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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 10, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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brain and paris to our own weather. and from the brain and paris to our own weather. more of us tomorrow will see broken cloud and sunshine. a better, brighter picture for much of the uk tomorrow. here's how it looks going through this evening and tonight. we still got brain and he'll snow and skull in edging it was way northwards. many of us will turn drier into tonight. scotland, northern ireland, northern england close to freezing. a few fog patches, parts of wales, the midlands, east anglia into morning. some poor visibility around. into tomorrow, wednesday and some rain at times. much of scotland, northern ireland and northern england. broken cloud, sunny spells. the rest of england and for wales, with low— pressure england and for wales, with low—pressure close by, will have some showers from time to time. would be quite heavy with the freshening southeasterly wind as well. today we have had quite a big range of temperatures. tomorrow we are alla range of temperatures. tomorrow we are all a bit closer together. and now their day in scotland. the little bit cooler though, the further south you are. this is bbc news.
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our latest headlines: home secretary amber rudd has chaired a meeting of the government's cobra committee and says police have identified more than 200 witnesses in the investigation into the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter. this investigation is focused on making sure that we keep people safe asa making sure that we keep people safe as a priority. that is what the cobra meeting was about. and also making sure we collect all cobra meeting was about. and also making sure we collect all the evidence, so when it comes to attribution, we will be absolutely clear where it should lead. no more changes to exams and a reduction in teachers‘ workload — the promise of the education secretary as he attempts to resolve the school recruitment crisis. talks between the eu, japan and us on president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminium have broken up with no exemption agreed.
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the eu trade commissioner had called for the eu to be excluded from the tariffs. "a deal with north korea is very much in the making." the words of president trump on twitter as he agrees to a meeting with leader kim jong—un, but his spokeswoman says the summit won't happen unless washington sees concrete actions by pyongyang. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, olly foster, and jessica creighton. hello there. these are our headlines this evening: ireland are champions again. the six nations title is theirs after victory against scotland and england fall short in paris. a double for rashford sees united see off liverpool, but they are still 13 points behind city. and there's a silver
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for great britain on the opening day of the winter paralympics in south korea. also coming up in the programme: jonny be good! a ton from bairstow seals the one—day series against new zealand. and if you're good enough, you're old enough. meet the 11—year—old heading to australia to compete for wales in the commonwelath games. good evening. all today's football coming up but, in the last few minutes, ireland have won the six nations championship with a game to spare. they made it four wins out of four by beating scotland 28—8 in dublin. four ireland tries also saw them secure a bonus point. that put extra pressure on the reigning champions,
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england, in paris. they had to match the ireland result to keep the championship alive, but they came up short against france. it finished 22—16 at the stade de france. the title is ireland's and they will now look to complete the grand slam next weekend at twickenham. let's cross live to dublin and speak tojohn watson. john, thoroughly deserved by ireland, who have just seemd to get stronger game by game, but england have gone backwards. it has been hugely impressive from ireland. it has been the third six nations title now in five years following that four try bonus point victory over scotland in dublin earlier on today. england's failure to match that result sees them surrender the title and ireland have been the standout team in this tournament. it is 11 test wins in a i’ow tournament. it is 11 test wins in a row for ireland. that is a new irish
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record. they can dare to dream now of completing the grand slam if they can beat england at twickenham next weekend. for scotland, it has been a disappointing end to the campaign. the hopes of winning the title was still alive coming into the match with ireland earlier on today, but once again the failure to win away from home hampering their title hopes. they must address that if they are the one day realise their own six nations ambitions of lifting the title. let's round—up the first match of the day. for the host, the championships on the site and for the visitors, the rule rather the exception. ireland had been the most com plete tea m exception. ireland had been the most complete team in the tournament so far. jason stopped the most useful asset. the surprise package at the start of the competition but you should not be surprised when he crosses the line any more. scotland's own six nations win was
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mathematical possible but such rewards demand ruthlessness, something that escaped hugh rewards demand ruthlessness, something that escaped huthones. efficiency is something ireland having abundance. you needed to give stockdale another chance, his sixth of the championship. conor murray bundled over to extend the host‘ lead. scotland's school although well worked proved nothing more than a consequence. and then the crucial fourth try, the bonus point secured, ireland did their bit. a lot of pressure, a lot of people talking about it. we knew how good scotland were. there are a lot of good things in then the score up bonus point in six nations is a big feet. as always, there are things we can do better, but ultimately we are really ha p py can do better, but ultimately we are really happy to get big win. you will only get so many opportunities asa team
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will only get so many opportunities as a team against ireland. those opportunities would run pass them. frustrating, but pleasing, but tie. ireland had great opportunities. england needed tries in the match out in france today. they could not produce a single one in the first half. it was all penalties. owen farrell knocking one earlier on to get england into an early lead and added another. there was one from rangers well from elliot daly as england moved into a nine. they were pegged back, levelling things up 9—9 at half—time. what could england produce them in the second—half? they got off to the worst possible start as anthony watson gave away penalty try for a high tackle. that saw him receive a yellow card, and the writing was on the wall for england at that stage. they did
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manage to score one try. elliot daly providing a superb off—load for the winkerjonny may the crossover, but it raises serious questions for england because they were hoping to go on and win a third six nations title in a row, no one has ever achieved that. this is all being played out against the backdrop of the rugby world cup to come next year, that is what eddiejones has been tasked with, to oversee england go on and win that title. it does raise questions over the performance, the failure to solve those problems and difficulties when they present themselves out on the pitch as they did so against scotla nd pitch as they did so against scotland and failed to do so against france. perhaps the need for a genuine open side flanker to contest the breakdown, an area where they struggled against scotland, and why they only managed to score one try today when they had a very attacking side out on the field with the likes of anthony watson starting in full—back and jonny may and daily on
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the wing. they failed to score the four tries they needed, it sees england surrender the six nations title, and ireland potentially could go on and wrap up the grand slam if they can beat england at twickenham next weekend. one thing is not in doubt though, ireland had been the standout performers in this tournament so far, and they are well worthy of another six nations title. thank you very much for the updates in dublin. it's been a busy day in the premier league. six results are in. they are into the second half at stamford bridge in the late kick—off. the lunchtime match was at old trafford, where manchester united beat their great rivals, liverpool, 2—1. marcus rashford scored both united goals in his first league start since late december. that made the trip worthwhile for the england manager, gareth southgate, who was at the match. united stay second, 13 points behind manchester city, who play on monday. liverpool are still third but could drop to fourth if spurs win tomorrow. patrick gearey reports.
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from the age of industry to the age of the selfie, manchester and liverpool have quarrelled. the row started about trade. these days, these teams rely on imports, butjose mourinho opted for some local produce. marcus rashford of northern moor, look what it meant for him to score! rashford is england's great hope but had not started a league game for his club this year. you can consider this a chance taken, 2—0. after the break liverpool fought back and felt they should given a hand but no penalty. they got a bit of luck though. an own goal, a mix—up to set up a big finish. the pressure mounted. liverpool corner, 13 minutes and 96, their top scorer, rosette. united know the title is heading to manchester city this season but this was a day for their bid of manchester.
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i think we deserved the victory but, of course, a big match, i don't know because i do not have binoculars. but my feeling is that the referee was also very good. and i think it is a big game where nobody goes home disappointed with the emotions, the quality, the level and the intensity. before the goals and after the goals. we were the dominant side. we had moments, good crosses, we came on the touchline. it is not easy. we had opportunities to shoot from distance, all that stuff. set pieces were good. but we were not good enough. but we did not score. now let's take a look at the rest of the day's premier league action. our football reporter, rob schofield, joins me. we'll start with west ham's 3—0 loss to burnley. this match will be very much remembered that the ugly scenes we saw, crowd protests all aimed at the
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supporters. it was absolutely toxic at the london stadium. there were protests are planned before the game but all spilt over when ashley barnes put the first goal in the burnley. some fans made onto the pitch. one had an altercation with mark noble, the west ham captain, but then all bad blood went towards the director's box towards the co—owners, and they were eventually escorted out for the safety more than anything. west ham have released a statement saying they all investigating the incidents that happened in the game. there will be an emergency meeting. but on the pitch they lost four out of the last five in david moyes wants this club to stay united because the well and truly in the relegation fight now. we will hear from the burnley manager injust we will hear from the burnley manager in just a we will hear from the burnley manager injust a moment we will hear from the burnley manager in just a moment on what great when it was the burnley, but first let's from david moyes and that crowd trouble. since i have been hit, the supporters have been
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really good. you cannot cross the line and come onto the pitch. the players, we want them to keep focus and overall i have got to say that a lot of them did a really good job, not in football terms but in the way they behaved. we played, stayed calm, shifted the ball quickly, got into good pockets, had better opportunities. that was how we were la st opportunities. that was how we were last weekend against everton sol was pleased with that reaction but you cannot play like we did in the first half and expect things to go well but it was a good win. what a big win for newcastle. that result could prove pivotal in the fight to step in this premier league. absolutely, newcastle were the big winners today. it was a bit of brazilian magic on tyneside! kennedy school two goals, his first of the
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club. matt ritchie in the second half finishing of southampton who would die in this game. they have only one one in the last 16, things looking perilous for them, but as for newcastle, they have not lost at home in six now. by point clear of trouble so it is looking like they may well be safe. let's here from the newcastle manager now.|j may well be safe. let's here from the newcastle manager now. i have had confidence in this team because the way they work every week, you know they will improve and you will get through. sometimes it is bad luck, lack of experience, but in the end they continue working hard and thatis end they continue working hard and that is the only way. i had and have confidence. a dominant performance from newcastle, a dominant performance from leicester, 4—1 they beat west brom away from home, and lest in complete control, a great couple of goals that people might watch a match of the day later.“ alan pardew was not on thin ice
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going into this game, he certainly is now! west brom went ahead, did the hard work, but 4—1 finished, alan pardew the hard work, but 4—1 finished, alan pa rdew has the hard work, but 4—1 finished, alan pardew has only won once since it occurred in october, and the club need to start preparing for the championship. that seems to be what is coming out of the club. pardew has spoken out saying it is not good enough. he was to talk to the club's owners because he believes the changes necessary, called the performance unacceptable, so we will have to wait and see. brutally honest, let's here from him now. we have the kind of still believe in fight, and it was just that last 10-50 fight, and it was just that last 10—50 minutes which were painful for us. 10—50 minutes which were painful for us. it kind of knocked us. we play to well in that period. it is difficult for players sometimes. i will not make excuses for them because we have got to fight to the end in every game, so they got that message after the game. in the day's late kick—off, chelsea are taking on
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crystal palace, the blues opened the scoring. his fifth goal in five games. he is in a great reign of form. and then a martin kelly own goal gave chelsea a two nil lead. a win would see chelsea moved to two points behind fourth placed totte n ha m. points behind fourth placed tottenham. they are into the second half and chelsea is still winning. let's have a look at the rest of the afternoon's results. everton beat brighton 2—0. brighton played the last ten minutes with ten men after anthony knockaert was sent off for a challenge on leighton baines. jordan ayew to a red card in the 11th minute. swansea hung on for a 0—0 draw at huddersfield. things looking perilous for huddersfield as well. here's the top of the table. manchester united for that whenever
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liverpool puts them five points clear in second place. manchester city play stoke on monday, looking to re—establish that 16 point lead. totte n ha m to re—establish that 16 point lead. tottenham and arsenal in action tomorrow. moving onto the bottom. west brom eight points adrift. these sites are starting to look very edgy in terms of relegation because they are all in awful form and really struggling to pick up points. the interesting to see how that relegation battle plays out of the next few weeks. thank you so much. you have lots of championship football for us? we're getting a slightly better idea of which teams are in the relegation for the premier league, which teams are coming up in the championship. well, leaders wolves have had a bit of a wobble in recent weeks and they are into the second half
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at villa park, where aston villa took an early lead. albert adomah with a scarambled opener after a number of errors in the wolves defence but the away side managed a scrappy goal from diogojota to equalise — so it's 1—1. wolves as it stands are four points clear at the top. villa are pushing for an automatic promotion place and a win would see them move up to third, four points behind second placed cardiff city. 1-1 1—1 and half an hour to go at villa park. elsewhere, struggling burton albion drew with bristol city. cardiff's 3—2 win against birmingham see them stay clear in second. an astonishing match at hull city. they came from 3—1 down to beat norwich 4—3. four penalties were scored in that match. ipswich drew with sheffield united. wins for middlebrough and millwall. promotion—chasing fulham beat preston. another defeat for bottom club sunderland, this time at qpr. reading drew with leeds, and that could be an important point for bolton at sheffield wednesday as they edge further away from the relegation zone.
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that would be quite a great escape if they stay up this season. in the scottish premiership, top of the table celtic and rangers play each other tomorrow. aberdeen have closed the gap on second—placed rangers, but only by a point after a 0—0 draw with partick thistle. elsewhere, stjohnstone were comfortable winners over dundee, hamilton beat motherwell 2—0, and kilmarnock beat bottom club ross country 3—2, but they had been 3—0 up. we have had the first day of competition at the winter paralympics in pyeongchang, and great britain have got themselves onto the medal table. visually—imparied skier millie knight and her guide, brett wild, have taken downhill silver. last year, she didn't know if she'd even be fit enough to make the games. kate grey reports from south korea. the opening run of these paralympics fell in the hands of this british debutant and guide.
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their moment in the spotlight did not last long though. the unpredictability of the downhill proving too much, and they crashed out on the first bend. luckily, no harm done. over to the reigning world champions. millie knight who only has 5% vision and her guide brett wild had had their own experience of crashing on the slopes last year. but those demons were put to rest today as they negotiated the course and safely crossed the line to win silver — britain's first medal of these games. we are so excited to have a medal under our belts. it is the best result this season so we're peaking at the right time. you got a busy programme. we are back up tomorrow at 4am! to go again. so we believe in celebrating on the last evening. the british action was notjust confined to the snow. as we moved into the afternoon, a fiercely contested match on the ice.
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with the wheelchair curling team. against norway it was no easy task. over an hour of play came down to the final stone. norway had to score two points to take it to a deciding edge. not good enough! it isa it is a steal for great britain! britain's curling campaign off to a winning start. jonny bairstow hit a century as england beat new zealand by seven wickets in christchurch to win the one—day series 3—2. man of the series chris woakes and adil rashid were both excellent with the ball, taking three wickets apiece as the black caps were bowled out for 223. bairstow then put england in control, smashing his second century in four days, this one coming from just 58 balls. alex hales made an impressive 61 before ben stokes finished in style with england reaching the total of 224 for the loss
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of just three wickets. eoin morgan's side have now won six successive odi series as they start to look towards the world cup on home soil next year. short—term plans to learn as much as we can. home conditions. australia will come with full firepower, but there is one eye on the world cup in a year's time, so that will be another tough series that we can go close enough to. team sky's geraint thomas has lost the overall lead of the tirreno adriatico race in italy after problems on the fourth stage. the briton's hopes of keeping hold of the leader's blue jersey evaporated half a mile from the finish when the chain came off his bike. he managed to finish in 20th place, but has slipped to fourth in the standings, 26 seconds off new leader italy's damiano caruso. there was better luck for british interests in the paris—nice race
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with simon yates winning the seventh stage to take the overall lead ahead of tomorrow's final day. it's less than a month until the start of the commonwealth games. lots of home nations interest, and also teams from jersey and guernsey and the isle of man are preparing to head to australia. around 5,000 athletes will be taking part on the gold coast. amongst them is a welsh table tennis player who is just 11 years old. mike bushell has been to meet her. your first year at secondary school is a big step in life, but maybe not if you're anna who, at the age of 11, is about to represent her country on the other side of the world, and at the same time we write the history books! —— rewrite. now, these pictures have not been sped up, this is how good and it is. at school and her lunch hour she does
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not give anyone a chance, she builds up not give anyone a chance, she builds up to competing in the senior commonwealth games in australia.“ was really good, exciting, and i'm a bit nervous, seen new countries and making new friends. —— seeing.“ bit nervous, seen new countries and making new friends. -- seeing. it is mesmerising watching anna who re ce ntly left mesmerising watching anna who recently left primary school and has already graduated to the commonwealth games, the youngest athlete in history to do so. it is certain givejohn athlete in history to do so. it is certain give john wright athlete in history to do so. it is certain givejohn wright thrashing! no shame, john, though! it is breathtaking how fast she is, it is remarkable, very lucky as a school to her here. i think she would do her school proud. she is really nice. we did not know at first that she was playing when we were in primary. but it is really amazing how she'sjust 11 years primary. but it is really amazing how she's just 11 years old and
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beads all the adults! and the playing table tennis when she was five and, because there are not enough players for standards in wales, she has recently spent time training in china against the best in the world. ok, anna, i am training in china against the best in the world. ok, anna, iam really nervous about this! you will make mince meal out of me! this humiliation, this is what anna will try to do. look at spin! it went one way then the other. this a115 le'i!!—jf.:—~£:.—’:: j. ;— egg-3:79??? m ~ r— . .. .. 77 are—55. 5"!!—jf.5—£5—’:5 j. 5-5 55—54-1157 m ~ r— . .. 5 75 to a555 5"!!—j.55—£5—’55 j. 555 555—551-555 55 ~ 55 . 5 5 55
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over day otshots d. was ‘ the otshots d. was -n i'm going try win. would it win. - would it mean to win a to win. what would it mean to win a medal? it would mean a lot. it is no pressure, so you just have to play your game do your best. it will be big. i saw some videos of last time. idid not big. i saw some videos of last time. i did not know there would be that many people out there! what a talent, 11 years old! frightening, isn't it? ireland's six nations champion, they beat scotland and england lost in paris to france. and on the late kick—off in the football, chelsea are still leading crystal palace 2—0 and we are into the 69th minute. a win for chelsea would move them two points closer to
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spurs, who are in fourth place and those all—importa nt spurs, who are in fourth place and those all—important champions league places. we will be back at 7:30pm, see you then. goodbye. it was a bit of a disappointing start to the weekend. we had an area rain spreading northwards, but at least as it cleared northwards, late brightness developed in the afternoon across the southern half of the uk. this was one of our weather watcher pictures. you can see the rain, puddles left by heavy rain as it spread northwards but very wet across scotland as that rain band has been confined across the north of the uk. this area of low pressure is bringing up the remote airfrom spain
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low pressure is bringing up the remote air from spain and portugal. that's something you will notice is the rain continues to click through. it is not reached scotland yet and here we are seeing snow over higher ground. this is the radar picture from the afternoon. it has been departing northwards, allowing plenty of sunshine to develop across england and wales. a few showers in the south and south—west of england through the next couple of hours, but apart from that, the dragon tattoo the night, and that rain becomes confined to the north of scotla nd becomes confined to the north of scotland to the northern ireland. the winds will turn chilly tonight. temperatures down to low single figures, a touch of frost and mist and fog. don't be surprised if you wa ke and fog. don't be surprised if you wake up to seems like this on sunday morning. some of the fog be stubborn to clear. but it should clear and we should seek sunny spells around. the rain confined to the northern ireland ‘s of scotland, so for scotland, northern england and northern ireland the best of the drier and brighter weather but the england and wales, showers develop, some of them heavy and thundery
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particular the south—west. slightly cooler, 101112 degrees for england and wales but more for scotland. in the monday, this area of low pressure will be a player for our weather, certainly for england and wales. the scotland and northern ireland, we are between weather systems. the best of the sunshine in northern ireland after a cool scarp. sunny spells across scotland, variable cloud and is weather it will bring rain to the hebrides. england and wales will be breezy and cloudier, outbreaks of showers on longer spells of rain and feeling cooler, temperatures down to single figures for many. 10 degrees across southern england. as we head on into tuesday, ridge of high pressure builds in soap and find a familiar with sunny spells. temperatures 10-11d, with sunny spells. temperatures 10—11d, then cloudier and breezy on wednesday and thursday and by the end of the week, it is set to turn colder again in the east.
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