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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 10, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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, today, ,today, lots of could be a call today, lots of wintry showers out in the atlantic that will be heading our way. tomorrow it is a call to date with wintry showers but sunny spells as well. hello, the bbc news headlines. the haitian ambassador tells the bbc has government will summon the oxfam representative in haiti to explain how it dealt with allegations of aid workers paying for sex following the 2011 earthquake. israel has carried out attacks on a dozen targets in syria, including air defence systems. this comes after one of its f-16 systems. this comes after one of its f—16 jets systems. this comes after one of its f—16jets came systems. this comes after one of its f—16 jets came under syrian anti—aircraft fire and crashed into israeli territory. at least 18 people are dead and 60 injured as a double—decker bus overturns in hong kong. it was carrying spectators and workers home from a
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horse racing track before the driver a p pa re ntly horse racing track before the driver apparently lost control on a bend. the foreign secretary borisjohnson is in bangladesh where he has met rohingya refugees who have escaped violence in neighbouring myanmar. now time to cross to the bbc sports centre for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me, hugh woozencroft, and lizzie greenwood hughes. the headlines this evening. hoping to erase the painful memories of four years ago, elise christie puts in a world class performance to make the 500 metres short track quarter finals at the winter olympics. a game of fine margins going on at twickenham, we will have the latest as england host wales in the six nations championship. unstoppable ireland run away with victory against italy, good evening. welcome to sportsday — plenty on the way but we'll start in south korea where day 2
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of the winter olympics has provided who put on a stellar show to reach the quarter final 324,7zzg;mar:rzfifi 1.1575}. . 7 . ”7” but actually it was fine. but then i was so excited and i'mjust glad i got to race in front of everyone again.
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although british hopes in the snowboarding came crashing down. jamie nicholls and team mate billy morgan both tumbling out of the slopestyle event. the women's cross country skiing meanwhile produced the first gold medallist of the games, victory for charlotte kalla from sweden. a first gold medal for the hosts brought the loudest cheer, there's skater sparking euphoria as south korea celebrated its own olympic champion. but for team gb this was an opening day of mixed fortunes, disappointment on the snow but elise christie's hopes of gold off to the perfect start. andy swiss, bbc news, pyeongchang. he looks cold! full coverage of the games across the bbc, the highlights on bbc two tonight with clare balding at seven o'clock in england wales or scotland, 730 in northern ireland. now onto the six nations
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championship, england leading wales 12-6 at championship, england leading wales 12—6 at twickenham, looking to make it to two wins out of two. england had an explosive start withjonny may sprinting to get on the end of owen farrell's punt forward which was inch perfect — farrell though missed the conversion. it was may who ran in the second try of the game — this time a great offload from joe launchbury, unlocking the wales backline. wales have since pressurised the england defence, scott williams denied by a late last gasp challenge by some and a hill. we are into the closing stages, england clinging to their advantage, just a couple of minutes remaining, england leading 12-6. well, earlier today ireland made it two wins from two with a dominant 56—19 victory over italy in dublin. after their last gasp win over france last weekend, things were far smoother today, with the irish scoring eight tries in all, as stuart pollitt reports. commentator: it looks good. it likes
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it. and ireland have stolen the game! after the last minute drop goal drama game! after the last minute drop goaldrama in game! after the last minute drop goal drama in paris surely today back on home turf victory would be an easier task for ireland. in conor o'shea italy have an irish college but have only ever won once in dublin and that was over 20 years ago. they never threatened to improve on that record. ireland camped on the italy line from the start, robbie henshaw touch it down. and blind side blind side allowing murray to stroll in. commentator: murray to stroll in. commentator: murray in for try number two. brilliant handling then replaced by brute force, less effective. the ball at the bottom of this pile, ireland heading top of the six nations pile. acceleration, then
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slicing through the italy defence and leaving his colleague a simple task. a game and a bonus point in the bag before half—time. the hosts didn't need a helping hand but the italians obliged nevertheless, handing henshaw a clean run to the line. italy did eventually stumble onto the scoresheet three times but there was plenty left in ireland's legs. jacob stockdale‘s legs in particular, the wing racing 60 yards for the most spectacular score of the afternoon. last week they showed the afternoon. last week they showed the fight, today a demonstration of the fight, today a demonstration of the flair that will make ireland tough to catch in the six nations this year. stewart pollitt, bbc news. i was really happy with the first half, it felt like a curtain raiser because a big game is coming up. we
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got out and the players got the chance to express themselves a bit. i know that conor was keen that italy play in a similar fashion, they both tried to use the ball in contrast to last time. right from the start we got good with, that was the start we got good with, that was the positive, the negative as you say is conceding those tries. in the women's six nations, it's also back to back wins and eight tries for england as well, as they thumped wales at twickenham stoop. the defending champions were dominant throughout, this try from ellie kildunne earning them their bonus point within the first half hour. but the 18 year—old didn't stop there. she scored this impressive solo try from inside her own half in the 78th minutes to secure england's 53 points to nil victory. elsewhere, scotland face france at scotstoun stadium later this evening. 0k, ok, cricket and golf on the way, but
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first a look at a busy day of football with lizzie and john. and a great run for spurs continues. five games, it doesn't feel that many, but before we chat about that north london derby, john, that totte n ha m north london derby, john, that tottenham won 1—0, let's see what happened. holly hamilton reports. they say there is no place like home and after moving into wembley at the beginning of the season, tottenham seemed to have the place where they like it, unbeaten at the national stadium since october last year. time now to invite the neighbours around. in front of a record—breaking crowd, the first 45 minutes were as dismal as the weather. harry kane with the only chance before the break. but just minutes into the second half, the premier league's top goal—scorer rose to the occasion to make his seventh goal in seven games against arsenal. but for all tottenham's continued dominance they failed to capitalise on chance after chance. petr cech appearing at times to keep
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the visitors single—handedly in the game. further agony for arsenal as alexander lacazette missed a golden chance in the final moments. a blow to arsenal's top four hopes as spurs now go seven points clear of their north london rivals. but who really gets on with their neighbours? holly hamilton bbc news. we played fantastic, we created chances, but that is football, when you play in this type of xi, this type of game, if you give a chance to the openers, they can create some chances. i feel that when we analyse the 90 minutes, we deserved the victory. in the first half we controlled well the game, the biggest regrets we
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had, we missed the final ball, you cannot afford that at this level. and in the second half, once they scored, alec found our organisation destabilised at the back. we should have come back to 1—1. that makes defeat even harder to swallow. john, arsene wenger doesn't seem that disappointed and yet they were poor today. he will be upset that they were poor. they were outplayed by spurs who are on a great run of form. they were excellent at wembley and then they went to anfield, they should have won that game, and now an excellent performance, for arsenal there was a lot of positivity after the win against
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everton, henrikh mkhitaryan was poon everton, henrikh mkhitaryan was poor, 110w everton, henrikh mkhitaryan was poor, now it's a massive gap, arsenal in six. mauricio pochettino said because people had been suggesting that it was an old—fashioned goal suggesting that it was an old —fashioned goal but suggesting that it was an old—fashioned goal but he says he isn't old—fashioned, he's the present and the future. he is, 101 goals in the premier league. stunning. he's got a great record against arsenal, wonderful striker, what more can you say, great. the miracle for swansea goes on, they look as if they will be all right this season! what an unbelievablejob, right this season! what an unbelievable job, is ca rvajal right this season! what an unbelievable job, is carvajal is doing. 1a points from his last seven games they've only lost one game in
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the last five. south korea are in the last five. south korea are in the headlines with the winter olympics and their south korean star scored the goal nine minutes from time. the new signing andre ayew came on, he was on with his brother, the first brothers to play in the premier league since yaya toure and his brother. he gave typically strange answers his brother. he gave typically strange answers to his interview today. they were calling it a miracle five 01’ they were calling it a miracle five or six years ago, they were calling it a miracle five or six years ago, we were very they were calling it a miracle five or six years ago, we were very deep in the ocean, down in the water. it was really very deep and we started going out, so at the moment we are
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not swimming. believe me, between starting to some and the coast is a long run. there certainly wasn't much in it, we didn't clear our lines in the corner before that. not a lot in the game, the pitch is really awkward here. which i think, with the shocking weather, it has been raining forever. we are trying to make the most of what we've got, we read reinforcements so we'll see how many players we can get back. stoke and brighton, 1—1, charlie adam had a late penalty saved that brighton deserved a draw and perhaps should have won it. only a seventh goal away from home, then came the
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equaliser and then stoke at the big chance, charlie adam with a penalty, great save by matt ryan, and right at the end due had a header saved off the line. so what difference will that make, that saved by ryan. charlie adam must be so disappointed. we'll hearfrom paul lambert now about the mess. disappointing, second half, we were excellent with so much of the game, under pressure, penalties happen, i'm not going to blame anybody but this is what happens. it won't be the last he misses in his career. if theyjoke that i think the game would be finished. i thought we had the better chances in the game. we've got a quality player that can get this type of delivery. i felt we had the better chances, in the end of course, they
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had to save a penalty which i felt we we re a had to save a penalty which i felt we were a little bit hard done by, come the end of the season we can look at this as a good point. today's points could be very good. let's move on, everton versus palace, everton winning 3—1, that's a good winter everton because they've been like this. humiliated last weekend against arsenal. they made changes, gylfi sigurdsson made the differences, two quickfire goals at the start of the second half, tom davies making it 3—0, they fought back, palace, but everton were on top in this game and they were only two points behind the seventh placed team, sam alla rdyce two points behind the seventh placed team, sam allardyce is playing the type of football he wants to now. of
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course this is to read between sam alla rdyce course this is to read between sam allardyce and course this is to read between sam alla rdyce and roy course this is to read between sam allardyce and roy hodgson. sam alla rdyce allardyce and roy hodgson. sam allardyce at his former club. let's hear what he said. first half we were good value, goalless at half—time, we were even confident we could keep that going. it puts you on the back foot. there we re it puts you on the back foot. there were times on the second half way we played reasonable football, it was always going to be difficult to get back. the third goal effectively killed us off. if you look at the stats of the west ham game against watford it looks even so how did they win it 2—0.m was pretty equal until arnautovic. west and just about deserved it, they've actually got a decent record
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at home. it's starting to feel like home. really good news for david moyes. they are level on points now. it's an absolutely crucial victory for david moyes. let's hearfrom him now. we started well, the players understood the blame for importance of it, that was a concern when nullified them as much as we can, which helped them in the end. riyad mahrez is just coming on the pitch for leicester city, against manchester city. is the first time he's played since his move to the
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league leaders fell through on tra nsfer league leaders fell through on transfer deadline day. on the pitch, city started quickly with raheem sterling getting on the end of a brilliant kevin de bruyne pass to make it 1—0 afterjust three minutes. but, leicester responded afterjamie vardy found himself clear of the city defence to fire in the equaliser. the argentine scored his second after another assist from kevin de bruyne. it is currently 3—1 after just over one hour of play. leicester are a good team, but it just shows how brilliant city r. the leicester manager changed his tactics and went to four at the back. they haven't got used to those tactics at all. kevin de bruyne with the assist for the second goal. aguero scoring the third, a mistake from kasper schmeichel, ithink. they are class and kevin de bruyne has been sensational. let's have a
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look at the tables. the top of the table should appear behind me. let's look at the results, first, just to recap what we said, everton beating palace, stoke city drawing with brighton, an important draw for swansea against burnley. manchester city currently 3-1. burnley. manchester city currently 3—1. how does that affect the top of the table? we don't have liverpool or chelsea or manchester united plane today. chelsea play on monday, manchester united and liverpool play tomorrow. burnley are still seventh but at some point they need to start winning matches before they underpin the bottom half of the table because they have not won since mid—december. they are without a win in ten. evertonjust mid—december. they are without a win in ten. everton just two points behind them, leicester city on their tails as well. a great first half of the season, they have to make sure
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they don't waste that brilliant start. let's look at the bottom of the table. it is tight, still, isn't it. west ham are looking vulnerable. they play chelsea on monday, look at those fine margins. if charlie adams had scored that late penalty they would have been out of the relegation zone. by mid—february any of these bottom teams... all still in it. what would definitely still in it. what would definitely still in it. john, thank you as always. hugh, that is the premier league in a nutshell. final score from twickenham, england beating wells 12—6, although wales get a losing bonus point. we'll have pictures in the next hour. now back to the football news. in the lunch—time kick—off in the championship, new leeds united boss paul heckingbottom lost his first match in charge. they went down 2—1 to yorkshire rivals sheffield united at bramhall lane. the home side took the lead in the second minute, with billy sharp scoring his 200th league goal in spectacular fashion against his former club.
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pierre—michel lasogga pulled one back for leeds, but sharp scored a second from the penalty spot to give the blades the win. the result leaves leeds without a win in eight games. elsewhere, sunderland came from 3—0 down to get a point at bristol city. second—placed derby were held by norwich at pride park. hull moved out of the relegation with a rare away win at nottingham forest but that draw for derby allowed wolves to extend their lead at the top to 13 points, with a 2—1win over queens park rangers. cup weekend in scotland, a sombre mood for celtic and their fans, before they beat partick thistle they paid tribute to former player lee miller who died yesterday aged just 36 after a short battle with cancer. celtic led one—minute's
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silence for the former celtic and republic of ireland midfielder. flags were at half—mast. james forrest scored twice in the first half to give the home side the best possible start. a mistake by defenderjoseph samantha vic allowed the opposition back into the tie. james forrest completed his hat—trick in the second half. he helped celtic to the victory and a place in the quarterfinals. no real shocks elsewhere in the scottish cup. falkirk, motherwell, hearts, kilmarnock and morton all go although the focus of most rugby union fans will have been on the six nations, there are still some domestic matches to take a look at... with leaders exeter suffering a shock defeat to worcester warriors gloucester remain unbeaten at home, with a 24—17 win over leicester at kingsholm. there were also wins for sale sharks and second—placed saracens. in the pro 1a, it's a 7:35 kick off for cardiff's game with the cheetahs and for zebre's trip to munster.
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rugby league history has been made, with the first super league match played outside europe. woolongong in new south wales is one of australia's rugby league heartlands and a decent crowd watched wigan beat hull fc 24—10, thanks largely to two early tries from wing liam marshall. st helens looked to be ready to carry on where they left off after their 16—6 demolition of castleford last time out. jonny lomax with a try within a minute of kick—off gave them the lead of a catalan dragons. they doubled the lead midway through the first half. saints touching down in the corner. although the home side hit back early in the second half, the dragons getting their first points on the board. latest score 12—18, st helens leading. cricket news now. australia have cruised to a seven wicket win over england in the t20
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tri—series to secure their place in the final. england were restricted to "137 for 7" — this spectacular throw from david warner removing dawid malan, after both openers had gone with only 11 runs on the board. australia reached their target with 33 balls to spare. england now face back—to—back matches with new zealand. lee westwood is out of the european tour event in perth, western australia, after a dreadful third round. he was joint leader overnight but two double bogeys put him out of contention — he'd eagled the 15th hole in the previous two rounds but today, his touch deserted him. only the top 2a players go through to the final day's matchplay. now, it's been 287 days since he last raced, but the highly—fancied altior made a triumphant return to the track. winning the betfair exchange chase at newbury. a two—time winner at cheltenham, altior is now the odds—on favourite for the queen mother champion chase
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at next month's festival, which is for the fastest horses over jumps. altior and jockey nico de boinville only had to beat two others today but they did it in style for trainer nicky henderson. and there was another successful comeback in the day's other big race at newbury, when native river won the denman chase after nearly a year on the sidelines. the ‘staying chaser‘ is now second favourite for the cheltenham gold cup. britain's mark cavendish was involved in a crash on the final stage of the tour of dubai. the dimension data rider was held up when nacer bouhanni crashed with only 500 metres to go on the final corner. a chaotic sprint followed which elia viviani took on the line to win both the stage and the title. britain's adam blythe finished the stage in third. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. we will do it all again at 7:30pm,
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we will see using. goodbye. hello, a pretty miserable start to the recount up and down the country, outbreaks of rain, atrocious driving conditions as well. the rain slowly moved eastwards, a little drier weather in the next few hours although tonight it should fire up once more, become quite wild with gale force winds across england and wales, some rain and snow and it clearly across scotland and northern ireland. this is the weather front which brought the rain earlier, now looking to the west, this mass on the satellite picture is the developing area of low pressure, it will continue to deepen as we head through the night, bringing heavy rain at the moment across northern ireland, you can see the isobars squeezing to the south across england and wales in particular, gail is developing, 45 miles an hour
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inland, near the coast and other hills. you can see strong winds across north wales and north—west england, towards the early hours. some snow showers further north, a speu some snow showers further north, a spell of heavy snow across central and southern scotland through the night with significant recriminations, especially of a higher ground although not exclusively. it will be cold as well, really cold and there could be a risk of eyes across scotland and northern ireland as well. sunday begins windy especially in the east, gales eventually clearing as low pressure pushes out into the north sea. ona pressure pushes out into the north sea. on a brighter day than many of us, sunday is looking better, central and eastern parts of england and scotland should see the sunshine further west, plenty of blustery showers and further snow accumulations of the high ground across western scotland, a cold day, about seven celsius. the air mass behind me, we are into the blue colours for the next couple of days, moving in of the atlantic, these
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weather systems will bring spells of frame at times so monday will be chilly, wintry showers across the north west corner of the country. further south, drier, there should be plenty of sunshine around, apart from the odd shower, temperatures against chile, at least the sunshine to compensate, hires of between five and 8 degrees. this next weather front should move through on tuesday so wet weather for a time, then blustery showers and another spell of wet weather pushing on into wednesday, temperatures will rise a bit so briefly marred before it turns colder again by the end of the week, further blustery and wintry showers, that's the forecast. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm... the haitian ambassador tells the bbc his government wants oxfam to explain how it dealt with allegations of aid workers paying for sex. the worst part is when they say if those crimes were reported to the haitian authorities no action would have been taken — it's really an insult.
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israel asserts that it will defend itself against attack after one of its f—16 jets crashes after coming under syrian anti—aircraft fire. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, is in bangladesh, where he's been meeting rohingya refugees, who've escaped violence in neighbouring myanmar. also in the next hour... britain's bid for an olympic title at the 2018 winter olympics. this is great skating from elise christie, she is safely through to the quarterfinals.
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