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tv   The Papers  BBC News  March 2, 2018 10:45pm-11:00pm GMT

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the main w‘fliéi “new ile‘ {$5.02 the main takeaway here, compromises. the main takeaway here, theresa may and aligned the fact that britain is leaving the customs union, but also, which she has said previously that underlined again, the most interesting thing, who was happy with the speech? jacob rees mogg, he was pleased with the speech. he is the eurosceptic side of the party. nicky morgan, remainer, happy with that. arlene foster, dup leader, happy with little salt who was not happy with that? nigel farage. and the european parliament chief negotiator. i would suggest that tomorrow or even to light theresa may will be happy with the way the speech has gone down. light theresa may will be happy with the way the speech has gone downm was a tricky balancing act to keep all of these different sections happy. the telegraph has nicky morgan and william rees mogg both coming out with favourable reactions. there is obvious the lot
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of detail still to come out but it is interesting that she did say that she was not going to be buffeted by demands to walk out. as well as saying we are leaving the single market and the customs union, she is also telling eurosceptics that she is not going to walk away from the table, she will pursue negotiation. it would not be unusual for a speech to be delivered and for its to meet a p pa re ntly to be delivered and for its to meet apparently quite a lot of general agreement initially, and then if you days go by, and somebody says something they shouldn't, and things go slightly life. things can go awry but she is meeting the challenges as they present themselves. i don't know if she could have achieved much more in the speech today. she did the best that she could. you
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mentioned the telegraph as being the other paper that gives it the lead here. rather than the approach of the ft, looking at the eurosceptic reaction, the talking about how the eu is responding to it, at least the message she is putting a cross? exactly. theresa may today is admitting that we are probably going to have less access to eu markets than currently. she is conceding that we cannot expect all the obligations that we would take on as well. she is seeing life will be different. i would disagree with you slightly, hard brexit could still happen. absolutely. that is not ruled out. perhaps not under theresa may. and she is wanting brussels to accept the hard facts. she has said from the beginning prison does not wa nt from the beginning prison does not want a norway style deal or a canada
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style deal. but the uses that is cherry picking. there is sort of an inevitable reaction. michel barnier if it is a relatively warm reception saying it provided some clarity. there were words such as conciliar to —— conciliatory and compromise. the weather is the other big talking point. quite an arresting image, a snowdrift on salisbury hill. it is the south—west of england where the attending to focus their coverage. yes, the south—west is getting the brunt of it at the moment. the entire country has been pretty much it by snow over the last few days but as often is the case, after the
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si'iow comes but as often is the case, after the snow comes the flood warnings and this is what is happening in the south—west. some villagers have been told they should leave their homes because there is the potential for flooding. there is criticism for people who have gone out to drive on roads. devon police have been telling people, the environment agency has issued 15 flood warnings, but lots of votes have got people stuck on them. in scotland they have had 21 st it of snow in edinburgh, biggest snowfalls and is 1979, they have been warned in scotland to stop panic buying in the shops. the times caught your eye in terms of the photograph. the times are
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highlighting drivers that are not paid attention to the warnings. it does offer the opportunity to get beautiful scenic pictures at this time of the year. my friends have been sharing on social media. we talked about this. there is a difference between drivers getting caught out of people on a train who might trust that the chain is oaky. the trains are struggling this evening with frozen points and things like that. there is no one then it. have you seen the people swimming in the serpentine? the front page of the times. quite a stark headline. children top hatred. this is not the new story. the bbc has done several investigations.
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around 350 unregistered schools. they do not get inspected by 0fsted. a task force was set up two years ago under nicky morgan, a previous education secretary, she wanted them prosecuted, because these are so—called schools being held in places without running water, terrible conditions, and children are being to hot in these. —— children are being taught in these. this chair of the education committee in the commons is saying that no school should be unregistered. the problem is that the law is too vague. 0fsted can dry and report these things but they have not been able to prosecute one.
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there is an interesting sentence towards the end of this piece, saying that the home schools children is behind a lot of this, most are thought to be receiving an adequate standard of education. they are not just islamic adequate standard of education. they are notjust islamic schools, some are notjust islamic schools, some arejewish are notjust islamic schools, some are jewish schools, are notjust islamic schools, some arejewish schools, they are notjust islamic schools, some are jewish schools, they are across the board. ftweekend, and interview withjohn the board. ftweekend, and interview with john mcdonnell. as britain ready forjohn mcdonnell? the shadow chancellor. the opening line, who are your business heels? given that he was to be in charge of the treasury. he was stuck for words. if you are one of the business figures who has met the labour shadow chancellor recently he was not impressed by any of you. apparently he also revealed that he has the
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boatin he also revealed that he has the boat in the norfolk broads, it is cold that morning star. as you would reject the objectives are socialist. his press officer. he said he thought he would be hanging up his benches —— his boots on the back benches. the daily mail. it has this headline, the prostate revolution. quick access programme to revolutionise prostate cancer, a test table to all but the next couple of years. they hope to test 5000 men in this trial. the idea
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being to reduce time taken from diagnosis from six weeks, to these. lots of tests and reviews in a small numberof lots of tests and reviews in a small number of days and get greater a ccu ra cy number of days and get greater accuracy in the results and that would be fairly revolution early if they can do that. the point about a ccu ra cy they can do that. the point about accuracy is interesting, people often have doubts about the reliability of some of the tests. the daily mail is quite strong on this, the reason for this is that one in eight men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, this year and the deaths overtook breast—cancer deaths, now that is the third deadliest cancer, it has kind of crept up, campaigners are calling for greater investment in prostate cancer. and men are notoriously bad at going to the dr, this is only a small period of time, far more chance to catch it. and we are going
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to end with a cartoon which takes us to end with a cartoon which takes us to the front page of the daily telegraph. pretty good form with regards to the weather. it brings to mind the photograph earlier of the man sleeping on the likely trail on the trail. the only one missing would be morning about the weather. maybe we can do that to more. there will be a bit more of its to do. maybe even further south. that is it. thank you. you can see the front pages. papers online on the bbc news website, it is there for you seven days a week. if you missed the programme any evening you can watch it later on the bbc iplayer.
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after yet another day of winter league disruption we have arrived at the end of the week. the big question, what does their weekend have installed ? it question, what does their weekend have installed? it is going to start to turn slowly less coal. still some wintry showers, a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. this band of snowfall has been pushing its way northwards. rain returning across the far south. that could be following on cold surfaces that could give as icy conditions. this band of snow is moving across the midlands into northern england and northern ireland. still some snow showers in the north—east of scotland, temperature is widely below freezing. whereas through the
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last week we have been bringing our weather in from the east, we change things a little bit, low pressure is sitting down to the south—west, battle a low as to bring in more of a southerly wind as we go through the weekend. things will not be as cold. cloud and patchy snow across northern england, northern ireland, southern scotland, not much snow left at this stage. mostly rain showers coming in towards the south. some snow perhaps over the hills. here it will be milder. still quite a cold feel across many parts of the uk. saturday night, shabbily rain. sunday, bands of rain, sleet and phil wilson all pushing northwards across the country. temperatures by this stage, even further north,
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signs that it is less cold. sunday night into monday, low pressure still driving things. still broadly a southerly wind. you can see some of the yellow colours trying to break through on the map. slightly less cold a coming in our direction. here is the five—day forecast from sunday through to thursday. temperatures climbing to double figures in the south and even further north it will not be as cold. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11: storm emma meets the beast from the east and wreaks chaos across the uk. it's revealed at least three and half thousand drivers were stranded on the m62 across the pennines last night — more roads have been closed today.
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trouble on the trains with services grinding to a halt — frustrated passengers take matters into their own hands. and after the snow, flooding hits parts of the south—west. many homes have been without power. theresa may sounds a pragmatic note in her plans for brexit saying neither side will get everything they want. and beating the odds to say "i do" — despite the atrocious weather and having to be rescued by farmers, sam and katie bullingham have the white wedding to remember.
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