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in a crucial week for the brexit talks, a senior minister says the government is more united than conservative critics think. with a position on trade and customs arrangements due to be agreed within days, the home secretary says the government will get a good deal. the home secretary says we the home secretary says want frictionless trade at border. we want frictionless trade at the border. we want to make sure there is no border on the island of ireland, and we want to make sure we are free to make trade deals outside the eu. we'll be analysing the pressure on the prime minister from brexiteers within her party. on the prime minister also tonight: on the prime minister crunch talks for south africa's president zuma — will party officials persuade him to stand down? sinn fein‘s policing spokesman is accused of causing criminal damage after removing a parking clamp from his car. and seven tries for england as they sweep aside italy in the six nations. as they sweep aside italy good evening.
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in a crucial week for talks with the eu over future trade arrangements, the home secretary says the uk will not ‘surrender too quickly‘ in its bid for a bespoke deal. amber rudd also hit out at the brexiteer conservative mps, saying the cabinet was more united on brexit than they might think. tomorrow, the eu's chief negotiator, michel barnier, will be in london for talks. michel barnier, will be later in the week, a cabinet committee will be seeking to agree on future policy. committee will be seeking our political correspondent, eleanor garnier, reports. putting the uk on the world map, the prime minister's been preparing for life outside the eu, taking tea in china, and helping to secure billions of pounds of business deals. billions of pounds of business but reaching agreement on the other side of the world perhaps much easier than solving
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disagreements in her own of disunity about the type of brexit they want. i have a surprise for the brexiteers, which is the committee that meet in order to help make these decisions and is meeting, as you make these decisions rightly say, twice this week is more united than they think. we meet in the committee, we meet privately for discussions. we meet privately i think that we will arrive at something which suits us all. at something which suits exactly how we trade with the eu after brexit is the source of division in the tories. after brexit is the source of some want complete disentanglement from brussels — others hope to stay as close to the eu as possible. the home secretary believes the government's priorities are clear. believes the government's we want frictionless trade at the border, we want to make sure there's no border on the island of ireland, and we want to make sure that we can do trade deals outside of the european union. of the that's the deal wer‘re looking for. of the but it's clear to all in the conservative party how difficult it will be
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to get everyone on site. there are inherent tensions in dealing with brexit because different people take different views. it's notjust in the conservative party, notjust in the labour party — it's across the country. it actually needs a bit of a team effort here, that's what i'm saying loud and clear. effort here, that's what i'm so far, the prime minister has managed to prevent that decades—old split in the conservative party over europe from spilling out into something much more serious, something that could lead to the collapse of her government. but this week, there are crucial cabinet meetings here, with pressure to finally pin down an agreed position on our future relationship with the eu. an agreed position on our future but it's notjust a battle at home — winning in brussels is key, too. at home — winning and with more negotiations with the eu this week, the next few days could be pivotal for the prime minister and the country. pivotal for the prime minister and eleanor is here now. pivotal for the prime minister and will pivotalfor the prime minister and we, by the will pivotal for the prime minister and we, by the end will pivotalfor the prime minister and we, by the end ( have will we, by the end of the week, have clarity on the position we are going to take in the brexit talks? that is certainly the aim. you will
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remember the phrase brexit means brexit that the prime minister used to use. the pressure is on the government this would finally make its mind up about what brexit actually does mean. after the trip to china, brexit is firmly back on the agenda, right at the top, because we have the eu chief negotiator in downing street tomorrow for talks. later in the week, that small group of senior ministers in the brexit cabinet will get together for those critical talks, and surely compromise, because theresa may has found it difficult enough to get agreement among her ministers throughout the negotiations so far, so throughout the negotiations so far, so getting consent is this week is likely to be more complicated than what has gone before. it is that decision on whether to bind tightly to the eu when the leave to pull far apart that is the dividing line between the two competing factions
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in the conservative party. one side will need to give in order for there to be an agreed government position. a deal is wanted by october, to leave time for it to be voted on, so time is running out. as one minister told me this week, it isn't going to get easier with time. eleanor, thank you. two people have been killed and at least 116 injured in a rail crash in the us state of south carolina. an amtrak passenger train travelling between new york and miami collided with a freight service, with more than 140 people on board. south carolina's governor said it appeared that the passenger train had been on the wrong track at the time of the crash. senior officials from south africa's governing anc are meeting president zuma tonight as he faces increasing pressure to stand down. many officials would like to replace him after allegations of corruption and to avoid a long power struggle before elections take place next year. before elections take our southern africa correspondent, andrew harding, reports. he's swamped by scandal. south africa's president, jacob zuma, has already been found guilty of breaking his oath of office when he upgraded his private home lavishly at the taxpayer's expense.
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when he upgraded his private home more recently, his friendship with the controversial business family, the guptas, has fuelled allegations of massive corruption — "state capture", they call it here. during the zuma presidency, south africa has foundered. the economy is struggling and unemployment is soaring, amid a sense that senior officials could get away with anything. but in december, zuma and his allies lost control of the governing anc. the new man, cyril ramaphosa, promising to end impunity. everyone agrees that our state was captured by people who purported to be close to the president, who have been doing really bad things and getting into all and many state institutions. and suddenly, there is real change in the air here. prosecutors seizing this state farm in connection with alleged
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fraud by the gupta family and government officials. and the courts pursuing corruption charges against president zuma himself. corruption charges against i think these are real historic moments in south african politics. in all likelihood, we are going to see arrests and big people being caught up in this. to see arrests and big people because a wheel is turning, momentum is developing. and i don't think there is to be any turning back. for now, zuma is clinging to hisjob, but his allies are deserting him and tonight party leaders are meeting him to discuss his removal. leaders are meeting him in places like zimbabwe and kenya, we have seen this sort of situation turn ugly and dangerous. we have seen this sort of situation but south africa is still a robust democracy. so, whether he is pushed or hejumps, president zuma will soon be out of power, and, most likely, in court on corruption charges. and, most likely, in court it is a moment of drama and optimism for a country poised to exit the troubled zuma era.
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for a country poised to exit andrew harding, bbc news, johannesburg. managers of a care home in hertfordshire have promised a ‘full and proper‘ investigation after one of its elderly residents died in a fire yesterday. after one of its elderly residents emergency services were called to the woodlands view care home in stevenage yesterday afternoon. to the woodlands view care home a second person was critically injured in the blaze, thought to have been caused by an explosion from an oxygen cylinder. by an explosion from the black—cab rapistjohn worboys has been transferred back to a prison in yorkshire after his controversial move to a jail in london. after his controversial move the prison service faced criticism after the serial sex offender was moved injanuary to the city where he committed his crimes. legal proceedings are currently under way to try and prevent his release on parole. under way to try and prevent he was jailed in 2009 for drugging and sexually assaulting female passengers. for drugging and sexually the government is to consult on new planning rules that would make it easier for homeowners to add two storeys to existing
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buildings in cities. to add two storeys to existing but any extra levels could only be added if the property remained in keeping with the area. added if the property remained ministers are trying to increase housing capacity in england. mps have warned that cuts to the royal marines would significantly weaken britain‘s defences. the government, which is reviewing defence spending, is said to be considering axing 2000 marines and the royal navy‘s two amphibious assault ships. and the royal navy‘s two daniela relph reports. and the royal navy‘s two it is a warning to government over the future of the royal marines. they are among britain‘s elite fighting forces and provide up to half the personnel for the uk‘s special forces. the defence select committee report says that further cuts to the marines would damage their ability to be a high readiness unit. damage their ability to be and warns plans to end the use of hms albion and hms bulwark — ships from which beach assaults are made — would be militarily illiterate at this time. the committee praises
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the defence secretary, gavin williamson, for taking control of a defense review. he is under pressure to make cuts against the strong funding cases being made by other government departments, but also faces arguments from military chiefs that defence must be a priority. since 2010, our military has been cut by a third in its capability. if this new round of cuts come, it will have been cut by half. can you imagine if we had half the number of hospitals? spending on defence has fluctuated over decades. rising when british forces are involved in a live conflict, but since 2010, the figures show a consistent decrease, reinforced by austerity measures. a consistent decrease, defence is now more complex and sophisticated than ever before. the head of the army recently warned of russia‘s increasingly powerful and aggressive military. of russia‘s increasingly powerful a capability he said the uk would struggle to match. but as well as traditional battles, there is now a technological fight
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that also needs money and resources. there is now a technological fight i think in the cabinet office there is a suspicion that defence hasn‘t delivered the savings they had promised to in 2015, and they have to put defence up against the wall now to make them deliver the savings that were promised. the ministry of defence say the royal marines play a vital role in protecting the uk, but its budget is stretched and in the face of powerful arguments being made by other government departments, defence is trying to ensure its case for increased funding is heard. defence is trying to ensure its case daniela relph, bbc news, at the mod. defence is trying to ensure its case a senior sinn fein politician, who speaks for the party on policing, has been reported to police in belfast for alleged criminal damage. to police in belfast gerry kelly was filmed removing a wheel clamp from his car after it had been clamped in the city centre. a wheel clamp from his car after it sinn fein says the matter is being handled by mr kelly‘s solicitor. from belfast, john campbell reports. handled by mr kelly‘s solicitor. gerry kelly represents north belfast
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in the northern ireland assembly. he‘s a formerjunior minister and speaks for his party on policing matters. and speaks for his party on friday morning, he parked outside his gym in what is clearly marked as a restricted area. outside his gym in what is clearly what happened next was captured by eyewitnesses. gerry kelly, your car‘s clamped. captured by eyewitnesses. mr kelly can be seen on the ground, removing the clamp from his car, untangling the chains from around the front wheel. untangling the chains on the ground beside him are a pair of what appear to be bolt cutters. once the clamp was free, mr kelly took it to the back of his car and propped it against the wall. sinn fein said mr kelly then drove off to attend a meeting. they added that the issue is now in the hands of his solicitor, and that he would be making no further comment at this time. it‘s not clear if the other cars parked next to mr kelly were also clamped. parked next to mr kelly before his political role, gerry kelly was a senior member of the ira.
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gerry kelly was a senior five years ago, he was at the centre of another controversy, when he was carried on the bonnet of a police land rover during an incident in his constituency. both he and the police driver were warned about their conduct. today, his political opponents say he must explain his latest actions. when people are elected to the assembly, we sign a pledge of office to comply with a code of conduct that no one should be above the law. of conduct that no one so, that's why we need these facts to be established as quickly as possible. facts to be established the police say they are investigating a report of criminal damage to a wheel clamp. investigating a report of criminal john campbell, bbc news. investigating a report of criminal israel has begun handing out deportation notices to thousands of african migrants who entered the country illegally. most are from eritrea and sudan, with unmarried men the first to be issued with orders to leave within two months or face possible jail. within two months or today hundreds of migrants queued up to try to obtain visas. the un has called on israel to scrap the plan, calling it both
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incoherent and unsafe. the plan, calling it both in germany, the deadline for agreeing a new coalition government has been pushed back till tuesday. chancellor angela merkel‘s christian democrats and the centre—left social democratic party had agreed to try and do a deal by today, but some policy differences still remain. north and south korea — two nations which remain technically at war — put on an unprecedented show of sporting collaboration today, fielding a joint women‘s ice hockey team. fielding a joint women‘s the friendly match against sweden took place on the outskirts of south korea‘s capital, seoul, as the country prepares to host the winter olympics. seoul, as the country prepares our seoul correspondent, laura bicker, sent this report. fierce and determined, the korean players head onto the rink to prove they are not just pawns in a political drama, or an experiment in sports diplomacy. they fight hard against high—ranking sweden, willed
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on by a crowd eager to witness a piece of history, and waving the flag of a unified korea. the translation: i was so touched. the i feel so good because i felt the passion of the players, and it felt like we were one together. passion of the players, and it felt it was very meaningful to all of us, and especially for my son, it was a very meaningful event. but this team‘s formation has been controversial. the south korean hockey coach has had to tell players she‘s worked with for years that they‘ve lost their spot to make way for north koreans such as this player. their spot to make way for north we‘re not allowed to ask the north koreans any questions at the press conference, but the south korean coach was frank when i asked her about the challenges. so, adding players that close to the olympics that haven‘t been with us for the last four years, learning our systems, kind of understanding how our team plays is difficult. the north korean language is different than south korean, so for our team
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meetings, it is going through to english, to south korean to north korean, so the meetings take three times as long, and it‘s really hard when, you know, you have three different languages on one team. you have three different the event feels like a celebration, but playing as one team under one flag has not been welcomed by the younger generation in south korea. has not been welcomed by the younger to them, unifying the two countries is a very distant goal. countries is a very the problem with the young generation, and the sentiment towards korea is, they do not really trust them. and they have seen, and we all have seen, flip—flopping and breaking the promises by north korea. so, they do not really share the feeling of like one nation with north korea. share the feeling of like the north korean players will not stay with their team—mates at the athletes‘ village. they‘ll be kept in separate accommodation and watched over by minders. accommodation and sweden won the match today, 3—1, but for north and south korea, fielding a joint team will be viewed
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as a small victory for diplomacy. fielding a joint team will be viewed laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. fielding a joint team will be viewed with all the sport, here‘s karthi at the bbc sport centre. good evening. at the bbc sport centre. england have started the defence of their rugby union six nations title in style with a 46 points to 15 victory over italy. it was a familiar performance from england, who have won 23 out of their 2a matches under head coach eddie jones. patrick gearey watched the action. head coach eddie jones. the faces, the voices change, the results don‘t. when at home, or in rome, england have always beaten italy. england have always beaten their philosophy demands that this team forget that and the fact they have only lost once in three years in the six nations. your mind must be fully on the next pass, the first try. on the next pass, anthony watson scored it.
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on the next pass, with the next world cup 18 months away, england have been trying to establish a cruel streak and with the ruthless instinct of the hunter, watson was over again five minutes later. but italy were not simply wounded prey. even under constant pressure they found an escape. tommaso benvenuti the getaway runner. england stayed further down the road. owen farrell scored before the break, then a first internation ——al try for sam simmonds, in the team because of injuries another english option. but wales, who play england next, will watch this italian move a few times this week. will watch this italian move proof that there is space to be exploited, even if this bellini nearly ran out. exploited, even if this england will have learnt much themselves, like not to challenge simmonds to a race any time. his second try. to a race any time. his team finished with seven. to a race any time. the last finished off by replacement jack nowell. 46—15 reads more harshly than perhaps italy deserved but history has repeated emphatically. perhaps italy deserved but history england‘s women are also defending champions and they too beat
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italy in the six nations. champions and they too beat captain sarah hunter scored a hat trick of tries to help england to a bonus point 42 to 7 win in their opening match of the tournament. in their opening match great britian have been knocked out of the davis cup, beaten 3—1 by spain. out of the davis cup, but cameron norrie, the world number 11a, had a debut weekend to remember despite losing today‘s first singles match to albert ramos vinolas in marbella. joe lynskey reports. to albert ramos vinolas in marbella. the davis cup is where tennis turns tribal. it requires a special kind of resilience, but this weekend, new british talent has emerged. of resilience, but this weekend, camerons of resilience, but this weekend, norrie. before yesterday, he had never played beyond three sets, now he was keeping this tie alive. played beyond three sets, oh, my goodness! played beyond three sets, the briton recovered from two breaks down to force a first set tie—break. the problem was he faced a player ranked almost a hundred places higher. a player ranked almost spain‘s albert ramos— vinolas can finish the important
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points, but norrie‘s fightback inspired a greater revival. in the second set, he did notjust respond, he ran away with it. this was becoming a match to define davis cup drama, and norrie was summoning barely believable strokes. he has got it! barely believable strokes. how on earth did he win that point? barely believable strokes. it forced the match to a third set tie—break, another pressure situation, but these are the moments when experience counts. but these are the moments ramos—vinolas wins his second tie—break of the match. this is the weekend that britain pushed the world‘s number three. in camerons norrie, they found the resilience required for a davis cup player. it‘s been a dramatic day in the premier league but it is time to pop out of the room if you don‘t want to know the scores as match of the day 2 follows soon
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on bbc one. there was a thrilling and controversial end to the game between third placed, liverpool and tottenham. mo salah scored twice for liverpool but it ended in a 2—2 draw. harry kane missed a penalty then converted one in the final seconds. in the day‘s other game, crystal palace and newcastle drew 1—1. the palace and newcastle drew 1—1. rest of today‘s spo bbc the rest of today‘s sport is on the bbc website, including the build—up to super bowl lii, the latest on leeds united dismissing their manager, and the results from super league‘s opening weekend. mishal full is the you can see more on all of today‘s stories on the bbc news channel. hello. this is bbc news. a deck officer from a wightlink ferry has been praised for his heroism afterjumping off his ship to save a drowning man. the dramatic rescue happened late last night in portsmouth harbour. today, the young man
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who was pulled out of the water steve humphrey reports. he is a modest hero. it is just lucky we were around, i suppose, at the time, yeah. it had been a normal saturday night shift for steve chamberlain. a wightlink employee for nearly 22 years, he and his colleagues were getting the ferry ready for the midnight service from portsmouth to the isle of wight, then there came a shout of man overboard. i remember a life buoy going over my head here. and they attempted a throw at the guy. when the man in the water failed to grab the life rings, steve decided to take action. the only way out for him was for someone to go in and yeah, the coat came off, the jumper, and i actually remember grabbing hold of this here and climbing up and slinging myself over the side, without really thinking too much. steve kept the man‘s head above water as wightlink‘s harbour launch raced to the scene.
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the casualty was pulled on board and taken into paramedics who were waiting on shore. steve climbed out of the water up this ladder. he was also taken to hospital for a checkup. it was brave. our lads are trained to do these types of exercises. they practice on a regular basis. a truly heroic act? we think so, we are very, very proud of steve. lots of people are saying what you did was heroic. what is your reaction to that? i do not really know, i do not think i am a hero. i was just lucky enough to be around to help someone out in trouble. it is not known how the man fell into the water from the wharf. this morning he made a phone call from hospital to thank steve chamberlain for saving his life. he is well and good and very thankful. and appreciative. next week, steve chamberlain, and the man he rescued are planning to go for a drink together. would you do it again? yes, without a doubt. the guy, that was it.
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there was no sort of decision to be made. it was do or die, i think. darkest hour, a film depicting winston churchill during the war, has been nominated for 9 baftas and 6 oscars. the make up team that transformed gary oldman into the prime minister are among those hoping to win an academy award. brennan nicholls has been to meet one of them. you cannot reason with the tiger when your head is in its mouth. gary oldman‘s performance in darkest hour has already earned him many accolades and critical acclaim. turning him, though, into britain‘s wartime prime minister has been hailed as a masterpiece of make—up. gary would come into the bus, we would shave his head, apply the make—up, takes just over three hours to apply the make—up and the wig, plus including getting into his fat suit and costume, close to four hours for the entire thing. he would then go to set for ten, 12 hours a day filming and we need to be there the whole time
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to maintain his make—up throughout that. he would then have his make—up removed which takes an hour. and then, once he goes, lucy and i stay for another hour or two. gary oldman convinced kazuhiro tsuji to come out of retirement to design the churchill make—up. he had just been working with david on another movie, it was oldman who asked him to be onset applying it alongside colleague lucy sibbick and it‘s the three of them that have been nominated for the oscar. extremely proud. the bestjob i have done so far to date and i am just so pleased it is getting the recognition it deserves because of the amount of effort myself, kazuhiro and lucy have put into it and the people behind—the—scenes, such a big team involved. we are getting the credit and our names are on the award, but the amount of people in the workshops involved is amazing. we are to receive our reward. the 39—year—old make—up artist has a cv full of blockbusters to his name, but this is his first—ever
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oscar nomination. but look at the work here, the colour. spending a bit more time prepping, that is why the day was so long, i wanted to make sure i painted all of it perfectly so that they match every day. david flies out to los angeles for the oscar nomination lunch this weekend. then back for the baftas, before heading off to la again for the oscars themselves on the 11th of march for what could be his finest hour. we will bring you a look at the paper shortly, but 1st, time for a look at the weather with tomasz schafernaker. tomasz schafernaker. cold snaps come and go and as far as the week is concerned we will be
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the middle of one. we ended the week on a high note with sunshine around on sunday and as far as the week ahead is concerned it will be cold enough for snow. there will be some sunshine around as well. let‘s have a look at the forecast for the rest of the evening. snow showers in parts of lincolnshire, east anglia and the south—east. very hit and miss so some of us might get a dusting and others will get nothing. many across northern and western areas will be clear with frost on the way tonight, so a chilly morning. let‘s look at the south—east again, and kent, sussex, essex, possibly greater london, this is where we could catch snow flurries in the morning. this unfortunately will coincide with rush—hour or even just before the rush—hour, but these are snow showers, only five miles across, almost like throwing a dart, some will get it, some won‘t. further wintry showers along the north sea coast and across the uk it mainly starts bright and cold with a frost expected. a chilly day on the way with the best of the sunshine across many northern and western areas and a beautiful day for glasgow and edinburgh and also sunshine expected
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in plymouth but across central and eastern areas it will be cloud coming through, a breeze and some chances of wintry showers through the afternoon. this weather front is going to move into the cold air during the course of monday night and watch what happens, a spell of snow in scotland, northern ireland and the north—west of england. we don‘t think much, maybe ten centimetres across the hills and a couple of centimetres in towns and cities and by the middle of tuesday, you see, in the afternoon, that is where the front will it have effectively snowed itself out and the temperatures will drop rapidly through the night. frosty wednesday or tuesday night on the way. wednesday sees as between weather systems so a brighter window of weather with some sunshine around, but on thursday things will cloud over and turn that little bit less cold. here is a summary for the week, pretty cold, widespread frost at night and some snow as well.
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