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and at 10. about her new book ivy & abe. european. a general look at the front pages. on the privatised water industry. good calling the amount in dividends paid to shareholders "scandalous". husband of murdered mpjo cox, was accused of sexual abuse. his lawyers say he vehemently denies evening. of its aid workers, in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2010. but insisted there was no attempt to hide the truth. relationship with 0xfam.
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angus crawford reports. killing more than 200,000 people and affecting millions more. aid agencies from around the world stepped into the chaos. of staff in the field. women for sex. the commission now disputes. 0xfam's leadership denies there has been a cover—up. serious misconduct and that we had taken
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action. by the government every year. shocking and demanded a full and urgent investigation. about the misconduct. it is clear that it's a cover—up case. authorities in haiti about that, it was a cover—up. how many of those cases are still happening in haiti? we do not know.
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so justice can be served there. and now threatens its work in the future. angus crawford, bbc news. and writer for the new european. of its jets. over israeli airspace.
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0ur middle east correspondent tom bateman reports. advanced fighter jets. amid syrian anti—aircraft fire. 0ne pilot was left severely injured. israeli airspace. it was destroyed. iranian targets in syria. entrenchment in syria. goal of destroying
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israel. like these hezbollah fighters, back in control of much territory. syria's conflict has drawn in her neighbours. in syria in recent years. iranian military site. factory was targeted. military advisers in syria. israel says it doesn't want an escalation in syria. possibility of precisely that.
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tom bateman, bbc news, jerusalem. in neighbouring myanmar. after a military crackdown began six months ago. as he visited the balu—khali camp. welcome! kicked out of their home. we're going to try and get you back home, guys. huge man—made disaster. buddhist mobs in myanmar. i'm very sorry.
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what do you think of what you've heard so far? want to trigger terrible memories for them. been beaten, and had to ransom his daughter back. he kept breaking down in tears. the people that borisjohnson is meeting here are all in limbo. but they can't go back to myanmar without guarantees of safety. so what can britain do to help? dignified return for these people. that's what they want. they do want to go back but they don't feel safe.
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where he landed tonight. looks unrealistic. it's a very tough diplomatic battle he has to fight. reeta chakrabarti, bbc news, on the myanmar/bangladesh border. in wolverhampton, says he's "utterly devastated" by her death. and a huge part of us". on suspicion of murder. and was swept four miles down stream has died. near ballymeana in county antrim. where he died this evening. declan harvey reports. sirens.
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four miles downstream. rescuers frantically following and trying to catch up. to the next through ballymena, many locals lined the river bank. from the water at the galgorm castle golf course. for sick children. boy and his family. democratic party memo over the fbi's russia probe. presidential election. contained classified material.
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0ur washington correspondent david willis explained more. involving a former trump campaign aide called carter page. that was back in 2016. release this republican memo, but he decided to do so anyway. and the fbi and not publish the democratic
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memo. democrats are up in arms. the president has something to hide. for claims of lack of transparency. why am i telling you this? why do we care? and russia to influence the outcome
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of the 2016 election. as he was concerned. that's not quite the case. nearing its conclusion. it's as clear as mud! if you're sure! however, is it likely we will ever see more of this democratic memo? will it ever see the light of day? he will put it out, as he did the republican memo. the president's decision and force the release of this democratic memo. but the house of
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course is republican controlled. of a democratic memo. the new territories. by dangerous driving. sophia tran—thomson has this report. it does contain images some viewers may find distressing. home from the sha tin racecourse after the last race of the day. a lamppost which cut through it. and grievous bodily harm by dangerous driving.
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and he lost his temper when he started driving. like he was driving a plane. when he turned, the bus crashed. it was very chaotic. so all the people fell down and piled up. others had to be cut free by the fire brigade. a serious condition. sophia tran—thomson, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news. helping earthquake victims in the country, paid for sex. moscow and washington.
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county antrim, has died in hospital. by north korean leader kinjong—un‘s sister, for talks with the south. sport now. and for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre. wins out of two in the six nations. while ireland kept up their perfect start with a 56—19 win over italy. 0ur sports correspondent joe
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wilson reports. if you can't do can you want a good view. can you see them? out the background noise. by england. we'll get the camera is ready. two minutes played, highball, rhys patchell didn't make it. was kicking it, right in the path ofjonny may who did the rest. joe launchbury. the ball to his team—mates. how could wales respond? followed. touched the ball down with control. no, he said. wales needed a try and this is how close they came. the line was there and so was sam underhill to grab his man. this kind of commitment wins this kind of match.
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12—6 to england it finished. the game in dublin was rather different. different. eight irish tries and 56 points against italy. points against italy. nations is to come down to england or ireland, its own track. or ireland, its own track. —— it is on track. 52—0 victory over wales. scotland were beaten 26—3 by france at scotstoun stadium. at the emirates stadium. given them an early lead.
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aguero has now scored 13 goals in ten games in 2018. sergio has amazing talent in the box. box. chances to give them the opportunity to score the goals he scores. to score the goals he scores. congratulations because it's not easy to score four goals. victory over north london rivals arsenal at wembley. the win moves tottenham up to third, seven points clear of arsenal. is just a few hours away. gb's athletes on show. of the women's 500 metres. in the 1,000m and 1500m later in the competition.
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tri—series to secure their place in the final. gone with only 11 runs on the board. australia reached their target with 33 balls to spare. and reach the final. reach the fed cup world group play—off. play—off. after she won to give gb an unassailable 2—0 lead. unassailable 2—0 lead. heather watson had earlier put gb up 1—0. that's all the sport for now.
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i'll have more for you in the next hour. back into public ownership. tide" of nationalisation. democratic ownership and control of our services and utilities. of their public services. as mary lou mcdonald formally took over as party president. it was time for the party to embrace fresh thinking and bold ideas. a referendum on irish unity.
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president for talks, at the "earliest date possible". who's visiting the south for the winter olympics. and ballistic missile programme. laura bicker‘s report now, contains some flash photography. this is no ordinary messenger. is the first of her family to set foot on south korean soil. as the two sides take their seats, the cameras spot a blue folder. and for the two leaders to meet. kim jong—un‘s younger sister's not used to this spotlight. she's usually behind the scenes as pyongyang's pr queen. on this occasion, she is the perfect charmer for this charm offensive.
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it's typical of north korea to do this sort of thing. and they're also trying to control the message between the two. of advances from north korea. for tougher sanctions on the regime. with a diplomatic breakthrough they never thought possible. but it also presents serious challenges. under what kind of preconditions? to the north, he risks alienating a key us ally.
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laura bicker, bbc news, pyeongchang. card scam which is conning victims out of thousands of pounds. out of thousands of pounds. as our business correspondent explains. or seize their personal assets. the 16 digit number on the back of these cards over the phone to us. how does it
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work? or whatever as well as songs. it has a cash value. who would give them cash. and this is what angela mcdonald was telling us earlier today. a couple of times and had lost £20,000 as a result. so if such a call comes through, hang up.
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stuff on an itunes vouchers, you cannot pay a tax bill with it. who has died at the age of 59. after battling cancer. in the political thriller house of cards. humourist and friend". stav danaos has the weather. part one of our weekend was pretty disappointing. conditions on the roads too. things will quieten down for a while. winds, some rain and snow in the forecast as well.
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this is the band of rain spreading east during the course of the day. this starts to bring some heavy rain to northern ireland. across england and wales. gales developing inland. north wales, north—west england and in towards northern england. maybe 70 mph for a time. rain in the southbound snow in the north. southern scotland could see pretty heavy snow. a chilly night too. certainly across the east and the south—east of the countries. the gales will ease off. actually it's looking
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better than on saturday. see plenty of sunshine. further west blustery showers and wintry temperatures. further accumulations of snow across much of western scotland. temperatures 3—7 celsius. there will be some sunshine to compensate. coming in from the west. a few showers at times. many across the north—west of the uk. with lengthy spells of sunshine. it's going to be a cool one, 5—8 celsius at best. there will be a spell of wet and fairly breezy weather.
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