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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 9, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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wrote a book with historian who wrote a book with former agent alexander litvinenko. from salisbury to korea and the news that donald trump will be meeting north korea's kim jong—un face—to—face. we will speak to a former uk ambassador to north korea about how important this meeting will be. and later on, we will be discussing to my‘s front pages in the papers. so that is all ahead and bbc news, but now it's time for sportsday. good evening. very good evening to dublin, ireland. i'mjohn watson. we're here in dublin, where ireland could win their third six nations title in five years. coming up on the programme tonight... could it be a third six nations title for ireland in five yea rs 7 nations title for ireland in five years? they could seal it here this weekend. england will need
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experienced heads but are without one this weekend. captain dylan hartley injured, so owen farrell steps up. it is an opportunity for him to show he's capable of being a captain in the future. also coming up, the game that could decide the best of the rest in the premier league. we preview manchester united against liverpool, second against the third ahead of their meeting tomorrow lunchtime. yes, and welcome to dublin, where the six nations title could be settled on this penultimate weekend of the competition. ireland in the driving seat after three wins from their opening three fixtures. while scotland's victory over england kept their hopes alive. that was two weeks ago. england and
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eddiejones know that was two weeks ago. england and eddie jones know another defeat that was two weeks ago. england and eddiejones know another defeat in this tournament could leave their hopes of a third successive six nations title hanging by a thread. let's remind ourselves of those big talking point from the third round. he's done ed! —— done it! he's done ed! -- done it! still going, with the ball, it over! is it going, with the ball, it over! is it going to be an interception? taken by jason stockdale. it going to be an interception? taken byjason stockdale. it will be a celebration in dublin. jones! out
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wide, it comes to maitland for the try. george, what a score! for the first time in ten years, scotland will drink from the calcutta cup. thrilling stuff, wasn't it? this is the lie of the land heading into the fourth round of fixtures this weekend. we know ireland will be crowned 6—nation champions if they can beat scotland here tomorrow and then england lose to france in paris. this is how the table looks. ireland in front on iii points. ireland on iii points — win tomorrow and defeat for england in paris, the title is theirs. england trail ireland by five points. scotland and wales can still win it, although we would need a pretty outrageous sequence of events for that to happen. but not a mathematic impossibility.
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ireland up against scotland's first tomorrow afternoon at 2:15pm, then france against england at lizlispm and wales against italy on sunday at 3pm. joining me to discuss this is: greg cork to offer up the scottish respect. use the play sevens rugby. let's talk ireland, they are in the driving seat. do you they will wrap up driving seat. do you they will wrap up the six six nations? ireland haven't met a six nations match at the aviva stadium and thatjoe schmidt. they have won 19 of the last 20 games. for scotland, they have to look at the fact they beat england in the calcutta cup. they come here with a lot of confidence but it will be a huge challenge coming to ireland's backyard and trying to turn over the irish team. we know how impressive scotland have been, but italy that win over england in the calcutta cup which has thrown the tournament open. as we know, scotland, very difficult
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for them to win away from home. two wins away from murrayfield on the six nations. why so tough to win on the road for them? it is tough for every tea m. the road for them? it is tough for every team. the irish record here, you have that real familiarity, you have your own crowd, there is an element of you want to perform for your home team, for your home crowd, sorry. scotland have tried to do as much as they can to keep things familiar before the game at twickenham last year and at the beginning of this six nations they did their team beginning of this six nations they did theirteam run beginning of this six nations they did their team run in scotland and flew down as late as possible. that hasn't worked. they have come here and on their captain's run. it is now making the players aware of what the situation is. for scotland, it is so important how they start this game. down in wales, they got blown away in the first ten minutes and then the belief starts to go. against england, they started really well, got ahead on the scoreboard on the belief groups, they got the
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crowd behind them. coming to ireland, to dublin tomorrow, they have to start well. try and quieten the crowd. there are some doubts in the crowd. there are some doubts in the irish team if they can go on and win this six nations. how difficult will it be? as a player, when you are contending with an environment and atmosphere like this, that must be quite tough, especially knowing how good ireland are here, having not lost in dublin and a joe schmidt in the six nations, quite some record. incredibly impressive and a huge challenge for scotland. i think the way ireland play, the way they dominate possession in their three games so dominate possession in their three games so far this season they have had over 60% of the ball. they have a complete stranglehold on the game. so for scotland to come here and challenge that, much like they did against england, they have to do their basics very, very well. they have to make as few mistakes as possible. ireland have scored six tries off turnovers in the six nations so far. scotland have to be
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really tight when ireland give them possession, keep a hold of it and when they create their chances, which we know they will with finn russell and the likes, they have to finish these often get points on the scoreboard. he has been dynamite so far, integral to the scottish victory over england last time out. some notable absentees in the england ranks, as we showed you at the top of the programme. some important players returning to ireland. let's find out how the teams are shaping up heading into the fourth round. there is a quiet confidence about the irish squad here at their training camp. little or no talk of a possible grand slam, as all be focus remains on the next hurdle. a resurgent scottish side. gary breen rose's return from injury as timely as he becomes the third player to don the famous number 13 jersey in this year's six nations championship, following injuries to henshaw and farrell. lions tight head prop returns in place of andrew
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porter, but iain henderson has to make do with a place on the bench. scotla nd make do with a place on the bench. scotland haven't won in dublin since 2000 tenths. ireland haven't lost their since 2013, so this promises to bea their since 2013, so this promises to be a thrilling start to the six nations weekend. a couple of weeks after that thrilling win over england here at murrayfield and scotland, in the words of try scorer sean maitland, are still buzzing. but there is a feeling they will have to raise their game even higher for their next big challenge, winning away in dublin. gregor townsend made just one change to his starting 15 for that, bringing in kinghorn to replace tommy seymour, who is injured. it is a match that could make or break scotland's hopes of becoming six nations champions for the first time. the england boss eddiejones says he loves the challenge of responding to a defeat. after the loss against scotla nd a defeat. after the loss against scotland at murrayfield, many questions have been asked of this england side. jones has made a
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fascinating selection. brown left out, jonathanjoseph fascinating selection. brown left out, jonathan joseph left fascinating selection. brown left out, jonathanjoseph left out, and for the first time underjones, no dyla n for the first time underjones, no dylan hartley in the match day squad. the regular captain has a ca lf squad. the regular captain has a calf injury which opens the door for 0wen farrell to lead the side. farrell for many years seen as the heir apparent as the england skipper. he is a spiky and confrontational character and when jones was asked what kind of leader and what kind of player farrell should be he said 0wen farrelljust needs to be 0wen farrell. ten changes and a new captain for wales, as they prepare to take on italy at the principality stadium this sunday. scarlets flanquart james davies is set to win his first cap. ina james davies is set to win his first cap. in a back road that sees faletau return at number eight. he will captain wales for the very first time. it is won won and lost two, wales no longer title contenders in this year's optician but warren gatland says despite the sweeping changes this team is an
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exciting prospect and he will be hoping for plenty of tries and a convincing win this weekend over italy. yes, warren gatland ringing the changes for wales but determined to play an exciting brand of rugby, which they have done throughout this tournament so far if results have gone their way. let's talk england. 0wen farrell stepping up to captain in the absence of dylan hartley. what do you think he will bring to the team that dylan hartley won't, in his absence question at 0wen farrell is one of the form players for england for a number of years 110w. for england for a number of years now. he touched on the fact lead by example first and foremost. he is the kind of player that does that, whether a scuffle in the tunnel before the game against scotland, quality operator, him and george ford when england play well, they controlled the game. farrell gets in the right areas, his basic skills is so the right areas, his basic skills is so good and he demands so much of the players around him that really inspired the english players. three changes for the england side. four
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in personnel, imposition or changes. interesting to note when tea 0live has come back into the centre because his opponent is 19 stone, a back and heavier than the english border, he will take some stopping. if anyone will stop him it is ben te'o. they might work on the fact he can't turn as quickly as the nimble centres but if he runs straight at him, it will be some collision. he will take some stopping, won't he? he is an absolute unit and he could punch a hole in that english defence tomorrow. 0ne punch a hole in that english defence tomorrow. one word and wales, because as we said at the start of the tournament, their side was virtually built on that scarlets bedrock. a lot of the players had been very influential throughout the
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tournament. they have played well and some good rugby but results haven't really gone their way? they we re haven't really gone their way? they were convincing in their demolition of scotla nd were convincing in their demolition of scotland first up and didn't quite click against england. they had opportunities against ireland but didn't quite turn that into a victory. ten changes, a big statement from warren gatland, backing his wider squad. not disrespectful because of the quality of the players that have come on, and he's right, toby falatau and liam williams back in at full—back. interested to see james davies, the scarlets open side, who has been a real nuisance around the breakdown, a quality operatorfor real nuisance around the breakdown, a quality operator for them. real nuisance around the breakdown, a quality operatorfor them. how will he go on the international stage? it'll be fascinating. wales will want to chalk a win if they can. stay with us, plenty more later. plenty to come from live here in dublin tonight. looking ahead to the women's six nations as well. 20 of action to come this weekend, with
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what is essentially a winner take all between england and france, both teams locked on 15 points at the top of the table. what a fascinating contest that be tomorrow. let me hand you back to salford now for the rest of the day's sport. thank you. back to dublin a little later. changing the shape of the ball and sportsday. now with the premier league title race all but over with manchester city so far clear, it's about the battle for second. and that could go a long way to being decided tomorrow lunchtime in the stand out fixture of the weekend. manchester united against liverpool is arguably the fiercest rivaly in english football... and only two points separate them in second and third respectively. my myjob is to prepare my players the best i can for every match. a fan is afan, a best i can for every match. a fan is a fan, a professional is a professional, and you have do face every match with the same mentality. so for me, i don't get that enemy, i
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don't get that match means ten points. that much is three points. liverpool is a historical rival, yes, but in a positive way. it's the biggest game i can imagine, and so we are really looking forward to it. but how it always is in these games, they are difficult as well. we need to be at 100%, if not even a few more to get something there. but, of course, that's the plan. i think it's a good moment to go there, but it's still an unbelievably difficult moment. manchester united has outstanding quality. a 12:30pm kick—off. some big games at the other end of the table later in the day. huddersfield and swansea, both on 30 points and just three above the relegation zone, will hope to put more daylight between themselves and the bottom three. newcastle face southampton — those two sides both sitjust above the relegation zone.
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time is running out for alan pardew and west brom, they welcome leicester to the hawthorns. west ham, still not safe by any means, face burnley. chelsea take on palace in the evening game. on sunday, arsenal take on watford while tottenham travel to bournemouth. runaway leaders manchester city are at stoke on monday. meanwhile, pep guardiola won't be wearing a yellow ribbon on the touchline at stoke. he's been fined £20,000 and warned about his future conduct by the fa for showing his support for imprisoned pro—independence politicians in his native catalonia. the manchester city boss admitted the charge of wearing a political message. plenty of rivalries renewed in the scottish premiership this weekend. indeed, the derbies start tonight. edinburgh bragging rights are at stake when hibernian take on hearts this evening, while on sunday rangers and celtic meet in the old firm derby at ibrox. leaders celtic have a six point lead over second placed rangers. chris mclaughlin looks ahead. this weekend on the south side of
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glasgow, we will witness a familiar noise and colour. all the tension and passion that goes along with the old firm fixture. but the build—up to this one has felt a little different. after years to this one has felt a little different. after yea rs of to this one has felt a little different. after years of celtic domination, this one doesn't quite have the feel of a mismatch. in terms of graeme murty against brendan rodgers, two games and two draws but its recent form is intriguing. since the beginning of the year, rangers have taken 19 points from seven games played. celtic have played one game fewer but trail on 13 points. today, graeme murty said... this was the last match up at ibrox, a fairly comfortable celtic 2—0 win. goals from leigh griffiths andy roddick. it is six years since
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rangers triumphed over their rivals at home. i think they've got a number of new players who have come in injanuary, said this will be their first, a sample of the pressure the game involves, and is a totally different game. but, like i say, we respect their qualities and try to focus on our own game. that can his opposite number get the better of him? the job he's done is remarkable. they went into the game full of confidence, with belief. we knew celtic couldn't repeat last season, it was a one—off. they set incredible standards. they have dropped below, times this season and has given rangers the opportunity to close that gap a wee bit. i think if both teams play as well as they can, celtic are the better side. both teams play as well as they can, celtic are the better sidelj both teams play as well as they can, celtic are the better side. i think the 5th of february, rangers were 14 points behind celtic. now they have the opportunity to go three points behind. in recent years, there have been
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many dark days here but also lots of false dawns at victory for rangers over celtic on sunday would mark a genuine milestone in thejourney back to where they so desperately wa nt to back to where they so desperately want to be. at last, there's some real expectation. now they have to live up to it. an interesting fixture. also this weekend, dundee face saintjohnstone. hamilton take on motherwell in a lanarkshire derby. kilmarnock welcome ross county, and third placed aberdeen travel to partick thistle. the winter paralympics are underway in pyonchang. it all started with the opening ceremony earlier which was held in freezing conditions and featured illuminated fish, giant snowmen and k pop. the first events get underway tonight, with paralympics gb set a target of winning seven medals. 0ur reporter kate grey is there for us. it was less than two weeks ago that the olympics drew to a close here in
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pyeongchang and now it is the turn of the paralympics. the crowd were treated to a spectacular opening ceremony treated to a spectacular opening ceremony with dramas, dancers and a bear on ceremony with dramas, dancers and a bearona ceremony with dramas, dancers and a bear on a snowboard. regardless of the weather fears in the lead up to the weather fears in the lead up to the ceremony, it all went off without a hitch. looking ahead to the action, plenty to look forward to on day one, particularly in the alpine skiing. the downhill event. fitzpatrick and her guide will go up against team—mates knight and her guide. both hot favourites for medals. elsewhere, scott mina will go in the nordic skiing, the first time great britain have been represented in this sport in 20 yea rs. represented in this sport in 20 years. finally, the wheelchair curlers will begin their campaign. they will be up against the world champions, norway. plenty to look forward to on day one of these games. serena williams has won her first game on the wta tour since becoming a mother. the 23—time major winner reached the second round at indian wells with a straight sets victory over kazakhstan‘s zarina diyas. 0ur tennis correspondent russell fuller is in california. she played very impressively, i
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thought, given it is only six months and she gave birth. also very, very difficult circumstances. she suffered a pulmonary embolism and spent the first six weeks of motherhood in bed. yet here she was back on tour. she wasn't perfect, there was plenty of rust in evidence but striking the ball sweetly and housley and you can see she enjoyed herself as well. you don't often see that from serena williams. by her own admission, she is normally concentrating on the job at hand. 0n this occasion, it was that delight in being back in a professional tennis tournament after such a long period on the sidelines. a good deal of focus about the british competitors. if anyone has an nemesis is victoria azarenka. even though she has been away from the tourfor though she has been away from the tour for a though she has been away from the tourfor a while she's though she has been away from the tour for a while she's in the middle of custody dispute. her son is unable to leave the state of california and that is why she put her tennis career on hold since the
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wimbledon championships last year. despite the gap, azarenka was too strong for heather watson. three players still left in the single straw. kyle edmund won't start until sunday. he gets a buyer for the second round. today, starting in the next half an hour, johanna konta plays her first match against the czech teenager, and also cameron nouri playing his first round match. playing a fellow qualifier. not bad for a guy who was still in college this time last year! the continuing controversy surrounding team sky doesn't seem to be affecting their race performances after geraint thomas took the lead in the tirreno adriatico race in italy. the briton finished fourth on today's third stage, but that was enough to move him up to the top of the overall standings. team mate chris froome is in third place, three seconds off the lead. before the day's racing got underway he gave his backing to his boss sir dave brailsford, following the critical mps' select committee enquiry.
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from the conception of the team in 2010, there has been a lot of things that have changed in the team, a lot of procedures and checks which have been put in place since then. it's like anything, anything involves over. . . like anything, anything involves over... i mean this team started in 2010, so ats, nine years the team has been going. so naturally, everything will evolve. do you back rails but staying as team principal? yes, yes i did. —— said dave b ra ilsfo rd yes, yes i did. —— said dave brailsford staying as team principal? hazard yes, i do. let's round up some of the day's other sports news now and team sky are also taking part in the paris—nice race, but not going quite so well there with wout poels crashing out. today's sixth stage was won by france's rudy molard. luis leon sanchez retained the overall lead. simon yates is the highest placed briton in seventh overall, 45 seconds off the lead. mclaren ended the final day of formula one preseason testing on a high, with fernando alonso
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second quickest behind the ferrari of kimi raikkonen. despite an engine problem keeping alonso in the pits forfive hours, team boss eric boullier said they were minor issues and "very quickly we are going to get back to normal." tiger woods has a share of the clubhouse lead during the second round of the valspar championship in florida. he hit a 68 today to finish 4—under par, alongside three others including englishman paul casey. that is it from me for the moment, so that is it from me for the moment, so time to return back tojohn watson who is in dublin for us. yes, many thanks indeed. where the stage is set for the first of those six nations matches to come in the fourth round this week and custom ireland up against scotland here at the aviva stadium tomorrow. as we know, victory for ireland over scotland and defeat for england against france in paris would see
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ireland crowned six nations champions. who would have predicted this on this penultimate weekend press we re ever this on this penultimate weekend press were ever looking to that final match, their potential six nations showdown between england and ireland on the final weekend. but, of course scotland upset that without rather impressive victory over england in the calcutta cup two weeks ago. if it was tight in the men's tempted back it couldn't be tighter in the women's. england and france locked on 15 points apiece. it isa france locked on 15 points apiece. it is a winner takes all in france tomorrow, where england travel to ta ke tomorrow, where england travel to take on to take france. it could not be tighter. let's find out how things start in the women's tournament. mathematically the title, we decided this weekend but on this evidence, only england look capable of stopping france. having dispatched
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scotla nd stopping france. having dispatched scotland and ireland, the blues playing in white, never gave italy a look in. they wrapped up 22 points in the first half alone. by the time they added their eighth in stoppage time, france had already wrapped up a half—century. almost more impressively, they have only conceded three points in three games. ahead of them on points difference are england, who shone under the friday night lights. waterman scored international try number 45. not to let waterman hogged the limelight, charlotte pierce dazzled with two of her own. taking centre stage from the bench wes clark. she became the most capped prop in test rugby before waterman completed the emphatic win. when we kept it tight and dominated set piece, it gave us great front football. credit to our pack for that. scotland are a good side. this isa that. scotland are a good side. this is a tough match to come to appear in scotland. three matches in and
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neither ireland wales look like collecting the wooden spoon or title. after falling two scores down, wales called themselves within sight of their hosts. that simply made the girls in green angry. despite being down to 14, they extended their lead and two more tries followed that the irish in pole position to be best of the rest. we can see how tight it is at the top of the women's six nations. england have some key players back. who do you fancy, france or england, to ta ke who do you fancy, france or england, to take the title? i think england going there with the captain coming back, the fact they have beaten france the last couple of times they have played them. incredibly tough going over to grenoble but i will face england to turnover and impressive french outfit who defensively have only conceded three points all tournament, which is impressive. we will wait to see. a
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fascinating end. scotland can take heart from the fact in the men's tournament, as far as those away wins in the six nations though, their last game here in dublin eight yea rs their last game here in dublin eight years ago. can they get one again tomorrow? good night. brian 0'driscoll, his first try in this —— in this six nations. the try is scored. drop goal attempt. good attempt, he's celebrating already, dan parks. a good nudge and the celebrations start from dan parks, he knew as soon as he struck it. scotla nd he knew as soon as he struck it. scotland avoid the wooden spoon and a six nations that had so much promise for scotland has finally delivered victory. a first victory here in dublin since 1998. good evening. friday brought
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sunshine for many, but things have been changing down to the south. cloud and rain has been spreading its way in and that will continue to push northwards overnight. for scotland, dry with clear spells and pretty cold, widespread frost. down to the south by the end of the night, temperatures around 10—11d. that is the theme for the weekend, very mild indeed. spells of rain at times, not all the time but there will often be a lot of cloud. 0n saturday, the wet weather continues to slide northwards. as against scotland, could be some snow over higher ground. across england, wales, further bands passing from west to east but in between those rain bands, where we get some breaks in the cloud and sunshine, temperatures well up into double
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digits, maybe 15—16. sunday, misty fog to start, then spells of sunshine, scattered showers in the south and still feeling mild. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7:00pm: after months of trading insults, president trump and the north korean leader kim jong—un agree to meet face to face. almost 200 military personnel, trained in chemical warfare, are deployed in salisbury after the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter. they have the detection equipment that will allow them to properly, safely and very detailed survey of those areas and if there is any contamination, they can safely remove that and have it destroyed. britain seeks an exemption from america's tough new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium. also in the next hour... a former hospital consultant in north lanarkshire has been convicted of possessing firearms with intent to endanger life.
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