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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm julian worricker. the headlines at 11pm. thousands of motorists are stranded on roads in england and wales as blizzards and more snow sweep across the uk. a red weather warning remains in place in some parts, meaning a potential risk to life as freezing temperatures continue. america first. president trump says he'll tax imported foreign steel to protect jobs. some fear a trade war. tonight — as storm emma does her worst, just how compromised is our energy supply? and suede front man brett anderson's only tv interview on his memoir about the years of failure before he was famous. good evening and welcome to bbc news. it's been another day
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of heavy snow and sub—zero temperatures across the uk — and there's more to come. parts of the country are expecting up to 50cm of snow, and a red weather warning — which means there is the potential for widespread disruption and loss of life — has been issued by the met office for south—west england and south wales. that'll be in force until the early hours of the morning. at least three people have died in the icy conditions, including a seven—year—old girl who was killed when a car crashed into a house in looe, in cornwall, though it's not yet clear to what extent the weather was responsible. there's been widespread disruption to transport across the country, with many train journeys and flights cancelled, and drivers stranded on roads in many areas. this evening, police in hampshire have declared a major incident on the a31 and called for military assistance. we'll have more on that in a moment. first, this report from jon kay in devon where the red weather
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warning is in place. the red warning zone, but tonight, there is only white to be seen. workers abandoning their cars, hoping to get home on foot. horrible. it is slippery. it is cold. ijust wouldn't risk going out. there's too much risk of having an accident. across the west country and south wales tonight, thousands of drivers have been stuck. and notjust one remote country roads. these are some of the main routes outside of cardiff, strangers helping one another out. it's a very busy road. driving 20 to 30 miles an hour. we're just stuck. despite all the warnings in the plans, hold in hell ——despite all the warnings in the plans, holden hill of exeter has ground to a halt.
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a dual carriage way now a shivering car park. this is the only route i can go because this is the only one that was going to be opened but what can you do? yeah, it hasjust been chaos. can't move anywhere. i thought we would get home. i must admit. we certainly did. they call this the english riviera, torbay in south devon. treacherous. this afternoon, everything suddenly changed. snow from the east mixing with the south. ——snow from the east mixing with winds in the south. it's very easy in modern cars to be cocooned from the outside environment and you actually lose touch with the fact that it is freezing. the road services becoming more and more challenging. other than the main roads which are gritted but that is proving difficult. we are sawing to take real care on the roads. in some areas of devon and cornwall, this seemed to be the best way to keep moving. or maybe not. it is the lethal combination
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of snow, wind and ice that so concerns the authorities. there is much more of all of those to come in the hours ahead. as well as treacherous freezing rain, which could also be added to the list tonight. the stages specifically to hampshire no. hundreds of motorists have been stranded by the snow for at least 5 hours on the a31 in the new forest in hampshire tonight. hampshire police have declared a major incident. our correspondent duncan kennedy is there. tell us what has been happening. first of all, it is more like six hours. we have been here since 5:15pm and we are after 11 o'clock now. we have moved nowhere, just like dozens and dozens of motorists you can see back down the 831. as a vehicle coming through. also, many
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of d oze ns vehicle coming through. also, many of dozens of motorists that way. hundreds of people stuck in their cards here tonight. —— in their cars for tonight. a lot of them without water or food, for tonight. a lot of them without water orfood, running for tonight. a lot of them without water or food, running low for tonight. a lot of them without water orfood, running low on for tonight. a lot of them without water or food, running low on fuel. we have seen people walk back down this 831 where we have seen people walk back down this 831where i am we have seen people walk back down this 831 where i am standing. it is a dual carriage way, but nothing is moving. we are seeing cars come back down driving against the floor of the traffic, all which try to look for a way out without any success. it is about —10 degrees, digital factor here. sleet and snow coming in. what you saw there, way move my cameraman, because there is a greater truck and a charter trying to make some headway going that way. the trouble is, there all these cars on the road. we have some sort of emergency vehicle coming up behind me. i will stand out of the rehab that one. as you said, there has been a major incident declared here 110w been a major incident declared here now which means that the police... this is a fire and rescue truck, they are taking supplies people,
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water and blankets with a can. they also called in the military. we haven't seen any of them yet. promising people to try to get them out of their cars before the night is over. let's have a word with one lady over here. she has been stuck here for several hours, as well. can i get you to take a wintertime? what is running? tracy. i want teddy bear? eight and a half hour. -- how long have you been here? i'm going to southampton. how are your supplies? fuel, water, food?” showed up before i left. i had supplies with me. what was recommended. i am warm. what do you think of this? middle of the forest in the middle night? better way to spend a night. do you think you will
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be here the rest of the evening? something that will seem to be happening. they have it cleared a major incident. police and military. what do you think about that? pleased to see that. i like to be on out. good luck and it ain't over talking to us. that is one example. we have seen children in cars here. —— thank you for talking to us. in the middle of force, pretty much in the middle of force, pretty much in the middle of night. but what are people not going anywhere. she said things are starting to move. i'm not sure they are anytime soon. just one or two emergency vehicles trying to get through. there are so many cars backed up in either direction. it is ha rd to backed up in either direction. it is hard to see how they can... certainly as the snow continues to fall. he's had some supplies are not coming infor fall. he's had some supplies are not coming in for people, is that right? they're trying to. a lot of the
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problem is one of the snow has come down. they haven't been able to grit in this road. that is an issue. access is an issue. he saw a fire truck committee. we spoke to that chapter earlier. didn't have that much supplies on them. he was worried about how he was going to get further up. we have a jeep vehicle over here. we have managed to struggle up 100 yards and because it gets any further because there are ditches. this is not a main motorway. it is a dual carriage way. there are all sorts of land falls away. simply access to the front of this queue, wherever that is, we have no idea. it is going to be very, very hard. we have been told earlier it was all about crashes and accidents further ahead. those crashes have been cleared. we expected the traffic to get moving again it simply hasn't happened. we are about to do get run down by a reversing chapter here. there's all kinds of problems. i think this chap here, he might just kinds of problems. i think this chap here, he mightjust have given up
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because he can't get get through a bad dose. the vehicles cannot separate enough because if they do, they go into the soft snow on these bridges. many of the vast majority of them are not the... and they can't get out. we have seen cars trying to park a way to let these emergency vehicles through by today 01’ emergency vehicles through by today or not having very much success at the moment. listen, we appreciate your time. we hope you and tim can stay warm. and that you get moving at some point. thank you very much. in the meantime. duncan kennedy there on the a31 and hampshire along with lots of other people. heavy snow is continuing to fall across large parts of scotland — although the red weather warning in place earlier in the east has been lifted. troops have been drafted in tonight to help get hundreds of hospital staff to work. some stranded passengers are spending a second night at glasgow airport while hundreds of motorists spent last night on the m80. our scotland correspondent lorna gordon sent this report. scotland's road to nowhere. hundreds of drivers stuck in miles
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of stationary traffic on what is usually one of the country's busiest roads. i left stirling at about eight o'clock and i've been here since, unfortunately. that is a good 17 hours, maybe, at the moment? just knocking on that, yeah. i think i've moved about 100 metres in that time. last night, there was some old boys came out with biscuits and crisps and this morning, it was all the schoolkids that came out, so we're getting looked after. i've got two biscuits. the worst of circumstances bringing out the best in people. volunteers handing out food and water to those stranded in their cars. this storm was forecast well ahead of time, but despite the warnings, people did still venture out. now, after waiting nearly 18 hours on this stretch of motorway, it looks as if, finally, the traffic mightjust be about to start moving again.
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police officers clearing the way ahead, one by one. we've been coming up and down the northbound carriageway, because of the queueing vehicles and the vehicles stuck most of the night. hard work, i've seen the guys digging it out. very much so, very much so. giving the public reassurance to say we're getting to them albeit, yes, it's slowly. but the appalling weather saw even the emergency services struggling at times. no worries, thank you. cheers. those though who have experience of working in these extreme conditions have been putting their knowledge to good use. we're picking up a prescription for somebody out in the countryside near hawick who has not been able to get their essential medication, so we're going to take it to them. for much of the day, trains in the affected areas have been off and the vast majority of flights were cancelled from edinburgh and glasgow once again. there was fun for some... but with blizzards, freezing
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temperatures and drifting snow, there are serious concerns for those out in these conditions, even as those who could heeded the warnings to stay at home. lorna gordon, bbc news, denny. theresa may is to set out five so—called "tests" tomorrow, for a future deal with the european union post brexit. mrs may, who today welcomed the eu's donald tusk to downing street —— is to pledge to bring the country together, and to argue for the "deepest and broadest possible" trade agreement between the uk and eu. president trump has announced he's going to impose hefty tariffs on imported steel and aluminium next week to safeguard american jobs. mr trump says the industries had been unfairly treated by other countries for decades. but his plans have already drawn international criticism amid fears of a trade war. the value of shares in us steel
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manufacturers jumped significantly after the announcement. president putin claims russia has developed a new generation of nuclear warheads that can avoid us missile—defence systems. in a speech to the nation, he said the weapons included an underwater drone and a cruise missile that can strike in any part of the world. he made the claims ahead of an election he is expected to win in over a fortnight‘s time. the government has scrapped plans to hold the second stage of the leveson inquiry, which was due to look into unlawful conduct within media organisations, and relations between police and journalists. lord justice leveson accused ministers of breaking their promise to phone hacking victims. but the culture secretary said it wouldn't be in the national interest. that's a summary of the news — now it's time for newsnight with kirsty. the icy fang and churlish chiding of the winter's wind... shakespeare made it sound exciting, but for the millions affected
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it's anything but. add to that fears over the energy supply — are we coping as well as we should? there's plenty of gas in the world, there's plenty of import infrastructure, so it's not really a shortage of gas overall. but what we saw today is our ability to handle short—term spikes in demand is not great. also tonight... has putin launched a new arms race? we'll be speaking a former us ambassador to nato. the italians head to the polls on sunday, after a campaign dominated by anti—immigrant rhetoric. is this new, or are old tensions bubbling to the surface? and...
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charting all his failures. suede front man brett anderson on the time before he was famous. a lot of the experience of being in suede in the early days was kind of like failure afterfailure, struggle after struggle, and it seemed to be the word that sort of summed it all up. good evening. the military was called in to help emergency services today, as the country remains frozen by a blast of extreme weather of a scale and severity few can remember experiencing before. tonight, storm emma is preparing to do her worst, with snow


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