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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 9, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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hello and welcome two sports a. the penultimate weekend of the six nations could be in a pivotal weekend for ireland, if they beat scotla nd weekend for ireland, if they beat scotland in dublin and england lose in paris, the title will be theirs. it is also we the footballing rivalries. a variant beat hearts fully fit time in and read ari. and root roy walters in florida. —— rory mcilroy. hello again. the six nations title
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could be settled on this penultimate weekend of the competition. ireland are in the driving scene with three from three. england are aware that another defeat could end their third shot at it in a row. here isjoe wilson. in dublin, they light up this week: undefeated ireland versus rejuvenated scotland. both teams should be confident. both are in contention. if ireland when, they could be six nations champions by saturday night. in scotland when, then everything seems wide open. round out a bit england. the group has confidence, but they also have awareness of how good ireland are. and how good we will have to be to win, and we will have to be better than we were against england. we are excited to get back out of the field and get going again. but you know there are nervous and a little bit
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of, you know, worried about the threat of scotland bring. dublin's match would about the rugby they bring. kids kick off fragile grants versus uncertain england? with me and all marsel, england must beat the french. they have disk or four tries for a bonus point to stay inside of ireland. england have made big changes, some enforced by injury. there is a new man taking the captains responsibility. you try to be aggressive in the right times. you are to become and clearheaded. to be able to make the decisions. and i think that is where i have thoroughly matured a bit over the yea rs. thoroughly matured a bit over the years. but at the same time, when the opportunity arises to be aggressive, yet to make sure you are in it. a good friend suddenly be brilliant? not even poirot knows,
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and that is jettisoned poirot, deie brock. —— jefferson. and that is jettisoned poirot, deie brock. ——jefferson. the and that is jettisoned poirot, deie brock. —— jefferson. the weekend and that is jettisoned poirot, deie brock. ——jefferson. the weekend of by brock. ——jefferson. the weekend of rugby has restarted, and bath beat northampton 13— i2. leivo douglas was working at muddy and scored the only try of the match. similarly so we in the pro a0 match, scarlett ‘s had a draw with leinster, making it can have on ten. looks like st helens ago detects and stop against super league this season. tonight's 30 points to 12 victory is their fifth win out of five. they
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controlled the match and scored five tries against their local rivals at, including a hat—trick. so then it is a weekend derbies and renewed rivalries for both england and scotland. manchester united against liverpool is the pick of the fixtures in the premier league, before the old firm match between celtic and ranges. hibernian beat hearts. german parent with a result before beyond doubt before the end. they are a point behind aberdeen and well clear of their edinburgh rivals. with the premier league title race all but over, with manchester city so far clear, it is about the battle for second, perhaps, and that could be a long
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wait to be decided with the standout feature of the weekend going. manchester united against liverpool. arguably the fiercest rivalry in british football. 0nly arguably the fiercest rivalry in british football. only two points separate them in second and third respectively. my job is to prepare my players the best they can for every match. a fan is a fan. a professional is a professional. and we have defaced every match with the same mentality. to me, i don't get that enemy. i don't get that match means ten points. no, that matches three points. and liverpool is a historical rival, yes, but in a positive, positive way. it is the biggest game that i can imagine. and so first of all, really looking forward to it, but how it will a lwa ys forward to it, but how it will always is in these games, they difficult as well. we need to be at 100%, difficult as well. we need to be at ioo%, if not a view more, so that we
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get something there. but of course, thatis get something there. but of course, that is the thing. it is a good moment to go there, but it is still unbelievably difficult. manchester united has outstanding quality. pep guardiola has been fined £20,000 and warned about his future conduct by the fa for wearing a yellow ribbon. he admitted a charge of wary a political message after it was seen during the thai against wigan. his only allowed to work before and after the match. he says is not political, but understands it is not in line with the rules and will not wear it. the first black coach has won manager of the month. they had an unbeaten record in a very, taking in clear of the relegation zone. after beating arsenal in their last game, they are up to 10th in the
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table. i think we have managed to do good recruiting, bringing in good types. but we have also not changed dramatically what we do on the pitch, and ifi dramatically what we do on the pitch, and if i am looking at a way of playing, we have not changed too much or try to make it too complicated. anaconda has suffered a surprise defeat at indian wells. she is the world number 11, but felt very loved down earlier to a play at a3 pleasant lover. she could not get control. she ensues to miami where she won the tournament last year. rory mcenroe's masters preparation suffered a setback. —— mcilroy.
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meanwhile, it tiger woods is in contention after his second round. he had a 68 today to finish four under par alongside three others including paul casey, who has not won a tournament since 2013. continuing controversy surrounding tea m continuing controversy surrounding team sky dishonesty to be performing their race performances after gareth thomas took the lead in italy. the briton finish fourth on today's that stage, moving up to the top of the overall standings. chris froome is in third place, three seconds off thomas' lead. before today's racing got underweight, chris froome gave a speech to his manager, whose position has been challenged. from the inception of the team back in 2010, there have been a lot of things that have changed, a lot of procedures and cheques that have been put in place since then. i mean, it is like anything. anything evolves over... the team started in
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2010. what is that? eight years, nine years, the team has been going? naturally, everything will evolve. do you back the team printable completely? yes, yes i do. the paris nice race is not done as well. six stages we re nice race is not done as well. six stages were won by louis mollard. the researchers kept the lead. finally, english cricketers are taking on new zealand in the fifth and deciding one—day international in christchurch. there has went to bat. you can give today with all the latest with lime commentary on bbc live. and there are updates on the website. and that is all from sports day now. enjoy your weekend. you can follow everything here, but for now,
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it is goodbye. hello there. it is looking much milder as we head into wars this weekend. we have had rain spreading from the south introducing milder airand the day from the south introducing milder air and the day went downhill quite quickly. we had early sunshine across south—western england. that rain really became quite resistant to the afternoon and into the evening. there is this pixel of cloud coming through into southern parts of the country. it brings the mother aryan, that you can see the extent of the rain. it will reach parts of northern ireland and southern scotland. west know that the high ground. —— the mild air in.
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further south, drier interludes by the end of the night. look at the rigid difference. ten or 11 degrees by the end of the night in the south. but still quite a sound one. it does mean that that is we can be mild airwillwind it does mean that that is we can be mild air will wind out. it will reach scotland as well. there will bea reach scotland as well. there will be a lot of rain this weekend, a lot of clouds. when you get the sunshine, that is when you will notice it averages. but it is a compact pattern of low pressure. this is the first one moving through overnight. this room, it will arrive overnight. this room, it will arrive overnight. it will bring some slow to the highlands. a slice of dry error to make their —— a slice of dry aircoming into error to make their —— a slice of dry air coming into the south. very
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wet afternoon for most of scotland, northern ireland, northern england as well. given some brightness, though, with the showery rain, we could see 1a, 15, 16 celsius. some of that rain will be quite heavy as it moves north. the saturday night, that grey continues to move northwards, clearing away. for many, it will be dry to saturday night. into sunday, we start on a dry note. probably some mist and cloud around, but the sunshine should break through, and it will be a dry day for many areas. in the south, the midlands, southern england and wales, there could be showers, it and —— and maybe some stores. this will continue into next week as well. this is bbc news. top stories: the
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white house says it wants to see concrete steps from north korea before a summit between president trump and kimjong—un can take place. a former us drug company executive who became infamous for hiking the price of a life—saving medicine is sentenced to seven years in prison. the british army on the streets of the city of salisbury as chemical warfare experts investigate the suspected poisoning of a former spy. and she was an american hero who disappeared without a trace 18 yea rs who disappeared without a trace 18 years ago. as the mystery surrounding aviation pay near amelia earhart‘s finally been sold? —— solved.
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