were more cagey. milner nearly making it two. but could the away side turn their fortu nes could the away side turn their fortunes upside down. substitute wanyama fortunes upside down. substitute wa nyama changed the fortunes upside down. substitute wanyama changed the course of the match. one of the finest strikes you could ever wish to see. to the victor the spoils. well not yet. there was much more drama. kane won a penalty, but he was offside. would it stand 7 yes a penalty, but he was offside. would it stand? yes was the answer. would kane score? no. and then in injury time salah wriggled through and scored. surely that was that? no,
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virgilvan dijk giving scored. surely that was that? no, virgil van dijk giving away another penalty. the last kick of the game and redemption for kane and a breathily second 45 minutes. good luck choosing which of these will be playing in the champions league next season. we know lamela wants the touch and wa nts to we know lamela wants the touch and wants to go down. and i think if you... if the ref says come on keep playing, that was the level of the game today. the game had a lot of situations in the first half where everybody thought it was a foul and they keep on going. it is the soft efs touch in the whole game. you decide it. that is really hard. efs touch in the whole game. you decide it. that is really hardm is not controversy, it is nothing. unbelievable, because the referee,
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because they were right. sometimes people complain about the referees, but when they are right it is good to tell everyone that they were fantastic in their decision. in today's other premier league, it was honours even as crystal palace and newcastle drew one each. when they started their premier league game this afternoon. the points for palace moves them up to 14th while newcastle are in 16th as they both battle to avoid dropping in to the relegation zone. nick parrott reports. eagles aren't known for being placid, but when it comes to taking on these particular magpies, they rarely come out on top. crystal palace have only beaten newcastle once in their last 14 meetings. they had chances early on to change that, but christian benteke has not scored at selhurst park all season. while he could argue that karl darlow did well to stop him, palace had no—one to blame but themselves for going behind. a simple corner, poorly defended, saw mohamed diame claim an easy goal. there would have been more goals before half—time
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but for the athleticism of palace goalkeeper wayne hennessey. and benteke‘s inability to take his chances. while the belgian could not finish, his presence forced newcastle into conceding a penalty. even then, darlow almost denied luka milivojevic. drawing level saw the eagles daer, but despite their best efforts, they could not pull off a victory which would help their bid for premier league survival. anthony watson and sam simmonds scored two tries each as england began their quest for an unprecedented third successive outright six nations title. italy were only down by 7 points at half time but eddiejones‘s men turned on the flair to run out 46—15 winners in rome. patrick gearey reports. the faces, the voices change, the results don't. when at home, or in rome, england have always beaten italy. their philosophy demands that this
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team forget that and the fact they have only lost once in three years in the six nations. your mind must be fully on the next pass, the first try. anthony watson scored it. with the next world cup 18 months away, england have been trying to establish a cruel streak and with the ruthless instinct of the hunter, watson was over again five minutes later. but italy were not simply wounded prey. even under constant pressure they found an escape. tommaso benvenuti the getaway runner. england stayed further down the road. owen farrell scored before the break, then a first internation try for sam simmonds, in the team because of injuries another english option. but wales, who play england next, will watch this italian move a few times this week. proof that there is space to be exploited, even if this bellini nearly ran out. england will have learnt much themselves, like not to challenge simmonds to a race any time. his second try. his team finished with seven. the last finished off by replacement jack nowell. 46—15 reads more harshly than
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perhaps italy deserved but history has repeated emphatically. so here is how the six nations table looks after the first weekend, with england on top with a better points differential over wales. ireland are on four points after that victory over france yesterday. scotland and italy are bottom without any points. france's men are being investigated after their defeat to ireland yesterday for their use of head injury assesment protocols. six nations organisers will be looking at two incidents which saw french players forced off the field with knee injuries. but both players were also registered as requiring head injury assessments. antoine dupont‘s departure meant that maxime machenaud was allowed to return, which would not have been permitted if the head injury asssessment hadn't been cited. in the women's six nations — italy and england are locked
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in a tight contest. england put in a huge second half performance to win 42—7. great britain were defeated 3—1 by spain in their davis cup tie after cameron norrie lost in four sets, to albert ramos—vinolas. but it was another excellent effort from the world number 114 who had pulled off a massive comeback victory in his first singles rubber on friday. joe lynskey watched the action. the davis cup is where tennis turns tribal. it requires a special kind of resilience, but this weekend, new british talent has emerged. in marbella cameron norrie has seized his day in the sun. before yesterday, he had never played beyond three sets, now he was keeping this tie alive. oh, my goodness! the briton recovered from two breaks down to force a first set tie—break. the problem was he faced a player ranked almost
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a hundred places higher. spain's albert ramos—vinolas can finish the important points, but norrie‘s fightback inspired a greater revival. in the second set, he did notjust respond, he ran away with it. this was becoming a match to define davis cup drama, and norrie was summoning barely believable strokes. he has got it! how on earth did he win that point? it forced the match to a third set tie—break, another pressure situation, but these are the moments when experience counts. ramos—vinolas wins his second tie—break of the match. britain won't be champions this year, but. but in norrie they found a davis cup player. i can't speak highly enough of what he has done. people might have thought friday was a one off, but he did it against another
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high quality player. both breakers, anything can happen and he pushed him close. i'm proud of him and i have been saying it since friday. no one can tell how someone will play in a debut. he has been playing on the challenger tour. if he needs some reference point of how far he can go, he got it this weekend. the only way is up. speed skater elise christie gets her short—track schedule under way in the 500 metres qualifiers on friday at the winter olympics. she's been testing out the track in pyeonchang on sunday. it's been four years since she was controversially disqualified from all three of her events in sochi. that left her tormented by cyber bullying and death threats.
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but the scot is determined to ignore all the haters and is a strong medal hope for great britain. think it's chilly in england? ? well, tonight's super bowl in minneapolis is forecast to be the coldest on record as the new england patriots face
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