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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: an historic announcement at the white house — president trump agrees to meet the north korean leader, kim jong—un. north korea also agrees to refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. president trump makes it clear that sanctions would remain in place until a deal was reached. it could be an historic game changing moment on a global scale. president trump has agreed to meet the north korean leader, kim jong—un, within the next seven
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weeks. no other city us president has met with the north korean leader. they will talk about denuclearisation. the south korean nuclear station met the leader and this was their statement in just the past few hours. good evening. today i had the privilege of briefing president trump on my recent visit to pyongyang, north korea. i would like to thank president trump, the vice president and his wonderful national security team, including my close friend, general mcmaster. i explained to president trump that his leadership and his maximum pressure policy, together with international solidarity brought us to this juncture. i expressed president moonjae—in‘s personal gratitude for president trump's leadership. i told president trump that in our meeting, of both korean leaders, kim jong—un said he is committed to denuclearisation.
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kim pledged that north korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. he understands that the routine joint military exercises between the republic of korea and the united states must continue. and he expressed his eagerness to meet president trump as soon as possible. president trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet kim jong—un by may, to achieve permanetn denuclearization. kim jong—un by may, to achieve permanent denuclearization. the republic of korea along with the united states, japan and our many partners around the world remain fully and resolutely committed to the complete denuclearisation of the korean peninsula. along with president trump, we are optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility
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of a peaceful resolution. the republic of korea, the united states, and our partners, stand together in insisting that we not repeat the mistakes of the past and that the pressure will continue until north korea matches its words with concrete actions. thank you. the words from the white house from the south korean delegation that met with the north korean leader. let's go to seoul now and speak to laura bicker. the south still technically at war. how is this being received? cautiously but there is an element of, oh, my goodness. when i tweeted
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the announcement i said, wow. we thought it would go forward in baby steps but it is going forward in huge leaves. not only is president trump accepted the invitation to meet kim jong—un kim jong—un trump accepted the invitation to meet kimjong—un kimjong—un but he will meet in high may. the rebels are obvious. it could well be that this is a genuine opportunity to speak to north korea, to try to get rid of nuclear weapons on this pinion trial. —— peninsular. the us president will meet the leader of north korea and it is a first. it is a huge pr. he will believe his maximum policy is working. the people in seoul, the ministers who have been deftly and dramatically negotiating these two sides to the table also. it could also be that
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kim jong—un sees it as a propaganda win. he is incredibly savvy. those army of beauties, sent to the winter olympics, managing to almost upstaged the sporting arena, when it comes to dealing with this kind of diplomatic opportunity, he has had yea rs of diplomatic opportunity, he has had years of practice watching his grandfather and his father who both to the table and then walked away and continued to build nuclear weapons. when it comes to the risks for president trump and president moonjae—in moon for president trump and president moon jae—in moon it for president trump and president moonjae—in moon it could be that there are risks but right now the rewards outweigh the risks. drjeffrey lewis is a scholar at the middlebury institute of international studies at monterey. you are very experienced in this field. what are you thinking?”
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think people are getting a little bit carried away. the north korean have all was wanted a us president to visit north korea. it is a thing that the north koreans have tried since the clinton administration. there is also a movie which ends with a president, president making a visit. it is interesting that people call this a breakthrough. the north korean have been asking for 25 years and it is a huge propaganda scoop for them. you could see it as an american president compelled by north korea's missile and nuclear programme to treat north korea as an equal? that is exactly how that north korean movie ends. i am a strong supporter of engaging dramatically with the north korea but this is the highest value concession that the us has to make
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set to play it at the beginning with no concrete promises of anything, as an explorer treat mission, it is an orthodox, i will say that. what are the risks and possible rewards? well, the possible reward is that i do not think north korea will give up do not think north korea will give up its nuclear weapons but perhaps it was a fundamentally different relationship with the united states and perhaps president trump is willing to live with that nuclear north korea. if you accept it as a nuclear power you may have a better relationship. that is rosy scenario the downside is, the president realises that will not give up their nuclear weapons and he feels he has been taken advantage of and so it will be worst year. china has clearly been applying sanctions seriously widget is not been the
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case in the past. the chinese have a role to play. they have the opportunity to put pressure on the north koreans at what kim jong—un kim jong—un reportedly said... and we have to keep in mind that all we haveis we have to keep in mind that all we have is what the south koreans are saying. the plea that this has to play out, there has to be a perfect resolution of north korean security situation which seems like what a lot. thank you very much indeed. let's go live to washington. this is an extraordinary turnaround, however you see it whether you are a friend of donald trump or not. there will be people in washington asking the questionjust then, is be people in washington asking the question just then, is this progress or the gander? is this bad case of
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fall kim jong—un to take the world stage or is this a chance for real denuclearisation. the south korean delegation who went to the white house to date said they believed he is committed to denuclearisation and thatis is committed to denuclearisation and that is clear and a message that the white house wants to hear however this was not delivered in a letter but an oral statement given to the white house. basically they told president trump this was what was said by north korea so the detail will be very important in potentially what has been discussed between south korea and north korea in what is being reported to donald trump. it makes sense to them to speak to one person who could make a difference and they immediately accepted this invitation to talk, the suggestion that president trump will meet kim jong—un the suggestion that president trump will meet kimjong—un kim by may is
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extraordinary considering they were swapping insults and talking about fire and fury. we have gone from times when president trump has been describing little rocket man and the response north korea has been describing him as a lunatic old man. we have gone to a time that these two men are prepared to meet and it is less than 2a hours since we have heard from the secretary of state rex tillerson who was asked specifically if there was a chance of talks between the us and north korea and he said, in terms of direct talks, and you asked about negotiations, we are long way from negotiations. that was less than 25 hours ago now not only do we have a delegation from america meeting the north koreans but potentially the us president meeting the north korean leader in a matter of a couple of months. we should stress that the sanctions so far will stay in place and the military joint
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sanctions so far will stay in place and the militaryjoint exercises between the us and south korea, every year they infuriate pyongyang, they will go ahead as well. that is a key thing. the white house will feel that this has been a win—win situation. they get north korea around the table to talk, potentially, the military exercises continue, missiles testing will not ta ke continue, missiles testing will not take place and there is a possibility for denuclearisation but the key thing is what north korea have actually said. this has been communicated to the white house and there is nothing written down at this particular stage. it is a message that has been passed on but the white house will see it as a coup. from what the south korean have said, it is the pressure from president trump, the pressure from america that has led to this remarkable step that potentially we have conversation directly between
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the two leaders and, of course, what south korea says is a commitment to denuclearisation. and live to beijing. beijing really north korea's only all. what does this look from that? china will welcome this development. beijing has been calling for washington and pyongyang to sit down and talk to one another. they have a different position from moonjae—in, urging they have a different position from moon jae—in, urging both they have a different position from moonjae—in, urging both sides to begin discussions. we heard about the pressure being applied on a north korea i think beijing would say, shall pressure has been applied on them but no one has done this more than us. we voted for these at the united nations and we are by far and away the biggest trading partner with pyongyang so once chided decided to turn the screws, once
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textile, coal, seafood, is not coming in here, that is heard in the north korean economy and say they really have applied pressure on north korea, their traditional ally, to come to the bargaining table. the interesting thing is we have also heard talks about these discussions between donald trump and kim jong—un .ido not between donald trump and kim jong—un . i do not think that if it happens ido . i do not think that if it happens i do not think that donald trump will go to pyongyang. we could date ta ke will go to pyongyang. we could date take place? they could organise a demilitarised zone, the other obvious option would be china. it could be seen and it is that —— and it could be seen and as an honest broker. they have organised the six party talk process. people remember this went on the years, rounds and rounds of talks in indian north
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korea it seemed it had agreed, to give up its nuclear weapons programme, and then all of a sudden it pulled out so china has seen north korea pullout of these sort of talks before and, of course, they will be under no illusion of these just being a first step but nevertheless it will be definitely welcomed here in beijing. there will be the worry that the rest of the world is being played, won't that? that they have done this before, and it could be a political win in front ofa man it could be a political win in front of a man who sees himself as the ultimate deal breaker because ultimately north korea wants to separate south korea from us? yes, the thing is, from the chinese did though, they like washington, though not going to go along with north korea marking them around, if i could put it to you that way. i
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think they want the talks to go ahead and they have been calling for discussions openly said they will welcome these but it has to come to something and, you know, if it turns out to be this running everybody around and continuing the nuclear weapons programme china will maintain the sanctions and by all accou nts maintain the sanctions and by all accounts they are really hurting and it is what has brought north korea to the bargaining table. i think there is the threat of war from the us ata there is the threat of war from the us at a much bigger and immediate impact has been the calf sanctions on that already impoverished country. thank you very much indeed for that. thank you very much indeed for that. thank you very much indeed for that. thank you very much for being with us. we'll bring you more on that as we ken. the numbers of dead and wounded defied belief.
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this the worst terrorist atrocity on european soil in modern times. in less than 2a hours then, the soviet union lost an elderly sick leader and replaced him with a dynamic figure 20 years hisjunior. we heard these gunshots in the gym. then he came out through a fire exit and started firing at our huts. and god, we were all petrified. james earl ray, aged 41, sentenced to 99 years and due for parole when he's 90, travelled from memphis jail to nashville state prison in an eight—car convoy. paul, what's it feel like to be married at last? it feels fine, thank you. what are you going to do now? is it going to change your life much do you think? i don't know really. i've never been married before. very good to have you reverse on bbc
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news. no one big breaking story this hour on bbc news. us president donald trump agrees to meet the north korean leader, kimjong—un. south korea says the north has agreed to refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. christopher hill was us assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs from 2005 to 2009. he led the american delegation in those six party talks on the north korean nuclear issue. he spoke to the bbc‘s kasia madera a short while ago about the latest news. i don't think i can quite find the words to describe this. it truly is extraordinary. during my time, during four
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years under george w bush, i can assure you i never got close to the idea that president bush would meet the north koreans. this is quite a development. there is a lot of detail here and the devil is indeed in the detail. for example, the idea that they're going to have a moratorium of tests during the time of talks, it is not new, they do that sort of thing, but the question is will there be an understanding that after the talks north korea will go through denuclearisation? they agreed to do that in the six party joint they agreed to do that in the six partyjoint statement in september 2005.. but the question is of course, if they agree to that now, will they agree to having international monitors come in? will they agree to having international teams coming to take possession of the fissile material?
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we never got that far in our talks, primarily because the north koreans never gave us any primarily because the north koreans never gave us any kind of verification regime worthy of verification regime worthy of the name and nor frankly, was anyone in washington particularly excited about going through that with the north koreans. i was to some extent orphaned, saying no, this is real, we've got to press forward. i think that if i were white house staff, i would be drawing up drawing up— drawing —i drawing up — i will not call them conditions but certainly, i would be drawing up developments that we absolutely need to see happen for a presidential meeting to go forward. that should be the plan of the realm, and so it should not be just a sort of getting to know each other meeting, unless there'a an understanding that this is really going to be a cessation. —— there's. there is so much to talk about. ijust want there is so much to talk about. i just want to take a few steps back. obviously, you held meetings. in terms of what we are hearing now,
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what in your opinion has changed? of course, donald trump is very quick to take a lot of the credit, but it has got to be more than that. well, the north koreans have asked for meetings with senior american officials before, so that's not changed. what has changed though is that they seem to be willing to to through denuclearisation, that's very important, andi that's very important, and i think something that i have not heard from them before — they seem now to understand now that these exercises that make the us south korean relationship real, which make that alliance real, as opposed to a paper relationship, that they have to go forward. so that's rather extraordinary in and of itself. just the fact that for the first
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time that i am aware of north korea has agreed that south korean and american military exercises are something that will happen. i think it is important to understand that those who think that north korea wants nuclear weapons because they are a plucky little country and they worry that bigger countries will invade them, thatis bigger countries will invade them, that is really not the case. we have never invaded them, what they are really trying to do and have been trying to do is essentially decouple the us south korean relationship, so this statement, as conveyed by the south koreans, would suggest a major shift to their policy. so, a lot of details here to look at and so, a lot of details here to look atandi so, a lot of details here to look at and i think it's especially important that if our president is going to meet kimjong—un, and do more than discuss each other‘s haircuts, they have to have some real assurance of what is going to follow such an important meeting. i've now got the image of the haircuts. do you think this is a testimony to the crippling sanctions that have been placed on north korea, how much of a part has that had to bring us to this juncture? the sanctions have been
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extraordinary in the sense that we've never gotten the chinese to look at things like refined petroleum products, so that certainly begins to hurt. the chinese have really participated in the sanctions, as never before, soi in the sanctions, as never before, so i don't discount sanctions. another factor i so i don't discount sanctions. anotherfactor i think is the perception that donald trump is, i don't want to say reckless, but let me just say he is prepared to look at other options that many american presidents would not have gone for. so it may be that he has actually frightened the north koreans, as by the way he's frightened a lot of people in the united states as well. so, that could be part of it. he's also shown a flexibility to meet various people, to meet various people, to befriend people that most american statesman would stay well away from. he seems to not have very high standards in terms of who he would like to meet
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with, so that is kind ofa with, so that is kind of a different situation. so, i guess in all this chaos that we live with every day in washington and elsewhere, maybe it has borne some fruit with respect of this chaotic country called north korea. christopher hill there, former assista nt christopher hill there, former assistant secretary of state, former us envoy speaking to kasia madera. kim duyeon is visiting fellow for the korean peninsula forum. she's in seoul. forgive me, we have spoken to so many people about this, we have very little time. i just want to ask you because you will know, is it possible that we have gone from months of bloodcurdling threats and brinkmanship to negotiations? actually, i would sound a word of caution. aside from kim jong—un extending a hand to meet with the leader of the united states, this is actually following his predecessor's
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playbook, this is in line with the country's objectives to extract as many concessions as it wants, while buying time during negotiations. so this is really the start of a very long, complicated road a very complex issues and that is really because the us and north korea are fundamentally opposed on the nuclear issue. we have seen the north say that it would never surrender its nuclear weapons, and the north also taking advantage of the fact that us and south korean administrations change every few years due to elections. just briefly if you can, i know it is a big question, but as a guide to how we should look at power north korea should be treated, we should not forget that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people being appallingly treated in north korea. this is a regime that does not really care about its people, it cares about its survival. what i think north korea
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wa nts survival. what i think north korea wants from this? well, north korea wa nts to wants from this? well, north korea wants to be treated as a nuclear power on an equal footing with the us. it wants arms—control talks and not to give up its nuclear weapons, and so the points you raise a very important and valid. we are dealing with human rights abuses and so president trump, if and when he meets kim jong—un, he should certainly treat kim jong—un like the leader of a sovereign country, it sure, but there are very tough, complicated issues that the north really needs to show in action that it is serious to be a peaceloving state, as it tries to portray itself to be. it needs proven action that it will abide by international norms and rules, that it will really contribute to peace by surrendering its nuclear weapons, but their track record is not good. we have seen them cheat on many agreements and so... we must leave it there. thank
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you so much for talking to us, thank you so much for talking to us, thank you so much for talking to us, thank you so much for being with us. good morning. it's been a bit of a rollercoaster start to spring. this weekend, we could see some of the warmest air of the year so far. but, whilst we finished yesterday with some clear skies around, those clear skies overnight will lead to a frosty start to friday morning. so a cold start, but a bright start across many areas. we've got some rain and snow flurries across the highlands of scotland, and any early brightness will be hazy sunshine towards the channel islands, devon and cornwall. and that cloud will drift its way northwards, turning the sunshine hazy through the morning across other southern areas. best of the sunshine, really, through the day — northern england, southern scotland and northern ireland. parts of southern scotland will see good sunny spells at times, but one or two further showers to come here. a pleasant day, though, once you're in the sunshine. but by the end of the afternoon, those temperatures could reach ten to 11 degrees. we will see rain spread across devon, cornwall, and other southern counties of england. that's going to work its way northwards as we go through friday evening, pushing through wales, into the midlands, and parts of east anglia as well.
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and it's all linked into this warm front. now, on it, we'll see some heavy pulses of rain through the night and into saturday morning. but it's what follows in its wake which many of you will notice. some very mild air working its way to all but northern scotland by the end of the day. now, it means it's going to be a fairly mild weekend, compared to what we've been used to of late, but you'll have to cater for at least a little bit of rain at some points. now, the wettest weather to start saturday will stretch from east anglia, northern england, north wales, into northern ireland. as that hits colder air across scotland, on the hills we will see a spell of snow, before it turns back to rain as the milder air pushes its way back in. england and wales will see sunny spells for a time, another batch of showers working through. but the big story, note the temperatures — 15, maybe 16 degrees, with a little bit of brightness through the middle part of the day, across parts of the east midlands and east anglia especially. now, through saturday night and into sunday, that area of rain and hill snow clears its way northwards,
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takes the milder air into scotland as well. so it's a frost—free night forjust about all as we go maybe one or two spots in the east could see a temporary frost, but a little bit of morning sunshine. but sunday at the moment not shaping up to be too bad a day. we're likely to see some breezy conditions in the west, with some showers around. just got to watch this area of rain pushing into the near continent. looks like it will stay in the north sea, but it could be a bit further west. so east anglia and the south—east, check your forecast for sunday nearer the time, because there could be some rain very close by. some of the brightest weather will be in scotland. a frosty night to come here, to take us into monday, but low pressure to start the week means many of you will start the week with showers. bye for now. this is bbc news, the headlines: an historic announcement about north korea at the white house has confirmed that donald trump has agreed to hold talks with kim jong—un, in what would be the first ever meeting between a serving american president and a north korean leader. the south korean envoy praised
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mr trump's uncompromising stance for adding to the pressure on north korea. north korea has agreed also agreed to halt nuclear and missile tests. the white house said the trump administration looked forward to the denuclearisation of north korea but in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain on pyongyang. japan's prime minister has welcomed the change by has asked for maximum pressure to remain. much more on all of this any time on the bbc website. now on bbc news, thursday in parliament.
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