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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 9, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm GMT

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representation at all levels, and a by lord brooke. we are supporting businesses to get more women into senior leadership. 9796 97% of all uk workforce is now offer some form of flexible working. as a mother, i will agree with the noble lady, childcare is one of the biggest challenges that any family faces when they are deciding to structure their family going forward. we have introduced tax childcare to help working families. we have our wide—ranging debate on the noble lord gave us a stunning tour de force of the world of women in sport. he paid tribute my right honourable friend tracey crouch on
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the other place for two fiscal campaign and that this girl can. only occasionally because i am a lwa ys only occasionally because i am always too busy. this girl can, 11,000 organisations have registered. i'm sure that the noble lords we have some also bizarre sporting heroes and role models to come out of the winter olympics. including lizzy yarnold. lord addington also sold the benefits sport. i notice question on coaches and if you will forgive me, i would like to write in further and have the full facts at my fingertips. turning to my noble friend, lady
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mansour, she spoke movingly about a crime of the past that are still a crime of the past that are still a crime of the presents. this was also mentioned by lady wilde. large—scale sexual abuse and grooming in our cities must be tackled and indeed —— indeed it must be stopped. the noble lady, baroness gail spoke about sexual harassment in schools and the government is taking concrete action, we are working to make relationship and sex education mandatory in secondary schools and relationship education mandatory in primary school and the dfee is busy improving guidance available to schools so there will be publishing specific guidance on trial on child sexual harassment and sexual violence, revising the dfee guidance and consulting on proposals to strengthen safeguard guidance. those changes should come into effect in
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september 20 18th, so the government is not hanging around. the dfee is making sure all expert views are reflected including with an expert advisory group on wide consultation on both the content of the sex education programme and also keeping children in education. the noble lady baroness gail spoke about the domestic abuse consultation watched by her majesty's government today and mention why she felt the bill was solely focused on criminal justice and criminaljustice approach. the government is committed to doing everything it can to end domestic violence and the consultation seeks views on all sides, so from legislative and non—legislative action and we have to look at the different things the government can be doing to tackle this devastating abuse. the consultation and proposals for the abuse bill are all about intervening early, so we can get people the support they need, we have made
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clear in the consultation document da ryll culli na n clear in the consultation document daryll cullinan to review funding for safe accommodation, including refugees. this is why we are conducting the most thorough review of domestic abuse services we have ever undertaken, to make sure we get this absolutely right. the noble lady baroness thornton mentioned mental health and this is an area which is very close to my heart having worked in mental health provision in the past. the government is committed to achieving parity of esteem for mental health, iam parity of esteem for mental health, i am proud of our achievements and we have invested more than ever before in mental health spending an estimated £211.6 billion. additional investment to improve services for eating disorders which disproportionately affect women and we have introduced the first waiting time standards for mental health. turning to the topic of apprenticeships, which was raised by the noble lady baroness gail, we are
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using the employer apprenticeship diversity champions then work to champion gender representation in industries where improvement is needed. also, the recently published careers guidance strategy includes a commitment to ensuring that stem encounters, that means meeting with people from stem organisations. such as employers and apprenticeships. they are built into the school career programme by updating the statutory guidance. baroness gail also mentioned encouraging women into engineering and as a former engineer myself, i think this is a great thing. this is the year of engineering and there are many programmes that we have already invested into encourage the take—up of subjects and courses. we announced substantial spending commitments on maths and digital and on technical education. those will
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be very important. baroness hossain mentioned the particular challenges they can face. we are committed to addressing these issues. exactly. make a call is full cage. he attacked a pool table and ranks alongside nicky getting previous moments, the reason it works as this. if you have a horrorfilm like this, taz taylor central truth at
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the heart of it than the central truth is that these parents bitterly resent the fact. they were once young, crazy, free—spirited, nick cage and now their lives have changed because they have dedicated themselves to looking at the children, so although what happens isa children, so although what happens is a supernatural manifestation, as clawing away at that idea that these resentments are actually real things. it's a really odd film, not for everyone, very taboo breaking, dealing with a very taboo issue, pa rents dealing with a very taboo issue, parents turning on children and we have seen plenty of movies this gay children, whether its village of the dammed or the exorcist. it works up toa dammed or the exorcist. it works up to a point, is completely bonkers and several moments you think this is just preposterous but it works because it's got the central core idea and it's not afraid to over a crank itself and i enjoyed it but i was very aware i crank itself and i enjoyed it but i was very aware i was crank itself and i enjoyed it but i was very aware i was watching it as a horrorfan
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was very aware i was watching it as a horror fan but was very aware i was watching it as a horrorfan but not for was very aware i was watching it as a horror fan but not for everyone. you might find an uncomfortable as a parent. the moment it works the best are those moments. when it taps into that idea that this is outrageous, this is terrible but it is tapping into the parental resentment, which isa into the parental resentment, which is a very taboo idea. not for everybody but if you are a horror farm and if you like films like american myriad keys, offbeat, strange, quirky american horror movies that they are to go into dark places, then it's an interesting film. it's genuinely horrifying? is thenjenny film. it's genuinely horrifying? is then jenny visited italy nicely which are slightly different. i think we get the distinction! what is out as well? fantastic women. wonderful story about the transgender woman wonderful story about the tra nsgender woman atelea vea wonderful story about the transgender woman atelea vea shut out of her life when her lover dies and the family descends. it has a brilliant performance by daniela vega who is wonderful, really mesmerising, great screen presence
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and carries the movie. greatjob of mixing. realists, gritty story elements with moments of fantasy and one point it turns into a musical fantasia in which she levitates, another moment she walks down the street and the wind is blowing and almost like a supernatural wins and the film is about finding identity and place, set a new name, saying i am arena. i have said a few times and every time i have seen it i have seen more and every time i have seen it i have seen more in it, it's well worth watching and deserved oscar winner. my watching and deserved oscar winner. my recommendation. bestie bd. telling of a secret deal. it's interesting because it was at the cannes film festival the same time as the lynne ramsay fettle and they shared the prize for best screenwriting. this is a very odd story about a medic who has a secret in his past, it starts up looking like it was a kind of strange social
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satire and then turned into a full—blooded horror movie, is more horrifying than anything in my mind that, it is genuinely disturbing at the end. it's a film, again, in which it sold to do with the way in which it sold to do with the way in which the story is told rather than the story itself, it makes a interesting double bull with the lynne ramsay movie and the lynne ramsay movie, everybody has to go i see it. quite a lot on which lowers horror and social satire. horror is ina horror and social satire. horror is in a fantastic period, a dozen bulega single genre, we're seeing horror inflecting ahold of other areas and that was my... i grew up on horror movies. it's absolutely a horror movie and people said it wasn't when it got nominated for oscars because that's always a thing that scares people off. there's a horror movie in the tradition of social satire and has elements of comedy. horror can inflect everything. it is the genre to end all genres. it is your favourite!
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guedes. thank you very much indeed. quick reminder before google that you will find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at on website. all our previous programmes are of the bci player as well. that's it for this week, thank you for watching us, goodbye. we are beginning to see our weather changing turning more unsettled, rain on the way for this weekend but before we get there, what a special picture this is. clear skies in cumbria today, the cumbrian fells com pletely cumbria today, the cumbrian fells completely snow—covered, what a beautiful picture thank you for that one. the weather is on the town and if we were down towards the south—west, an area of low pressure and this weather front working in, one of these wiggly weather fans that will bring us bursts of rain
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and that will move its way down across our neck of the woods. the rain has already arrived across parts of southern england, getting in across wales, the midlands and into east anglia. the rain turning heavier at the moment in central and southern england, the south—east of england and it will be quite wet here over the next couple of hours with some fairly heavy bursts of rain. the band wet weather will continue tojenny north and by the end of the night the rain will have reached northern ireland, getting into northern england as well and the south—westerly winds blowing. it will turn quite windy overnight and those wins will be dredging up some mildly, saw temperatures overnight listening to around ten or 11 degrees london and cardiff by the end of the night with clear skies in scotland. it will be called here, cold enough for some patches of frost. looking ahead to this weekend's meant weather menu, a lot going on, turning increasingly u nsettled going on, turning increasingly unsettled and that means we hold spells of rain, yes turning milder but brisk winds around on saturday and those winds easing on sunday and
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often the weather is good to be pretty cloudy. he is the pressure chart, this is why it is turning u nsettled, chart, this is why it is turning unsettled, low pressure of the british isles and some weather fronts moving our way. we see the first bringing a band of rain across northern ireland, pushing across northern england and scotland, where there will be snow across the highest mountains for a time but as the milder air arise, the snow will turn back to rain. further south, the rain will be lingering around for most of the afternoon across wales northwest england when it will bea wales northwest england when it will be a miserable day with occasional bright spells in these we could see temperatures listening to reach highs of 15 degrees. for most of us, there will be rain around on saturday and on sunday, more rain on the forecast. a band of rain coming in to what southern areas of inler before spreading to wales and the midlands, that rain will be quite heavy and potentially with a few rumbles of thunder as well. turning marshmallows, , rumbles of thunder as well. turning marshmallows,, temperatures 10 celsius and with lighter winds and more site in itsjute celsius and with lighter winds and more site in its jute fuel a celsius and with lighter winds and more site in itsjute fuel a good deal more pleasant as we go through the next 2a hours. the army on the streets of salisbury, as specialist officers
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arrive to deal with the scene of the nerve agent attack. military equipment and personnel trained in chemical warfare make an unusual sight in the market town. they have the detection equipment that will allow them to properly, safely and very detailed survey of those areas, and if there is any contamination, they can then safely remove that and have it destroyed. the people of salisbury are urged to stay calm. the former russian spy and his daughter are still critically ill. also tonight: after the insults, a surprise meeting is to take place between president trump and the leader of north korea. britain close to signing a multi—billion pound deal to supply saudi arabia with 48 typhoon fighterjets. why increasing numbers of young british muslim women are deciding to wear a headscarf.
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